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Have the gun owners just given up since the new legislation about gun ownership in Australia? NO! This report from Ian McNiven has just been given to Despatch magazine. McNiven is the Australian Vice President of the Gun Owners Association of Australia.

Legislation to seize guns has been passed in all States of Australia now. There have developed two main ways of resistance to the gun laws:

1. Non-compliance with the legislation, this says McNiven is massive!
2. Political Organization for the next election going ahead strongly.

Figures at the date of August 25th, 1997: 506,399 guns have been collected. In perspective, there are 10 million guns in Australia. 15% of the guns collected are from gun dealers, not individual gun-owners. The guns collected included ALL varieties, such as pump-action shotguns. There has been wide-spread non-confiscation, non-surrender resistance.

There have been imported into Australia since the gun-grabbing commenced, approximately 1 million Chinese semi-automatics (the type being confiscated), these have been sold out into the community.

In Queensland 80,000 guns have been collected, but there are approx. 3 million guns here, so that is a small figure.

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (like NRA in the USA) reports many city gun-owners are joining them, as a reason to hold arms legitimately, hundreds of thousands of city people joining! The membership could rise to a quarter of a million in the next months. Which will bring in an income of 10 million dollars. This will make it the largest single political organization in the history of Australia.

ALL political parties together in Australia have only 150,000 members all up.


Ian McNiven said, "A political juggernaut could be forming in Australia, this is the direct result of grabbing guns. It is forcing people to organize. This juggernaut has the potential to sweep the gun-grabbers from our parliament."

There is a media black-out on these events here, it appears as though the new gun legislation is going along without any hitches, as far as the media presents developments. This seems to be far from the truth however.


Please do not write back to us challenging us re this info,
we do not have any more info than what is covered here...
we put this out simply to help others to be clear about what is happening here in Australia.

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W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch

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