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MINI-DESPATCH. May 23, 2000
From W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch Magazine


C.PETER WAGNER, THE MENTOR OF ACC! [Despatch...vol.12:1]
... AND ...

                            THE PROTESTANT MOVEMENT”S

Who is this man, C. Peter Wagner,
who is taking such a powerful role in unity churches here in Australia?

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Recently he launched the Australian Christian Churches (ACC ) union across our country.

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Why has he such power?
Why do the churches here accept him?

We are encountering, friends, the power and authority of the international World Christian Movement. We are, here in our country, under the authority of a massive organisation headed up by the US Center for World Missions. Last Despatch we dealt with this phenomenon in general [see above for link],  now we will look at the ties, contacts, networks which have sent C .Peter Wagner to be an “apostle” to the strange merger called ACC.

[Will be completed for Volume 12:2 magazine in June]

Wagner is no shrinking violet!
He is head of the Global Harvest Ministries, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The dominionists’ World Prayer Center (WPC) is headed by C.Peter Wagner.
Charisma magazine called Wagner, Ted Haggard and Chuck Pierce, the three heads of WPC, “God’s Generals.”
This WPC is presented in military terms.
It is “the Pentagon of modern Christianity” and “God’s Air Command.”
The World Prayer Center was built for the purpose of waging so-called “spiritual warfare” against the principalities and powers that control cities, states, and nations.
These “warriors” actually believe that they and other “believers” can put down the evil supernatural forces in the cosmos!

In earlier Despatch magazines we dealt with this erroneous notion.
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Only Christ Jesus will put down principalities and powers which are supernatural, and He will do that at the end of the Tribulation. No “battle” waged by Marches for Jesus, or Wagner-style warfare can depose these powers. This is sheer anti-Biblical imagination! Jesus Christ has given us the commission to bring individuals to a knowledge of the Gospel, not to set free nations and towns and cities by supposing we can pull down supernatural powers from the atmosphere!

In his book, “Territorial Spirits” [despatch expose from Vo. 6:2 not onine yet] Wagner reveals his agenda which in many ways corresponds with the New Age. (Many areas could be cited here where he reveals New Age beliefs and aims).
On p. xiv Roger T.Forster makes this statement:

“Till that day arrives our task is to NETWORK the world. Each local church is like a knot in the net which it extends, emits and exerts Holy Spirit Kingdom power over the immediate territory, till it links to the next knot (church) and so on through the earth...”
This is identical to the New Age idea that is called often “ a thousand points of light.” Only the New Age sees the net as an earth grid, with each knot giving out light, until the whole world is networked together. Wagner’s use of the “paradigm shift” expression, often in his book, “Confronting the Powers,” also shows his New Age orientation. What is this? The “paradigm shift” is explained through many pages in Marilyn Ferguson’s New Age hand book, “The Aquarian Conspiracy.” A paradigm shift is a new way of looking at old problems and thinking. A new framework of thought (from the Greek paradigma , “pattern”). C.Peter Wagner and his “Generals” are bringing in a new “Christianity” with new strategies of Kingdom Now, Dominionism, that hardly even resemble the “old” Biblical “pattern” what-so -ever! Writes Marilyn Ferguson in “The Aquarian Conspiracy” :You can’t embrace the new paradigm unless you let go of the old.” (p. 27).

(The following info. owes much to the magazine, “Media Spotlight” Vol 22.No.2).

The World Prayer Center (WPC) is a 55,000 square-foot building, and it is home to the Observatory Research Center, which houses an amazing, massive, “SPIRITUAL MAPPING” system. That system is designed with the intention to collect the largest data on the spurious “evangelisation” ever assembled. The “evangelisation”
intentions of the WPC is far from the concept we might have of “evangelising.” These people recognise and endorse the counterfeit  political “evangelisation” of the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, and diverse religious groups. If the reader will cast their minds back to Despatch’s expose of the Catholic “Hearts on Fire” conference, where the horrors of the “evangelisation” process here in our country was explained, they will realise how anti-Biblical all this is. (See Depatch, Vol. 11 Issue 3).
What is this “Spiritual Mapping” and how dangerous is it? Yes, I wrote dangerous!

