Masonic Award And Praises For Billy Graham

On Thursday 2nd of May 1996 Billy Graham and his wife Ruth received the Congressional Gold Medal - the highest honor which Congress can bestow upon a citizen - in the Rotunda of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.
To most people this is just another award that the Graham's are deserving of, but upon research of the characters in the photographs shown below reveal that all the people in the front row that get their names mentioned below the photo are all powerful 33rd Degree Freemasons. ( named below photo are House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Vice President Al Gore, Senator Storm Thurmond, Bob Dole, Senator Jesse Helms and Franklin Graham, all of them are 33rd Degree Freemasons )

Below : Graham receives medal from 33° Freemason Newt Gingrich and 33° Freemason Storm Thurmond

Below are quotes from 33rd Degree Freemasons praising Billy Graham
House speaker Newt Gingrich, host for the event, called Mr Graham, "one of the great civic leaders of the 20th Century", who together with his wife have "given up their lifes as a model for serving humanity, and stand as role models for generations to come. By receiving this medal, you join about as exalted a group of citizens as we have in this country, and you frankly honor us by being here to receive it."

In his remarks, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole said, "When the idea of awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to Dr Graham was first raised, it received something rare in this building - unamimous approval. So too, did the idea of honouring Ruth Graham, Billy's remarkable partner of 53 years and a distinguished communicator of God's power and peace in her own right. There has never been a time when Mr Graham's voice and his message are more revelant," Senator Dole continued. "Billy, I can't even remember disagreeing with you, but I know I speak for millions around the world in saying that no-one will wver preach the Word of God better then you, and no-one will preach it with a better partner at his side than Ruth."

This page is not finished yet. Also Billy Graham has received more Masonic awards which I have obtained some photographs of and will add them to my pages soon. I will later add more to this page to show more high ranking Masons praising Billy. Please be patient and in time you will see the true Billy Graham which the media and church have tried to mask for so long. Evidence that all the men mentioned above are Masons will also be added shortly! :)

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