BILLY GRAHAM WORSHIPS PHALLIC GOD- Graham approves of Masonic phallic god. He blasts evangelism to Jews, commends Jean Dixon, and exalts the Pope.



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                                BY THE RENOWN FREEMASON EXPOSER DR. CATHY BURNS,
                                              FROM THE "WHO'S WHO?" MAGAZINE.
He was also involved with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA branch in America is known as the CFR. 403
On August 7, 1918 Baruch said:
"Every man's life is at the call of the nation and so must be every man's property. We are living today in a highly organized state of socialism. The state is all; the individual is of importance only as he contributes to the welfare of the state. His property is only as the state does not need it. He must hold his life and his possessions at the call of the state." 404
Baruch was involved with the Rothschild bankers and in 1913 e along with others, "brought in Lev Trotzky to New York and paid for the recruiting and training of 300 Russian Jews, who became the leadership in the Communist revolution of Russia in 1917."4°5
John Foster Dulles tells us that "Mr. Bernard M. Baruch had, at times, cordial social relations with Mr. Gromyko when they were working together on the Atomic Commission!'" Gromyko was the Soviet foreign minister and a Communist who bragged: `Believe me, I sit here as one who helped to draft the U. N. Charter, and I had a distinct part in drafting this part of the charter with my own hands." 407
When Gromyko visited the United States, the first man he met with was none other than David Rockefeler. 408
Now, isn't it amazing that Baruch, a man who helped communism to Russia and who was involved in bringing in a one world government, would be interested in Billy Graham and thought that Graham's message was needed by America? Of course., Baruch's friend, Gromyko, also met with Billy    Graham tells us in his autobiography: "In recognition of our presence, the Kremlin arranged for us to be received by the longtime foreign minister, Andrey Gromyko." 409

Another man that needs to be looked at is William Randolph Hearst. He was a publisher who had the San Francisco Examiner, Los Angeles Examiner, Boston Sunday Advertiser, New York Morning Journal, New York Evening Journal, Chicago Herald American, Boston American, Chicago Examiner, New York Daily Mirror, New York Journal-American, Cosmopolitan, Town and Country, Harpers Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, plus about a dozen or so other magazines. 410 Hearst was the first one who put Billy Graham in the limelight. 411 Graham writes in his autobiography about that event in 1949. He states:
"When I arrived at the tent for the next meeting, the scene startled me. For the first time, the place was crawling with reporters and photo hers. They had taken almost no notice of the meetings up until now, and very little had appeared in the papers. I asked one of the journalists what was happening.
"`You've just been kissed by William Randolph Hearst,' he responded.
"I had no idea what the reporter was talking about, although I knew the name. Hearst, of course, was the great newspaper owner. I had never met the man, but like most Americans I had read his papers. The next morning's headline story about the Campaign in the Los Angeles Examiner,, followed by an evening story in the Los Angeles Herald Express—both owned by Hearst stunned me. The story was picked up by the Hearst papers in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco, and then by all their competitors. Until then, I doubt if any newspaper editor outside the area had heard of our Los Angeles Campaign....
"Supposedly, he had sent a message to his editors, `Puff Graham.'... "4' 2
In fact, the night BEFORE the rally an editorial written by Hearst said: "Of all great assemblies to take place in the Los Angeles area this year, none, perhaps, will be more significant and with more far-reaching effects than the Billy Graham rally in the Pasadena Rose Bowl tomorrow evening." 413 How did Hearst know? Was there an orchestrated plan to promote Graham?
Not only did Hearst "puff Graham" in his newspapers, he also financed the first three years of Graham's crusades ! 414
When Bookstore Journal asked Graham in 1991: "What has been the highlight of your ministry so far?," he responded:
"I always think my most recent crusade is the highlight, but there have certainly been high points. One was our meetings in Los Angeles in 1949. We were supposed to be there three weeks, but we stayed for eight or 10. Mr. Hearst, the publisher, became interested in the meetings how, I don't know. Before his involvement, we didn't get any coverage at all in any paper, except for maybe a little note on a Saturday-edition page saying that the meetings were continuing.
"Then, all of a sudden, we were on the front pages of both of Hearst's local papers every day and we were in all of his papers across the country. Of course, the other papers have to pay attention then. Time magazine did an article, and I think that was before it had a religion section. That was a turning point." 415.