Spiritual Mapping was a term invented by George Otis, Jr. Art Moore, in 1991.
Part of a quote from Christianity Today will give us the clues:

“Spiritual Mapping, says Otis, president of the research agency the Sentinel Group, is nothing more ethereal than creating a spiritual profile of a community based on careful research. It is a tool, he says, for intelligent prayer aimed at opening spiritually blind eyes.

Otis poured seven years of global research into his new book, The Twilight Labyrinth: Why Does Spiritual Darkness Linger Where It Does?”  (Chosen Books). He has identified 15 “transformed communities,” of which 14 incorporated spiritual mapping. Two factors resent in all 15, Otis says, are “preserving leadership” and “united prayer.” Commitment is the key, he says, “God didn’t move in Hemet until Bob [Bennett] bought a burial plot in the city.”

Otis has developed a 28-stage scale to measure the progress of a community from the “spiritual beachhead” phase to “spiritual breakthrough” to "spiritual transformation.” Spiritual Mapping does not begin until stage nine, Otis points out. “When you reach that point you have a core of intercessors in a community really petitioning God for a visitation, “ he says....” (End of quote).

We Australians now have a merger of churches, ACC, which has C. Peter Wagner as its mentor and “apostle.”
Will we now have “Spiritual Mapping” in our country, full time?
Certainly we will, we no doubt have that operating already.
What is it? It is nothing less than keeping data on the beliefs and objections of people according to their geographical areas!
Why? To disseminate data collected to those who are controlled and manipulated by the WPC and US Center for World Missions in order to keep tabs! Then they go on to wage their shockingly unbiblical “spiritual warfare" against those areas. No doubt in my own mind here that we will see vastly increased “psychic prayers” coming against the true Body of Christ in the coming days. Do you want to be “mapped” so that your area can provide information on people in your area? What area is uncooperative to the WPC; what area has what ethnic groups, religious groups, “fanatical” fundamentals who refuse to be ecumenical - and so on? Oh, of course WPC will say it is operating the mapping to gauge crime areas!

It is very odd that the WPC spiritual mapping does not ever present the Roman Catholic areas as being sites of religious error or deception! If this is real Christianity how come they do not see the spiritual dangers of Romanism?

In the Florida Sun Sentinel  Media Spotlight reports that a good account of spiritual mapping was given through interviews with local leaders. The report shows that through newspaper clippings, local history and other research, a communities spiritual profile is made up. Crime or trouble spots are marked, sometimes with pins. Once the area is mapped, psychic prayer is sent out, often the spiritual mapping team will visit the site and use the unbiblical "spiritual warfare” techniques right in the area:

“Believers say spiritual mapping is gaining world wide interest, primarily with conservative Christians. In November 1997, more than 400 people attended the first International Consultation on Spiritual Mapping in Tacoma, Wash. Books on mapping, such as C.Peter Wagner’s  Breaking Strongholds In Your City,  can be ordered on Internet. And this year, the World Prayer Center, a hub promoting global prayer networks, opened in Colorado Springs to provide information on how to map.”
(End of quote from “Ministries using prayers to wipe sin off the map,”
South Florida Sun Sentinel, Dec. 26, 1998).

At the “Hearts on Fire” conference in Brisbane last year I was shocked at the militant “evangelisation” programme which was being put into play. It was nothing but a power play to grasp control. How does this “apostle” of the Australian Christian Churches view the Catholic “evangelisation?”  C.Peter Wagner credits the Catholic Church with revival in Latin America:

"Traditionally, the message of the Gospel in Latin America has appealed to the working class. But changes have begun to take place, and many middle- and upper-class people are now opening their hearts to Jesus Christ. Some of this is happening through the Catholic charismatic movement. “
(From “Look at What God’s Doing! excerpt from On the Crest of the Wave, by Wagner ).

