The recommendation of Dr. Robert Muller of the UN, father of the World Core curriculum of the New Age, re the Montessori Method of education shows the occult content of this schooling! In his Costa Rica address Muller claimed that the Montessori Method was one of educational programs which would greatly benefit global children for the New Age. The actual deep darkness of the Montessori teachings is quite horrifying in fact. A brief outline follows:

1. A very subtle teaching which brings occult techniques and beliefs so cleverly that even experienced Christians can sometimes be deceived. 2. Very heavy teachings are in the Montessori curriculum such as Mother Goddess, earth and nature worship, the Nazi Aryan race teaching, Babylonian mythology, New Age myths about Atlantis and Lemuria, The Cosmic Christ, the New Age “Plan” for the globe, the Universal Oneness teachings, Unity for the world et al.

Maria Montessori, who founded the evil teachings, has horrendous roots. She worked with Italy’s Fascist leader Benito Mussolini in the 1920s and 1930s. Mussolini was once the President of the Montessori Society of Italy. Her fame spread to Nazi Germany where she found acceptance with Adolf Hitler and his educators. She was a great friend of the occultic Nazis. She was also deeply involved with other Theosophists and lived in India with them. Gandhi praised her work, and her Cosmic Education was very popular with the Hindus and the Theosophists, world-wide.

Many, many New Age communities use the Montessori methods, here in Australia and globally, including Elizabeth Clare Prophet the cultic head of the Church Universal and Triumphant. Prophet has founded a group called Montessori International.

Texe Marrs informs us that the North American Montessori Teachers Association is affiliated with the Montessori Association International, which describes in their publications the influence of Montessori on the new education method being prescribed today for so many thousands of schools. They claim that Montessori can bring world peace! “A type of new man, a better humanity.” This is a quote from the NAMTA Journal:

Note all the awful propaganda of the New Age in this statement about Montessori - “new human culture” “global planetized humanity” “new consciousness” paradigm shift” “evolution” and so on. A guiding belief of Montessori is the same as NAMTA, that is reincarnation. Teachers are encouraged by Montessori education to help the incarnating child to find their own place in the cosmos, and accept the doctrine of a Mother Earth which is GOD or DIVINE.

Here is an awful quote from Montessori, from her book Education for a New World:

She was a true Theosophist. She also taught that each child is already a perfectly developed adult human being, which fits in nicely with the present day New Age belief that the world needs to be led by children, who are considered to be capable of running their own lives at the age of ten years.

This quote from Texe Marrs gives some idea of this error:

It is impossible to endorse the Montessori Method and reImages true to the Bible and to Christ Jesus! One cannot take anything from the Method and pretend to discard the evil content, only keeping what is good! This is a fearfully wrong concept, we cannot feed our children poison and expect them to survive spiritually. Montessori education is NEW AGE Theosophy so deep in spiritual error that Adolf Hitler, a Theosophists of the blackest order, recognised Montessori as a Luciferic genius. Avoid Montessori schooling like the plague.

Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch


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