"Another significant thing happened in the early '50s in Boston. The Pilot which is the diocesan paper put `Bravo Billy' on the front cover. That made news all over the country. He and I became close, wonderful friends. That was my first real coming to grips with the whole Protestant/Catholic situation.
"I began to realize that there were Christians everywhere. They might be called modernists, Catholics, or whatever, but they were Christians. Jesus taught, `By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.' And that love is more important than anything else. I don't think I've ever departed from that [realization—Ed.]." 416
Who was Hearst and why would he promote Graham? One researcher says this:
"Hearst had built a newspaper empire, which he used to influence political events in the United States. He used his papers to demand war with Spain, which broke out in 1897. Five months prior to the assassination of president William McKinley on September 6, 1901, Randolph Hearst printed an editorial in his newspaper, which approved political assassination under extreme circumstances." 417
"In an editorial dated August 28,1933, William Randolph Hearst wrote, in part: `A politician will do anything to keep his job—even became a patriot.' " 418

"Hearst was not only deeply involved in dirty politics and dirty tricks, but in his private life he lived in adultery for some 30 years by having movie actress Marion Davies as his mistress. He built a fabulous castle on the California coast at San Simeon, where he entertained the rich and the famous people, particularly inviting decadent actors and actresses from Hollywood to come and stay as guests and flaunt their sinful way of living.
"Hearst never repented of his sins to become a Christian, but he became intensely interested in the Youth for Christ movement, and began to promote it through his papers. The official reason for this strange behavior of a rich sinful man, is given by the Billy Graham Association in the authorized biography of Billy Graham by John Pollock, page 35:
" `Hearst had become interested in Youth for Christ, which flourished exceedingly in his home city of Los Angeles, and promoted it by several editorials in his national chain of newspapers, not for religious reasons but because it provided moral standards for youth and was an answer to the growing problem of juvenile delinquency. '
"In retrospect, it becomes clear that Hearst was not interested in Youth for Christ as an organization, but his focus was on Billy Graham, who was the shining star of this move of God....
"On March 18, 1946 Torrey Johnson organized a tour to launch Youth for Christ to a war devastated Europe. Among the people who went on this trip was Billy Graham. But there were two other men on this trip who would greatly influence Graham. One was the Toronto Youth for Christ director, Charles Templeton, a former newspaper cartoonist. Templeton was an intellectual and had great difficulty in believing that the Bible was the Word of God. A few years later, he made an official decision of rejecting the Bible as the infallible Word of God.
"Here is what Billy Graham said of Templeton: `He helped me tremendously to broaden my whole vision. '
"The second man was Wesley Hartzell, a journalist on Hearst's Chicago American. He had been assigned by Hearst to travel with the Gospel team and write articles dealing with the success of the meetings, which were to be featured by the International News Service, reaching into nearly all American cities and large towns. At that time no one in the Christian community knew that the World Government had begun to build `AN ICON,' that later would be accepted by large masses of people as `A HOLYMAN' speaking for God. The team stayed in Great Britain for three weeks." 419 [Emphasis in the original.]