Wagner did not say, of course, that the Catholic Charismatic Movement in Latin America (and everywhere else) prays to MARY “in the Spirit,” indulges in tongues speaking which sounds like a double-voiced Gregorian chant ( I heard this once, in a huge meeting in Sydney, it was spine-chilling ), opposes vehemently true evangelical Christianity, and keeps people in bondage to the political Roman Whore, the false gospel and idolatry of the Catholic monstrosity, and adoration of the Pope! Remember too that Catholic Charismatics often accept the ghastly deceptions of the Medjugorrie “Virgin Mary” appearances, with the Satanic prophecies of the demonic deception.

The Roman Catholic Church is well-known as being hell-bent on “inculturalising” Christianity ( so-called) by not removing the pagan traditions and practices of those they practice “evangelisation” on! So too does World Prayer Center, and the World Christian Movement, insist that Christians ( so-called) should make the Gospel relevant to the culture they are "ministering" to. Both these movement, RC and WPC ( add to that the WCM), will go as far as incorporating pagan rituals by "christianizing" them ! Wagner and WPC are also hell-bent on world conquest, as the Vatican is. That means firstly taking NATIONS! Our country of Australia is already seeing huge religious-political power-plays on our shores, but the weird thing is that every one of them, WCRP, WPC, RC, UR, WCC, HRM etc all lead to the same end - the political One World Church. This truly is the last of the Last Days.

The networks and ties are numerous, the funds, buildings and personnel in US Center for World Mission and the World Prayer Center are almost incomprehensible, so united, influential and complicated are they. Behind the scenes the UN facilitators loom like black spiders.  The occultist Luciferian Robert Muller has his finger in the pie of WPC through the US Center for World Mission. Muller was the former assistant secretary general of the UN,  a member of the New Age New World Order Temple of Understanding’s advisory board. He is the mentor of Jay Gary, who is a major worker with the Neo-Christian Movements we are encountering. Let us look carefully at the links which Gary forges:

        [use our search engine and follow our references online]
a) Jay Gary is the founder of the Global Service Office, which is the parent organization of BimillEnnial Global Interaction Network (B.E.G.I.N.)., whose letterhead bore the name of Robert Muller.
b) In 1978 Jay Gary went to work with Ralph D. Winter’s US Center for World Mission, in Pasadena. Astonishingly it was Gary who developed USCWM’s Persepectives study program for world "evangelisation."
c) The Perspectives course is at the heart of the World Christian Movement’s "evangelisation" efforts, and are now being utililized by thousands and thousands of churches, Christians educational establishments, and missions across the globe!
d) Although Jay Gary claims he no longer works with Muller, he has never removed or repented of his infiltration work, and still continues even as I write. His Perspectives course is a eclectic mixture of New Age philosophy, liberation theology, ecumenism,  and NWO agenda.
e) In 1993 Jay Gary addressed Christian leaders promoting increased "evangelisation" and various movements that present the global unity agenda. A number of book he cited were New Age. The Luciferian David Spangler and New Age leader William Irwin Thompson’s book Reimagination of the World  was cited then, and Gary called it “one of the best.”

Anything which promotes the global plans of the NWO will be supported by governments in nations today. We saw the government here giving its encouragement to the union of Australian Christian Churches, which C.Peter Wagner launched. This is because increasingly mere secularism humanism is disappearing from the political scene globally. The World Christian Movement, with its US Center for World Mission,  the massed network of ecumenically minded organisations and churches including Wagner and his WCP, appeals for cooperation with the UN’s work to bring about globalism. The UN is working hard to bring about  a global community which is in religious-political union to bring world “peace”, stop wars, and save the earth. There is now a rushing flood of religious ‘spirituality” which has over-taken the humanistic secularism of this planet. Sadly, our own organisations in Christendom have fallen prey, and have become mere tools in the endtime conquest of the entire globe by the New Age.

Here is a quote from one Luis M. Dolan, C.P.. who is a Roman Catholic Priest, is Emeritus UN Representative for the Temple of Understanding. He was a religious advisor for the UN for over thirty years. He has worked in over 85 countries of the planet on religious and interreligious programs. He states:

“Coming to a religious perspective on the UN, I will make the general comment that, theologically, the UN has given the world new insights into what in several religions is called the KINGDOM OF GOD. These new insights come from the fact that in the UN all nations have a “home”; and even though it is a political “home” to formulate laws and propose forms of legal cooperation, the UN still offers a view of what is possible if there are united nations. This information can provide what is called by some Christian theologians a view of the “signs of the times”, i.e., how God is working in the world today. If this material were compiled in a treatise on spirituality and development as seen at work in UN documents, conferences, committee meetings, etc., it would lead to new insight into “the KINGDOM OF GOD.”
(From Development and Spirituality: Personal Reflections of a Catholic. Global Education Associates).

