Last message given in Australia 1998
by W. B. Howard ... Editor of Despatch

Access Update Expose 2000


Recent tapes by the teacher, David Pawson, which were recorded in Brisbane at the Gateway Centre, have been accepted by many Christians as being of God. Alarmed by this international preacher's teachings, some believers in Brisbane have asked Despatch to do a critique on the tapes in order to counter the unbiblical doctrines and false prophetic outline of this man. We do not expose the teachings of Pawson for the sake of being critical, it is imperative that the people of God stand firm in hope and the Truth of God's Word. We must ask ourselves, what will we believe, Pawson's bewildering bungle, or God's infallible Word? Stand up, people of the Lord, awake from slumber, the times are perilous! Space in this document, and time, cannot permit me to write a full Scriptural study on the various points here. A list of sound, fundamental material is given at the end for those of you who want to consult the Scriptures in depth, and see for yourselves, as the Bereans would do. Get the Sword of the Word sharpened be
loved of God, you need to KNOW what God says, and to understand that Pawson, and other false teachers, are NOT teaching the things of God and His Word.

Also included are details of startling events which are happening as we await AD 2000, the new millennium. Instead of looking for the Blessed Hope when we will meet the Lord Jesus Christ IN THE AIR, evangelical and Pentecostal "Christians" in their thousands are waiting to meet the "Christ" ON THE EARTH! We warn here that this is the Antichrist deception, just as Pawson teaches, as you will see. It will not be the true Christ Jesus they will meet, it will be the false "Christ." (I Thessalonians 4:17).

SUMMARY of the critique of the taped audio messages of David Pawson, No.1409 & 1410: David Pawson is a false prophet. His scenario of the endtimes is nothing like the Biblical scenario, nor is his message honouring to the Lord Jesus Christ. The reader may dispute that statement, so shall we clarify this by summarising just a few of the errors and apostasies of Pawson:

1. He does not honour the efficacy of the shed Blood of Christ for     sinners, he teaches that if the Christians do not "overcome" they will have their names removed from the Book of Life. Space does not permit a full Bible study on this, but the Scriptures clearly teach we are saved by Grace through faith, not by works and "overcoming." This twisting of Scripture is exactly what the Jehovah's Witnesses wrongfully teach, and they are not born-again! Read just some of the glorious promises to those who trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation, and not in works of any kind: II Peter 1:10; John 14:16; II Timothy 1:9; I John 5:18; John 3:15; John 10:28; Ephesians 1:4; 1:11; 2:8,9; Romans 6:23 etc.

2. Pawson teaches that the Christians, children of God, will go through the most fearful period in the history of the planet, the time when the wrath of God is poured out upon a sinful world, the Tribulation. This is refuted by the Bible in many ways, here again the space cannot permit a full Bible study: The Rapture, note the words "we who are ALIVE" - I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Note that we are to "comfort one another" with the words about the rising of the dead, and the Rapture of the living. Note in Revelation 3:10 that God promises to keep the saved from His fearful wrath, which will come upon the whole world - the Tribulation. And God promises that there is no condemnation that the saved will have to undergo, the Tribulation is a time of the condemnation and judgement of God against the wicked. Romans 8:1,2. (IThess. 5:9?)

3. Pawson says that he is an "optimist" and that he teaches a positive message. What exactly does he teach, in essence? He teaches a horrifyingly "pessimistic" message which is this: we are not saved for all eternity by the Blood of Christ; if we do not die before the Tribulation period, we will have to go through it and suffer the wrath of God with the rest of humanity. If we cannot stand firm and "overcome" in this time of persecution, and unspeakable cruelty from the hands of the Antichrist, then we will lose our salvation. If we do stand firm then the only way out of the Tribulation is to undergo martyrdom in the most cruel way one can imagine, and certainly Hitler and his henchmen had nothing on what the Antichrist regime will bring in the way of torture! Well, says Pawson, maybe you do suffer for awhile, and back down, then you will be faithless and will go to hell anyway, to suffer for all eternity. And this is "optimistic?" No, it is pitiful doom and gloom, unfitting for any redeemed person to accept. II Corinthians 5:17-20; IJohn 5:11,12; I John 4:9,10 etc.

4. Pawson shows that he believes in a form of worldly, earthly-centred concepts. His notions show little excitement about seeing the Lord Jesus Christ in glory, worshipping the Heavenly Father, seeing the angelic beings, entering into the spiritual realms, or putting on immortality - with our bodies becoming like the Body of the glorified Son of God, which is our destiny. Pawson sees nothing of becoming an heir with Christ, nor does he long for the heavenly realms. It is easy to see why, for he teaches that we will enter the Millennial Reign of Christ STILL IN OUR MORTAL BODIES, for we have never been Raptured (according to him), we have never put on immortality and become glorified in the Saviour. Pawson's message is very like the Jehovah's Witnesses' teachings. The JW's teachings are identical in this concept of a "new world" with the New Age!

This does mean that there will not be a new heavens and a new earth, but the Millennial Reign is not it, this will happen AFTER the thousand year reign. Note that the new earth and heaven occur in Rev. 21, and this is after the thousand year reign of Christ described in Rev.20. Read Rev. 19:14, this is the glorified Church coming with the Bride Groom; see the beauty of the saints of the Church Age in heaven, Rev.4; we shall see Jesus Christ face to face, as He really is Eternally, I Cor. 13:12; I John 3:2. This is far beyond the earthly blessings which Pawson delights in.

5. Pawson seems to make the Church of Jesus Christ take the place that ISRAEL takes in Biblical prophecy, in the period of the Tribulation. He does not realise the place of Israel, as God first judges that nation, uses the 144,000 Jews as witnesses and finally brings the remnant Jews to acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. The Christian Church is NOT THERE in the Trib. Rev. 7:4; 6:17; Isaiah 66:8; Zech. 13:9; Ezekiel 22:19-22.

6. Pawson is seen in the above tapes entering into very suspect interaction with "angels." His statements show this: he hears the "angels' singing that we are the "children" of Jesus Christ. In no Scriptures are believers called the "children" of Jesus Christ, strange that "God's" angels did not know that? We are the Bride of Christ, we are the joint heirs with Christ Jesus, we are the Body He is the Head, but we are never called His "children", we are the children of God the Father only. Who are these unscriptural angels then?

7. Most disturbing of all is the fact that Pawson believes and teaches that "Jesus Christ" will soon appear, and we should be waiting for Him to take over the planet and transform it into a new world. Then, Pawson teaches, we Christians will take over the dominion of the world's systems, and rule over the financial institutions, the political systems and the courts of law, etc. Now this is really serious delusion, for the New Age is awaiting the "Christ" who will make the world a place of peace, and they are waiting to rule in the same way Pawson envisages the Christians doing. Those who are not saved amongst Pawson's listeners, and who consequently will not be Raptured, are in danger of being set up to receive the false "Christ", and for the reign of Antichrist! They will fully expect to see the "Christ" come to set up the kingdom of "God", after a skirmish which will be brief, but awful. The real, Biblical scenario if not like that, beware! (see the material on the evangelicals awaiting "Christ's" coming
to the Mount of Olives, headed "News you may have missed." p.29)

Yes, the redeemed will rule with Christ Jesus in the Millennium, but we will not be mortal then, and we will rule in a spiritual sense, as sons of God ( John 1:12; Romans 8:19; I John 3:1,2). More like the angels, I guess, commuting from glory. Pawson sees a scenario where the Christians just go on into the Millennium in their earthly bodies, with all their old body parts, running all the companies and institutions, in the same manner that we might do now. Pawson even sees a man helping Jesus Christ stop the pollution of the rivers, in the Millennial Reign! In reality, Jesus Christ, as Creator (John 1:1-3; Genesis 1:1) will transform the entire planet into paradise conditions. He will not need to use a human to "help" Him stop the pollution of the rivers. Isaiah 65:17 speaks of the new heavens and new earth, but 18-25 describes the Kingdom Age in the Millennium. Read about just a few of the descriptions of this time when Christ Jesus will restore the earth: Isaiah 55:13; Joel 3:18; Joel 2:24-26; Romans 8:23
a; Isaiah 11:6-9; Isaiah 30:26; Isaiah 60:19-20 etc, etc.

No, David Pawson does not teach the eternal verities of the Lord, either the Bible is true or Pawson, and I know which I believe.

NO. 1409 AND 1410.


Well, I want to introduce three friends to you - am I on the air?

I don't think I am getting enough - I am switched on, can you give me a little more?  Right! are you hearing at the back? Isn't that a silly question? (Laughter).

How many are here tonight for the first time? Could I see? Where have you been? (Laughter). Quite seriously, I am going to speak a direct word to those who are here for the first time. When any speaker comes to Brisbane, would you please make a promise to yourself that if you can only go one night, that you will go the first night.

I have found again and again that so many people say 'Well, we will go for the last night because that might be the best'. And if you came for the first night you might just manage one or two of the others. So would you make a promise that if you only come one night that you don't come the last night, but that you come the first night. And then, you might just be tempted, mightn't you?

But it has been encouraging how many have come as often as they could, you would have got far more of course, from the course because things build up, don'tthey?

Well now, I want to introduce three friends to you because without them I would not be here. And the first I want to introduce is Peter Bettson, who for 25 years has been distributing my tapes around Australia and he has distributed over half a million of my tapes in Australia and that is a lot of tapes. He and his dear wife Bev. are devoting themselves to sending videos around the world and now even books. So Peter, come up and join me (clapping).

I don't know how this man does it but I believe he has also been very very generous over the years and helped people who could not afford to have tapes and videos - to have them. And I am so grateful to God for this man.

And then we will ask John and Jean to come up and join us so we are all together and John and Jean (clapping), well most of you know them, they have driven a four-wheeler and a van six thousand kilometres over the last month just to serve me and arrange things and look after the books. And they have just served me in so many ways, I could not have done it without them either. So here they are, and without them I would not be here. I just want you to know that. Come on Peter, have a word. (clapping).

Peter: It's the first call on my life to spread the Word of God and I will continue to do that until the call is taken off me and I don't think that will be until the day of Glory, so it is one of my joys. But I want to bless you tonight with one of the greatest blessings I believe I can bestow on you people tonight. David Pawson has given his all for one month - that is how long he has been out here. He has gone to country towns where you could not pack them in the hall, they wanted to hear the Word of God.

We have taken from the fellowship offerings that you people have given each offering and there will be another one tonight, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of       dollars. Tonight he said "Peter, I don't want a single dollar.

I am going home to my wife tomorrow morning and you are to keep every penny in the fellowship offering to me and use it with John and Jean who now have a global ministry, to spread the Word of God across Australia. (clapping)And I believe that would be a great thing."

John: It certainly has been a privilege to travel those thousands of kilometres with a man like David, but I would also just like to say a word of appreciation. So many people have asked for the agenda where the ministry would be around Australia and have prayed David and us right around Australia. I just want to say thank you for your prayers - we have had blessings, we have had opposition, but that is quite familiar to the preaching of the Word, isn't it? But we have seen a lot of blessings and the phone calls, and already the letters are coming in to Peter's home and to our home just saying 'thank you' and for the people who are ringing up already saying 'our life has changed' and churches are ringing up saying 'our churhces have changed'. We would just like to say a thank you for your prayers because without that it is to no avail. Bless you. (clapping).

