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September 13th 1996.

Dear Fellow Believers,
This is only being sent out because it is almost the exact transcript read out on Talkback Radio this morning or last night your time. Some things remain the same and some new.
Things are very quiet out here in fact some people in Q'ld. think that the Gun laws have been quashed.

...Friday, 9am-930 am Sept. 13th. 1996 (Thursday, 7-7.30pm. Sept. 12th. USA time)

September 13th 1996.

John Howard, the Prime Minister, Liberal, said on TV, "The Today Show", that all semi-automatic weapons would be totally outlawed, even 22 calibre rifles.

"The Australian" newspaper said there would be a 6 month only amnesty, with a new tax levy to fund the buy back of guns. Heavy fines and even jail terms would be given to any person who failed to hand in their weapons. Howard wants a mandatory sentence for possessing a weapon. You will not have to commit a crime to go to jail, just keep a weapon. Said the Australian: "if you think shot guns are not next, then all bolt action 22's - you delude yourself."

In Queensland, the vice president of the Firearm Owners' Association, said that legally, at present, anyone can own a semi-automatic in Queensland.

The Commonwealth Government has passed the legislation banning guns, all other states except Queensland have ratified it... though this will be ratified soon in this current parliamentary session.

Our State government remarks about a special squad being sent out to investigate homes re. gun ownership.

Firearm Owners' Assoc. commented...laws will make gun ownership only allowed if a reason can be proved for owning a gun, or a NEED.

For example, a farm which is troubled with foxes attacking sheep.

Pistols clubs have been declared a legitmate need, BUT the pistol clubs are being closed in Queensland, hence there IS then, NO need! 14 clubs are to be closed here soon.

Australia-wide the cities will be made virtually gun-free, because there is no "reason" or "need" recognised for owning guns there. Smaller arms in the cities will be taken without compensation, because they didn't have to registered in the first place.

Firearms Owners' Association commented that Henry Kissinger was in our country two weeks before the gun debate began in earnest.

Re Martin Bryant, the young man who shot 36 men, women and children in Port Arthur, Tasmania this year. This conveniently began the impassioned demand that guns be surrendered, and set the citizens here ablaze with indignation against gun owners.

This Martin Bryant had been to America 7 times prior to committing the holocaust at Port Arthur. This was revealed on the TV program "Four Corners". Was he programmed while there in some way? - horrible thought. "Four Corners" stated Bryant went to Disney Land, we wonder. John Coleman, the NWO Investigator of the USA believes the McDonald Restaurant Massacre in the USA was by a man said to have been counselled and or programed to a single command from the TV.

Banning of "The importation of all firearms, except those listed below - pistols, rifles, shotguns, tear gas launchers and specialist equipment that are to be used by DEFENCE and LAW enforcement...." This would mean total disarmament for civilians forever!

This interesting piece of news appeared in South East Christian Witness Newsletter: " is almost impossible at present to purchase large diameter irrigation style poly pipe in the South East. Virtually every stockist of this, and similiar type pipe, has sold out. It does not take a college education to realise where it has gone. It is underground! But I would hazard a guess the pipes are not filled with water!" (End of quote).

Gun people have been showing owners how to prepare weapons for the poly pipe, sealing the ends, ready for burial.

Satellites apparently, however, can reveal things up to 10 metres UNDER the ground! What hope?

Guns are being handed in with all states, it appears at this stage, paying compensation to gun owners, except South Australia. TV recently showed a huge bonfire of weapons in Victoria!

Owners who still retain their guns will face fines of up to $20,000, or a four year jail term. Victoria, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia have registration which requires all newly banned weapons to be registered.

The first three states will offer compensation to those who own unregistered guns, they will not be prosecuted for handing in those guns, if they have not been used in a crime or have not been stolen.

"Herald-Sun", August 11, 1996, said that the Victorian Government will have vans which will be used as mobile units to collect surrendered guns. The vans will have power saws to cut the weapons up, and vices to crush them! The owners will get a government cheque on the spot for the guns.

It is reported that 30,000 US troops are in Perth, coming and going to Australia for supposed training exercises. 7,000 are also in other parts of Australia. People have reported them as being in Victoria, Queensland - as far north as Townsville.

"The top-secret spy satellite base at Pine Gap will be upgraded as part of proposals to strengthen the US-Australia alliance.

For the first time, the US will be sending what one diplomat described as a trifecta of top officials for a meeting of Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Defence Secretary William Perry and Joint chiefs of Staff chairman General John Shalikashvilli." quoted SECW, August, 1996.

The disarming of the population is occurring here in conjunction with the abovd based US peacekeeping troops, who could be used if unrest, and law and order breaks down. It appears to us that there may be things about to go on which we will not like, and so we are having our weapons removed so that we can be made to submit.

In Brisbane, September 6th 1996, Dr. Norman Myers, the Global Environmentalist spoke in the Town Hall. He said he was on his way to speak to the Federal Government re. the population explosion, and the need to protect the environment.

Myers advocates: * the issuing of licences to have children, * being part of the plan to reduce the population of the globe from 6 billion to 2 billion! * all the lights of global cities turned off after 3am, to save fuel etc.

Myers: * composed the 1990, Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds, * he is an advisor to the World Bank, * advisor to the world Resources Institute and various UN agencies.

When I spoke to him about the Gorbachev Foundation's "State of the World Forum" discussions referring to the population of the globe being reduced to 90%, leaving only 10%, Myers commented: "Yes, it could come to that, although it MAY be a LITTLE extreme." (George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Gorbechev and other top level names were at the State of the World Forum.)

This July the General Conference of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) was held in Brisbane, called, wait for it, "Creating Nonviolent Futures". Conflict Resolution and Disarmament were the main agenda.

The Director-General of UNESCO, was one of the dignitaries here, Dr Federico Mayor. Also a speaker was Rigo-berta Men-chu Tum, Nobel PEACE Laur-eate, 1992, who was also at the above "State of the World Forum". Is this all a coincidence, are we getting a bit paranoid? I leave it to yourselves to ponder.

A heart-felt statement I will end on. We believe, as Christians, that the Lord God Almighty is our shield and defender, He is All Powerful, the Creator of the great sun in the sky, and the nucleus of the atom, the awesome might of the lightning is in His control.

He will protect all who will turn to Him in repentance, and accept Christ Jesus as Saviour. The arm of flesh is not enough in this battle, weapons will not be our safety, GOD ALMIGHTY is!! The ones who should be afraid are the global rebels against the Omnipotent God, not ourselves. God has said: "Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee wherever thou goest."

This is not just an earthly battle it is a cosmic battle, a spiritual fight against the Antichrist system as it emerges in power - the New Age New World Order: "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

Thankyou all for listening from W. B. Howard, editor of Despatch Magazine, Endtime Ministries Queensland Australia.

NOTE...When Despatch Magazine Vol. 8:3
included the above in the magazine the following was added.

The American Christians have been phoning us continually prior to and after the broadcast, they are with us in prayer, for our Gun situation here, as well as their own desperate one over there, their constitution is about to go...other sources say in fact it has gone but they are not yet aware of it. We have found out through contact with them: * It is believed that guillotines are still being brought into the USA;

The most astounding thing we have discovered throughout these last few days is the lack of knowledge of Bible prophecy by the many of the saints. They love the Lord, and trust him but do not seem to know His endtime scenario, which always give us hope of safety and victory.

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