We see above the fake “Kingdom of God” which is forming right now on our earth. Keep in mind that the World Christian Movement, WPC included, has developed in our day a predominance of Kingdom Now Dominionists. This dominionist, Kingdom Now, fake Kingdom of God can be clearly seen in this quote from an article from Perspectives, writers are Edward R. Dayton and David A. Fraser. They are addressing the “distinctions between those who stress the socio-political mandate over the evangelistic mandate and vice-versa, they find agreement with both”
( Albert James Dager ):

“Both sides have some areas of agreement. Both argue that a more humane and non-oppressive social order and a more just distribution of resources are important concerns of the Church....
We are convinced that only a theology of the Kingdom of God can bring coherence and order to the debate, Jesus’ proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom of God is the basis and content of mission  God is bringing about the extension of his rule over an unruly world. The Missio Dei  is the Kingdom of God and the integrating aim of mission.”

We are looking at a gigantic global merger, one which has thousands, millions of networks. The Australian Christian Churches network is only one of these. The worker for the fake Kingdom of God who launched this network is not a small, inconsequential leader. C. Peter Wagner is a religious-political leader of great influence. His ties with the new Age, the Roman Catholic Church, the United Nations are there for all to see - if they want to see that is. The stupendous and sinister “spiritual mapping” under-girded by the also strange and weird “spiritual warfare" techniques of the WPC, are most alarming to say the least. The major organisations which used to compose Christendom are now, it certainly looks like it, taken over by the enemy of men’s souls. Does that mean that all who cooperate and seek to work with these organisations are intentional collaborators?   No, many in churches and missions have no idea what has happened, and what globalism is about. They can be sincere and dedicated - yet Satanic deception is swallowing them up!

Most of us who warn and alert others will be thrown out of churches, ostracised, ridiculed and yelled at! It is a matter now of being much in prayer, being filled with God’s Spirit, and being strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. This fake Kingdom of God with globalism as its adhesive is here already, we can never make it go away. In a real sense there is nothing we can do. Nor should we want to try to stop this, for God has allowed it all to happen as the Bible predicts in so many places in Daniel and Revelation. We should, however, be aware and prepared by understanding these following points:

 “Psychic prayer” must increase in this country now that we have the merger of ACC. The Wagner World Prayer Center is flooding the globe with psychic prayer which is NOT according to the Word of God. This is Antichrist prayer warfare, without a doubt, ushering in the fake Kingdom.  Christians must be in prayer that the Lord God will bring His protection to the Body of Christ. Psychic “prayer” against the true Body of Christ can bring spiritual weakness, sickness and even death can come upon true believers because of the “prayers” of these misguided people and their deluded followers. Is this being a bit extreme, bringing “doom and gloom” into my evaluation? No,  the Bible makes it plain that we should be on our guard:

“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.  And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:  Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” (Ephesians 6:16-18).

 The increase in supernatural activity on the earth in our day is obvious.
But the foolish and presumptuous “warfare” which imagines that the ecumenical, apostate churches can pull down the hierarchy of evil from the atmosphere around the earth, is like children playing on the hole of asps! Or trying to harness the lightning!  Also the WPC would have the foolish and deceived church-goers “pray” in unbiblical ways to depose and cast out the “evil” which is opposing their fake Kingdom of God. Who is opposing this fake Kingdom, beloved of God? WE are, the True Church. There are Satanic forces involved in this struggle, they bring the deceptions, and they will want to demolish the True Church one way or another. The fake World Christian Movement is being deceived by seducing evil spirits:

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; “ ( 1 Timothy 4:1).
“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. “
( Matthew 24:24).

Some of the elect will indeed be deceived:

“And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.” (Daniel 11:35).

