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Subject: [millennium3]
Darren discovers that y2k crash may have been preplanned before 1984:

Dear Citizens:
Darren of  has come across some published information that shows that even prior to 1984 (the year of “Big Brother is Watching You” by George Orwell - in his book:  “1984”) that the feds and the computer industry already knew about the y2k fiasco and by design, deceit, or dumbness failed to act upon it.  Thanks Darren for your timely info.  We all knew that something this big just could not “have happened” naturally.

Subj: Smoking gun on Y2K? (Darren)
 I’ve had info-training conversations with folks over what is a short period of time for public warning on Y2K over the last year.  Many feel that this Y2K thing is purely by oversight and that the folks that could/would use it to gain their agendas (TLC, CFR, NWO) did not reckon this many years ago. Angie Carlson and I have had some interesting conversation where we     pondered the question “just how did all this Y2K come about?”   I believe Angie and I share the belief that something of this magnitude cannot be by accident but perhaps design. My cursory research (got too much going on in life to spend too much energy on Y2K) was trying to seek answers to what I believe are some very clumsy assertions by the Y2K and computer industry experts.

My question was since most of the software code that will produce date calculation errors was written in COBOL, my research was focused on who was teaching the protocols for COBOL programming.  I believe in the TOP-DOWN method of learning so I was focused on the university professors and where did they get their information from.  Most of my answers seemed to suggest that the 6 digit date codes leaving out the full 4 digits of the year was because of efficiency purposes.  But I am always digging and was not satisfied with this theory.

I could not understand how so many VERY BRIGHT and LOGICAL minded design analysts and programmers could overlook the very LOGICAL REALITY that year 2000 would come whether they liked it or not.  Overlooking a future date just does not make sense for these ultra-IQ qualified programmers. How could they succumb to such stupidity? If the following information was already known by you, then obviously you have done more R & D on this Y2K issue than I.

I was in a used bookstore today  taking old books back for something more interesting.  The owner of the bookstore said “Darren, knowing you like I do, I bet you’ll find something really interesting here.” The owner had a book on hold for someone else but here goes the amazing discovery I made today ... the  book was  titled “COMPUTERS IN CRISIS-HOW TO AVERT THE COMING COMPUTER SYSTEMS COLLAPSE”  (ISBN# 089433-223-6).

Are you hanging on to your chair, desk, computer mouse or Y2K     generator? This book was written in 1984!  This book was published by Petrocelli Books of New York and Princeton. The book was written by Jerome T. Murray and Marilyn J. Murray.  Mr. Murray was Director of Computer Management for Rose Packaging at the time the book was written but prior to that, worked for IBM in their government and education divisions.  Prior to that he worked for Honeywell.  Mr. Murray was a alumnus of Chicago State  University.

If these experts  knew in 1984 about this coming problem, why is it the general populace is just NOW coming up to speed on the Y2K problem? Now I ask that you really hang on to your chair because the answer I’ve been seeking for a year popped right out at me as written on the cover of the jacket of this book:

“Warning, logical and maintenance flaws have been discovered in the design of worldwide programming code and databases.  These flaws will result in the collapse of the world’s computer systems on or before 2000 AD.

How did it all begin?
On November 1, 1968, the National Bureau of  Standards issued a     Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB#4) where it specified the use of 6 digit dates for all information exchange  between Federal agencies.”  [end of jacket quote]

My question is did this directive also recommend or require that any    contractor doing business with any Federal agency also conform to a 6 digit date code?
 This all reminds me of the ISO 9000 dictates that many businesses are being forced to subscribe to in     order to do business with GLOBAL government agencies.  To do business, you must meet very rigid standards that are said to be for QUALITY ASSURANCE.
 This book is now out of print and probably not available, although Amazon Books does state they can try to order.  The book did not really provide too much useful data to non-programmers and I’d recommend TIME BOMB 2000 over this. The   answer I’ve been seeking has been found.  I’ll continue my open mind but certainly believe this information to be significant considering how Y2K fits into my rant that  “a multitude of emerging events will culminate into one heck of a grim situation.”