David Pawson:
Well it is appropriate on the last evening in Australia and the last talk I am giving you to focus on the return of Jesus Christ. The next Great World Event.

I wonder how many of you can see this from where you are sitting?

Can you read that word? "MDCCCCLXXXXV111" Do you know what that spells? 1998! What a complicated business the Roman lettering was, wasn't it? I imagine Roman soldiers on parade and the sergeant says "Number off!" And they go "I" "II" "III" "IV" "V" "VI" and so on. But in less than two years, that is what we will write. MM, and that is 2,000. Won't life be simpler?

My son is travelling the world telling people how to put their computers right so they don't crash out when they suddenly say the date is 00. And many small businesses are going to be in very serious trouble in the year 2000 because their computers aren't ready, and as you probably know, the computer only notes the last two figures of the year. So it only says 98 on the computers now and suddenly it will say 00 and the poor computers won't know what year it is, and everything could go wrong.

The year 2000 is having a big effect on people, the year 1000 did when the first millennium A.D. ended, in the year 1000 there were two things occupying the minds of everybody in Europe. One was the idea of having an European community, and the emperor Otto 1 around the year 1000 had a great dream of bringing the nations of Europe into one European Common Market, with a common currency. What a great notion!

He failed, but his grandson, Otto 2nd had another go, but Poland, which was then a very powerful nation, didn't want to join in and the whole idea disappeared until the year 2000. And now my country is just caught up in the European Community and we neither want to join, nor do we want to leave. We cannot do either, actually. We are just trapped into this European Community yet again.

But the other thing that happened in the year 1000 is happening again too, and that is that many Christians are saying "Will Jesus Christ come back in the year 1000? He has been away for 1000 years and He said He would come back soon, come back quickly and He hasn't come back yet, and all over Europe people were gathering on mountain tops to be ready to meet the Lord in the air.

And the same sort of idea is getting hold of people right now and everywhere I go people talk to me "Do you think we are in the 'end times?' I say "Yes, I certainly do, we have been in them for 2000 years, because the last days began at the day of Pentecost and we have been in the last days ever since.

Oh but people say, "Are we the last generation?" Indeed, people like Hal Lindsay of "The Late Great Planet Earth" fame has already committed himself publicly to the view that we are the very last generation on earth, and Jesus is about to break back into history.

I have been receiving a lot of books recently by the authors - they have sent them - and one is a book that thick (?) from an American missionary in Mexico to prove that   Jesus will return in 1996. (Laughter), and He hasn't written to me for the last two years (laughter), but he sent me this big book.

You know many people have tried to date the Lord's return and some have made a very silly mistake. Martin Luther and John Wesley have both tried but they were wise, they chose a date about a hundred years ahead. How wise! But others have chosen dates within their lifetime, which is rather silly, because then you have to eat humble pie.

Actually, the year 2000 has no meaning at all for God. It is not in His diary. The calendar we follow is mistaken anyway, it is the calendar devised by the Pope called Gregory and we call it the Gregorian Calendar. But he got it at least four years wrong, because we know that Herod the Great who killed the babies in Bethlehem died in 4 B.C. and so Jesus was born at least 4 B.C. and we have almost certainly missed Jesus' 2000 birthday.

If you wanted to celebrate it, you should have probably celebrated it on October 1996, and most of you missed His birthday, didn't you? But all sorts of Christian celebrations are being planned for the year 2000, actually of course, to be stricly accurate, the next century and the next millennium only begin on January 1st, 2001. And I followed the debate in your Australian Government as to which date the official celebrations should be.

But you have got the Olympics in the year 2000, and I guess it will be January 1st 2000 when the great sales of Foster Lager take place. If the year 2000 means absolutely nothing to God, nevertheless it has rendered the Church a signal service because it has restored to ordinary conversation the word that has not been used for hundreds of years, the word "Millennium", and now everyone knows what the word means.

It means 1000 years, though actually, most people now seem to think it just means - 1 day! - January 1st, 2000! But it actually means 1000 years. The tragedy, the irony is that when the world has recovered the word and is using it every day now, the church has stopped using it.

And yet for the first 500 years of Church history the Church used it frequently. And ever since, some Christians have used it. But now it seems that the world is using it and the Church has dropped it and that is a very, very strange development. I am going to talk tonight about "Hope" - `Now abideth faith, hope and love, but the weakest of these is hope.' That is not a quote from the Bible, that is my statement.

Unfortunately the word 'hope' in the English language is a very uncertain word. It is not a certain and sure hope, it's 'I hope the weather is going to be better', 'I hope that it will be a boy, maybe a girl.' 'I hope that I am going to win the lottery', 'I hope'- and you see when you hear used like that that the person is not at all sure about what they hope for. It is a wish - and that is all it is.

But in the New Testament, the word 'hope' is one of the strongest words in the Greek language, it is a little 5 letter word ELPIS which means "those things which you are absolutely sure are going to happen in the future" and that is why the word 'hope' in the Bible is described as "an anchor to your soul". Something that holds you firm when everything around you is shaking. When you are in the middle of the storm, in the middle of trouble, then your hope holds you firm, and it is like an anchor, rooted in the rock below.

Well now there are three ways of finding out about the future that I want to mention. There is the way of superstition, the way of science and the way of Scripture. Let's take these three ways of finding out way is going to happen.

SUPERSTITION usually uses occult methods, 6 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women in Australia read their horoscopes every day to find out what is going to happen. And I am not going to tell you when my birthday is because I happen to be ignorant about the sign of the     Zodiac I was born under, and I want to reImages totally ignorant.

And when I reach the horoscope in the newspaper or magazine, my eyes go blurred and I just turn the page and read on. I have never read one yet. Well, I am not holding that up as a virtue, it is just that ignorance is bliss, because whether you read your horoscope or play with tarot cards or read tea leaves or go toa clairvoyant, none of these methods of finding out about the future has ever been more than 5 percent correct - that is the peak of their correctness. Or as I prefer to say - they have always been at least 95% wrong. So why do people read the rubbish?

Let us turn to the SCIENTIFIC way. I was visiting a university and here was a student with a computer and he was working with it. I said "What are you trying to find out from the computer?" He said

"The date of the end of the world". I said "Well, how do you find that out from a computer?" "Well," he said, "You feed into it all the present trends - like the population explosion, like the declining sources of fuel and food and above all the declining resources of fresh, clean water. Do you know that next century there will be wars over clean water? They have already begun. The shortage of water is going to be a great disaster than the shortage of food in our world." And so he said "I feed all these trends into the computer and I ask it when will human life begin to be difficult, if not, impossible on planet Earth for whole areas of the human race."

And I said "Have you found the date yet?" And he said "Yes". "What is it?" He said "Twenty forty". Now I don't need to worry about that as some of you do. (laughter) And I said "That's very interesting because my son lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and he has connections with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - M.I.T. for short, which is the top technology Institute in the world, and they too, have worked out by computer the date when human life will become difficult, if not impossible. And it is the same date 2040! And so as we enter the 21st century there is an atmosphere of doom, of gloom, of pessimism. There are many people who believe we shall not see the next 100 years, never mind another thousand!

They believe that before the end of the 21st century the pollouted environment will no longer be able to support us. That has become a greater fear than the atom or       hydrogen bomb, though frankly, we ought still be afraid of that because it was revealed just two weeks back on your Australian news that there are still 34,000 nuclear missiles in America and Russia aimed at each other - in spite of the cold war having ended.

And even more worrying is the fact that those nuclear missiles are now being sold on the open market in Russia to small nations and even to terrorists. And what that's going to mean for us! Imagination just boggles.

Well now, I am going to ask you a question now, and I am asking Christians a question - what is your hope for the next century on earth? And I want you to vote by raising your hand and I am going to ask you a simple question - "Do you believe that the next century will be better than this one? Worse than this one? Or much the same?" Now that is a simple question and I want you to be honest and I won't notice who raises a hand for what, I won't try and remember and hold it against you. But I would be interested in your opinion, as Christians, do you believe the 21st century will be better than the 20th? Worse than the 20th? Or much the same?

Now let us vote on it - those who believe it will be better than this century - put your hands up.

Those who believe it will be much the same put your hands up,.

And those who believe it will be worse - overwhelming.

And that has been the vote of every Christian congregation of whom I have asked that question in the last two years. And we are supposed to be the people of hope, isn't that incredible? And we, of all people, have so much to look forward to but that is the general Christian opinion.

Despatch: Here Pawson is showing an abysmal ignorance of the actual state of affairs as we rush toward AD 2000! He seems to know nothing of the New World Order, the fulfillment of prophecy taking place with the One World Church, or anything else about the massive New Age conglomerate which is already in place. Where is he? It is as though he is living in a fantasy. "Hope" is not directed toward this world and never has been in Christian thinking! In this world we have trial, persecution, distress, but we have "hope" in God who will one day send His Son again to this earth, and we have "hope" in the sure prospect of glory in heaven. It is the general Christian opinion because most people are aware of the true state of the world at this time in history, Pawson is not, he is asleep, slumbering while the signs of the times are all around him! He cannot be spiritually alert! This is very sad. He is worldly and presents false "hope."

Pawson: Had I asked you to vote in the year 1900 you would have voted the exact opposite way because in the year 1900 everybody believed that the 20th century would be the best ever, the happiest, the wealthiest because of two things in particular - science had now made life so much easier and so much more comfortable. Science had discovered electricity, medical discoveries, science was the new 'god' and furthermore there was Charles Darwin's evolution which by 1900 had been taken from the animal world and applied to human society and we were on a moving escalator. Mankind was evolving, mankind was coming of age. And an English prime minister in 1900 got voted in on this political slogan: "Up and Up and Up, and On and On and On."

And that was the optimism with which people came into this century. The word on everybody's lips was 'progress', progress - and they believed it! And that is why one shipwreck has obsessed the 20th century, right to its end and that is the Titanic. Why should one shipwreck, at the end of the 20th century still be the biggest, best-selling film of all time? Well it is not just because of the special effects and the love story. It is because the Titanic was the first major tragedy of the 20th century which had started with such hopes. Titanic was the biggest moving object ever built by man (no, Noah's Ark was).

The most luxurious liner ever built by man - it was the supreme epitomy of human pride and achievement, it was the ship that God Himself could not sink! And it went down on its maiden voyage. And though hundreds and hundreds of ships lie on at the bottom of the sea and have gone down since, the Titanic is the one that shattered the hopes of the 20th century, and that is why it captured the imagination of this whole century.

And it was immediately followed by a World War I when young men were slaughtered by the thousands, the hundreds of thousands in the mud and blood in the trenches of Flanders. And in that dreadful mistake of Sir Winston Churchill - Gallipoli. It was his idea to send Anzac troops to Gallipoli where many of them were fighting a totally lost cause and many lost their lives.

Pawson is wrong here, prophetically, see the enclosed quote here from George Curles NZ, notes...

