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This info was requested of us by the "Idaho Observer", the Editors are Christian, but it is not a Christian Newspaper, but we thought we would pass it on to our news updates list, it may clarify some questions for you all. We do not claim this is a definitive article, just a generalised observation. Wendy Howard ...Editor of Despatch Magazine.


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Subject: re Idaho Article
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 13:57:28 +1000
From: Wendy Beuster <despatch@mail.cth.com.au>
Organization: Christian Resource Centre
To: Jeff <jeffs@gr.cns.net>



The Australia we have known as children and young adults is rapidly changing. The New World Order [NWO] agenda of globalisation is being implemented across the land, under the very noses of a naive and uninformed citizenry, few realise what is happening. Some of the main areas of this agenda will be addressed here. In reality, I can hardly present more than the tip of the iceberg, so much is happening now.

*Confiscation of private weaponry; *Troop activity, and soldier training in home and town search; *Native title claims to our land being used to steal properties; *Multiculturalism claims, as a cover for the implementation of Global Ethics of the One World Religious System; *The Pauline Hanson phenomenon.

SEIZURE OF WEAPONS. The banning and collecting of guns is proceeding in Australia, with all rebellion seeming to have fizzled out! The gun clubs, and other gun owners' groups, demonstrated fervently during the early days of the planned seizure. Not so now, there have even been public statements from the gun owners' representatives that they were wrong to protest, and that they had a "knee-jerk" reaction at first, which will not be repeated again. The whole protest business seems to have died a natural death in the media - but the guns are being collected and destroyed. Approximately 160,000 have been surrendered in Victoria, 60,000 in New South Wales, and 60,000 in Queensland. The other States have lower figures. ALL States are now collecting and destroying weapons. Some comments from the media about the response being too slow in some states. There are hardly any adverse comments on gun grabbing to be heard. Air pistols, small hand-gun Japanese replicas, which fire pellets, were even banned recently.

Internet Extracts: This extract from the Australian Christian Coalition Newsletter, 3 June, 1996, gives a positive stand towards gun control.

"The commitment of State and Federal Governments to gun control announced on 10 May is very encouraging, but we should not be lulled into thinking that the battle is over. The Gun Lobby has signalled its intent to have that decision modified and is obviously prepared to spend a considerable sum to do so. Those hard core elements of the lobby that harbour conspiracy theories and American style views of citizens rights, will obviously try to manipulate any genuine concern by legitimate groups such as the farm lobby."

“Cry from Australia to the USA,” Wednesday, May 7, 1997.

"Gun owners who did not comply with new regulations in Australia are now faced with the fact that their name is flagged on Govt. computers, they are liable to four (4) years imprisonment and a fine that is about the cost of an average house. Those with firearms licences and those who did not hand in their weapons are liable to search of person or premises without warrant. People cannot organise because what the Govt. has done is now legislated, enacted law. Therefore any attempt to communicate or organise is liable to the charge of subversion. If an individual says to another 'I would suggest that you do not hand in your firearm ' the speaker may be charged with subverting another to commit a criminal act. They have started mounting raids to retrieve firearms and this is likely to intensify." (C.Dillon).

TROOPS AND SOLDIER TRAINING. There are thousands of foreign troops in Australia, including troops from the United States of America. These are involved in "war games", often secret. It is all alarming, as those who are investigating the New World Order sense that we are being manipulated by global forces in order to bring our nation under the full control of the international elitists. The training of soldiers for rural and urban search of towns and homes is equally intriguing, sinister and most odd! I quote from "The Australian", April 17, 1997:

"A $4 million township built especially to train soldiers in urban warfare was christened yesterday with a noisy exercise featuring the clatter of machine gun and rifle fire, lurid pink and purple smoke grenades and troops falling dead in the streets like actors in a theme-park performance. Built in an army training area in rugged, mountainous country 60km south-west of Townsville, the township, known in army jargon as the Military Operations in Urban Terrain training facility, has 37 solid concrete buildings. It even boasts a sewerage system which allows training soldiers to disappear down tunnels under the streets. As senior army officers watched from the verandah of the Drover's Dog Hotel - a pub that has no beer - infantry soldiers from 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, were dropped on the town's Beersheba Oval by Black Hawk helicopters and recaptured Line Creek Junction, building by building, from 'enemy' troops. During an official opening ceremony, held appropriately in the town's Anzac Park, the commander of the 1st Division, Major-General Tim Ford, said development of the facility has been inspired by the army's experience with the UN forces in Somalia and Rwanda and the potential for Australian troops to face future urban operations.... Major Withycombe said most future UN operations or any other overseas deployments by Australian forces were likely to involve urban environments. (The Major, of Delta Company, commented). 'We need to have the skills to deal with any kind of enemy scenario within a built-up area.'"