Billy Graham asserts that he doesn't know why Hearst gave him publicity since he claims that he and Hearst never met, but earlier. in his autobiography he admitted that Wesley Hartzell, a Hearst:; newspaperman, traveled with Youth for Christ and Graham to Great Britain. 420 A Prophet with Honor, which Graham asked William Martin to write, says basically the same thing. 421 Listen to his story. He said that Torrey Johnson, Graham, and a few others were
"accompanied by Wesley Hartzell, a reporter for William Randolph Hearst's Chicago Herald-American. Hartzell...was assigned to this trip on an editor's inspired hunch that 'Graham might turn out to be a top newsmaker.' Hearst had already shown considerable interest in YFC [Youth for Christ], apparently because he liked its patriotic emphasis and felt its high moral standards might help combat juvenile delinquency. Not incidentally, he also figured that any movement attracting nearly a million people to rallies every Saturday night might help him sell some newspapers. According to Johnson, who never had any direct contact with Hearst, the reclusive publisher sent his Chicago editor a telegram shortly after the Soldier Field rally. It contained only two words: 'PUFF YFC:' A short time later, all twenty-two Hearst papers carried a full-page story on the YFC movement. Further coverage followed, and other papers picked up the story....As the old titan [Hearst] watched the organization grow, he apparently realized that Graham and Templeton were its two brightest stars and decided to assign someone to chronicle their ascent. Hartzell's reports of the British trip appeared not only in the Hearst papers but on the International News Service wire as well, providing potential exposure to virtually every significant newspaper in America." 422
William Martin continues:
"Accounts of Graham's career have typically portrayed the Hearst endorsement as a complete surprise, unsought and unexpected. The reality was less dramatic. All the Hearst papers had boosted YFC Hearst had sent his `Puff YFC' telegram in 1946 but none had done more for the organization than the Los Angeles Examiner, the largest West Coast newspaper at the time. Its publisher, R. A. Carrington, though not particularly religious himself, . admired the organization, gave its activities good coverage in the newspaper, did much of its printing free of charge, and arranged for the paper to sponsor various YFC projects. Most notably, Carrington had given YFC leader Roy McKeown a weekly column in the Sunday Examiner to report on YFC activities for a five-state region. A committee member for the revival, McKeown contacted Carrington to ask if the paper might give Graham and the meetings special attention. Carrington met with Graham then telephoned `the chief' (Hearst), and the rest was publicity....The next morning, the Examiner and the city's other Hearst paper, the Herald, gave him banner headlines, and twelve other papers in the Hearst chain also gave the campaign extensive coverage. Within days the Associated Press, the United Press, and the International News Service picked up the story, and Time, Newsweek, and Life followed soon afterward with major feature stories." 423
Several of those in leadership at Hearst's publications were Masons such as Frank F. Barham, Vice President and Director of Hearst Publishing Company; 424 Harry O. Davis; 425 William DeBeck; 426 William Franklin Knox, General Manager; 427 Merrill C. Meigs, Vice President and later President of Hearst Corporation in Chicago; 428 Frank J. Nicht, Director; 429 and Fred A. Walker. 430

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation (in 1984) gave $10,000 to Planned Parenthood (which encourages abortions). 431 Also funded (in part) by the Hearst Corporation was a Pulitzer Prize-winning play called "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" which was held at St. John the Divine Cathedral about 1994. This play contained an "AIDS prayer" which says in part:
"Let us pray. God: A cure would be nice....Enlighten the unenlightened: The Pope, the cardinals, archbishops and priests, even John [Cardinal Ed.] O'Connor, teach him how Christ's kindness worked: remind him, he's forgotten, make them all remember, replace the ice water in their veins with the blood of Christ, let it pound in their temples....Your silence, I must tell you, so steadfastly maintained, even in the face of our appalling need is outrageous.... So many have died this year alone: In case you were absent, God, or absent-minded....Where, God, are you?... So a cure for AIDS. For racism too. For homophobia and sexism, and an end to war, to nationalism and capitalism, to work as such and to hatred of the flesh....Don't expect that we will forgive you if you allow us to be endangered....Be thou more sheltering, God. Pay more attention." 432
A few other sponsors of this blasphemous play were Chase Manhattan Bank (controlled by the Rockefellers 433), Donald Trump, Prudential Insurance Company, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Philip Morris Companies, Robert de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Mary C. Rockefeller, Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Spelman Rockefeller, Mr. and Mrs. Laurance Rockefeller, Rockefeller Center Properties, Inc., the Rockefeller Group, Inc., and Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Rockefeller. 434 Steven Rockefeller just presented the Earth Charter for approval at the Millennium World Peace Summit in late August 2000. He said that "the biosphere is in us, and we are in the biosphere." 435
Hearst is also into book publishing now and has published socalled Christian, pro-gay, occultic, and Satanic books. 436 One of these books was The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson which promoted the occultic technique of yoga (although under a different
e). 437 The publisher, William Morrow, was purchased by the Hearst Corporation a number of years ago. 438 About five years ago, William Morrow published a book by Peter Gomes who is a homosexual. 439 Prior to this, they printed Ruth Montgomery's book n Jeane Dixon (an astrologer 440) as well as The Book of Predic‑
ions 441 and The Eye of Shiva. 442 Oh, another book published by William Morrow was A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story (a book which is very favorable to Graham and which he asked to be written).
What is amazing is that Hearst would take an interest in someone like Billy Graham in the first place. As was already mentioned, Hest was not a Christian and was living in adultery, yet he was drawn to Graham.
William Randolph Hearst, Jr. was even instrumental in helping out with Graham's 1957 Crusade in Madison Square Garden. A Prophet with Honor states:
"Seldom, if ever, has a crusade been able to boast of more competent and influential leadership. The crusade committee, chaired by Roger Hull, vice-president of Mutual of New York, included in its number Chase Manhattan's George Champion, Norman Vincent Peale, longtime Graham backers Russell Maguire and J. Howard Pew, corporate executives Walter Hoving, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Jeremiah Milbank, Readers Digest senior editor Stanley High, and media moguls Henry Luce, William Randolph Hearst, Jr., Herald Tribune editor Ogden Reid, and ABC president Robert Kintner. With this kind of clout at the top, and with solid encouragement from members of the Dodge, Phelps, Vanderbilt, Gould, and Whitney families, chairman Howard Isham, vice-president and treasurer of U. S. Steel, found it relatively easy to raise a large portion of the projected $600,000 budget." 443
The liberal press has helped Graham in more ways than one. One author reveals:
"Apparently, Billy Graham has a special tie-in with the liberal media as well since they covered up a report that himself to two teenaged girls. There was also a- story about a $23 million slush fund scandal [see Chapter 7 for more about this] which briefly threatened the Graham empire, but that also suddenly disappeared from mention in the national media." 444
The World Book Year Book mentioned that "Graham drew criticism from some of his supporters for having concealed the exis­tence of a $23-million educational fund." 445 This book adds: "There were also charges in the publishing world that Graham's best-selling How to Be Born Again reproduced, without acknowledging it, a great portion of one of his earlier books, issued by a different publisher. " 446
It sure has paid Graham to have friends in "high places." BROOKS HAYS

