Port Arthur Massacre


 Port Arthur is remote town in Tasmania, Australia




Tasmania is an island off the tip of southern Australia

Total population is 480,0000







Martin Bryant killed 35 people on April 28,1996







The killing spree covered three areas in Port Arthur








Hobart is the capital and that's where Bryant lives.

Hobart is 180,000,  Launcestown is 90,000. The remaining towns are 10,000 and under.







Port Arthur

In the 1800's Port Arthur was a remote prison town where England sent it's worst convicts.

Today this remote village of 2,000 is a premier tourist attraction and gets 20,000 tourists a year. The town has two small hotels and a couple of restaurants - no stoplights and one policeman.






The way the massacre allegedly happened

April 28 1996 


Martin Bryant leaves Hobart at and drives the  90 miles to Port Arthur



Bryant stops at this cottage outside Port Arthur, and kills two people


Bryant enter Broad Arrow cafe and eats lunch on the porch. After he finishes he goes back in with an AR-15 and kills 22 and wounds12 more in five minutes.




Exits the cafe to the parking lot where he shoots 5 more.


Bryant drives to Park entrance where he shoots 3 more (mother and her two children.)



Bryant goes to the park entrance, carjacks a BMW, and kills the three occupants.


Bryant stops at a petrol station, shoots a woman, and kidnaps the man.



Bryan takes a hostage and drives back  to the cottage

He  shoots at cars on the highway injuring more people

He then takes his hostage inside Seascape and sets fire to the BMW.



Two local constables return and surround cottage.



Special Operations Group Arrives

The Tasmanian special police arrive.
Police surrounded the guesthouse within an hour, and an 18-hour standoff ensued involving two shooters.

Martin Bryant came out of the building saying not to shoot that he was the hostage.






The oddities



A 1/2  hr. before the incident, the area's two policemen receive an anonymous call on a drug stash, and drive 25 miles to Saltwater River.

Police initially reported that there were two gunmen at Seascape.

The massacre and the shooter had a military appearance. The shooter did 20 head shots in a short time, shooting from the hip - he reloaded his second clip with one round left.

The gun was a rare Israeli commando model, CAR 15.

Witnesses couldn't identify the shooter.

Jim Laycock was co-owner of the Port Arthur Motel knew Bryant for 15 yrs, and said it wasn't him. The gun was destroyed in a Mossad technique.


Reporters Conference

There were 700 reporters at a convention in Hobart, and 80 came to Port Arthur the next day.


There was no motive.

People with intellectual disabilities are not known for their tactical skills.  Moving from one task to the next in an unbroken sequence takes precision.

Only a professional would wait until the coast was clear before leaving the Cafe. Fired from hip -20 head shots - reloaded on 29 (keeps one in chamber ) - shoots and waits few minutes for crowd to disperse.


Where did he get the guns

One month earlier he went to Terry Smith's gun shop with a similar gun. He had a phony gun license and no knowledge of even cocking or loading a gun. Smith refused to sell to him.




The gun, tactics and precision were that of a military team.

When asked about the crime scene a Australian commando commented : .. "Only Jews kill like that"


Why abandon his Volvo and take the BMW with a hostage ?




Wendy Scurr

A nurse at Port Arthur, that called the police 3 minutes after the shooting started.

She states the police are distorting the timelines, and changing facts. Evidence was planted and questions went unanswered.



Andrew MacGregor

A retired policeman, author, and speaker, who spent years investigating the massacre, feels it was a calculated preplanned operation.

MacGregor's CDROM

The final shootout occurs at the Seascape cottage, and he says there were two shooters, the second possibly being a Bryant's controller.


Stewart Beattie

A retired Australian gunsmith, who is a prolific writer, and investigator, on the Port Arthur Massacre. He anonymously received the official video tape of the scene. His detailed timeline.

His exposee on Joe Vialls may have exposed him as Ben-Menashe.






Howard and his Jews wanted gun laws



John Howard

Howard is a liberal that panders to Australia's 140,000 Jews. Rupert Murdoch, who controls the newspapers, put him in power.

Jews have always wanted an gun ban - Howard rushed  the most draconian one in history through in 2 weeks.

The legislation banned 80% of all firearms, set up a national registration and confiscated present guns. 







The Australian Gun Lobby

Rebecca Peters, a 42 yr old lawyer heads up the 'National Coalition for Gun Control', based in Sydney.  Like Joe Vialls, she is another 'Johnny on the Spot' . Bankrolled by Jewish financier George Soros, and now is in Argentina.

NCGC even has Hobart Branch

NCGC has a branch in Hobart, Tasmania, headed up there by lawyer Roland Browne. His group was meeting the afternoon of the Port Arthur massacre, and showed at the Hobart Police briefing within the hour.


George Soros







Bryant's history

Bryant was a 29 yr old with an IQ of 60.  At his house they found 200 teddy bears.

His father died when he was a young boy and he lived with a Helen Harvey - a  rich, middle-aged eccentric heiress and when she dies he gets house and $ 500,000








Court Psychiatrist

Dr Mullen stated:   " Bryant didn't fit the profile. He had a stable childhood. mass murderers are troubled, financially insecure, aggressive and alcohol or drug abusers.

The exception is Columbine, which involved two Jewish kids and the ADL "








Dr Foreman - Author

They fit in three categories  - family annihilators, the paramilitary enthusiasts, and the disgruntled workers.

Most shoot themselves and no one surrendered like Bryant.









What really happened ?

Jews want a gun law passed so they stage an horrific massacre.

Martin Bryant was befriended by two Mideast types in the month before. That day they took two cars to Port Arthur. One  drives Bryant's Volvo to the cafe and slaughters the 35 moving his way back to  the cottage. There they killed the elderly couple and give Bryant a drug mixture (psychotropic drug cocktails) containing amphetamines and  benzodiazepine (Used by Mossad on Arab suicide bombers.)

 Bryant was told to 'Stay and protect' and they left.

A pair were seen escaping over drawbridge.








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