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MINI-DESPATCH. June 28, 2000
From W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch Magazine


On June 4th, 2000, the national leaders of thirteen churches in Australia, accompanied by a young person from each church, left Canberra for a pilgrimage that continued throughout the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in this year of 2000. This was done to “lead the nation” in religious matters, according to the Australian media.

This journey was  termed a "Pilgrimage to the Heart.” The destination was Uluru, Ayers Rock, in the Northern Territory. The aboriginal pagan religion sees Uluru as the spiritual “heart” of the land of Australia, due to the convergence of the Rainbow Serpent Paths - Ley-lines - and its mystical appearance and history.  The ecumenical “pilgrimage” obviously accepts the “spiritual heart” beliefs of the aboriginal worshippers of nature and the Rainbow Serpent! The ecumenists travelled through Narrandera, Cobar, Wilcannia, Broken Hill, Port Augusta and Coober Pedy. In each place the plan was to engage with people from local churches, thus strengthening the thrust for “Christian” unity in every place. On the following Sunday, Pentecost, they celebrated the “gift   of
the Spirit” with the   local aboriginal com-munity at Uluru. This  service was the culmin-atiion of  the Jubilee 2000 journey.The ecu-menists believe Australia to    be the “Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”; although what this “spirit” they accept really is reImagess to be seen! I know what I believe it to be!

The “pilgrimage” was over a distance of 3000 km! The aim (amongst others) was to call on all Australians to come a spiritual renewal with God, one another and between indigenous (aboriginals) and all other Australians. The pilgrimage leaders included (and our readers will note some names that always appear at such One World Religion gatherings):

*Rev. Barry Ryall (Churches of Christ);
*Com. Brian Morgan (Salvation Army);
*Rev. John Mavor (Uniting Church);
*Rev Lance Steike (Lutheran);
*Archdeacon Younan Kiwarkis ( Assyrian Church of the East ) and
*Rev. Shane Blackman (Aboriginal and  Islander Commission).

and of course hovering around somewhere as usual would be the
*Hon. Philip Ruddock MP, (Minister for Immigration & Multicultural Affairs.)

NOTE: this is all happening at the same time that the Olympic Flame has arrived at Uluru. At the same time that the pagan flame commenced its own journey across our land, to begin the religiously inspired Olympic Games. We saw on our television sets the pagan ceremonies held at Mount Olympus, Greece, which began the journey of the Olympic Torch. The torch was lit by the sun in an ancient ceremony which honors the celestial body. The priestess lights the flame from the sun’s rays in a rite which is many thousands of years old, reaching back to ancient Babylon, and she offers homage to Zeus as she does it!  Can the reader see the immense pagan religious significance of the Olympic Games? And what it means to the One World Church and the merger of the World Religious Unity? (See Despatch last issue, 12:1, p.7). This is like the days of Nimrod with his wife Semiramis - as the world builds a new “Tower of Babel” union of nations!

This is a quote from the Jubilee 2000 “Uluru” material. Note that they align the “gospel” of Jesus Christ with the “heart” of the nation and the capital, and with the pagan religion of indigenous peoples  - as they are included in “communities of faith.” Since when did Biblical Christian do homage to sacred sites of pagans, and make “pilgrimage” to these sites? :

“So it will be more than a journey from the national capital to the geographical heart of this country! It will  be a unique opportunity for the whole Church in Australia to engage in pilgrimage - to journey to the heart of the gospel, to explore what it is to be a person of faith, and communities of faith, in this time and place. It can be a special time of grace!”
 Now note this following quote, it brings together ALL Christian “traditions” (i.e. Roman Catholic, Orthodox, included) and unity of humankind - 
One World, One Faith?:
“This Ecumenical Worship Service enables us to pray for pilgrims journeying to the heart of this land; it invites us to journey prayerfully on our own pilgrimage of faith, and it inspires us, with Christians of all traditions to pray together and work together for the unity of the Church and of humankind.”

The “Jubilee 2000” NWO massive grouping of networks across the globe has a JEWISH context ( example of verses misused, Leviticus 25). The symbol of Jubilee 2000 is the Shofar, the Jewish horn, which is often blown at meetings of Jubilee 2000. If you want a sign of the Rapture soon to happen, this is it. The whole scene on earth is becoming political-religious, and all of it has developed a Jewish flavour. Remember the Jews will accept the Antichrist for the first three and a half years of the Tribulation.(Jo.5:43).

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