A subscriber to our magazine, Despatch, wrote to inform us that persons in her area have had their homes "raided" by troops as an exercise, without prior warning or agreement! She said, amazingly, no one seemed to have complained about this intrusion. We have also verbal info. that some American troops who arrived at Amberley Airbase, Queensland, came in black Russian aircraft. There is no media coverage of these matters, only Christian individuals who have made statements.

NATIVE TITLE RIGHTS. The aboriginals of Australia are, it appears to us, being used as a cover to confiscate large areas of lands in all states. The government is honouring Native Title claims, some of which involve mines, oil-yielding areas, pastoral lands, beaches and beauty spots. Yet to be finalised, many native title sites sit, awaiting their fate. Other non-aboriginal people here are contesting these indigenous peoples' title rights vigorously! The racial unrest seems to have been created deliberately. Many of the "aboriginals" seeking to have title over prime pockets of land are whiter than we are! Some protests are heard from full-blood, tribal elders at times, who declare that they are not greedy for "sacred sites" and titles to large parcels of Australia at all. They say that extremists are acting without their consent.

MULTICULTURALISM. This ambiguous term is being used to change Australian society in readiness for globalisation. Hans Kung and Leonard Swindler's "Global Ethos" will soon appear here in Australia under our own New Age religious and "multicultural" banner. A conference hosted by the Australian Multicultural Foundation and the World Conference of Religion and Peace, will be held on 28-30 July, 1997. Public policy making and religious diversity is one of the topics on the conference agenda. The conference attendees, which includes political and religious leaders from across the world, will "search for a common ethic and assert shared values" for Australia as a whole. Official papers will be handed out to the delegates. This will most likely set the stage for religious freedom to witness and evangelise, to expose error, and to preach Christ Jesus as the Only Saviour, to be curtailed. A report on the events that take place will be given in Despatch magazine, Vol.9:3., September. 1997.

THE PAULINE HANSON PHENOMENON. Overseas readers may not have heard of Pauline Hanson. There is not a single person in Australia who hasn't heard of her! We are witnessing a virtual Joan of Arc style figure, who arose out of obscurity, to cut a swathe through the recognised politicians (and their policies) in our South Land of the NWO. Pauline of many perils is a fish and chip shop owner from Ipswich, near Brisbane. She is an independent member of Parliament who has very bravely risen up to confront the powers-that-be, telling the truth for once. Hanson has begun a new political party called "One Nation", which stands for all the political measures we, as investigators of the NWO, would champion. She is against the native title right scams; insists there is something "fishy" going on globally; wants to end the attempt to stir up this land into a multicultural stew; demands that the gun banning legislation be destroyed and so on.

Hanson has won a large following after just a short time of campaigning for support for her One Nation party. Her meetings around Australia have been packed to overflow everywhere she goes. John Howard, the Prime minister, and other politicians, have criticised Hanson mercilessly. The media gives her such wide coverage that not one newspaper or television news does not feature Pauline, every day, every week. Those who oppose her freedom march from town to town, have twisted everything she has said until it is unrecognisable. Cries of "Nazi fascist", "Right Wing fanatic", "racist", "hater of the Asians" and much more, follow her around the continent. She is pelted with tomatoes and rubbish, pushed and shoved, as she rushes along in high heels and glamorous dresses, surrounded by a bodyguard of uniformed police. "Rent a crowd" activists swarm into the political meetings now, shouting "Heil Hitler", waving placards with swastikas on them, and giving the Nazi salute to Pauline.

I cannot say that Despatch magazine staff is encouraged by this Pauline Hanson rebellion. It seems very suspicious that the NWO-controlled media is giving her such an immense coverage, for one thing. She is being used, we believe, to stir up racial hatred and unrest. If this beautiful, young, red-haired woman was assassinated the whites would blame the blacks, and racial tensions could become serious civil unrest. This could "necessitate" the UN peace-keeping forces' intervention in our federal affairs. Paranoid statement? Perhaps, we certainly hope and pray that that is all it is.

Texe Marrs reported in Flashpoint, May 1997, that Rockefeller puppet and New World Order clone, Henry Kissinger, held a private, two hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to insiders, Netanyahu emerged from the meeting ashen and pale. Comments Texe, Kissinger read him the riot act, warning him to go along with the Illuminati's plan - or else. This reminded us so much of the effect that Bill Clinton, also a NWO clone, had on our Prime Minister, John Howard, on Clinton's visit to Australia, late 1996. Howard, and his senior ministers, looked down-mouthed, over-awed, intimidated in almost every photo or video we saw. After that Howard visited China, and, great coincidence, Newt Gingrich was there as well. Was discussion entered into re. Australia's current orders from the Internationalists for our bioregion?

