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MINI-DESPATCH. March 23, 2002
From W. B. Howard ...Editor ofDespatch Magazine

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Theinroads of those who would Judaize the Christian Church are increasing in ourday! People such as Jacob Prasch still roam around the churches in Australia andoverseas [currently the UK], bringing a message which is regressive,counter-productive and anti-New Testament, as they say the O.T. is superior tothe N.T.– i.e. go back to the Hebrew beginnings, turn away from the NewTestament’s Grace! These people are often seeking to bring in yet anotherBible “version”, this time a spurious “Hebrew” one. What next, dearfriends? 

How refreshing and delightfulit is to just read the simple, glorious truths of the Word of God in our Englishversion, the KJV. Thank God for His truth so faithfully retained for us all.With this in mind, then, I have sent to our readers the introduction to thestudy,
The Book of Hebrews, which is ONLINE

[http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/BCU/hebrews.htm ,;

I will continue to add tothis study as it is prepared. Over this year we will be studying with ourvarious Bible study groups in Brisbane, Caboolture and , the entirebook of Hebrews together – as we did Romans last year 

(nowcompleted on our Website[ http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/BCU/romans.htm]). 

In both of these books youwill see the transitition from Judaism into the glorious Age of Grace presentedand explained. May the Lord enlighten us all to the superiority of the the Ageof Grace over the old law of Moses era, and over all that was once God’ssystem (Judaism), which has now been demolished. Christ Jesus, the Son of God,has come into the world of men, beloved. May He thrill your hearts as you lookinto the passages of the Bible given below, and grant you full enlightenment onthe Jewish/ Christian debate. Do your homework in God’s Word, this is the onlyway for any of us to grasp truth, and the peace which results from truthunderstood. Let no man bring you back under bondage to the Law and the OldTestament system! Embrace Christ Jesus and the Age of Grace. 

[Access this link…[ http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Articles_D/HRM_Jewish_material.htm ]

for some of thebackground discussion .]

Galatians 5:1.
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