Another individual in "high places" was Brooks Hays. Hays was a Congressman from Arkansas, a Mason, 447 and an assistant to the late President Kennedy.`" He was also a Council on Foreign Relations member. 449 Additionally, he was one of the people who sponsored the ungodly Temple of Understanding (which will be covered later). 450 Hays states: "I must say at the outset that I do not accept all of the Bible as literally true.... [the literal inerrancy position of inspiration is D.W.C.] anti-biblical—for it tends to make an idol of printed pages... [it is D.W.C.] dangerous as any other form of idolatry. "45
What does Graham think of Hays? He writes in his autobiography: "I called my old Christian friend Congressman Brooks Hays from Arkansas and asked his advice. '452 Sadly, Hays' statement about the Bible sounds a little bit like what Billy Graham told the Saturday Evening Post in April 1963: "I am not a literalist....If you try to accept the literal meaning of every word in the Bible, you get into all sorts of trouble." 453 Unfortunately, Graham will get into far more trouble on judgment day by not believing the Bible!

Just briefly, let's look at some of Graham's friendships with leaders around the world. The following quotations are taken from Graham's autobiography Just As I Am.
 "During the eight years of Reagan's administration, we saw each other a number of times. I especially appreciated his kindness in inviting Ruth and me to several state dinners for visiting foreign leaders....



The following are quotes from Billy Graham:

Billy Graham has called Pope John Paul II, "...the world's greatest evangelist."  Add the fact that Graham praises occult witches.

Graham has taken an honorary degree from Belmont Abbey in 1967.  His comment about the honor was that he, "...knew of no greater honor" then receiving this degree.  He said at that time. "The Gospel that built this school and the Gospel that brings me here tonight is still the way of salvation."  From this, we may conclude that the Gospel of Billy Graham in 1967 and onward was the Gospel of the Roman Catholic Antichrist Whore Church.  This explains all the slippage since 1967.  He inhaled the incense, and he is now the Pope's disciple.

Billy Graham receiving honorary degree from Catholic  Belmont Abbey

What does Billy Graham say about the Pope today?

United Church Observer, July 1, 1966-  "While I certainly believe that Jesus Christy was born of a  virgin, I do not find  anywhere in the New Testament that the particular belief is necessary for personal salvation."

The Star, April 10, 1979-  I've never cast the demon out of anyone.  I don't have the power, and I'm not sure anyone does."

March 8, 1979- National Enquirer-  Regarding the Pope, Graham said, "He'll be warmly greeted because he's such a down-to-earth, fun-loving man who creates friends wherever he goes.  I firmly feel Pope John Paul II will be the most respected pope of the century and he'll become the moral leader of the world."  That is a mouthful folks.

