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3rd. September, 1996

Despatch "The Gun Issue"

Here in Australia New gun laws from the Federal government have made the retaining of Semi-Automatic & Automatic type weapons illegal. This was a kick started by the massacre in Tasmania, where approx. 36 people were gunned down by a `madman' at or near the Port Arthur tourist cafe. Hysteria was stirred up across Austalia and many citizens joined in the cry to take personally owned guns away. Street marches for and against resulted, with suggestions that guns could be crimped where possible, not removed from our citizens...Prime Minister Howard vetoed this, and put tremendous pressure on the States to all agree to ban guns by legislation. This was achieved.

Victoria was the first to hand over the guns; a 12 months amnesty is being allowed; the government is offering a buy back system which of course does not adequately recompense the gun owners...there has been a huge bonfire of collected guns since all this began.

During all this two federal parliamentarians Downer and Fisher, went to the USA to confer with Warren Christopher this a co-incidence?

USA marines have been in Australia since the 31st. of July 1995. As far as we can ascertain, 7,000 odd are stationed here with supposedly 30,000 coming and going for supposed training exercises. We know of these troops in Ipswich, Queensland, as far south as Victoria, and as far north as Townsville. There has been no information in newspapers, Television or by word of mouth re the USA rumour of these troops using any standover tactics out here. But of course it is convenient that they are here in case we do object to Gun removal eh!

Before the States capitulated to Howard's demand for legislation re the Guns; the Gun Lobby people became so irate in demonstrations that the Television showed pictures of John Howard wearing what could be nothing other than a bullet proof vest under his suit. He copped quite a bit of flack over it!

Many people want the guns taken away, but it appears to us that many, many more are objecting, even with threats of anarchy and violence...stirred on by the `rambos'. They are saying our `inherited' Bill of Rights from England gives us, (mainly those in Queensland are saying this) the right to bear arms etc. But the Politicians are maintaining that our Constitution over-rides the English Bill of Rights, which was brought in round Magna Carta time.

The riots out here in Australia have been occurring concurrently with the above gun lobby, but about the supposed Budget blow out of 8 billion dollars inherited from the Labour Government of Paul Keating, and John Howard's [Liberal ] apparently drastic cut-back program to spending, prior to his announcement of his new budget. The new budget has quieted things down a little.

The unions have caused violent riots at Parliament house in Queensland over ensuing loss of jobs for, State school cleaners and the State University's Austudy cut backs. But Federally, they have rioted over loss of jobs for public servants, health workers changes to the unemployed benefits etc

The Aboriginals also have rioted at both Parliament Houses in Canberra [the old and the new] over large cut-backs in Federal Assistance and the Mabo legislation infringements etc....injuries resulting in blood being spilt on the parliamentary floor...unheard of, such madness in Australia.

Wendy Beuster...Publications Dept. for W.b. Howard.

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W.B. Howard...Director & Editor of Despatch Magazine Endtime Ministries/Christian Resource Center [pub.Q'rtly.Despatch mag.], which exposes the Infiltration of the N.A.N.W.O. in our Churches and Society in General. ============================================================= Visit our Aussie site: ============================================================= Jesus said: " I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the father but by me." Jn.14:6

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30th October, 1996.
Dear Friends,

This is further to our earlier updates re the Aussie Gun Debate... If you have not received the earlier postings and are interested let us know and as we have time we will try to send them off.

This is the latest news from Q'ld. as it was the last state to ratify the gun confiscation. We view a news item within the last couple of days on TV re all the destructive methods that were being employed to get rid of the guns handed over...burn, cut, meltdown, squash etc. Apart from the following there has not been much else on TV or in the newspapers. Shooters etc were shown burying their guns in polypipe. There has been no more confirmation of US troops, except their presence here for supposed gala events.

from W. B. Howard

Article in Courier Mail 30th October, 1996.

MPs Pass Gun Laws, Buy-Back To Come by Heath Kelly.

Queensland's massive weapon buy-back scheme will begin in December after the controversial gun laws passed through Parliament yesterday (29th October, 1996).

The laws are part of uniform legislation prompted by Prime Minister John Howard after the May Port Arthur tragedy in which 35 people were killed.

The Weapons Amendments Bill passed through Parliament more than three months after it was first introduced by Police Minister Russell Cooper.

It follows the introduction of similar laws in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

Under the tough laws, shooters who refuse to surrender illegal weapons through the buy-back scheme could be jailed for up to two years or fined up to $7,500.

Every gun in the state will have to be registered and every gun owner is required to get a new five-year licence before September 30 next year.

To get a licence, a "genuine reason" will have to be given for owning a gun. Personal protection is not regarded as a sufficient reason.

Acceptable reasons for obtaining a licence are sports, target or recreational shooting, occupational or business requirements or being a gun collector.

The passing of the laws represent a significant achievement for Police Minister Russell Cooper, who was forced to oversee the drafting of the laws despite widespread criticism within the National Party and its rural heartland.

Mr. Cooper said last night: "I am satisfied the new laws are as workable and practical as they can be, and will accommodate the interests of a wide cross-section of gun owners."

In Parliament, Mr. Cooper said the laws would be much harsher if the issue had been put to a referendum.

He said dragging agreement out of Canberra on the workability and practicality of the laws had been a long and drawn-out process.

Independent Gladstone MLA Liz Cunningham was the only member to oppose the Bill and sat by herself in the 89-member Parliament when a division was caled.

During the debate, Mrs. Cunningham called the Bill "fundamentally wrong" affecting the "honest" gun owners of the state.

"The Government has the responsibility to bring in practical, workable, sensible and just legislation ... and this legislation unfortunately fulfils none of this criteria," she said.

The states have already been guaranteed $18.25 million by the Federal Government to set up the buy-back scheme.

A Medicare levy is expected to raise $500 million to aid the scheme throughout Australia.

The gun laws, which gained bi-partisan support were widely criticised on both sides of the House.

Speaker, Neil Turner yesterday took the unusual step of speaking during the debate despite protests from the opposition, who claimed it compromised his impartiality.

Mr. Turner, the member for Nicklin, said the legislation was the most divisive to come before the House since he took office in 1974.

He said the new laws would lead to a "crime wave" because the trade in guns would be forced underground.

"We can re-call guns until we are blue in the face and no criminal will ever hand in their weapon." Mr. Turner said.

Rob Schwarten (ALP Rockhampton) said the Prime Minister had used the gun laws as a "smokescreen" for his hidden agenda. =====================================================================
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W.B. Howard...Director & Editor of Despatch Magazine Endtime Ministries/Christian Resource Center [pub.Q'rtly.Despatch mag.], which exposes the Infiltration of the N.A.N.W.O. in our Churches and Society in General. =============================================================
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Jesus said: " I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the father but by me." Jn.14:6

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