The merger of the ACC is not officially a part of the New Age and the Roman Catholic Church plans for world domination. Nevertheless, that is what it is and the chilling part of this religious unity is that it is decidedly Globalist Socialism at work. All collaboration with the World Christian Movement should be avoided.

There is much that has been written about the extremes and errors of the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches of Christendom. These are basically Protestant, although the word has last all its meaning! In the majority they no longer “protest” against the Church of Rome. But when we look at the “Protestant” churches which are not Pentecostal, which are not involved in spurious revivals and fake apostle/prophets, what do we see? We must alert the Remnant Church, those who will not compromise, to the enormous and complex developments taking place internationally to the Protestant churches in general, and their merger with:

The Vatican; the Pentecostal Movement for “revival”; the Messianic Movement and the Hebrew Roots Movement - and the forming of the One World Church

Astonishing unity in preparation for the One World Church is taking place, dare we ignore it?
Dare we compromise and be “tolerant” of such strange events?

( The term “Protestant” has been used in this document, but it is used loosely.
The churches mentioned do not protest about the errors and agenda of the Roman Catholic Church).
Rick Joyner, of Morning Star Ministries, is a name we in Australia are becoming familiar with. Many Protestant churches have adopted his approach to building church fellowships. His books and prophecies, his teachings on evil spirits and “revival”, are seen in churches world-wide. This man, with others like C.Peter Wagner, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and many others, are heading up a thrust which is international. The ties and co-operation now occurring are quite remarkable. The UNION of all Protestant groups, denominations, missions and parachurch works has proceeded beyond our wildest dreams! Little is heard of about this union, which proceeds rapidly on every level. Under the surface the influence of the Pentecostal churches is enormous, although the thrust may appear by the time it reaches local churches to be Evangelical in the main. Involved in the union is an emerging headship which is predominately Jewish, the Jewish Rabbis seem to be taking control. These new “leaders” who are emerging in the Protestant Movement embrace the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

If the above seems to be too bizarre to be believed, let me share with the reader portions of the joint “prophecies” of Rick Joyner and Rabbi Robert Cohen at the gathering called “Messiah’99.
The material I will use has been prepared by Vicky Dillon from Canada, “Seek God” I will give an outline of the prophetic vision of Rabbi Cohen and Rick Joyner for the Messianic Jewish Movement as presented by her.

Let the reader note that the Jewish organisation, Hashivenu is located in the FULLER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Note the ties to LAUSANNE. Note the MESSIANIC UNITY IN DIVERSITY, which shows the agenda of the One World Church is being implemented, as the Unity and Diversity Council is seen in many movements across the globe today. It is a New Age New World Order organisation to bring global oneness.
Note the Masonic influence, Catholics and Promise Keepers.

"Seek Unto God" reveals:

 Joint Prophecies of Rick Joyner & Rabbi Cohen - at Messiah'99

Hashivenu is a Messianic Jewish organisation located on the campus of Fuller Theological Seminary. Its president, Stuart Dauermann, a doctoral student and teacher at Fuller, was also a past speaker at the Lausanne
Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). The first "'Core Principle of Hashivenu" states:"Messianic Judaism is a Judaism, and not a cosmetically altered 'Jewish-style' version of what is extant in the wider Christian community."  Among Hashivenu's "Favorite Links" is listed The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).

In July of 1999, the MJAA sponsored Messiah'99, a conference held in conjunction with the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance and the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues. The Messiah '99
Brochure announced that conference speakers would include Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries, Stephen Strang, editor of ‘Charisma’ Magazine and Stephen Katz, a recruiter for Jews for Jesus.  These speakers were
presented as being among "Over sixty of Messianic Judaism's most respected teachers conducting Workshops, Panels, Teaching, Preaching. . ." One of the themes of Messiah '99 was "Messianic Unity in Diversity." Reflections on the fruit of this conference reveal the ecumenical agenda of the MJAA:

     "Truly the Lord is opening up the doors for greater unity between  Jew and Christian more than ever before. For many of those  'jaded' veterans of 15 to 20 conferences, Messiah '99 was the
     best yet. Mark those calendars now for MESSIAH 2000, which will  be JULY 4-8, 2000."