Have you heard  the audio tapes on the Y2K disaster, from GARY NORTH of the USA?
The tapes of a radio broadcast have comprehensive information you need to know.
At a later date than the audio, there was hope given about a way of “inoculating” computers against the Y2K, called the  Silver Bullet. This  “solution”  has been found  unsatisfactory. There is another possible solution which  may  solve the Y2K problem, backdating computers by 11 years.
This may give a brighter picture than Gary  presented earlier in pro-ceedings, as shown on the     audio tape.
What ever occurs, we need to keep our eyes on the Lord God Almighty, for He is the One who alone can care for us, come what may. We do not encourage massive food hoarding, withdrawing money from banks, or developing a  frantic dooms-day mind-set over Y2K, this would be    dishonouring to God and would show lack of faith in Him. He holds the future!

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Cost of [2 X90m]  tapes posted - $10  the set, with documents  to update  North’s findings,  which  include the item re “11 years”  possible solution.

Also available are very good info re surviving and maintaining Christian credibility toward the unsaved in need etc.
**This costing info is relative Australia only...extra costs for overseas
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The Antichrist in the Bible is  said to seek to change “times and seasons.” If the  Y2K problem can be changed by making a completely different  calendar, then  this prophecy will be  fulfilled!  The  old Julian calender may come back as our global season and time calendar, replacing our present Gregorian? Could this occur, brought in to avert the blackouts caused  by the date 2000?

Extracts:  “TIME” magazine,
Feb. 8th. 1999
p.4...INSTEAD OF RIDICULING  PEOPLE WHO ARE concerned about this computer bug, which can have serious effects all over the world, you could have asked the Big Names about the progress their companies have made on the Y2K bug. Can they give us written assurances that their computer systems are ready for 2000? Or will it be the big mess a lot of people expect?
..................................Anna Lont Amsterdam.
p.5...I was disappointed that you adopted such a lightweight   approach to the Y2K problem. Your report gave too much space to the antics of alarmists and too little to substantive information. I am not particularly interested in apocalyptic millennialist conjecture, I want the facts - and educated opinion about their implications. How likely is it that key institutions - particularly electricity suppliers - will achieve Y2K compliance by 2000? Please get back to sober reporting and leave the dismissive raillery to other publications.........Nick Potten... Sydney
p.6...OH, NOW I SEE. THE “STORY” ABOUT Y2K isn’t the billions of    defective codes in mainframe computers or the 25 billion to 50 billion embedded chips. The blame doesn’t go to shortsighted programmers or managers who procrastinated until it was too late to fix the problem, or to a government that knew about the Y2K situation in 1995 but did   little about it until 1998. The real   issue with Y2K is American Christians who see serious potential problems and are making rational preparations. What an interesting spin!............Loren Jacobs ...Michigan. USA
Personal Update Feb. 1999 [Christian Newsletter]   G. McDonald. [USA/Aust.]
“The electric power grid is a complex, highly networked entity, whose elements are highly interdependent. A by-product of  [this] is the potential for a cascading power failure. When transmission capacity is unexpectedly lost, generation must immediately be taken off-line; otherwise, the generator’s output will   reroute and overload remaining transmission lines. This creates “voltage oscillations” that will ripple through the power grid. Unless corrective action is taken, these oscillations can ;pull down significant portions of the electric power grid.
Report from the National Communications System [NCS]
... Another not so widely known  dependency resides in the Global   Positioning Satellite system GPS. A signal from the satellites is used to synchronize the “phasing “ of electrical power. If the regional centers are not able to access this shared source they will again disconnect from each other to preserve and protect.
On August 22, 1999 the GPS system clocks will roll over to week 0000. If the ground-based receivers are not compliant, and many are not, they will not be able to share this data and coordinate their efforts....”
All this and more, can be listened to  on the above tape of Gary North’s.
A complete copy of this article will be with the above material, in the audios of Gary.
Wendy Howard editor of Despatch

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