National Enquirer, Aug. 9, 1983-  Graham gives six steps to be a winner. It is curious that in the Bible six is the number of man and sin. "1.  Set your personal goals high.  2. Appreciate yourself.  3. Make honesty and integrity key words in your life.  4. Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.  5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.  6. Have the courage to change things in your life."  Not one word about salvation or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

August 20, 1988- AP-  "Graham said he had received, 'wonderful support' from Catholic, as well as mainline Protestant bodies and black churches.  "People really came out in numbers..."

Nov. 21, 1988-  Christian News-  Graham was the main speaker at the dedication of Oral Roberts buildings.  This paper also notes how Graham, who blasted Communism in the 1950s, sanctioned the Communist / Greek Orthodox hierarchy over all religion in the USSR.

 Saturday Evening Post, Jan/Feb, 1979-  Graham wrote an article for the SEP called, "The Pilgrim Pope:  Builder of Bridges"  In the article Graham wrote, "In a world dangerously poised on the brink of nuclear disaster, the exhortations of Pope John Paul II must be heeded if our children and grandchildren are to have a future... The words of the Pope in his role as statesman must continue to challenge us and lead us to action..."  "The Pope sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way Christians throughout the centuries have spoken to the spiritual yearnings of every age-- by pointing people to Christ."  "During his visit to America, Pope John Paul II was indeed a bridge builder, and that is something our divided world desperately needs."  Billy Graham then called the Pope, "the moral leader of the world."  Graham promised, my "prayers will be with the Pontiff during his visit here."

Also in the National Enquirer in 1979, Graham predicted, "Major medical discoveries, including an arthritis cure and dazzling methods to slow aging.  Exciting new building materials that will enable every man to build an incredibly inexpensive dream house.  In the same article, Graham said regarding the Pope's recent visit to America, "The way our great nation welcomed the Pontiff into its heart is a clear sign to me that we are spiritually hungry for a new era of morality and stable family life."

Graham's comment to US News and World Report, Dec. 19, 1988- "World travel and getting to know clergy of all denominations has helped mold me into an ecumenical being.  We're separated by theology..., but all of that means nothing to me any more."

Circa 1989- An ad appeared in a Christian magazine promoting Robert Schuler's Film Workshops.  Graham was the one endorsing the workshops.  The churches where Self-Love promoter Schuler was to appear were, Hutchinson Kansas Ministerial association, United Methodist, Central College- United Presbyterian, St. Edwards Confessor Episcopal, Chardon Assembly of God, Angelus Temple- Four Square, and Emmanuel Reformed Church of America.  All of these are ecumenical in the extreme.

British Broadcasting Corporation interview- July 6, 1989-  Program call "World Affairs"-  Graham said his early concept of hell was that of Dante's Inferno.  Today, Graham thinks hell is merely separation from God.  He said he didn't believe we can merge the world's religions, but Graham said he believes there is truth in all religions.  When asked is he had mellowed toward the Roman Catholic Church, Graham said, "No, the Roman Catholic Church has mellowed toward me."  When asked is he was a Liberal or ecumenical, Graham said, "I feel closer to the Roman Catholic Church  than I do to some Protestants."

Regarding Graham's stupid cover statements for the Marxists in the USSR circa 1982, it is only fair to say that he later retracted them in substance, but the damage in the USSR to churches was not cured.

Rocky Mountain News-  July 25, 1987-  The editor wrote, "Many Roman Catholics walked the aisles during Graham's 1965 crusade.  In the a987 crusade, which ends tomorrow, Catholics were waiting to help Catholics express their new and renewed faith in their Mother Church."  A true Bible believer who loves souls could not read a more depressing thing.

Letter from Rev. Michael Seed, Ecumenical advisor to Cardinal Hume, London, England, 1989:  "Some 2100 Catholics 'went forward' at the Missions evenings in London which was excellent-- from nearly all our Parishes in Westminster... Billy Graham has helped our (Roman Catholic) Church greatly and many have 'renewed' their faith under his great ministry."

A quote  about Billy Graham.  Quoted in US News and World Report, March 4, 1991, Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary states  that Billy Graham is, "probably the most important ecumenical figure alive."

Book by PhD Carol George, God's Salesmen, Oxford  Press,  1992, the author reports:   On August 18, 1960, Billy Graham called a top secret conference of 25 hand chosen guests to Mintreaux, Switzerland, and they discussed how they could block the election of John F. Kennedy.  The most prominent guest was Norman Vincent Peale.  The men were later embarrassed when the conference was exposed.  We note one interesting fact-  Norman Vincent in 1960, and Billy Graham later, were 33rd Degree Freemasons, while John F. Kennedy was never a Freemason.  Interesting to say the least.