"The Gallipoli Landings 1915 AD
Every ANZAC day, April 25th, in Australia and New Zealand we     remember our courageous          soldiers who fought to force open the famous straits known as the Dardanelles. Winston Churchill's aim was to send a fleet through the Sea of Marmara to Constantinople (Istanbul) to give help to the          Russian armies fighting the       Germans ha the East, and thereby    reduce pressure on the Western front in Europe. It was, at that time, the greatest reverse that British Arms suffered. The British Imperial forces and allies had suffered 252,000 casualties. The Turks, who were near to breaking point, had suffered similar losses.
As one writer has pointed out,
''It could be argued that while Gallipoli was an undoubted defeat for the British, for the Turks it was a Pyrrhic victory. The Turkish Army has fifteen divisions ultimately engaged and some were bled white. Perhaps the one benefit that Gallipoli produced for the British was that the destruction of some of the best Turkish units during that campaign facilitated the eventual British victory in Palestine during
If the Gallipoli landings had been successful and Constantinople had been occupied, the Turkish Empire in Palestine and Arabia would have Collapsed or slowly bled to death. Jerusalem would not have fallen according to the divine time scale nor in the way prophesied After the failure of Gallipoli, the attention in the Middle East was focused on Palestine. "
(As Birds Flying - Andrew Adams p.38)

Pawson: My wife's father was a medical officer and he went out to Gallipoli on the sister ship of the Titanic, it was called the "Britanic" and it hit a German mine in the Aegean Sea and went down and he was saved but his hair went white overnight, because he saw the still-turning propellors of the Brittanic chewing up the life boats and killing everybody on board.

And that ship has also been rediscovered at the bottom of the sea by Ballard, the same man who discovered the Titanic, but nobody really thinks about the Brittanic much. For by then the disaster of the first world war had overtaken even the Titanic.
And then came World War II in a Christian nation that was half     Lutheran and half Catholic, and in a Christian nation 30 million people were murdered, including 6 million Jews who weren't even fighting and the barbarism of Auchwitz shook the 20th century to its core.  I have stood in the gas chamber at Auchwitz where 200 people at a time were stripped naked and pushed in a told they were going to have a shower, but from the shower heads came the deadly Cyclon B (sic) gas which killed them.

And you can see the marks of the nails on the concrete where they tried to scrape their way out. As soon as they were dead, Jews were forced to go in and cut the hair off their fellow Jews to stuff cushions and pull the gold fillings out of their teeth with pliers and if they were fat, to cut off the fat to make soap. And I have held in my hand a bar of soap made from Jewish fat.

And if they had tattoos the skin was carefully removed and dried to make lampshades for the German officers. And what was left was put in a cremation oven and sold off as a bag of fertilizer and from walking into the camp to being sold off as fertilizer took one hour and a half. And this happened in a Christian country and the men who were doing it, went home to their children to sing Christmas Carols, 'Still the night, Silent the night'. It is almost unbelievable!

Despatch: I am waiting for the   Bible and its message from God to be brought forth, but there is none! This is like a history lesson, and a "view the world as I see it" by Pawson. This man should have one message, i.e. what does God tell us about these times we live in? and how do the events of our time reveal the prophecies of the Word? Am I being harsh and critical, I do not think so, we do not need more of these self-styled prophets with their own reasonings.

Pawson: But that is the 20th century, and the progress that people believed would come did not come, rather we seem to return to the barbaric ways of primitive man. And so at the end of the 20th century we go into the next Century, not with the word 'progress' on our lips, but with the word 'survival'. Will we even survive the century? Never mind another millennium. And so there is a real fear about the future and a real apprehension, a worry which is making people make the most of today while we've got it.

Many young people believe they will not die of old age. And it is no wonder they are trying to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of their present existence.

The Bible describes people without God as "people without hope in the world". But I find that many, many Christians have no hope for the world. I wonder if that is why you put your hands up? To say the next century would be worse than this one.

Most Christians, if I ask them, "What is your hope for the future" their hope is of getting out of here and getting to heaven. And their hope therefore, is totally self-centered. It is a hope that they will one day be free of it all and they are singing choruses till the bus comes by to take you to glory.

Despatch:That is a godless statement indeed! It is a shocking thing for a supposed man of God to be so utterly worldly in outlook. The Scriptures show that the Christian is NOT OF THIS WORLD, he is in it not of it. Our hope has always been in the Second Coming of Christ, and for the born-again ones, the Rapture. It is godly to be watching and waiting for the Coming of the Bridegroom. Our hopes should never be in the evil world we live in, and today we face the Antichrist system already prepared and about to control the entire planet, yet Pawson is oblivious.

Pawson: But that is not the Christian hope. I have a hope for this world and my hope is centered in the Lord Jesus Christ, Imagesly because He is coming back here.

Despatch: Nonsense! Does this man not understand prophecy of the Word? What about the Tribulation, what about the wrath of God unleashed upon a wicked world, what about the take-over of the Antichrist - all this happens and much more BEFORE Christ returns to set up His own Millennial Reign. Is he a Dominionist?

Pawson: Well, I haven't mentioned the third way of finding out about the future - and that is Scripture. Superstition is no good, science has not been more than 25% correct which means that it has always been at least 75% wrong! But there is a new science called "Futurology" and there are professors of Futurology who are going to tell us what is going to happen and in industry there are 'think-tanks' groups trying to predict the future for business.

But of course no scientist can take account of those unexpected discoveries and the unexpected developments which change the whole scene. Maybe a discovery of a totally new source of food or a totally new way of turning salt water into fresh water, that is cheap enough for us to supply the world. And so science can only guess.

But there is one way of finding out the future that is absolutely certain. And it is this book. I want to blind you now with statistics. It was an ancestor of mine who invented that word - statistics - Sir John Sinclair, and he did it for farmers so that they could keep 'statistics'. Isn't that a horrible word to say? He must have had his own teeth when he said it! (laughter) But anyway, there were supposed to be three sorts of lies - black, white and statistics, (laughter) - but nevertheless, I am going to give you a few statistics which will impress you.

Over a quarter of the verses in this Bible contain a prediction about the future. No book has ever been published with more predictions about the future than the Bible in your hands. There are altogether - here is the first statistic - seven hundred and thirty five separate predictions about the future in the Bible. Some of them are only mentioned once, some, hundreds of times, but seven hundred and thirty five DIFFERENT predictions about the future.

How many of those do you think have come true? The answer is five hundred and ninety six. That's 81% of the predictions of the Bible have come true. That doesn't mean that the Bible is 81% correct! It has been 100% correct for all the predictions that could have happened by now. Most of the others are about the end of the world, and so they haven't happened yet, or we would not be here!

There are less than 20 predictions still to be fulfilled before Jesus gets back, but what is 20 out of 735? A tiny fraction! And with the speed of world events, they could even happen in my lifetime, even though my children say I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin. (laughter).

It could happen in my lifetime and if it does, I will be excited because nobody will measure me up for a box! There will be no funeral for David Pawson, that rather pleases me. I don't want a funeral - for me. But it may not. But that is the figure 596, and when you consider some of those, it is absolutely astonishing.

Statistically, (there is that word again - and it is awfully difficult to say it), statistically, the chances of some of those predictions ever coming true are about 20 million to one I am told by the experts in these things. Let us take just one.
Years ago Ezekiel talked to a sinful, proud city called Tyre - T-Y-R-E. A city on the eastern Mediterranean coast and he predicted that city would be thrown into the sea, that every city would be thrown into the sea and where it had been would be a bare rock where fishermen would dry their nets. Now that is an extraordinary prediction.

Because it had never happened before to any other city and it has never happened since to any other city in world history. But it has happened to Tyre. Of course if you look on the map of the Mediterranean you will still see a city on the coast of the Mediterranean called "Tyre", but I must tell you that you are not looking at the city that Ezekiel spoke to.

You see the coast of the Mediterranean was straight in those days and there was an island half a mile off the coast, or just under a kilometer off the coast. And here was the city of Tyre on the Imagesland and it was a fishing port, among other things. And when Alexander the Great marched down the coast on his way of Egypt where he founded the city of Alexandria, he was destroying the population of city after city who resisted him.

And he came to Tyre and they laughed at him and they got into their fishing boats and they went out to the island off the shore and they said - he can't touch us - he has a big army but he hasn't got a navy. So he can't touch us.

But Alexander wasn't called 'The Great' for nothing, and he said to his soldiers - "build a causeway in the sea out towards the island" - and they said "What shall we build with?". He said "Tear the city down, every brick, every stone, every piece of timber - throw it in the sea". And they did that until there was only bare rock, and then they marched across the causeway and slaughtered the people on the island.

And if you look at the map of the Mediterranean today, the coast is now like that. Because the causeway has silted up, the tides have built up the sand and now the island is a pimple on the coast. And the city of Tyre is still on the island. But where is the city of Tyre of Ezekiel's day was is bare rock and I have got photographs at home of fisherman drying their nets. Those were taken just a few years ago. No other city has ever been thrown into the sea before or since. But God's Word said "Tyre will be....and it was", and there are 596 predictions like that in your Bible which have all happened, literally, as they were predicted.

Well now, there is one prediction in the Bible that is mentioned 318 times, just the one prediction! And that's the most any prediction is mentioned - 318 times, all in the New Testament, and that prediction is this:

Jesus is coming back to planet earth.

Despatch:The Bible also predicts a time of unparalleled disaster on the earth, Revelation 6-19 are telling us about this, but Pawson says little of this, as though we can  skip across to the Second Coming and ignore God's judgement and wrath happening on a world gone mad in rebellion and Satanism - in the   extreme! And he ignores the fact that God will take us away before He brings His wrath on the nations and Israel, which is the Rapture. He makes out that the BLESSED HOPE beyond all hopes, the Rapture, is just a pie-in-the-sky whimpish fantasy. The Tribulation is far beyond anything which has ever happened on the earth before, as far as disasters and suffering is concerned, it is far beyond even the great flood! World affairs show we are almost in the Trib. right now, not entering a time of prosperity and good times for the next millennium. Does Pawson really know Biblical "prediction" or prophecy? I doubt it very much.

Pawson: That is the prediction! And since 596 predictions have already happened, I have no problem believing that the other 19% are going to happen. (Voice in audience says "Amen"). It is not going to take much faith to put your faith in a book like that. And so I look forward to Jesus coming back here. Are you looking foward to

Him coming back. (Loud 'Yes' from audience). Are you sure? (another loud yes).

Supposing you died before He gets back, are you looking foward to Him coming back? ("Yes" from audience). You didn't shout so loud that time! (laughter).You are not quite so sure about that are you?

Despatch: Again the man has his prophecy all confused. How could one hope to see Jesus Christ coming back to the earth BEFORE the Tribulation takes place? What about the Rapture, which Pawson derides and laughs at? He will      either be Raptured or go into the Tribulation because he is not saved. NO ONE should happily wait for Christ to return to earth. The next thing on the world's prophetic calendar is the rise of the false "Christ" (Antichrist) who will set up his own "millennium" reign (or try to). It seems that Pawson, at this stage, would welcome him, and welcome the setting up of the false kingdom of "peace." Is Pawson born-again, really?

Pawson: Most Christians hope He will come back in their lifetime. Every generation of Christians have hoped that! Because, then we don'thave to go through that middle phase I talked about on Tuesday night, or was it Wednesday morning? That phase of becoming a dis-embodied spirit? What Paul called "unclothed". Nevertheless, he said, I would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. But he was looking foward to 'phase three' of being a reimbodied spirit, getting a brand-new body again - and I spoke to you about that yesterday morning.

And I cannot wait to be 33 again! When you get to within 18 months of 70 you look forward to being 33 again, and we shall have a body like His glorious body. You won't get that body in heaven, you get it back here, because you don't need a body in heaven. But you will need one when you come back. Because I find that most Christians have never realised that if Jesus is coming back to planet Earth, every Christian is also coming back to planet Earth. Christians are going to live twice, here, we are all coming back here to live.