In a joint presentation to Messiah '99, MJAA President Rabbi Robert Cohen and Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries laid out a prophetic vision for the Messianic Jewish Movement. Highlights of the Prophecies given by Rick
Joyner and Rabbi Cohen are as follows:
   * The 1970s, when Jerusalem returned to Jewish hands, was the end of the Gentile Age.
   * The 1990s are moving on the spirit of revival that began with the Jesus Movement, which was the source of the Messianic movement.
   * The Messianic people are a prophetic righteous remnant, "that are calling the Church back to their Jewish roots" and "they are back to become a prophetic call to the nation of Israel."
  * Messianic people are, "THE HEAD," meaning, of the Body of Christ and the First Fruits.
   * Whole communities will come to Y’eshua because of their witness.
   * Jews and Gentiles will be looking to the Messianics to explain the Word of God.
   * Joyner expressed a concern that Messianics:". . .would not be corrupted by too many relationships with the Church" and that they are not supposed to be like the Church nor the Church like them as that would, "mess everything up."
   * Racism is one of the ultimate enemies.
   * There is a revolution going on in the Church.
   * Reconciliation happens when there is restitution, and there’s going to be a lot of restitution for the Messianic people as Jews.
   * Messianic people will have a better ability to witness, heal, discern and utilize spiritual gifts than others.
   * Messianics are going to help us (the Church) restore our foundations to where they belong -- and we won’t get where we’re supposed to be without their help.

Rick Joyner, whom Rabbi Cohen considers a friend and a "righteous Gentile," was informed that he was the first Gentile ever to speak at their conference.  Joyner, who is also a Knight of the Order of Malta, a Masonic Order, associates with other modern prophets like

James Ryle of Promise Keepers (pastor of Bill McCartney),
Andrew Strom,
Jack Deere,
Francis Frangipane,
Dudley Hall,
Mike Bickle,
Bob Jones,
Paul Cain
and others
who were involved with the original "Kansas City Prophets", the Vineyard, and the Charismatic movement. The End Time Prophetic Visions website provides a current listing of modern prophets which includes all of the above along
with Messianic and Catholic prophetic organizations.

It should be noted that Rick Joyner announced in 1997 that modern prophets are not required to be 100% accurate in their prophecies for the following reasons:(1) prophecy is a learning experience and (2) the Church isn't mature enough to know and handle the truth.

     "Bob [Jones] was told that the general level of prophetic revelation in the church was about 65% accurate at this time.  Some are only about 10% accurate, a very few of the most mature prophets are approaching 85% to 95% accuracy. Prophecy is increasing in purity, but there is still a long way to go for those who walk in this ministry. This is actually grace for the church now, because 100% accuracy in this ministry will bring a level of accountability to the church, which she is too immature to bear at this time; it would result in too many 'Ananias and  Sapphiras.' That so many the (sic) prophetic ministries are still missing so much is also meant to work humility and wisdom in them so that they will be able to handle the authority and power coming in the near future." 1.

However, help is on the way -- from Messianic Jewish organizations whose calling, Joyner prophesied at Messiah '99, is to restore the Church:
     "And you know I believe one of your ultimate callings, I personally believe and I may be saying this jealously, your ultimate calling is to the Church. To help us. To help us. We’re not going to get there without what you’ve got. And to be honest with you, I don’t think you really know what you’ve got yet. I really don’t. I don’t think it’s clear to you yet. I believe it’s getting clear. But we’re not going to get where we’re supposed to be without you."
(End of Watch Unto Prayer section).

  The edited transcript of the audio tape from the opening night of Messiah ‘99 by  Rabbi Robert Cohen  & Rick Joyner, July 4-10, 1999, can be sent for to Despatch, [$5 only within aust. posted] or requested by email or downloaded from this link on V. Dillen's site. Which will include the address by Stephen Strang. It makes astonishing reading! The reader can then read for themselves the words of these men.
Messiah ‘99 was sponsored by:

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Young Messianic Jewish Alliance
International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues

What we are looking at is ECUMENICAL JEWS, EVANGELICALS, PENTECOSTALS AND CATHOLICS TOGETHER. With the token leadership under the Pope falling to the Jews, naming themselves Hebrew Roots or Messianic Jews.