Letter from Billy Graham to Jean Dixon supplied by Alice Bremmer, Personal assistant to Dixon for many years:

Begin letter


Dear Mrs. Dixon:

Thank you for your good letter of February 18, (year unknown).  I am sorry for the delay in answering, but I have been in the West Indies and am  leaving in a few days for Puerto Rico where I will be conducting a series of meetings.

Indeed, my wife and I have followed your writings with the greatest possible interest.  In several of my sermons I have quoted from A GIFT OF PROPHECY.  We have heard from several mutual friends that you are indeed a woman of God, and we thank God for you.

Recently, in Jamaica, we became acquainted  with Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan, whom I believe you know.  They have promised  to give us  the joy and thrill of meeting you on some future trip to Washington.  The Jean Dixon Special Receipt is excellent.

With warmest personal greetings, I am

Cordially Yours,

Billy Graham

End of letter

Satanic prophet and fortune teller Jean Dixon recently went to her reward, and she was warmly received I am sure.  How is it that Jean Dixon  was "a woman of God" to Billy Graham?  He had to know her preference for Satan over Jehovah.



Billy Graham is a Freemason:

We also have reports from Australia and from a converted 33rd degree Freemason named Jim S____, that Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason.  Jim S____ was initiated into Freemasonry with Billy Graham and former President Ronald Reagan at the Washington DC lodge.

Freemasonry knows who its goddess is.  It is Lilith, the primal goddess of Sumer and Babel.  This goddess is said by Kabbalist Jews to be the wife of Satan, but she is now shacking up with Elohim, and when Elohim gets tired of her He will go back to Shakhina, His real wife.  At that time the Kingdom will be established by Messiah, whom the Freemasons claim is the vaginal alter to Elohim, the Phallic god. Lillith is the symbol at the front of all Masonic temples and has the words under it, "We come to Worship." Lillith is represented by the inverted pentagram star as the logo of the Eastern Star of Freemasonry's ladies' club.

We do not know if Mrs.Graham is a member of the Eastern Star, so the contrary must be assumed.

A reader of this page in the USA has also managed to acquire hard evidence to prove Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason.  If Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason, and I personally believe the converts out of Freemasonry who claim this, then his god is the male organ.  That is the doctrine of Freemasonry from the Prince Adept Degree and up.  Also, at the 30th degree and up, Lucifer has been exalted above Christ since circa 1894.  Here is the quote from Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike, Supreme Pontiff, Southeast District, North Carolina, 1890.  This is the definitive doctrinal manual found in virtually every Masonic lodge in the world.

Morals and Dogma,  28th Degree, called Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept,  Page771-772


[ This editor's notes are in these brackets. ]

Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two. The human unity is made complete by the right and left. The primitive man was of both sexes.  The Divinity, one in its essence, has two essential conditions as fundamental bases of its existence--Necessity and Liberty.

The laws of the Supreme Reason necessitate and regulate liberty in God, who is necessarily reasonable and wise.

Knowledge supposes the binary. An object known is indispensable to the being that knows.

The binary is the generator of Society and the law. It is also the number of the gnosis, a word adopted in lieu of Science and expressing only the idea of cognizance by intuition. It is Unity, multiplying itself by itself to create; and therefore it is that the Sacred Symbols make Eve issue from the very chest of Adam.

Adam is the human Tetragram, which is summed up in the' mysterious Yod of the Kabalah, image of the Kabalistic Phallus. Add to this Yod [ Phallus ], the ternary name of Eve, and you form the name of Jehovah, the Divine Tetragramn, the transcendent Kabalistic and magical word:

[ What follows is ALL sexual and filthy. ]

Thus it is that Unity, complete in the fecundity of the Ternary, forms, with it, the Quaternary, which is the key of all numbers, movements, and forms.

The Square, turning upon itself, produces the circle equal to itself, and the circular movement of four equal angles turning around one point, is the quadrature of the circle.

The Binary serves as a measure for Unity; and the relation of equality between the Above and the Below, forms with them the Ternary.