Because when Jesus comes back, the Bible says, God will bring with Him all who have fallen asleep in Christ.

Despatch: No, not only those who have fallen asleep, but those who have never fallen asleep, but have rather been Raptured!

Pawson: I have been at four funerals, spoken at four funerals in the last 5 years. The first was my mother-in-law. I tell you a secret - I fell in love with my mother-in-law before I met my wife. How about that. And when I heard she had a single daughter, I said to myself, if she is anything like you, I am not interested. (Laughter). And she was, and I was! and she is waiting at home for me and I spoke to her half-an-hour ago.

Now I spoke at my mother-in-law's funeral. She died at 98 and her last words to me - she was talking about Jesus and going to be with Him. And then my daughter died at 36 just three years ago - of leukaemia - the doctor had missed the symptoms, he had told us she was just run-down and needed a tonic and for three months he fed her on a tonic and by the time we got a second opinion, it was too late - and she was far gone with a very bad form of leukaemia and the doctor told us it might be 4-6 months. And I said "Lord, make it quicker than that, I don't want her to suffer for long". And the Lord took her in three weeks, in His mercy.

I spoke at her funeral - never forget it - we buried her in the morning and we celebrated her life in the afternoon. Hundreds of people came, people were converted at her funeral and even the tape recording of that funeral has led people to Christ. I spoke and my wife and my son spoke and even her little daughter spoke - seven years old.

I will never forget the next day - we took the 'little orphan' - as she called herself - down to the seaside and we had a lovely afternoon, but on the way home, she said "Grandpa, we didn't need to cry yesterday afternoon, did we?" I said "Why not, Rebecca?" She said "Well, yesterday morning was the end of mummy's old life but yesterday afternoon was the beginning of her new life, wasn't it?" 7 years old! And then I spoke at my brother-in-law's funeral - he died of cancer, a retired Methodist pastor and his wife, my sister, had cancer at the same time, and she died a few months later.

And at each of these funerals, I said "They will be back, we will see them again, here," and even church people look as if I was teaching Buddhism or something! (Laughter). Reincarnation! But no, I will see my daughter again and here! she is coming back because when Christ comes back, all the Christians come back too! Are you looking forward to living here a second time? You sure? (laughter). I think that is a new thought to some of you.

Despatch:Does Pawson love the world so much that he regards heaven as nothing, really? His message tells little or nothing about heaven where the Lord God is. Again he leaves out entirely the truths about the Rapture.

Pawson: You see, heaven is only a waiting room. You only go there for a temporary place until you get back here and some people talk as though they are going to heaven forever! No, you just go there to be with Jesus until He gets back here! And you come back with Him and you get your new body - you are living here.

How long do you think He is going to stay, the second time He visits planet Earth? Most churches seem to teach that He will be just one or two minutes, and then you will be gone again. Well why come back for two minutess, and why bring all of us back for two minutes? (laughter). But I am afraid, I am quite serious when I say that is what most churches teach you!

Will He come back for 33 years, no! He is coming back for rather longer than that. My Bible says He is coming back for 1000 years.

Despatch:I am still waiting for this man to do his job and preach what GOD has revealed through His Word on prophecy and the Last Days! Now Pawson gets onto    "philosophies of history!" He merely gives lip-service to the Scriptures, there is NO Bible teaching at all, only strangely twisted "predictions."

Pawson: Here is the first - it is called the "cyclic view" of history. History is doing that they say, the common version is - history repeats itself. Have you heard that? It is just going around in circles, the same old thing just happens again and again. That's the old Greek view of history, its not the Hebrew view - its the Greek view. Its wrong, because actually, nothing is ever quite the same again. History does not go back on its tracks.

And so another common view of history is called "The Epic view of history" and that goes like this:

And history is moving forward, but it just goes up and down -good times and bad times, boom and bust, inflation and deflation, war and peace, up and down and up and down. It doesn't repeat itself, it just goes up and down and goes on.

And whether it is going to end on an upper or a downer, nobody knows. And then there is the optimistic view of history which was everywhere at the beginning of the twentyfirst century:

Up and up and up and on and on and on. Evolutionary view of history.

Then there is the pessimistic view of history which is common today, and that is: Down and down and down and down, worse and worse and worse and worse and apparently the majority view seem to hold that one.

Despatch:Here Pawson departs altogether from Scripture, and makes up a new "Bible" philosophy of his own!

Pawson: But there is a Biblical philosophy of history, a Biblical belief about the pattern of the future. As I travel around, I meet Christian optimists and Christian pessimists. The pessimists - I'll characterise them so that you can recognise them - "We are in the last days - there is going to be a great falling away."

Despatch: He is quoting the Bible here, and calls those who believe the Scriptures "pessimists" in order to fit in his OWN ideas, and ignore the Bible teachings. Why does he do this? Is Pawson merely ignorant?
NO. 1409.


Have you met people like this? I have met them, Imagesly older people in small, struggling churches. (Laughter).

Despatch: This is pretty awful! The reason why this is happening is because we ARE in the "great falling away!" ( II Thess. 2:1-3) People like Pawson have taught such wrong doctrine that many of the younger Christians have never been taught sound doctrine, and have "fallen away" into the kind of teaching Pawson presents!

Pawson: And then I have met a lot of Christian optimists Imagesly at the younger end of the spectrum. They say "We are marching for Jesus, we are going to take over the world for Jesus, we are soon going to be running the nations, ruling the nations now. And in Britain they say "We are going to drive the devil through the channel tunnel, he can go to France, but we are going to clean up England." (Laughter)."We are going to take over everything in the name of Jesus". (Laughter). And that is just as unbiblical, and many young people with that kind of optimism are going to be disillusioned and disappointed because Jesus says the wheat and the tares are going to grow together.

I expect the Kingdom of God to get stronger, and I expect the kingdom of Satan to get stronger. And the nearer we get to harvest the clearer will be the difference between wheat and tares. And the increasing conflict and confrontation between the two kingdoms. I believe we are heading for more and more trouble because of that confict, until the harvest comes.

Despatch: Here Pawson shows that he IS indeed a Dominionist, rather a mild one, but nevertheless that is what he is! He has the "harvest" apostasies and the "kingdom of God" apostasies. He thinks in a worldly way, seeing the Church as the Kingdom of God already, awaiting the Second Coming. This will issue into the backing, supporting and eventual setting up of the   ANTICHRIST system, not the true millennial reign of the real Christ Jesus. It is a serious matter to ignore Biblical prophecy, as shown in Pawson's "preaching."

Pawson: Incidentally, Christians are not called to tare pulling. Yet I meet many Christians who get very excited about "pulling tares up" and getting rid of evil. That is not your job. I went to Winnipeg some years ago, in Canada and I always try and read up a bit before I go to a place about it, so that I can be     relevant in

some way. And I read that an ancestor of mine, the same one who invented the word "statistics" was responsible for founding Winnipeg. He kicked a whole lot of Scotsmen out of Scotland because he wanted more sheep (laughter) and he sent them off to the Red River in Canada and they founded the city Winnipeg.

Despatch:This is very unwise, even evil teaching! Pawson has no idea of what the wheat and the tares are! The Bible teaches that the wheat and the tares must grow together in the WORLD, never the Church of God. It is telling us that false "christianity" will be impossible to separate from the real churches in the eyes of the world, and we are to just accept this until Jesus Christ takes us away. In the Church of God we must separate the wrong doctrine from the true, the false teachers should be stopped, the wrong teachings from the New Age must be expelled, etc. In the World, we must expose evil and the plans of evil men. Pawson's teaching would encourage peole to just leave evil to flourish!

Pawson: So as soon as I arrived, they put me on the local T.V. soI looked into the camera and said "You would not be here but for my family". (Laughter), and they really listened at that, the camerman looked at me like this - and I studied Winnipeg's history and I found this - that the first people to arrive in Winnipeg were men, pioneers and they began to till the ground a bit and get ready for other people.

The second group that came were women, most of them prostitutes, and they came to meet the sexual needs of the men. Then the families came later and then the banks and businesses followed and finally the churches came.

The Baptists came on horseback, and they were the first to put a church up. The Presbyterians waited until the road was built and they came by carriage.(laughter). The Anglicans waited until the rail-road was built and they came by train. That is literally what happened in the mid-west in America and Canada which is why Baptists got such a hold in the mid-west - they came first.

Despatch:What have we now? More history, and a platform for Pawson's "knowledge" and his personality to shine? I am still waiting for GOD'S WORD, and His message for these perilous times in which we live! What use is any of this twisted teaching? If we do not know what perilous times we live in, then we must be slumbering and sleeping, just like the "virgin" parable.

Pawson: And then when all the churches were up, somebody got a great idea, let's have a united church crusade and all the churches got together in Winnipeg and they said "What shall we crusade about?"

and one of the pastors said "Let's close down the red light district and run all the prostitutes out of Winnipeg. Oh great idea! So they prayed and they prepared and they achieved it and every prostitute left Winnipeg and went further west. The red light district was closed down.

And the Christians held a special thanks-giving for the victory over evil. I can't say hallelujah about that, I'll tell you why -

not one pastor went to a single prostitute and told her that Jesus loved her and died for her. Not one pastor criticized a single man for being her customer. It was a tare-pulling crusade.

Despatch:What nonsense is this! To seek to close up the awful traps of the prostitute area is "tare pulling" and God is against it?
 Of course this is not true!

Pawson: And I was in this T.V. studio in Canada and the producer said, I give you the camera for twenty minutes and you can talk about anything you like for twenty minutes. I wish the BBC would tell me that.(laughter). He said "What would you like to talk about?" and

I said "The Kingdom of God, that is my favourite subject." And his face fell. (laughter). He said "Look, this is a commercial channel, we have got to keep people switched on for the adverts. I said "You said I could talk about anything I liked, and I'm going to." He said "All right then." And I spoke for 20 minutes on the Kingdom of God and there were telephones in the studio for viewers to ring in.

And the first telephone rang and I answered it, and a woman's voice said "Is that Mr. Pawson?" "Yes". "I am a hooker (that's a prostitute there) I'm a hooker and I have been watching your programme in a shop window. She said "Could I ask a question?" I said "Certainly, what is it?" She said "How could I get into that

Kingdom you are talking about."
My heart leapt for joy, I thought - at last I am preaching the right Gospel, because when Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom,it was the prostitutes that loved it and seized it by force - they wanted to get into it.

Well that's what we are called to do. We are called to plant the seeds of the kingdom, not pull up tares - don't get excited about destroying evil. Just go on sowing the seeds of the Kingdom.

Despatch: I wonder what that "Gospel" message was that Pawson preached? If it was like his Bible knowledge shown here, it was probably a false Gospel! The Bible tells us to preach the Gospel, and be lights to expose and put down evil in society, one does not cancel out the other. If it did we would still have slavery, still have work-houses, we would allow abortion to flourish and millions of babies would still go on being killed world-wide, we Christians would never stand against drugs in schools, New Age teaching in the schools etc, etc. The list is enormous! If Pawson had his way, we would opt out of responsible living in society. BALANCE must be upheld, Mr Pawson. Philippians 2:15.

