December 1997, Vol. 9:4

The plans of the New World Order for unity are coming along very “nicely” now. The churches and para-church groups are fitting in to that plan like good globalists, all headed up under the United Nations. Despatch has dealt with this in previous issues. This issue has the “Process” explained, we need also to watch out for “Covenants”, which are appearing everywhere. These seem to be designed to get church-goers to VOW UNITY forgetting “differences” (Unity-and-Diversity), to VOW to follow the leaders without question, and to get them moving under an international control, thus taking the authority of the local assembly away.

In the article by Tricia Tillen of the UK, p.12 this issue, the US Centre for World Mission is shown yet again bringing in amazing UNITY initiatives, note also the JEW comments. The Bible shows us that in the Last Days the Jewish nation will accept the Antichrist religious system, and he will finally set himself up in the Temple in Jerusalem, to be worshipped. This happens in the middle of the Tribulation. There is no doubt that the Antichrist One World religion will get very Jewish as it emerges, Jerusalem will feature strongly. This is happening right now, the NWO even titles its world-control plans with Jewish names - Jubilee, Feast of Tabernacles etc.

(See previous issues of Despatch, Imagesly Vol.6:3 - 7:1 for details & Bible College Study Notes, Unit 7, on our Website) Or write for Correspondence details by post. (Dan. 11:36,37; II Thess.2:3-9; Rev.13:3,4; Rev.14:9-11). ANTICHRIST ... will counterfeit Christ Jesus:

Jesus Christ has a CHURCH -
Antichrist will have his church, the SYNAGOGUE of Satan, Rev, 2:9; 3:9.

Jesus Christ has a BRIDE -
Antichrist will have a bride, the Mystery Harlot Church, Rev.17:1-16.

Jesus Christ has a COMMUNION CUP
Antichrist has his own communion cup, the Cup of Devils, I Cor. 10:21.

ANTICHRIST will actually rule on the earth for the whole SEVEN YEARS of the Tribulation! This is another reason why God will take His Church out BEFORE the Tribulation. God will not allow His Church to be under the rule of Satan incarnate in a man, who is Antichrist. The redeemed of the Church belong to God and His Kingdom of Heaven. How do we know that the Antichrist will rule for Seven Years, the whole of the Trib.? See Daniel 9:27, for the “week” of years prophecy. Note the “covenant” confirmed with the JEWS in that strategic verse.

VOWS and OATHS. The New Testament teaching from our Lord Himself is that we should say “yes” or “no”, but NOT vow or make an oath! Christians should not make “covenants” which require vows or oaths or sacred promises, according to our Lord’s instructions. See Matthew 5:34-37. When we speak we should speak as sincere men and women of God, whose word is honourable, so we do not have to bind ourselves in any way with vows or oaths or sacred promises, “for whatever is more than these cometh of evil.” II Corinthians 2:17.

DO NOT sign or make any covenants, oaths, promises or vows (In a Christian context)

Our Lord came to deal with the human heart, where as the Mosaic Law allowed oaths as safe-guards against the dishonesty of the man under Law, who had not experienced the new birth into the new creation. Jesus Christ forbids oaths or vows altogether in the New Testament, by so doing He thus accomplished the real purpose of the Law.

Compare James 5:12.


Marriage vows are really civil law, not religious vows, which must be taken under our country’s secular admin-istration, whether in a civil ceremony or in a church.

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