MINI-DESPATCH. September 1, 1997.

This August the death of the beloved Princess of Wales, Diana,
happened, in a violent crash after a crazy race
with photographic hounds.
It was an event so unexpected
that the whole world almost stood still for many hours.
What was it about this young woman
that struck such a mighty chord on the hearts of ordinary people
everywhere on the planet?

Diana, Princess of Wales, was indeed a religious icon,
a goddess-like figure
who made the needy heart yearn for her to be larger than life.
Diana represents the God people don't know,
yet want so much that their hearts are breaking wanting Him.
If you haven't got God, you can "invent" one,
with the glorifications which make an earthly
human appear grander than they are -
palaces, fantastically expensive clothes, the worship of huge crowds,
functions with heads of State, appearances all over the world - isn't that like the Pope?

Diana's death showed that she was mortal, a mere human being after all. The devastation of the sudden
discovery of this fact - over night the goddess has fallen, dead - has left an awful black hole in the lives of the
godless! Diana, to the lost of this world, presented everything that made them feel good. She wasn't pure as
driven snow, her exploits in the area of sexual encounters was broadcast across the world. She thumbed her
nose at the privileged and wealthy royals. Diana wouldn't lie down and play dead when her hypocritical Prince
wanted to keep his mistress, Parker-Bowles. Diana was not an academic, had no superior airs about her,
related to the common man more than the stuffy royals. She was beating the British royals at their own game,
she was more popular than the Queen and the Prince.

What made the Princess of Wales so popular and adored was a mixture of "she is one of us, and she is getting
'them'", "she is one of us, but she is a goddess", she is living a life of sexual sin, and is getting away with it,
even though she is sinful, she is really a lovely person who touches Aids patients -just like "I" would if "I" was in
her place. Diana was an approachable "Jesus Christ", who didn't demand repentance or exhibit holiness, she
wasn't remote, one could see her on the television and in the papers all the time. Diana was an icon of the
humanists' goddess, beautiful, glamorous, New Age in every way, kind and gentle - and able to live life to the full
with all its "naughty" little pleasures.

Now that Diana is dead, what will be the results? Elvis was bad enough, with the devotion shown to this pseudo
"god", his death made the adoration worse. Will a religion spring up from around the image of Diana like it has
around Elvis? God surely removed this woman, as she may have married a Muslim, become a Muslim, she who
is the mother of the Prince who is the heir to the throne of Great Britain. Would she have brought the power of
the Muslim society-conquering religion right to the top-levels of British rule? Would there have been pressure to
teach William and Harry the Islamic religion? Diana stood for every New Age concept of these latter days. She
was a champion for interfaith, New Age mediums and astrologers, New Age alternative medical treatments,
she wanted unity and "peace" in a New Age world.

Another thought, will the New World Order utilize the global anger against the "paparazzi" to take away the
freedom of the press, in some way suitable to themselves? The sad part of this terrible tragedy is that this
woman, Diana Princess of Wales, could have had forgiveness and mercy from God Almighty, she could have
received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and she could now be in the arms of the Precious Lord in heaven.
Instead, she has entered into a Christ-less eternity. Her riches and exploits, her beauty and glamorous clothes,
her super-wealthy boyfriends and the adoration of millions mean absolutely nothing now. Yet, God loved her so
much that He gave His only Begotten Son to die for her sin (John 3:16). How could she escape when she
neglected so great a salvation, as that freely offered by Jesus Christ? Did I love Diana Princess of Wales? Yes I
did! She was a sad, lonely, confused young woman who had no light at all spiritually, and I prayed for her soul
when she was alive. Diana had a soft heart for the under-dog, sadly soft hearts for the under-dog won't buy
ones' way to heaven.

                                                            How about you, are you saved?
                                                                                        Life is so short.

                                                                                                                    W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch

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