Disney using ABC to sell 
homosexual vision to nation's television viewers 
Volume 21, No.2, March, 1997

From a recent episode of the drama Relativity to a long-awaited episode of the sitcom Ellen, ABC television is leading the pack to normalize homosexual behavior. It appears that entertainment giant Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC television, will use almost every weapon under its corporate arsenal to convince America that homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle.

The January 11 episode of Relativity had the usual network sexual escapades, with a married woman initiating an adulterous relationship with a single man, and the single hero and heroine being shown in bed together. But in the latest affront to decency, ABC showed what is perhaps the most passionate lesbian encounter in network television history, complete with caressing, nuzzling and passionate, open-mouthed kissing.

That seems to have pushed the pro-homosexual atmosphere further than ever before, surpassing the previous images of lesbian contact in other famous television moments. The first lesbian kiss was in a 1991 episode of L.A. Law, involving a quick peck on the lips, viewed from behind one of the women. That seemed to be the strategy in later kisses, such as the March 1994 episode of ABC's Roseanne and an ABC television movie, Two Mothers for Zachary. Even when more passion was demonstrated, such as Glenn Close's lesbian kiss in the NBC movie, Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, the network was careful to shroud the scene in the shadows, with Close's hand partially obscuring the kiss.

But the scene in Relativity presented an in-your-face view of the encounter. Randall Murphree, editor of the AFA Journal, which monitors network television, said, "This episode was definitely a ground-breaker, both in the passion of the kiss and its close-up camera work. It appears that network executives are determined to present lesbianism as being just as normal and natural as heterosexuality."

A politically correct metaphor
The entire lesbian scene on Relativity, however, did more than simply showcase homosexual romance. It insinuated the politically correct approach to the entire subject. The lesbian, a woman named Susan who studies the effects of earthquakes on human behavior, invites her friend Rhonda to experience the effects of an earthquake through a simulator. Rhonda's fear of earthquakes becomes a metaphor for the fear she has of her own, true lesbian sexuality. Susan tells Rhonda she must come with her - alone - to the simulator "to face her fears."

As they both sit on a couch inside the simulator, the quaking begins. Rhonda begins to panic, and pleads with Susan to stop the simulation. After she does, Rhonda looks deeply into Susan's eyes and says, "I'm afraid." Susan confesses her fear as well, and then the two women kiss. Rhonda's fear of her lesbianism has been overcome. The two celebrate her triumph, and continue to caress each other.

Relativity is not the only ABC show pushing the morality envelope. The popular sitcom Ellen has been threatening to break more ground by having its lead character, played by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, openly announce her homosexuality as part of its story line. ABC Entertainment President Jamie Tarses admitted that the episode is in the works, but she added that ABC has not decided whether or not to air it.

Futhermore, another sitcom on ABC, Spin City, starring Michael J. Fox, aired an episode favorable to the idea of homosexual marriage. On the show, actor Michael Boatman plays homosexual activist Carter Heywood, an adviser to the mayor. Heywood protests the mayor's opposition to same-sex marriage by planning to marry a female co-worker during a carefully coordinated media circus.

The influence that pro-homosexual Disney has on ABC's programming cannot be overstated, especially in light of recent remarks from Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner. In Disney's 1996 annual report released in January, Eisner assured company shareholders that Disney would "make substantial contributions to the success" of ABC. According to Daily Variety, an entertainment trade publication, Eisner said that would occur from the direct promotion of Disney productions on the network, as well as his development of a successful prime-time line-up for ABC. Eisner said his strategy was "to create one new hit every season and over time build a No. 1 schedule."

AFA Vice President Tim Wildmon said, "The television industry continues to push the homosexual agenda with increasing fervency, with regular homosexual characters, same-sex marriages, and now passionate lesbian kissing scenes. And they won't stop their assault on morality until American society cries 'Uncle!' and fully accepts the homosexual lifestyle as legitimate."

Other Disney companies join in
And ABC is not the only Disney entity being used to promote homosexuality as a normal, alternative lifestyle choice. "Gay and Lesbian Day" is actively promoted and hosted at Walt Disney World. As a corporation, Disney has extended company health benefits to the same-sex domestic partners of its employees, and helped underwrite the 1993 Hollywood benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Its movie companies have promoted homosexual-themed films including Priest and Lie Down With Dogs. Chasing Amy, a movie about a man who falls in love with a lesbian, is scheduled for a March 1997 release.

Hyperion Press, a Disney-owned company, has published the autobiography of well-known transvestite entertainer RuPaul, as well as the book Growing Up Gay, aimed at the so-called homosexual children of heterosexual parents. Now Hyperion is publishing a series targeting the homosexual "jet-set."

According to the homosexual magazine New York Native, gays generally travel more and take more vacations than any other demographic group, to the tune of $17 billion a year. And Hyperion aims to make gay travel even easier, creating a series entitled Out & About Gay Travel Guides. The first one, entitled USA Resorts & Warm Weather Vacations, had a scheduled January 9 release date. A gay guide to North American cities is expected to be on the market in June. Authors David Alport and Billy Kolber-Stuart have already produced an Out & About newsletter, which informs readers of the "sexual temperature" of certain gay destinations. According to USA Today, for example, the description of one Palm Springs gay resort reads: "Casual, clean and small, with as frisky a daytime atmosphere as one could find in a legitimate establishment...nudity is encouraged and practiced by the management. Sexual temperature: very high."

Wildmon concluded, "Disney seems perfectly willing to be in the vanguard of the assault on moral values."
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