Pawson: Well, let's begin to look forward a bit. I want to give you a brief summary. I think we are going to have just a five minute leg stretch tonight, half way through because I am going to take a little time tonight - we are on to a very big subject and I don't mind giving you a bit of time.

If unbelievers can watch the television all night, we can listen to the Word of God all night, can't we? (clapping and amens).

Despatch:This is a total subterfuge! I have not seen in this transcript of Pawson's "preaching" even one Bible verse, yet, explained, one Biblical prophecy given, not one item of Bible instruction has been given - yet he says that his audience can "listen to the Word of God all night!" No, it is not God's Word, it is only the word of Pawson, who does not care enough to give God's Word at all, and even preaches against it, as the "falling away" comments show. If the reader does not accept that comment, go back over the transcript and show me the Bible verses and references. There are NONE! These are only Pawson's ideas and thoughts, and they are not even based on the Scripture's teaching. Does Pawson believe, as some of these false prophets believe, that his "anointing" makes his OWN words the "Word of God?"

Pawson: I want to give you a brief over-view of the Book of Revelation. I
Despatch: Now this should be good!

Pawson: I believe it is the most   important book at the moment for Christians to be reading, because it prepares us for big trouble ahead. I love Jesus for His honesty, He was so honest. And I have listened to many testimonies and I used to believe some of them when they said "I came to Jesus and all my troubles were over." Have you heard that kind of testimony?

I used to believe it - I don't now. My testimony is very different. I came to Jesus in 1947 and my troubles began. (laughter). A few years later I got baptised in the Spirit and my troubles got worse. (laughter). And those who know me best will know the truth - I have been in more trouble in the last ten years than in the previous thirty.

And I have been in real trouble here in Australia during the last month, because wherever you speak the truth of God's Word and you are honest about it, you are in trouble. But cheer up, because Jesus promised that. So it is in line with His Word. He said "In the world you are going to have big trouble, but cheer up, I am on top of it." (Amens.) I like that.

Despatch: This is an interesting comment. Who has been giving him "real trouble?" It sounds like others have been upset by the errors and inept delivery of Pawson. Where did Jesus Christ say what is quoted above? Pawson does not speak the Word of God, he hardly opens a Bible at all!

Pawson: And I said to a friend of mine recently, "How are you?" and he said "I'm very well over the circumstances." (laughter). And I thought, that's a Christian answer. Everybody else is 'under the circumstances'. But he is 'over' them. He is what the Book of Revelation calls an "overcomer" and that is the key word in the Book of Revelation.

The first three chapters are straight forward, they are simply epistles, they are letters of Jesus to the 7 churches in western Turkey, what was than called "Asia". And I have made a double video of those 7 letters because they are a prophetic word to the Church right now. And I took a film crew out to Western Turkey last March and it was the most atrocious weather when we arrived.

Wind, cold, rain and then as soon as we started filming the cloud disappeared and we had some sun and blue sky for 7 days while we went around the 7 places in Asia.

And then when we finished filming, back came the rain and the wind - middle of March.You can see all those places on the video.

It was a wonderful tour.

Only one of the churches is still there in Symrna or Ismea as it is called now, and I had the privilege of staying behind after we filmed for the video and ministering to that church. Every member of that church has been in prison for Jesus. And they have men breaking into their services with knives and guns to break up the worship. And if you read the letter to the churches in Smyrna it could not be more appropriate than to a suffering church today. Full of encouragement - no criticism at all - it is just encouragement to reImages faithful to Jesus.

So those 7 letters make up the first three chapters of Revelation. I find it strange that I meet Christians who know the letters of Paul better than the letters of Jesus, isn't that strange. You would have thought the most important letters of all would be the letters Jesus wrote, the only letters He wrote.

And those letters are telling us that if there is any compromise in belief or behaviour in your church, you are not ready for persecution - you will go under. I have it on very good authority that there is an investigation agency in London that has been paid to compile a dossier on the private life of every nationally-known Christian leader in England. Ready to shoot them down.

Despatch: Pawson has already told his hearers that good times lie ahead, and that the "pessimists" are wrong about bad times ahead. Which is it?

Pawson: And we had a dreadful Bishop of Durham - infamous - who didn't believe in the Resurrection of Jesus or in His Virgin Birth, but was consecrated

Bishop in one of our largest Cathedrals in the City of York and hours after he was consecrated, a little cloud in the blue sky went around the cathedral and from it came a flash of lightning with no thunder which burnt the cathedral down and did 3 million pounds worth of damage.

People said to me "Do you think that was the judgement of God?" I said "No, it was the mercy of God, He waited until they left the cathedral." And that is mercy - not judgement! And even sixteen meteorologists none of whom believed in God, said to me, "That had to be God hadn't it sir?". Because they could not explain how a little cloud that couldn't even produce rain, produced lightning that struck the cathedral after that man.

And so when he retired, Christians were celebrating - at last he has gone. And an Evangelical Bishop who believed the Bible took his place and all Christians were rejoicing all over until it was released to the press, I believe, by that agency, that that man had been found committing homosexual acts in a public lavatory - and he was finished!

Listen the way to prepare for persecution is to live a holy life.

Despatch: But Pawson said there was not persecution ahead, no, there was going to be great things happening for the churches in the millennium?

Pawson: That's why Jesus wrote to those 7 churches because they were facing the biggest test they ever faced of their loyalty to Christ because John, the apostle who used to walk around and preach in those 7 churches is already isolated on the Island of Patmos for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus. That's his only crime. And he is now on the Island, 60 miles from his home in Ephesus (as the crow flies), totally shut off from his churches. A kind of Robin's Island or Alcatraz, for political prisoners.

And He is in the Spirit on the Lord's day. And I bet you thought that was Sunday? No it isn't. Sunday isn't called the Lord's day in the Bible, it's called "The First Day of the Week". But what is this phrase "The Lord's Day?"

In fact, that is not quite a good translation. The word "Lord" is not a noun there, it is an adjective - it is called "The Lordy Day - or the Lordly Day". That is a very unusual phrase. So what does it mean?

Well I have got to give you a little history if you don't mind. Go back to Julius Caesar, the first Roman Emperor and he was such a great man that people began to say "He is God! He is God!". He didn't mind that at all! In fact he rather liked it. "Alright, if you like to call me God, call me God!" And he was followed by a man called Augustus and Augustus said "I AM God, and you can build temples in which you can worship me as God." And all over the Roman empire Augustine temples were erected - I have seen some of them. You can see them on the video if you get it. And that was the next stage.

Then later came Nero, and Nero was quite good at first, he was just like Hitler at first - stopped unemployment, built buildings and then he went wrong - just like Hitler did. And particularly when the city of Rome burnt down, he was blamed because everybody knew that he didn't like the old buildings and wanted to pull them down and build bigger buildings. And so they blame Nero for the fire of Rome.

And he had to blame somebody else, and there were the Christians just waiting to be blamed and they became his scapegoats. And I have stood in the garden. And in fact in two weeks' time I will probably stand in it again. In Rome next to the Colessuem there is a green hill and that was Nero's palace garden where he held his barbecue parties. Only he barbecued Christians.

He had the Christians tied to poles in the garden, covered with tar and set on fire to illuminate his garden parties. And then he would take other Christians and sew them into the skins of wild beasts and set dogs on them to tear them to bits to enterain his guests. And I have stood in that garden and wondered how many Christians died a horrible death for his barbecue parties.

That was still not the worst. Towards the end of the first century there was an emperor called Domitian and he gave himself a double title - you call me "Lord and God" and once a year he demanded that everybody in the Roman empire worship him. And everybody had to take a pinch of incense and drop it on an altar fire in front of a bust of Ceasar or statue of Caesar and they had to raise their right arm - like that - and say "Ceasar is Lord".

And of course the Christian creed was "Jesus is Lord." And now they were faced with the supreme test of their loyalty to Jesus. Would they say "Caesar is Lord" or would they refuse to, and die?

The day on which Domitian ordered that worship, everywhere, was called the "Lordy Day". Or the "Lordly Day", when everybody would have to do it and acknowledge that he was lord. And that was the biggest test the Christians ever had.

Despatch: So, the Christians were worshipping God on a day when the evil Ceasar was ackowledged?

Pawson: John was in prison - couldn't help them. He was in the Spirit on this very day when they would be faced - and already in one of those churches, they have      already had their first martyr.

The Greek word "martyr" originally meant "witness" but so many Christian witnesses paid for their witness with their life that the word martyr became a word meaning "someone who dies for their convictions." And we know of one woman with a new-born baby - she refused to say "Caesar is Lord" and they were so furious, they put her in prison and put her new-born baby in the next cell so that she could hear it crying and they said, "The moment you say those three words, 'Casear is Lord' you can feed your baby". And her breasts were bursting with milk and her baby was crying for that milk, but she wouldn't say those three words.

Finally,the baby's cries died away and she knew the baby was dead and they were so frustrated with her they heated up a sheet of cast iron above a fire until it was red hot and then they threw her on it and they fried her alive. Just because she wouldn't say three words. I wonder how many Christians today would pass that test?

That's the background of the Book of Revelation. It is written as a manual for matrydom. It is written to help people stand firm when the big trouble comes and oh! there is big trouble in this book. Jesus is honest enough to tell us about the troubles that are facing us in the future because, you see, the Biblical philosophy of history says that both the pessimists and the optimists are right! And they are both wrong!

Despatch:This is a turn around.

Pawson: The world is going to get better and it is going to get worse! And you say, "How is it going to do both?" Well, it certainly can't do both at the same time. It is going to do one before the other. And the pattern of history I am going to draw for you now is called the "Apocalyptic View of History" - and it says, history is going to get much worse, and then suddenly, much better. It is going to get much worse before it is going to get better. And it is going to get much better after it gets worse.

Despatch:That is exactly what the people Pawson calls "pessimists" teach from the Word of God! That "worse" period is the Tribulation, but God will take His Church to be with Him BEFORE that period happens, we will not be here to see the "much better" until the Second Coming occurs, after the Trib.
Pawson: And I have just told you the outline of the rest of the Book of Revelation. With chapter 4 verse 1, John is told - "Come up here to heaven and you will be shown things that happen in the future". And he sees into the future and he sees things getting worse, and worse and worse and then suddenly, completely changing and getting better and staying better.

And that is the apocalyptic view of history which is shared by three groups of people - Jews, Christians and Communists, and they all got it from the same place, from the Old Testament Prophets who had an apocalyptic view of history. Things will get much worse before they get much better and will get better after they get worse. The only difference between these three groups is what causes the change in history? What reverses the downward trend?

The Communist says the revolution will change it - when the proletariat throw off the bourgeoisee and we enter the crimeless, classless    society in which everybody          receives according to their need and gives according to their ability. It is a dream, it is the Communist dream and of course, it has now been shattered in Russia and it will soon be shattered in China, because it doesn't

work. The revolution does not bring Utopia.

The Jew believes that it is God intervening in history that will bring the age to come, that new age, that new wonderful time. And they    believe God will rend the heavens and come down to earth and shake the earth and establish His Kingdom here on earth. They are nearly right with that. But it is not the whole truth.

The Christian believes that history will be reversed when Jesus gets back. That's why we call His return "The Blessed Hope". I have no hope that the world is going to get better before Jesus gets back, but then, I believe the whole trend of history will reverse and things will be much better.

Despatch:No, the "blessed hope" is the Rapture, and this has to do with eternal verities, not merely earthly "blessings" as Pawson seems to teach.