To us, Creation is Mechanism: to the Ancients it was Generation. The world-producing egg figures in all cosmogonies; and modern science has discovered that all animal production is oviparous. From this idea of generation came the reverence everywhere paid the image of generative power [ sexual reproduction ], which formed the Stauros [ male organ ] of the Gnostics, and the philosophical Cross of the Masons. [ Thus, the cross of all Masons is the male organ. ]

Aleph is the man; Beth is the woman; One is the Principle. Two is the Word. A.'. is the Active; B.'. is the Passive.  Unity is Boat, and the Binary is Jachin.  [ This is pure filth, Pike makes Jehovah "One" and the male phallus, and he makes Jesus "Two" and the female vagina, by implication. Billy Graham needs to study this book better.  Perhaps he has, and this charms him privately. ]

The two columns, Boaz and Jachin, explain in the Kabalah all the mysteries of natural, political and religious antagonism.

[ These two columns are found in all Masonic temples, at the front, on either side of the throne where the "Worshipful Master" sits and receives the worship of the initiate.  Billy Graham had to kneel between two such columns and swear an oath to this system. ]

Woman is man's creation; and universal creation is the female of the First Principle. [ This is Pike's Jesus Christ. ]  When the Principle of Existence made Himself Creator, He produced by emanation an ideal Yod [ male organ ]; and to make room for it in the plenitude of the uncreated Light, He had to hollow out a pit [ vagina ] of shadow, equal to the dimension determined by His creative desire [ divine phallus ]; and attributed by Him to the ideal Yod of radiating Light.

The nature of the Active Principle  [ name for Jehovah ] is to diffuse: of the Passive Principle, to collect and make fruitful.

[ Thus, the male sperm goes from Jehovah to Jesus Christ. Not nice, friends, but this is the doctrine of Freemasonry.]

Creation is the habitation of the Creator-Word. To create, the Generative Power and Productive Capacity must unite, the Binary become Unity again by the conjunction [ sexual intercourse ]. The WORD  [Jesus Christ ] is the First BEGOTTEN, not the first created Son of God.  [ If  Billy Graham believes that, he is damned to hell. ]

SANCTA SANCTIS, we repeat again; the Holy things to the Holy, and to him who is so, the mysteries of the Kabalah will be holy. [ This implies that if you see anything here that is sexually filthy, YOU have the dirty mind, not Pike. ]  Seek and ye shall find, say the Scriptures: knock and it shall be opened unto you. If you desire to find and to gain admission to the Sanctuary, we have said enough to show you the way. If you do not, it is useless for us to say more, as it has been useless to say so much.

The Hermetic philosophers also drew their doctrines from the Kabalah [ Babylonian pagan Jews wrote this ]; and more particularly from the Treatise Beth Alolzim or Domus Dei, known as the Prtezrmatica Kabalistica, of Rabbi Abraham Cohen Irira, and the Treatise De Revolutionibus Animarum of Rabbi Jitz-chak Lorja.

This philosophy was concealed by the Alchemists [  Medieval witchcraft. which is still with us ] under their Symbols, and in the jargon of a rude Chemistry,--a jargon incomprehensible and absurd except to the Initiates; but the key to which is within your reach; and the philosophy, it may be, worth studying. [ Pike is encouraging occult witchcraft to the Freemason.  Has Billy Graham followed the advice? ] The labors of the human intellect are always interesting and instructive.

To be always rich, always young, and never to die: such has been in all times the dream of the Alchemists.

To change into gold, lead, mercury, and all the other metals; to possess the universal medicine and elixir of life; such is the problem to be resolved...

Comment by editor:  This is the doctrine to which Billy Graham is now bound to in an oath of death.  Pope John Paul II is also bound to this doctrine in his P-2 or Masonic order in the Vatican.  It is no small wonder that Billy Graham and John Paul II see eye to eye.  Albert Pike makes numerous other references to Christ as the female of the godhead, and in one place, Pike makes the Holy Spirit to be the sperm.

If Billy Graham had, anywhere along the way, admitted that he took the Masonic oath, and if he had denounced it, this discussion would have been defused, and it would be a mute issue by now.  But, Billy Graham is above confessing sin, as is true of nearly all modern gurus in Christiendom, so he may well die trying to cover his Masonic connections.  Indeed, it would appear that he is rather secure in Freemasonry.

It must  be noted in passing that Promise Keepers has also built its doctrines on these phallic principles of Babylon..  Billy Graham, Promise Keepers, Freemasonry, Islam, Zionist Kabbalism, and the Roman Whore are all cast in the same mold.  Can you not see that Billy Graham is a splendid candidate to fill the office of the False Prophet?  It is interesting that Graham has down-played end times doctrine for many years. Could it be that he is having a problem looking at his reflection in the Word of God's mirror?

