What is Endtime Deception all about???

This site deals with the international conspiracy to unify the world's religions, governments and money system into one. This global system will be controlled at the top by the elite powermongers which consist of the international bankers , occult leaders, religious leaders and political leaders who are already in power. This occult masterplan which has been planned for centuries is most well known under the name "New World Order".

Their wicked plan will effect every individual on Earth as they plan to enslave humanity under their firm grip. To most these statements will sound ludicrous but I challenge you to read through the material I have put together and make an intelligent decision as to what you yourself will do in the not too distant future.

One of the most powerful factors in this plan include the fact that most of these eliteists are high level Freemasons, most commonly 33rd Degree Masons. Many of these Masons have been groomed to infiltrate and control the world's political, religious and economic institutions in order to establish the "New World Order". As I will document in this site you will see that this 'Mandate to Infiltrate' has been totally sucessful. Before I go on I will make a short list of Masons to prove my point : -

Political Leaders

Religious Leaders

Economic Leaders

Leaders and Founders of Satanic Cults

This is only a small listing but I hope it will present to you a picture of the Masonic Control of our world. They are in every sector of society today. What I want to clarify is that many Masons do not know about this conspiracy. It is being plotted and run by the elite people in the lodge and many Masons are totally unaware of this. If you are a Mason then please read my article "Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer/Satan" (under construction). Please visit this site often as it will be updated reguarly.

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