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MINI-DESPATCHDecember  1998.

God bless you, every one.

These days people are making doctrines out of just anything. Here is an odd find in Psalm 46 upon which some pseudo Biblical  experts could well build strange beliefs. Did you know that if you count forward 46 words from the beginning of Psalm 46, and  count 46 words backwards from the end of Psalm 46, then you get "Shakespeare." Why would this be? No reason at all, just a  coincidence for sure. Yet this is the kind of nonsense knowledge about which some would invent super-spiritual beliefs. Let's  imagine two conclusions which could be drawn from this oddity:  Psalm 46 shows that Shakespeare was the real writer of Scripture, and that he was reincarnated again and again over the  centuries;
Psalm 46 is predicting that Shakespeare will be born and become a great writer.

Is Psalm 46 and  its 46 word mystery really significant?
Not at all, why would it be?
Beware readers of "hidden" revelations, and vain imaginings.

Focus, November 1998, the newspaper for Anglicans, had the news that the Anglican Church has agreed to be a signatory to a  COVENANT between the 14 member churches of the National Council of Churches. The covenant was the "most important  decision made by the organisation' s national forum" held in October, 1998, said the general secretary of NCCA, Reverend  Doc. David Gill.  What is this "covenant?" It is a UNITY agreement, a multidimensional covenant which is designed to bring the  churches into the next millennium. More than just a ecumenical common faith unity, it is a covenant signed formally by the  churches which will bring them into:

Will all these "common" aims really come to pass? It certainly seems so, we will encounter here in our country a giant church structure of enormous power, filled with a multitude of anti-biblical doctrines and practices, calling itself Christian! It is like abusiness merger, rather like a "multinational" religious conglomerate. There are to be statements from each member church on the significance of "Christian" unity. These statements will detail each church's ideas in regard to ecumenical partnerships - on a national, state and local level. This means that we are  now looking down the barrel of the NWO gun! The One World Church operates on an international level as well. This well organised, united, covenanted church structure will be operating right in our home towns, through new outlets of NCCA controlled denominations which have merged together! All those who do not agree
and merge will be deemed enemies of unity and peace!
Who are covenant members who are now one in Australia?
the fourteen member churches include:

These very churches were represented at the World Conference on Religion and Peace in Melbourne, 1997. This was the conference held with all religions who would participate, so it will not be long before the covenant above will include ALL religions together. Archbishop Raynor of the Anglican Church, Victoria's Archbishop, was at the NCCA's national forum. Raynor was a delegate to the WCRP, which was New Age in aspect, multicultural, and global-religion orientated. His picture appeared in the article on the national forum of NCCA on the front page of Focus. Hold on to your hats, people, the Whore of Babylon will soon be completely set up in our land. (Revelation 17).

A seminar called the Jesus Seminar meets a couple of times a year in Australia. The Seminar is an independent group of so-called "scholars" under the leadership of Dr Robert W Funk, who is billed as "a leading international New Testament  scholar." All Fellows of the Jesus Seminar are professional "scholars" with advanced degrees in relevant disciplines. More than 200 scholars have been involved in the Jesus Seminar since 1985, with about 80 Fellows active in its work

These "scholars" are intent on "seeking the essential Jesus" by denying the most precious truths about our Lord, and blaspheming against as many of the doctrines about Jesus Christ as they can. The educated "findings" about Jesus Christ are as ungodly and ridiculous as the ravings of  the unbalanced, yet churches as apostate as the Anglican Church here will no doubt distribute these ravings far and wide.

My information came from "Focus" the Anglican newspaper, November 1998.


DESPATCH COMMENT: Focus makes this strange comment:
"Some of the Fellows have had to keep their membership
secret because of persecution by church authorities
such as the Southern Baptist Convention in the USA."
DESPATCH COMMENT:How could these members be working together at all?

The list of rationales which are supposed to "provide a basis for their work" show how militant and destructive these people are.

But the horrifying lies in the findings are black parodies of truth. May God save the naive and foolish from the sheer nonsense of these "scholars." Detailed public reports on the Seminar's "findings" have been published: The Five Gospels (1993) and The Acts of Jesus (1998).

The Seminar claims to have found that just 18 percent of sayings attributed to Jesus and only 19 percent of the stories told about Him appear to be authentic. What kind of false Jesus Christ have these scholars left the unbelieving world with then? What kind of ghastly mockery have these academic men with swelling words come up with this time? Ignoring in the Images the Biblical record as given in the Scriptures, they have gone to 18 non-canonical "gospels" that have survived from pagan, ungodly sources. Also non-canonical saying and reports from antiquity.

These are some of the shocking lies that the Jesus Seminar is now circulating:

If the above foolishness was all true, then there would be no resurrection of Jesus Christ or the dead; no way of salvation other than our own works of "forgiveness"; no God Who came in the flesh to die for the sin of the world; no absolute Truth which makes up God's Holy DoImages; no mediator between God and man; no righteous Jesus Christ Who would never compromiseto gain material goods; and life is just a festival of self indulgence.

PRAISE THE LORD, for He is almighty, compassionate, holy, loving, and He defeated death, sin and the Spirit of this world! The Spirit of this world is seen in all its sinfulness and wickedness in the Fellows of the Jesus Seminar - but they have been defeated in God's Son Who died that we may live, and have life eternal. Praise the Lord for HIS Word, the Holy Bible, which alone teaches the Truth about Who Jesus Christ is, and what He did for a world of lost sinners - and none are more lost and befuddled than the Jesus Seminar twits!

W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch

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