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We are a non-profit organization which provides resources and information on
the New Age New World Order's infiltration into our churches

Access our "World in Crisis" booklet
which expose and refutes the globalization plans of the New World Order & World Federation.

Info. & documentation available to instruct & aid the Christian in warning & alerting others.
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Also freely available  for download are:(respecting copyrights to be used and remain unchanded) 

          You-tube Videos ... by Despatch Editor

    Transcripts of Video & audios ... by Despatch & others

    (i) booklets ...(ii)articles by Despatch

    (i) books ...    (ii)articles  by  other authors on the deceptions and infiltration of the New Age ...
                                                                   New World Order in Society & Christian churches.

    You have access 365 daily  "Devotion for Lambs"  - Children's Ministry ...
                    Some have already been made into pdfs (all finished ??) Also Bible Study Booklets (1-6)

          Many Miscellaneous Files ... including - Port Arthur Expose ... possibility a court case soon??
     You can register for the Free Online Bible College Units Just download and you are away.           
    Local & overseas born again ministries

    You can join the Mini-Despatch (not very regular nowadays)



1... to provide Scripturally sound, biblically-based study material. The Calvary Bible Fellowship Diploma Course, New Zealand based, is issued from Australia with pre- signed certificates by Dr. Spackman. Sent out on a non-profit basis, studies [were audio tapes now only notes] are designed to equip all believers with a solid understanding of the Bible, and enable them to receive a Diploma on completion. No perquisites, only a statement of your standing in Christ; all Christians welcome to study, age or educational background no barriers.

2... to comfort, encourage, love and nurture all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and trust Him as Saviour and Lord. To recognize the Body of true Believers as the remnant Church, in these days of apostasy and delusion. To assist those who may be outside the denominations and are to some extent isolated.

3... to encourage and assist in personal evangelism, free tracts available. Prayer for those who seek to win the lost, within or without denominational structures.

4... to expose heresy and apostasy in the churches, especially in regard to New Age doctrines and techniques in Christendom. To do so with love and fear of the Lord God and His truth, with meekness and humility standing fast against the errors of the Latter days.

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 Endtime Ministries
Editor of Despatch W. B. Howard
Ph 07 38882974 -  Mob. 0422359978