Pawson: Now that's the apocalyptic view of history, and so we need to face the facts - things are going to get worse. Troubles will get bigger until finally, we reach the climax, labelled in the Bible - "The Big Trouble" or "The Great Tribulation." Same thing.

Despatch:Why then did Pawson critise harshly those who believe in the "falling away" and the bad times ahead? This is not a logical train of thought.

Pawson: I just want to give you a very brief feel of the "Big Trouble" because we need to know it. There are dreadful things happening in the middle chapters of the Book of Revelation, that's why perhaps people don't like reading them, but we need to know because the Book of Revelation was not written to satisfy your curiosity about the future, it was written to help you to get ready for it.

Despatch: Here the "optimist" Pawson, gives a horribly depressing message, which is untrue to Scripture and God's love of His Blood-bought ones. Pawson is telling his listeners that they will be getting ready for the Tribulation, that is they will be going THROUGH the TRIB., although God says we will NOT BE! Bible-believers know that the Rapture will take the Church out of the earth BEFORE God's wrath comes upon the nations and Israel. Pawson has had to change his "tune" quite dramatically because the Bible DOES teach Tribulation in the future, as we rush toward the new Millennium. But, now the "optimist" leaves the saints on earth to be under God's wrath, just as though they were never saved at all. Who is being realistic, the Bible teachers of the fundamentals, or Pawson with his new ideas? Who are the "pessimists" and who are the "optimists?"

Pawson: God doesn't bother to give you information that you don't need. There are many questions about the future I can't answer, because they are just speculative and they are of no practical value, and we can find out when we get there, the answer.

But God has told us Jesus has revealed the things we need to know so that we are ready, and they are bad things. The bad news comes before the good news. Talks of wars, and famines and earthquakes - well we are into those anyway. Earthquakes are doubling every ten years, they are already happening in countries where they have never happened before. Like central India, like England - we are getting the earth shaking now - pictures shaking on the walls -we have never seen that before - my lifetime.

Famines - 2/3 of the world go to bed hungry and 1/3 go to bed starving. Wars? I still talk about the last war as if it ended in 1945, but since then there have been 36 major   international conflicts, to say nothing of civil wars, which seem to be taking over from international conflicts.

Talks about disease spreading - a plague that doctors cannot deal with, killing off first 1/3 of mankind and then another 1/4. Something like AIDS, and if you go to central Africa today, that becomes only too real a cenario. It talks about hail stones 100cwt. each raining on the earth. Well if you watched the news yesterday or heard it on the radio, you would know that in Japan they have been having hail stones the size of footballs - killing 25 people, just two days ago. And hail stones are going to get bigger and bigger according to the Book of Revelation.

It talks about all kinds of disasters, far more skin cancer spreading - and you know a little about that in the sunshine state. It talks about boils on the skin, it talks about plagues of locusts.I have only once been in a plague of locusts, I never want to be in it again. I was in northern Nigeria and suddenly the sun went out at midday, and it went all dark. I said "What is happening, is it an eclipse?". "No," they said "Locusts".
And they were flying at twelve miles an hour (I timed them), and it took 3/4 of an hour to see the sun again. And they were just dropping on all the vegetables that the Africans were growing and they would drop on a tree and leave it a minute later, and even the bark had gone! There was just a white skeleton of a tree left and the poor Africans trying to save a bit of their food.

And plague just came and went and 3/4 of an hour later there was not a blade of green to be seen, it was devastated. It says that is what is going to happen worldwide. And when you read this bad news it gets worse and worse until the climax comes when the world is in the grip of an unholy trinity.

Instead of Father, Son and Spirit ruling the world, we have Satan, AntiChrist and the false prophet, a hellish substitute for the Holy Trinity. And they are running everything. And in those days there will be a cashless society. You will not be able to buy food with money - you can only buy it if you have the beast's number on the back of your hand or your forehead so you can pass your hand over the checkout in the supermarket.

Despatch: What a pessimist! We will not even be here to see the awesome judgements of the Tribulation. And this man dares to critise the faithful few that tell people the truth about the love of God, and the Rapture. Pawson has not got a "positive" message, it is a doom and gloom message which denies the provision of the true "blessed hope."

Pawson: 30 years ago people said 'A cashless society? Buying by numbers? Crazy!' But there is a town in England, 40 miles from my home called Swindon-in-Wiltshire which is the first town in the world to do away with money, and you have to buy your food with a number. It is the first experiment in a totally cashless society. And if it works, it is going to spread and I will tell you now, money is on the way out. We are going to do everything by numbers. I am sure you don't find hard to believe that     already, most of you do your shopping with numbers now.

And then Christians are going to be in trouble aren't they? They will not be able to buy food. It says they will have to go and live in the country places where they can scratch a living off the land and eat nettles and things like that. Well, it is going to be tough. And I say thank you Jesus, for telling us.

Despatch: We will NOT have to undergo any such thing! The Rapture will happen soon. The passages Pawson quotes are right in the middle of the Tribulation.

Pawson: I am drawing comfort from those middle chapters, I really do, because it is better to know the worse than to imagine it.

Despatch: How could any one draw comfort from a description of the fearful judgements of the Tribulation? He said there was no "worse" and he certainly is imagining this message, he has left out the Images ingredient, the Rapture, the blessed hope.(Titus 2:13).

Pawson: Would you agree with that? I can prove it to you. 1975 my wife went to have her eyes tested and the optician said 'you had better go and see a consultant about your eye.' It was causing her pain and so we booked with the National Health Service and they gave us an appointment - 9 months ahead - such a waiting list.

I am afraid we didn't realize how serious it was, and we just waited. She would have been in her grave within weeks, it was the worst kind of malignant melanoma right through her eye. And fortunately, an Australian missionary, an eye surgeon in Kenya who came from Queensland and whose widow is living up the coast now, maybe here for all I know. And he called to say goodbye on his way back to Africa. He called at our front door, rang the bell.

He said "I won't come in, I'm dashing to Heathrow to catch a plan to Kenya but I couldn't go past without saying goodbye." I said "Don" (some of you might know Don Lloyd - or knew him) and I said
"Would you just look in my wife's eye?" And he took one look and he ran to the telephone and within hours she was in the hospital and a surgeon was fighting for her life.

And I said to the surgeon, "Tell me the truth, please. We both are strong believers in God and we can take it, will you tell me the worst?" "Well", he said, "Its bad, it may already have gone down the optic nerve to the kidneys and - nothing I can do then. The last woman I had with this, I had to remove half her face - and I

found that very difficult - for her. I'd rather she would be in heaven with a whole face than down here with a half a one."

"Well" he said, "take her home, bring her back in in two day's time but prepare her for what lies ahead. And on the way home my wife said "David, tell me the worst." and I told her. And to my utter astonishment, she was at peace from that moment. And when we got home we knelt down and said "Lord, if you want her in heaven, she is ready to come. But if you have more for her to do on earth, you know what to do." And that is all we did. We didn't rush around telling hundreds of people to pray, though many hundreds did, when they heard. We didn't say 'who is the best healer on earth, let's get her to him.' We didn't do anything like that, that's all we did.

She went back in and the surgeon was going to do his best, or from our point of view, his worst. And I was trying to prepare a sermon for Sunday and I said "Lord, what can I preach on, on Sunday?" And He said, "Preach on Psalm No. 121". So I looked it up and it said

"I will lift my eyes to the hills" and I noticed that every verse was about eyes! The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night - you can be blinded by the moon if you sleep out of doors with your eyes uncovered.

You can certainly be blinded by the sun by day. And it says, "The Lord is your keeper, He never shuts His eyes, He neither slumbers nor sleeps". And Keeper is the word "eye lid" in Hebrew, and you are the "apple of God's eye" - that doesn't mean a golden delicious in your hand, it means "the iris of the eye" - you look in a mirror and you will see an apple in the middle of your eye. And you are the apple of God's eye - the iris, and when anything touches the iris, the eyelid slams down to protect it.

The Lord is your eyelid because you are the iris of His eye. What a statement! And I prepared a wonderful sermon, I thought, and I got a tape of it and dashed off to the hospital to give it to my wife and ask her to pass it around the ward because everybody in the ward was having their eyes treated or operated on.

And to my astonishment, when I got there, she was sitting up looking at me. I said "What happened?" She said "A New Zealand nurse came into the ward shortly after you left me, she told me she had been converted only two months and had been baptized in water, and baptized in the Holy Spirit the same day she was converted. Now that is a normal Christian birth!

And she came and she was shaking with fear and she said to my wife - "The Devil is trying to destroy you!" And my wife calmed her down and the girl said "Can I pray for you?" And my wife is very well taught in these things. Guess who by? (laughter). And she said "Oh I think we should have elders to pray." (in a hospital) and so she and the girl prayed that the Lord would send some elders to them. And into the ward at that moment walked the hospital chaplain and the dental surgeon both full of the Holy Spirit. And so they took my wife to the hospital chapel and the Lord gave that New Zealand nurse a word from the Lord, which was - "You will lift up your eyes to the hills".

And ten days later I drove her away from the hospital without even a bandage on. And we went to Canada and climbed the Rockies. We lifted up our eyes (said laughingly) to the hills, and the Lord has had mercy on us.

When we went back for a check up, the surgeon who was an athiest Jew looked into her eye with a binocular microscope and he went -
 "Which eye was it?" (much laughter and clapping.) And then he turned to me, put his hands together and said "I join you". Isn't that interesting, I wonder if he will clap at the next bit.

I told you my daughter died three years ago of leukemia - the Lord mercifully took her in just three weeks. There is mystery in healing, isn't there? It is too naieve to say "Oh you must have lacked faith with your daughter and had faith for your wife." Now, God had a different way. And actually looking back now, I thank Him for taking her when He did. And I can see the reason why now.

Can't share it with you,but there was a real reason why and I am thankful to Him.

But in her case, my wife and I said to the Doctor, "Please tell us the worst, we can cope." And again in that case, somehow knowing the worst, we could prepare for it. We could be ready, we could make arrangements, we could cope. And that is why Jesus in His mercy has told us every detail of the big trouble that is coming.

Despatch: Now that is not so! Consider this scenario. You ignore the promises of God about the Rapture, you project yourself into going through the Tribulation, you struggle with fear and apprehension - and are Raptured ANY WAY, because you are saved, and God loves us, and the whole misery was for nothing. NO, I am a Bible-believer, and I will trust the Lord that we will NOT go through His judgement or wrath, because there is NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Why does Pawson resist the Rapture so strongly? Because, maybe, he wants to see the CHURCH win a victory for the "Kingdom of God," not just see Christ Jesus establish the Kingdom only, at His Second Coming. Pawson resist the "falling away" for the same reason, he wants to see the CHURCH being victorious on the earth. This will not happen, for no group or person will stand and boast of their "victories" before a Holy God.

Pawson: Now listen, I mentioned, and I won't go into it in detail now, but I mentioned last night, I think, the false prophecy that has spread around the world that Christians are going to be 'out of it' before the big trouble comes.

Why then would Jesus waste 2/3 of the book of Revelation telling us in such detail about things we don't need to know about if we are not here! And right in the middle of that big trouble in chapter 14 is this single statement which proves that this is a false prophecy - and here is the statement - after describing the worst trouble, when you can't even get food and the beast is on the throne and the Antichrist and the false prophet are ruling - it says this:

"This is a call to the saints to endure and to keep the commandments of God and reImages faithful to Jesus."

