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TO:  BDM HotList Subscribers  --  7/22/99
Today's Westergaard Y2K page has two of the best articles I have yet seen
on Y2K. If you read nothing else on Y2K, I would recommend these two
articles:  (Polling of So-Called Experts)  (The Software Inventory Problem)

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 17:44:27 +1000
Subject: Lying About Y2K
A few interesting articles on why the Y2K compliancy numbers we have been hearing about lately cannot be trusted:  (SEC Still Struggling for Industry-Wide Compliance)  (Y2K Lying Rate as High as 50%)  (Do You Trust the Government?) (Embedded Chips at Texaco)


Today I came across three articles concerning Y2K I thought some might be interested in reading:

1) The first is an article titled "Serious Y2K Preparations Are Needed."
It's a non-alarmist, common sense piece:

2) Next is a piece on assessing one's risk level in deciding what preparations, if any, to take for Y2K-induced interruption of basic services -- "Y2K Best Risk Matrix Analysis":

3) Finally, a piece that analyzes the recent "tests" on airline Y2K-compliancy -- "Planes won't fall from the sky":

You might also want to bookmark the Westergaard Year 2000 site; it is a good resource for accurate and timely information and analysis of Y2K readiness:

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