All this makes one realise afresh that GOD is the One in whom we must put our trust, not guns and political insurrection. After all, we dissenters, in every country, are struggling against a whole emerging Unity of One Mind One World - and this unity has weaponry, surveillance techniques, and wealth beyond our wildest dreams. It is too late to find answers in the might of freedom-loving men and women. Jesus Christ is the only answer. Do you know Him as Saviour and Lord? If not, it is high time you did! The Lord Jesus Christ will bring in His own One World government, with Himself reigning from Jerusalem. Then we will see true unity under a perfect governmental system - Isaiah 9:2-7. There will never be real justice, peace, harmony or righteousness until then, in His Millennial Reign!

Wendy B. Howard...Editor of Despatch http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/ despatch@mail.cth.com.au




Despatch News update to previous article send to Idaho Observer, because of some adverse comments received by Despatch.

Dear Enquirer,

I appreciate your comments on defending yourselves, as outlined in your E-mail! In the short article (AUSTRALIA - GREAT SOUTH LAND OF THE NWO?) I wrote there was hardly space to get to the nitty-gritty of such matters as:

*defending our families versus the Church becoming a militia, and a merger a State and Church etc; *the true mandate from God in regard to the Church's commission; *the extent of the space-age weaponry and surveillance equipment that the New World Order has arrayed against us all...

(In fact the information was not requested when the article was asked for by the `Idaho Observer’, they requested a view on what was happening in Australia, currently.)

I take your comments extremely seriously, it is a dangerous time we live in. Never would I just sit and allow evil people to imprison or kill my own family, if they attacked my grandchildren and I had a gun, I too would shoot! Be assured of that. However, there is so much more to this situation than just that, a simple "defend yourselves."

On our home site on Internet...there is information on just a little of the weaponry and equipment which is now in the hands of the NWO, that was lectured on at our last Seminar, in Nov. 1996, download it from the following address... http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/d_dart.htm

There has been a great conspiring together to bring the resources of a Godless world right into the hands of the international elitists. Technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, since we were children. A few virtual pop-guns of an alarmed group or two here and there can do nothing in comparison. Look at Waco, they had guns galore, yet it was as nothing. Hand guns, rifles etc, can be wiped away in an instant by a laser weapon released from a helicopter - much more sophisticated weapons can be sent at the flick of a switch! I do not doubt that the NWO power-barons care little for human life, they intend to rid the earth of 5 billion people by early in the next century, as they say the earth is over-populated. Ted Turner of the New Age New World Order, was reported to have commented that 98% of the world's population did not deserve to live.

It is time we all realised that it is sense to acknowledge the One Power who is infinitely mightier than the global occult leaders! That One is the Creator, God Almighty. He is not a pie-in-the-sky figure, He is trustworthy, and will take Divine care of those who put their trust in Him. There must come a time when we see that this world is in chaos, as never before in the history of mankind. There is now nowhere to run to, the whole globe has been taken into control, with the agreement of the national leaders on very continent. Our home site will give details of this very soon, I am just completing the transcript of a NWO explanation Video for our subscribers...attached to this email is part of that transcript, if you cannot detach it let us know and we will send it again for you as a separate file. (File wcrp2.txt)

If you are a Christian, then you can gain great comfort in the fact that Jesus Christ will one day take the government of this world upon His own shoulders, Isaiah 9:6. Until then, this world knows no real justice, it is running by the control of sinful, unrepentant men. IF the Church of Jesus Christ had been given a mandate by God to be a society-changing organisation, then that would be a different matter. But the Church of Jesus Christ has not been given this mandate by God. It has been given the command to evangelise, and draw together the "ecclesia", which is the "called out ones". The Church has never been told to be a violent, political, take-over party. The world needs the message of the Gospel, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16).

You think you can win by might of guns? Against such a mass of contrary opinion, and the power of weaponry in the hands of the global community? Terribly naive I would say.(There are not many people at all who do not believe that the United Nations is a wonderful organisation, that a One World would be a great advantage, that the gun-grabbing is a positive move, etc. There is a horrifying delusion happening).

But trust in the Lord God Almighty will bring protection beyond the wildest nightmares of the NWO, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, and HE will carry His people through, and only He can. God has a prophetic plan, which has been revealed in the Biblical Scriptures. He has shown in the books of Daniel and Revelation that a One World Government and a One World Church will be formed on the earth (see Rev.17). God has also shown that His true Church will be translated from the earth in the Rapture, and a period of seven years of Tribulation will happen on the planet. Then Christ Jesus Himself will utterly overthrow the rebellious nations of the earth, and establish His own World Order. (Too large a subject to attempt a Bible study on this here)... read World in Crisis booklet.. http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Worldcr1.htm Read Bible Study Notes Unit 2 http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/dispens1.htm and Unit 5 Bible Study notes http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Unit5_tab_con.htm

If you are not saved by trust in Jesus Christ, read our home-site for details of how to be born-again, http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/invite.htm and other prophetic information.

Regards to you, Wendy Howard. --

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