BILLY GRAHAM WORSHIPS THE GODDESS- Graham approves of the he-she Father-Mother Living Bible. He blasts evangelism to Jews, commends Jean Dixon, and exalts the Pope.


The letter below threatening us with litigation was received from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  We want you to know why we dropped this page.  I assure you this is not the end of this matter.  This information may very well pop up all over the world as saints choose to continue this exposure of Billy Graham.  Anyone wishing to learn if the following report is true, please call the phone number on the letterhead at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Thus, the threatening letter unedited:

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

1300 Harmon Place. Minneapolis, MN 55403-1988

Phone:  Direct Dial, (612) 335-1260 · Fax: (612) 338-1513

Stephen G. Scholle General Counsel

February 25, 1997

Mr. Steve Van Nattan

P.O. Box 4728

Huachuca City, Arizona 85616

Re: "Famous Masons"   Our File No. AD 96-23

Dear Mr. Van Nattan:

Enclosed is information pertaining to Mr. Graham which we obtained today from your Web Site on the Internet.

Please be advised that Mr. Graham is not nor has ever been a member of the Masons. We must insist, therefore, that you immediately cease and desist from associating his name with the Masons. This includes deleting his name from the "List of Famous Freemasons' and severing your link to our Web Site, "Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove."

Failure to do so will not only be perpetuating a lie, but may also subject you to damages should a defamation action be brought against you and your staff. Enclosed, for your information, is an updated list of Famous Masons which omits Mr. Graham inasmuch as the Masons themselves realized that their original information was incorrect.

Will you please contact me as soon as the foregoing items have been completed? We wish to resolve this misunderstanding amicably, if possible. Thank you very much for your anticipated cooperation and assistance herein.


Stephen G. Scholle General Counsel

SGS :je


cc: Mr. Daniel Van Nattan

Note from Steve Van Nattan, Editor of Balaam's Ass Speaks: The carbon copy was sent to the editor's father who has nothing to do with Balaam's Ass Speaks.  We do wonder what the reason was for that move.  This harassment of family members is often considered grounds for litigation in the world, but, since Dr. Graham claims to hide behind the Cross of Christ, we will not retaliate.

We put the above mentioned list, from a Freemason source, on this page when we first reported that Billy Graham was a Freemason. Since then, that Freemason page has laundered out Billy Graham's name.  Then we got this threatening letter.  Verrrrrrry interesting, eh?

You may see the revised list at:  no longer available from this link....

Our readers may want to look in on this page.  The truth will out!

Open letter to Billy Graham's hit man Stephen Scholle:

I suggest you tell Dr. Graham that when he sues me he will get nothing but publicity.  We are getting more than 300 hits a day at our Web site world wide.  Press releases may also be sent out.  Count the cost.  I am worth absolutely nothing, and that is what Dr. Graham will get in "damages."  What Balaam's Ass Speaks gets from your continued attack could be the best thing that happened to us.  That was not our original intention, but God may have already taken this out of your hands and our hands.

Also, this is the only letter you will get.  Your request to receive private communication is honored only here.  I cannot remove the links at the search engines, so the INTERNET surfer will reach this page from now on.  If you continue to threaten me with litigation, I shall have to consider replacing this page, in its present format, with the original page on Billy Graham, with graphic evidences of Graham's correspondence with Jean Dixon, etc.

If you back off at once, I shall remove this page after 30 days.  About 30 days after that, the search engines will drop the page since it will then be blank, and Dr. Graham can rest assured that we will not "tell on him" any more.  The changes have been made at our Freemason list page from the Famous Freemasons page.

I trust you are satisfied with the exposure this matter has already gotten you.  It might be good to ponder where this story could go next.  There are also ways in which Web pages can be hidden so that you will never find the server.  We do not do this, but who knows what some highly motivated soul on the Web might do?

I am certain that a restrained and prudent response by Dr. Graham could well bring this to a satisfactory conclusion.


Conclusion:  Balaam's Ass Speaks must have hit the target to get a litigation threat like this.  Or, we must be getting rather good exposure on the Web.

We note that Billy Graham has no use for the local church in regard to resolving matters between saints.  Thus, we conclude that Billy Graham has no use for the Lord Jesus' instructions in Matthew 18:15-17.  Dr. Graham has bypassed that text and is preparing to go to Caesar'a courts in litigation.  We count it a supreme honor to receive this attack.  Further attacks will have to be based upon new allegations since we have technically complied with the content of the threat.

Should Dr. Graham have me "iced" by Freemasons, or should I end up in prison (I have not funds to pay him "damages" or even run to his favorite courthouse), I shall be pleased to suffer this for the Name of Christ.  Readers are encouraged to copy this page and post it on the Web before this page, or I, disappear.