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MINI-DESPATCH. February 22, 2001
From W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch Magazine


The State Elections held recently in Queensland have pin-pointed again for many who are alert this one important reality – Australia cannot win politically! Should it be added here, it appears to us that this is so? After all Despatch is not a magazine put out by people who are all-knowing, certainly not. But, we can see the existence of the “shadow government” in this land, just as it is in every country on the globe today. Many citizens are “getting the message” that something smells rotten in our fair land, they see the results of the dictates of the “shadow government”, yet cannot see that national voting and grass-roots uprising can do little, if anything at all, to get rid of the stink. So we get the Hanson phenomenon, which is an unheard of episode in the history of politics here. For those readers overseas, who are unaware of the Hanson uprising, a few details should be given to fill you in.

Pauline Hanson is a very attractive red-head, in her late thirties or early forties, who has shaken the Liberal, Labour, Conservative and Country Party political powers to their depths. She has formed the One Nation Party, which has attracted the votes of many people here who are sick and tired of the policies of ALL the established parties. The sort of things the voters have objected to in ALL the established parties are the “politically correct” commands of the internationalist, power barons. Pauline has traveled around our nation (still is traveling at this point of writing) protesting zealously, and bravely I might add, putting voice to all that our citizens are alarmed about. She promises that the citizens can have their will and get rid of the whole political mess here, in words like this, “we will not just keep the B+*#%^s honest, we will toss the B+*#%^s out!!!!” She has gained much support, but has split the conservative voters into a number of camps in so doing. A drop-out wing of her own party has formed, the City Country Alliance, and now there are four conservative groups – and only one socialist group. So the Labour Party has romped home at the elections, and the established conservative parties have almost been annihilated in our Queensland State. But Socialism will not free up our political system, nor gain us the privileges we once enjoyed – in the olden days back there.

Apart from internal political affairs, what can we see in all this?
1. The “shadow government” is so much more powerful than even the established national parties that no political uprising can thwart their Plan. The agenda of the Global Masters, who are controlling the world through the United Nations and allied groups, has much more clout than our little country’s elected government, and has certainly more power than a few hundred thousand rabble voters! Yes, rabble voters, for the masses are in shock here in Australia, but still there are few who will raise themselves from their “she’ll be right, mate” mentality. The Club of Rome commented about Australians in their horrendous book, “Goals for Mankind” with these words:
 “…a major part of the population enjoys the “Australian dream”: each family in a single, relatively comfortable dwelling, a steady job, many opportunities for outdoor leisure, and a large degree of individual freedom. In the world context, Australia is indeed a “Lucky Country.” (P.195). Sounds like the fun loving, rather immature, Aussies, doesn’t it? We know nothing of despotism in a national setting. We haven’t had to face cruelty and serfdom – yet!

2. The book, “Goals for Mankind” was copyrighted in 1977, the copy I have at any rate. Things have changed for us in 2001. We have high unemployment, our farms are failing dramatically, we, have internal woes with immigration and the aboriginals. The iron fist of the globalists, have brought about some nasty changes to our freedoms. The right to carry arms has been taken away; there is deliberate destruction of rural industry in order to “save” the environment; aboriginal “rights” are taking away the white peoples’ rights to be citizens who own their own country, along with every citizen black or white or yellow. The “Limits to Growth” aim is being pushed here as we see abortion on demand marketed, homosexuality decriminalized, even open meetings with death doctors peddling euthanasia for those sick of living! We have GST, sky-high petrol prices, “reconciliation” with the aboriginals with all that means of loss of rights for white Australians. These black people, are our own citizens, they are Aussies. The rise of paganism and the One World Church of Unity in Diversity is progressing rapidly here.  The “Rights of the Child” U.N. propaganda has spoiled families’ rights to be left in peace – I could go on and on. So much is occurring here which is simply New Age New World Order globalism in action.  Yet, few in Australian are keeping their eyes on GLOBALISM as the cause and the dictator of these matters. ALL is in CHANGE, a GLOBAL “TRANSFORMATION” is happening everywhere on the planet. Getting rid of any politician and his party will not affect the outcome of Globalism, the next party in power will only toe the N.W.O. line, as the one before it did.

3.  Can countries like ours “ toss the global B+*#%^s out”?   Not a chance! This is not, a defeatist statement, it is a sorry fact. We are already under the “shadow government” and so is everything in this country, including our pollies of any persuasion. Can we who are “in the know” rise up and support the Pauline Hansons of our country and win politically? Not a chance! These brave fighters are well meaning, naïve, irate and alarmed, but they cannot do anything more than be a mosquito buzzing around the ears of the N.W.O masters. With one swipe they can be “eliminated.” (We voted for Hanson, by the way, but with eyes wide open. We did not want to vote for the others!) Does our Prime Minister understand about the global control he is under? I shouldn’t have to write that comment at all – of course he does, and he can do nothing about it. John Howard knows we must proceed with our role, as world citizens, he has no other option. Could he really come clean and tell all? What good would that do?

Dr. James W. Wardner wrote in his book, “The Planned Destruction of America” some interesting comments on the U.S.A. that apply, to ourselves in the land “down under.”
“The working unit of the CFR-Trilateral-media combine is the multinational corporation. When George Bush [senior] informed America it was time to FORGET NATIONALISM, DISARM, and get ready for the New World Order, he was not speaking idly. That is because, except for our acceptance of such, it is already virtually locked in place. Axel Madsen wrote an anti-American book called Private Power, Multi-national Corporations for the Survival of Our Planet. He suggests that the MNCs are revolutionary new powers unto themselves. “They are WORLD CITIZENS and as such a counterforce to the extremes of nationalism.” Allegiance to the company is now of higher order than allegiance to one’s country.

I always thought our country was important. I was proud of America. Every citizen of every other nation in the world envied our freedom, our liberty, our private enterprise, and our good character. However, over the years an evil has crept into the country. Some might call it a necessary evil, but an evil is an evil nonetheless. As we enter the decade of the antiquity of nationalism, we also accept the slavery of America. America has always sought freedom for others even at the expense of life. Yet, can it or will it be able to fight for its own existence? Or will we become USA, Inc.?”
(Emphasis added).

Books used:  “Goals for Mankind. A Report to the Club of Rome on the New Horizons of Global Community”, by Ervin Laszlo et al. Pub. E.P. Dutton.
“The Planned Destruction of America” by Dr. James W. Wardner. Pub. Longwood Communications, Florida. USA.

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