Billy Graham's 33rd Degree Masonic File

Robert Morey, while doing research on Freemasonry at the House Of The Temple, asked the librarian if they had Billy Graham's Masonic membership file. She replied that they did have such a file on hand. On page 23 of Morey's book entitled "The Truth About Masons" he refers to Billy Graham when he states " Or that one of the most well-known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a thirty-third degree Mason? "
Also of interest is Morey's mention of Jesse Helms being a 33 Degree Freemason as Helms was present at Billy's Masonic award in Washington, D.C.

Beware of Robert Morey also. Below when he states that it is absurd to label Masonry as a Luciferic organization he covers up for the Masonic Lodge. The Masons usually quote favouribly from Morey's work to show people that Lucifer is not worshipped in the high degrees of Freemasonry. I would like Morey to read Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer/Satan which is a collection of the most esteemed and highest ranking Mason's praises for Satan. My best source believes he is a 'Closet Mason'. His book while it attacks some aspects of the Craft (Witchcraft) defends others and contains many lies.

Morey gives his thanks to the Librarian of the Masonic Headquarters. Strange that the Lodge helped a supposed 'Anti- Mason' Morey do his research at their own 'sacred' Temple. One of my informants got kicked out of a Masonic Temple when he tried to take a photo!

This page is not finished yet. I am going to add a letter from Robert Morey stating that he had a chance to examine Billy Graham's Masonic file soon.

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