Despatch: Nonsense! The man even uses a New Age Bible version to prove his odd notions! The book of Revelation has so many details because there are going to be multitudes saved in the Trib., and they will need to understand. There will be mountains of Bibles here still after the Rapture, people will read them, including the Jews. The Bible verse (misquoted) above is talking about the Tribulations saints, of course. The real Bible verse says: "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." (V.12). The statement in no way proves what Pawson pretends it does.

Pawson: The only way out of the big trouble that the Book of Revelation does mention is through martyrdom. And there will be a great number - a multitude that no man can number who "COME OUT OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION one by one, through death".  Lovely promises are said about them that God will wipe every tear from their eyes and they will never know again the scorching sun and He will be their shepherd.

Despatch: Dear Lord God, now who is the "pessimist!" This man is telling his hearers that we will go through the Tribulation, if we don't die before hand. And the only way we can get away from the Trib. is by dying a cruel death! After we have suffered untold persecutions from the Antichrist! And then he adds a "lovely promise." No, this is very cruel and poor teaching indeed. What kind of God would subject His own children to such things, as He brings His anger to bear on the rebellious and Godless.

Pawson: Do you know how many martyrs there are in the world today? Do you know how many died for Jesus in 1997? If I said 3,000 what would you think? If I said 30,000 would you be shocked? If I said 300,000 - well, that is over the top. The World Christian Handbook estimates that last year 264,000 people died because they were Christians.

If you don't know what is happening then find out about Sudan, find out about Uganda, Burundi. Find out about Central America, find out about Angola, find out about your fellow Christians. Well there will be more martyrs at the end in the Big Trouble than ever before. Jesus   issues both promises and warnings to us as the Big Trouble       approaches.

Despatch: The Tribulation is nothing at all like the persecutions of the Church in the Church Age. The "Big Trouble" is the period of the most horrendous judgement of God ever experienced by man on this earth. Did God leave Noah when the Flood came? No, and He won't leave us when this judgement comes. Did God leave Lot at Sodom? No, and He won't leave us, because we are even more precious to Him, and we are the redeemed of the Saviour, washed in His Blood. Praise God, Pawson is not preaching God's Word.

Pawson: The promises are that "He who overcomes will sit on my throne". "He who overcomes will eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God." "He who overcomes will be dressed in white and be a pillar in the church of God never to go out again." He who overcomes such promises that along with those are warnings. "He who overcomes I will never blot out his name from the Lamb's Book of Life."

Which means in simple english that people who overcome, believers who go under in the Big Trouble are liable to lose their names out of the Book of Life. And if you don't believe you can lose your salvation, why at the very end of this Book of Revelation, there is acurse on anyone who takes anything away from the book, and the curse is that they lose their place in the New Jerusalem. I couldn't be clearer, could it?

Despatch: NOW who is preaching pessimistically? This is sheer blasphemy and heresy!

When the trouble comes, Christians are going to be under pressure, but listen I have good news for you. The trouble is going to be so brief, so short, indeed Jesus in the Gospels said that there would be distress as never seen before, but GOD WILL KEEP THOSE DAYS  SHORT - or no-one would survive. (Capital letters mean emphasis).And how short will they be? God could not have made it clearer. Jesus has told us in three different ways - He said it would be a time, times and a half a time, or 3-1/2 times. In another place he says it will be 42 months, which is exactly 3-1/2 years.

In another place, he says it will be 1,260 days - which is exactly 42 months, which is exactly 3-1/2years. How many times does He have to say it? (laughter). 3-1/2 years. Oh stick it out for just that time! Because that's going to be followed by a thousand years of peace and health and happiness. Why throw a thousand years and all eternity to follow,for the sake of 42 months. That's the balance in the Book of Revelation.

Despatch: Here Pawson makes no differentiation between: those who are alive on the earth and saved, when Jesus Christ comes in the Second Advent, and those who have put on immmortality, who have come back WITH Christ after the Bema Seat judgement, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The latter will not just be going into the Millennial Reign in their earthly bodies! They have put on immortal bodies like Christ's, they have come to earth to reign with Him. They will make their abode in the heavenlies, one day (after the thousand year reign) they will dwell in the New Jerusalem. They will "commute" back and forth from the heavenlies, and will rule over cities and areas as Christ's spiritual representatives. The ones who go into the Millennial Reign on earth, as just people and earth-dwellers will be those who do not lose their lives in the Trib., but were nevertheless saved - they have suffered persecution, but have escaped the Beast.

Pawson: And I have gone through the worst times, I have rushed through it quickly, but you go home and read the book and it will make sense to you now. But now we come to the point where suddenly, everything changes. When you read this Book you must remember that the Revelation of Jesus came to John through his eyes and through his ears. He saw and he heard and if you underline your Bible as I do, underline those phrases because you need to know when he was seeing things and when he was hearing things.

And he was so agasp at what he was seeing that many times he forgot to write it down. He was told to write down everything he saw and heard. And eleven times in the Book, the angel says "You're not writing John". (laughter). These words are trustworthy and true - write this down. Eleven times he had to be reminded and that is why the Greek of the Book of Revelation is dreadful.

The grammar is hopeless (laughter) and John's Gospel is beautiful

Greek and his letters are well written but the Book of Revelation is dreadful!

Despatch:Who said so? Pawson?  This is pretty disrespectful of the Word of God, surely?

Pawson: And that has made Bible scholars say "Well, it can't have been the same man writing". Oh yes, it was! If I sent you to watch the film Titanic and told you write everything down that you see and hear, would that be good grammar? Would every sentence be complete? No, some of you are taking notes. And I would like to see your notes to see if it is beautiful grammar.(laughter).

No of course it wouldn't be. Then why didn't John go home with his notes and write it up properly for us? Well the last thing he wrote "Anybody who tampers with this will be cursed." (laughter).

And he didn't dare to try to improve it. (laughter). Actually, the English translaters have done their best to improve it and it reads quite well in English.But in the Greek, dear me.

And towards the end of the Big Trouble he was only hearing things. And the last thing that he heard was the Hallelujah chorus. Have you ever heard Handel's Messiah? Do you stand up when it comes to the Hallelujah Chorus? Sometimes? Do you? Right - do you know why you do? Because the first time it was played, the first time it was sung, the King of England attended and when it got to the Hallelujah Chorus he thought that this must be the end, so he stood up to go.(Laughter). And when the King of England stands up, everybody has to stand up - so everybody stood up, and then when it finished and it went on, he realised Handel's Messiah was not over, so he came back and sat down so everybody sat down again. And to this day people all over England, when the Hallelujah Chorus comes on they stand up and sit down again. (laughter). That's how traditions start.

But I want to shout when I hear the Hallelujah Chorus - do you know what you are celebrating? Because the Hallelujah Chorus comes from Revelation 19 and is celebrating the fall of the commercial centre of the world - Babylon. It is celebrating that all the banks have collapsed, celebrating that the stock exchange has closed. Celebrating that all the pensions have been lost. Celebrating that all the savings have disappeared. It is celebrating that all money is gone. Everything has gone. Hallelujah ... (repeatedly sung). And I think, what are you doing singing like that?

The only people who will be singing the Hallelujah Chorus when Babylon falls will be the Christians. For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns. Well that's all the bad news.

And then suddenly after hearing the Hallelujah Chorus, after hearing the angels, by the way at the end of tonight you are going to hear angels singing! We have got the recording for you to hear them singing and we will have that at the end tonight. And you will never forget that as long as you live.

Despatch:Well, we have had a good music lesson, but nothing exactly Scriptural.

Pawson: But he heard the angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus and he heard an announcement that the marriage was about to happen. Jesus is going to get married, you know. And your His bride - and the Bible is a romance, it is the story of a Father looking for a Bride for His Son and every romance finishes with a wedding and they live happily ever after. And that is how the Bible ends. Because the Bridegroom is going to come for His Bride. You're not married to Christ yet. You are betrothed to Christ. Paul says "I have engaged you to Christ", a Christian is now engaged to Christ, of course there can be such a thing as a broken engagement.

Despatch:The Marriage Supper of the Lamb happens BEFORE Christ's Second Advent, it happens in the period between the Rapture and the Second coming, when all eyes will see Him come. Straight after the Rapture the Bema Seat occurs (the Judgement Seat of Christ), which prepares the Bride that she might be spotless and clean for the Bridegroom. When does Pawsom imagine the Marriage Supper takes place? Let's think of this a minute. If the Church is not with Christ when He comes back, who is? If the Marriage Supper was NOT before the Second Advent, then why does the Bible show us it is? When will the Church put on immortality, if she is not   already glorified when the Second Advent comes? Who will go into the Millennial Reign, if it is not the redeemed of the Tribulation who are still ALIVE on the earth? Does Pawson not see that there are saints who are dead and who have risen, there are saints who have been Raptured and put on immortality, there are LIVE saints, who have not been Raptured, who have not died - an
d God has a different scenario for each group, not to mention Israel and the Nations! None of the presentation of Pawson's makes any explanation of where all these fit in, why? Because if we are not Raptured and are being judged etc, with God in glory, while the Tribulation if going on, then there is NO TIME for many, many things to take place in preparation for the Millennial Reign!

Pawson: But the wedding is yet to come. The Bridegroom is yet to come. And the Bride must make herself ready. Well, I have covered the bad news. I want you to hear the good news - but you have been very patient. How about a nice little leg stretch and a break. Don't go too far away and please come back as soon as my sheep dogs come after you.(laughter). And if they don't bring you back, I will send some blue heelers after you. (laughter). So come back in 5 minutes for the good news.

NO. 1409.

 NO. 1410 - SIDE ONE.

Can we have some men volunteer to be sheep dogs and run out and bring them in. Half a dozen men please. Put your hand up if you are volunteering. Oh you are eager! Only one man put his hand up.

Right go out and constrain them to come in - go into the streets and compel them to come in.

Just clap your hands and say time gentlemen please. (clapping).

So let us do just what we did this morning - we will sing "He Is Lord" and then people know that things are beginning again.Ready.

He Is Lord..... sung.

Do be seated.
Now at the end of Book of Revelation there are seven visions which belong together and yet they are never read together and the reason is that dreadful French Bishop I told you about, who divided the Word of God into chapters and usually in the wrong places, and unfortunately these last 7 visions are divided between three chapters - three are in chapter 19, three are in chapter 20 and one is in chapter 21. And if only he hadn't divided these, there would be no divison of opinion among Christians about the Millennium.

But the tragedy is that people take chapter 20 and separate it from 19 and 21. Indeed, many people teach that chapter 20 has been dislocated and actually belongs before chapter 19. Isn't that tragic. And now you hear about Christians saying "I'm A'Millennial", "I'm Pre-Pillennial", "I'm Post-Millennial" and my friend said "That is a `pre-post'erous question." (laughter).

And all the division of opinion has led to a kind of gentlemen's agreement never to talk about it. The Book of Revelation is all in 7s which is the perfect number - 7 letters to 7 churches, each with 7 parts. Then 7 seals are broken on the Scroll on which is written the count-down of world history. Then 7 trumpets are blown then 7 bowls of wrath are poured out, but now 7 visions describe the change in history, and so I am going to read all 7 visions.

