Statement that went out with audios from Despatch Magazine February 1999

The tape by Gary North [which we have access to] is excellent on the technical side of the millennium bug, but we do not accept the evaluation by Gary re what our reactions should be. Christians must at all times trust the Living God, who has made great and glorious promises to care for His Blood-bought children, come what  may.

It seems to ourselves that the tapes should stress these matters more, since Gary is a Christian himself .

We have also access to audios by Kerry Schuster, which are very Christian orientated, explaining the "How To" of storing food, just as one would for an earthquake, flood,  hurricane/cyclone emergency etc.

Hoarding of food seems to be a denial of God's provision, but simple prudence is not. If things really get bad in a Y2K crisis scene, keeping food and water for yourself while you chase away the starving and those dying of thirst with guns hardly seems a Christian way of responding! A supply of say a months provisions kept in a spare room, cupboard or shed could be a matter of prudence, rather like the ants in Proverbs 6:6 and Proverbs 30:25. This could give a backup in an emergency, without going into a doom and gloom panic. In any crisis share the Gospel with others, assist them as best you can, be a helper not a hoarder - God will care for His children who are saved! We have put ourselves into His hands through Christ Jesus. Remember Matthew 6: 25-34,  read that carefully.

It does not seem at all fitting that Christians should rush to banks and withdraw money.
Keep small amounts of funds in your home in readiness as we progress through this year (Y2K may affect us as early as July/June 1999), a hundred dollars in coins would be a good plan, put safely away. To give an emergency fund. We must not contribute to panic by caring so much for our money that we trust it instead of the Lord! A run on the banks would be a sheer disaster. Even if we had no money at all, GOD would take care of us. We may need a period to adjust if Y2K creates havoc, be like the ant and do not let your house supplies or emergency currency run down during the next months up to AD 2000, January 1st.

Any simple way of having an independent water supply (tank or spear pump) may be a good emergency plan. Do not go to extremes though, just get something which does not cost the earth. To run off to live at the bush in a panic does not seem at all to be trusting God, however. Preparation for Y2K should be mainly spiritual, getting close to God in prayer and being obedient now. Sharing the Gospel in the days ahead with the unsaved would be the best way of all to prepare.

It appears quite certainly that either a brownout or a blackout of power (and the resultant chaos in other systems) will occur on 1st January 2000. If this does not happen, then we have been truly shown the mercy of God! Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst is a good plan.

Gary North has a Website which we keep monitoring. There is currently a slight hope that backdating computers by 11 years may give a solution to the current dilemma.
There is a statement on Gary North's home page saying Australia's Electricity situatuin  is not so computerized as the USA and probably will not experience the extreems.
Keep your eyes on the Lord, this crisis may yet be averted.

  If we are not Raptured in the next months, and the Y2K crisis is severe, that does not signal horror and doom for the Christian believers! In fact it may lead us into the most thrilling experiences of our entire lives. Remember the Israelites in the wilderness. They left Egypt, and just walked away with the Lord God Almighty leading them. He fed them from the skies with manna and quails, and gave them water miraculously. (Book of Exodus) In other parts of the Bible we could consider the widow with the cruse of oil and the barrel of meal, who fed Elijah at Zarephath, and the miracle at Cherith where ravens fed Elijah (I Kings 17); and the miracle of the loaves and fishes (Matthew 14). Next year we could see great miracles of provision which will thrill us as nothing ever has before. Let us not be as many of the Israelites were in the desert, faithless and fearful. This is the time for faith and trust in our wonder working Lord. It does appear  a possibility that the Rapture is very near.

The Lord is our Shepherd, so fear not little flock!
    Editor of Despatch........W. B. Howard

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