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A Bible College Diploma Course by correspondence, in conjunction with Calvary Bible Fellowship of New Zealand,
is being offered to those who desire to understand the Bible as a whole revelation of God. Biblical Prophecy is dealt with,
and related to the startling events which are exploding across the earth as we advance toward the new millennium.
There are no per-requisites, all ages and educational backgrounds are welcome. The studies are alive,
aimed at simplicity in Christ, and presented with charts and taped lectures.


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How to Study the Bible...

GENERAL SUBJECTS...Bible Truths I  ..Dr. Spackman & W. B. Howard
There are 8 Units with question, charts & resources included

BOOK OF ROMANS 2001 ...Bible Truths II...W. B. Howard
There are 16 chapters with Questions and Resource material included
MP3s are available with each Chapter

Book of Hebrews now Online 2002...Bible Truths  III...W. B. Howard
There are 13 chapters with Questions and Resource Material

Prophecy Studies 2003 ... Bible Truths  IV...W. B. Howard

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