Billy Graham is perhaps the single greatest influence for evil in Christendom.  Even the Pope does not enjoy the popularity Billy Graham enjoys around the world.  We may judge this by observing the welcoming crowd, for the two men, as they arrive at the airport.  Is this not why the Pope covets Billy Graham's approval and soft words?

Billy Graham and Modernists and Liberals:

In 1952, Billy Graham wrote in a letter to John R. Rice:  "Contrary to any rumors that are constantly floating about, we have never had a Modernist on our Executive Committee, and we have never been sponsored by the Council of Churches in any city except Shreveport and Greensboro-- both small towns where the majority of ministers are Evangelical."

In Nairobi, in 1959, Graham arrived in Kenya for a crusade.  Crowds raved his praise, "...Dr. Billy..."  Graham was approached by churches separated unto the Gospel in Kenya, and he rejected them.  He gathered an entourage of Liberals and rebels against Christ, and he went to President Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's President.  The audience was a complete compromise, and no single event in the history of Christianity in Kenya did more damage to the cause of Christ.  Separated churches were not able to join the crusade, and the Kenya government cast them in the light of rebels.

This pattern has been repeated ever since, and Graham has NEVER apologized for the chaos he leaves behind him. Indeed, we have seen above that Graham boasts in his ecumenical power and Papal reception.

December 25, 1996


in which they boast of Billy Graham's membership in Freemasonry.

AWARDS AND HONORS (The following is a partial list of the numerous awards received by Mr. Graham):

Ten Most Admired Men in the World from the Gallup Poll since 1955--a total of 37 times-- More than any other individual in the world, placing him at the head of the overall list of those most admired by Americans for the past four decades.

Clergyman of the Year, National Pilgrim Society

Distinguished Service Medal of the Salvation Army

Who's Who in America, annually since 1954

Freedoms Foundation Distinguished Persons Award, (numerous years)

Gold Medal Award, National Institute of Social Science, New York, 1957

Annual Gutenberg Award of the Chicago Bible Society, 1962

Gold Award of the George Washington Carver Memorial Institute, 1963, for contribution in race relations presented by

Senator Javits of New York

Speaker of the Year Award, 1964

Golden Plate Award, American Academy of Achievement, 1965

Horatio Alger Award, 1965

National Citizenship Award by the Military Chaplains Association of the U.S.A., 1965

Wisdom Award of Honor, 1965

Big Brother of the Year Award at the White House, Washington, D. C., 1966, for contribution to the welfare of children

The Torch of Liberty Plaque by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, 1969-  [ This is a Jewish version  of the Freemasons. ]

George Washington Honor Medal from Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, for his sermon The

Violent Society, 1969

Honored by Morality in Media for "fostering the principles of truth, taste, inspiration and love in media," 1969

International Brotherhood Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1971

Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Broadcasters, 1972

Franciscan International Award, 1972

Sylvanus Thayer Award from United States Military Academy Association of Graduates at West Point, (The most

prestigious award the United States Military Academy gives to a U.S. citizen.) 1972

George Washington Medal Award for Patriotism from Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, 1974

Direct Selling Association's Salesman of the Decade award, 1975

Philip Award from the Association of United Methodist Evangelists, 1976

First National Interreligious Award, American Jewish Committee, 1977

Distinguished Communications Medal, Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission, 1977

Jabotinsky Centennial Medal presented by The Jabotinsky Foundation, 1980

Religious Broadcasting Hall of Fame award, 1981

Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in Religion Award, 1982

Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, 1983

National Religious Broadcasters Award of Merit, 1986

North Carolina Award in Public Service, 1986

Good Housekeeping Most Admired Men Poll, 1995, #1 for three years in a row and 14th time in top 10

Many honorary degrees

This is not a nice page to read.  I am sorry if your favorite glory boy has come out looking like a dirty old man.  However; it is essential to mark these wicked prophets for what they are.  Note:

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

You have to consider very seriously what is before you.  Will you "mark" and "avoid" this man?


Who can deny that Billy Graham Is a Liar

[also request an audio from Dr. Cathy Burns "Billy Graham Exposed" and her book "Billy Graham and His Friends"
"Sharing", 212E., 7th. st., Mt. Carmel PA. USA]

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