We are seeing established before us an endtime Messianic One World Religion of great power! This could not be anything else but the Antichrist religion which is presented in the Bible! Evangelicals and Fundamentals have often been very aware of the role the Roman Catholic Whore will play in this endtime scenario of prophecy, but have we been expecting the Jewish element to arise? In the main I would say we have not! Yet we should have been as these prophecies show:

“I receive not honour from men.  But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.  I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not:if another shall come in his own name, HIM YE WILL RECEIVE. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?  Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father:there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.  For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me:“ ( John 5:41-46).

“And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.” ( Daniel 11:31).

“ And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. “
( Daniel 12:11).

In the Tribulation period of seven years the Bible shows us that the Jews will accept a FALSE JESUS, the Antichrist will they receive, he that comes “in his own name.” !
They will believe that the One World Church which will arise is legitimate and of God. In the middle of the Tribulation, after three and a half years, the Jews will understand at last that the false Christ is indeed a counterfeit. He will set himself up as God, and erect an idol - “the abomination that maketh desolate.”  Read what the New Testament has to say about this:

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)  Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:“ ( Matthew 24:15).

What do we see?
In the endtimes the Jews will accept a religion which is a counterfeit of true Christ and His Christianity. They will run with the ball right into the Tribulation period - until they finally become aware that they have been deceived. Then a remnant only will accept Christ as Saviour and Lord, and reject the Antichrist.

“And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications:and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon.  And the land shall mourn, every family apart; ...”  (Zechariah 12:10-12).

The Jews in the last days will accept the Antichrist and his religion, for a season. Are we seeing the fulfilment of prophecy in these days just before the Tribulation? In the Messianic Movement and the Hebrew Roots Movement? It appears to be the case.
(ALL of the individuals in these movements are NOT know to this writer. I cannot dare to comment on every person, nor do I know ALL of their hearts or their stand before God. I am writing of the movements, with love and concern. Just as I would write of the Catholic Church as a whole, or the Jehovah’s Witness Church, Seventh Day Adventists  et al).


See Richard Engstrom's & others comments re Prasch's unbiblical stand

Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries, who has offices in England, Australia, South Africa, Denmark and the United States, is a man who speaks with a “forked tongue!”

He indicates that he is not in agreement with much that is happening in such orgaziations as the Hebrew Roots Movement, and yet his agenda is in sympathy with HRM in many ways. It is NOT Christianity which Jacob teaches in the main, it is just Judaism.. No wonder he will criticise any individual or organisation which points out out his serious and disturbing errors. The Remnant Church should be praying for this man, not listening to his strange mixture of Judaism, Gnosticism and Christianity. Jacob has an agenda to “transform” our Christian Bibles with his extra-biblical ancient Jewish texts, that is why he issues his magazine which presents this agenda for anyone to see. Jacob has ambitions, along with other Jews like himself, to head up and “instruct” the “Gentile” Christians in the Body of Christ. He believes that those who do not speak Hebrew cannot read and study the Biblical Scriptures without the “instruction” of the Judaizers. Beloved of God, who are truly redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, who are the very temple of the Holy Spirit, you have the Holy Scriptures of the Lord in your own hands in the King James Bible. The Holy Spirit will open to you the Words of the Lord as you read.

You do not need any Jewish Rabbis to instruct you with their ancient and occult Jewish manuscripts.

Do not submit to the bondage of these legalists, who are trying to drag the Church back under the Law instead of Grace, and to take from  you and I the most gracious privilege any child of God can have - the right and delight of being able to read and understand the Bible for ourselves! As the Holy Spirit Himself leads us into all truth. Do not allow the Church of Jesus Christ to be taken into a retrograde step - back under Judaic bondage. See our Home Page for our extensive notes on Jacob Prasch’s heretical agenda.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” ( Galatians 5:1).

( Although we have used various person’s and their research in this Mini-Despatch, we do not necessarily agree with all they present in their critiques and doctrines elsewhere ).

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