So for the first time you will hear them read together, and when you do, you will realise there need be no argument whatever about the order of events that will reverse history, instead of getting much worse, it will suddenly get much better and will stay that way forever.

Despatch:The idea that no one but himself has ever read the chapters mentioned all together, is rather arrogant! The message Pawson has given so far is hardly presenting "history" as getting "much better"! On the contrary, his message is very frightening and history gets worse and worse for the Church, in his outlook. At last Pawson actually opens a Bible. Not an Authorised version, of course, he uses a new version!

Pawson: So let me read them: I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse whose rider is called Faithful and True with justice He judges and makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one but himself knows. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood and his name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean and out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron sceptre. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God.
You have sung that last verse without realizing it, probably. Ever sung "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord." And the second verse "He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored." That is this verse, did you realize that? And it goes on - on his robe and on his thigh he has this name written "King of kings and Lord of lords".

And I saw an angel standing in the sun who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in mid-air, come gather together for the great supper of God so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals and mighty men. Of horses and their riders and the flesh of all people, free and slaves, small and great.

Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gather to make war against the rider on the horse and his army. But the beast was captured and with him the false prophet who had performed miraculous signs on his behalf. And with these signs he had deluded those who had        received the mark of the beast and worshipped his image.

And the two of them were thrown alive into the lake of sulphur. The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse. And all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.

And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven having the key to the pit or the abyss and holding in his hand a great chain and he seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, the devil or Satan and bound him for a thousand years.

He threw him into the abyss and locked and sealed it over him to keep him from deceiving the nations any more until the 1,000 years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.

I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge and I saw the souls of them who had been beheaded because of their testimony and because of the Word of God. They had not worshipped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years had ended. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who take part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.

When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth. Gog and Magog to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand of the seashore and they marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God's people, the city he loves.

But fire came down from heaven and devoured them, and the Devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence and there was no place for them. And I saw the dead, great and small standing before the throne and books were opened. Another book was opened which is the Book of Life and the dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.

And the sea gave up the dead that were in it.

That is the proper ending to the film Titanic. They got it all wrong didn't they?

And the sea gave up the dead that were in it and death and hades gave up the dead that were in them and each person was judged according to what he had done. Then death and hades were thrown into the Lake of Fire. And the Lake of Fire is the second death. If anyones name was not found written in the Book of Life he was thrown into the Lake of Fire.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and there was no longer any sea. I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride, beautifully dressed for her husband and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling of God is with men and He will live with them. They will be his people and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things is passed away.

And He who was seated on the throne said "I am making everything new." Then he said "Write this down for these words are trustworthy and true".

Now here we have a series of events and the first one is undoubtedly the return of Jesus to planet earth. But not riding a donkey, riding a white horse and every military conquerer through the ages, Napoleon, Alexander the Great have always ridden a white horse. He is coming, it said, to make war and the first thing Jesus will do on his return is to kill thousands of people.

This is a Jesus you don't hear about in Sunday School. This is not gentle Jesus meek and mild. This is Jesus coming with his robe dipped in blood and not his own blood. This is a Jesus who is coming to fight for justice, for righteousness. Coming to deal with evil on the earth.

We call this coming "The Parousia". It is a Greek word and a very special word. It means a Royal Visitor coming to a city and being

met outside the city by the important people so that they may process with him into the city and the public will see him.

I want you to imagine the Queen as coming to Sydney and she lands at Sydney airport and she is told "I am afraid there is no one to

meet you, you will have to walk into the city." So off she sets. Can you imagine that happening? No! When she lands at the airport there is a red carpet, a line of people, and Paul Keating comes and puts his arm around her, (laughter), and says "Come with me into the city". I know he is not your prime minister now. (laughter).

But you see, that is a "parousia" - that is exactly what is going to happen when Jesus comes riding out of heaven, we are going to meet him first, before he reaches the earth and we are going to accompany him on the last part of his journey down. What a meeting that will be.

Despatch:The armies which will accompany Jesus Christ as He rides on the white horse, are the glorified Church saints, who have put on immortality, who have already been through the Bema Seat judgement, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. When did all that happen, if we were not Raptured before the Trib.?

Pawson: In fact, my grandfather lies buried in Newcastle-on-Tyne in England and on his gravestone is is name "David Ledger Pawson" underneath, his date of death 1934, and underneath that is just says "What a meeting". And I have seen people looking at the stone wondering what weirdo is buried down there. (laughter).

But you see, if you die before Jesus gets back there is a great advantage in that, you get a front seat at the big meeting. Because the dead in Christ shall rise first. And so my grandad will get a front seat if I am still alive. If I have joined him, and I have died, I get a front seat too, and then those who are alive get the back seats.

Despatch: Does Pawson imagine that only the "dead in Christ" will accompany the Rider on the white horse? This is so confused.

Pawson: Well, what a meeting. If you don't like noisy Christian meetings, don't come.(laughter),       because there will be trumpets blowing and people shouting, it will be the noisiest meeting ever and I won't be silent either. It will be loud enough to raise the dead. (laughter). That's exactly what will        happen.

Despatch: Pawson has the dead in Christ who actually rise at the Rapture, mixed up with the Second Advent of Christ, in Revelation 19:11 - and on! (I Thess.4: 13-18).

Pawson: And you, if you are still living, will get your first free flight to the Holy Land. And since there is no stadium on earth big enough, it is going to be up in the air. What a meeting! And there he is riding down - King of kings, Lord of lords but he is coming to trample out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. He is coming to deal with those dreadful men, Satan's tools, that

Antichrist and that false prophet and they will have gathered a huge army to defeat him, to kill him again.

Why such a huge army? Well with all the Christians with Christ now it will need a pretty big army and they will gather in the only flat area in the hills of Judea. There is one flat plain that breaks the line of hills. It is called the plain of Esraelden or the plain of Jezreel. Some of you will have seen it if you have been.

And in the middle of that flat area about 12 miles across, there is one little hill called the hill of Meggido. And in Hebrew the hill of Meggido is Armageddon. That's where that army will gather. Just below that hill is the biggest cross-roads in the world. The road from Asia to Africa crosses the road from Arabia to Europe at the hill of Meggido and everybody who ever travels from one continent to another goes through those cross-roads. There is a little village overlooking it called Nazareth, that's where Jesus was a boy, watching people come and go. It must have been like an airport lounge where you see the world and his wife come and go.

That's where the battle will be - it won't be a battle actually, nobody will fight. Jesus will kill the lot of them with his secret weapon - the secret weapon is a two-edged sword.

The Roman soldier had two kinds of sword, one was a long thin one

that you used to fight two or three enemies. The sword we are most used to - fencing. But the broad sword of the Roman soldier was quite different. It shaped like that   -- and it was about that size and very heavy iron with a rib down the middle and each side was very sharp and it had a double handle that you held with two hands and you swung it like that.

And you could keep 50 enemies away with the broad sword because if they came within reach of it they were sliced right through the arm or the leg and just cut a limb off. Went right through the bone to the marrow. And that's why one writer of the New Testament says the Word of God is like a two-edged sword, piercing right to the marrow, it was that heavy thing.

I will show you the shape of it. (laughter). And that is Christ's weapon. With that sword, he could kill a fig tree, and he did. But when He comes back with that sword, with one word - that entire army will be slaughtered except for the two leaders and it says they will be thrown alive into hell - the first two human beings to be in hell.

Despatch: No, these leaders will be cast into the Lake of Fire, which is not "hell" at all. Compare Rev.20:14, where hell itself is cast into the same Lake of Fire!

Pawson: God never intended hell for human beings, he had to prepare it for the Devil and all his angels. Because 1/3 of the angels of heaven rebelled against God and became demons under Satan. They are nothing but rebellious angels. And God had to prepare hell for them because Jesus never died for a single angel. He died for you. But no angel will ever be forgiven, no angel can ever be redeemed- hell is for the devil and his angels.

But those who cling to the devil and those who never let go of their sin will join them, and so the Antichrist and the false prophet are the first to go to hell. There is no body in hell yet, hell is being prepared at the moment.

Now that is the parousia. And now that battlefield is deep in corpses - there are thousands and thousands of bodies lie and of course it is the middle-east so those bodies need to be cleaned up quickly. Nobody could bury them all, so an angel is calling to the birds of the air to come and pick the bones.

And of course, Israel is on the bird migration route. The skies are full of birds. I have seen it black with storks and pelicans and the angel calls to the birds of the air to come and pick the bones clean, come to the great supper of God and eat the flesh of the Generals, and the Kings and the great and small. It is quite a gruesome vision. But that is the first result of Christ's coming.

At least two of the unholy trinity are now in hell.

What is going to happen to the Devil? And here comes the great twist in the story which you realise is the sequel when you ignore the big figure "20". If only the big figure 20 wasn't there you would have read straight on, wouldn't you? But that is what has split it all up. But the very next thing is that the Devil is confined to a pit and he is chained and locked in a sealed so that he cannot deceive the nations any more.

And again you are allowed to whisper "hallelujah" you know. (laughter). Because that is good news, isn't it? (amens). That's why the church cannot take the world over now because we cannot get rid of the devil, he is the god of this world, he is the prince of this world, he is the ruler of this world and that's why we cannot take over the world because we cannot get rid of its king.

Despatch:Yet Pawson sees the Church going on into the Tribulation and there being no "falling away" of the Faith. He is a strange mixture of his own, not Pre-millennial, nor Dominionist - he has a bit of both "worlds" in his "unique" teaching. A Pre-millennial would teach that we cannot "take the world over now," a Dominionist would not. But a Pre-millennial believer would never have the Church going into the Trib. like this. So what is he' fish or fowl? Neither, just a mixture.

Pawson: We can rescue his victims and get them one by one out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the son of his love, but we cannot get rid of the devil. But actually Christ doesn't, He just sends an angel - the ultimate insult to the devil is that Christ doesn't even bother to send him to the pit, He just says to an angel "Go and chain him up". And he locked him in the pit.

And I am going to tell you something now that is going to prove the existence of the devil, if there is anybody here who doubts his existence.

30 years ago I made a tape on Revelation 20 and for seven minutes on that tape I describe what I am telling you right now - the devil's end. And that tape has been damaged again and again and again over 30 years just for 7 minutes. And the tape has left us in perfect condition and by the time it has got to the person who sent for it, it is damaged and just those seven minutes.
A Methodist family in Brighton in England sent for the tapes of Revelation and when they got to that one, they were all newly converted, and when they got to that one, they could not hear what

I was saying. They could hear my voice in the background but on top of my voice, a loud foreign voice was shouting so loud that they could not hear what I was saying. That tape had left us in perfect condition. They were scared and they sent for their pastor and he came and said "Play it to me." And when they played it the second time, that 7 minutes was wiped clean and there was not a sound on it.

And we have had tape after tape. The last one I had in England was a few weeks ago, the last one here in Australia was a few days ago. And sure enough, we had a complaint this tape was faulty and

Peter Bettson said, "It will be tape 464" and sure enough it was - Revelation 20. The devil hates you to hear what I am telling you right now. Because he is finished, his days are numbered. He has gone, he is chained, he is in the pit and he can't deceive nations any more.

Despatch: One would think that Pawson was the only person to ever teach, preach or say that about the devil! That is simply arrogance! People are always discussing the devil's end, as the book of Revelation describes it, and nothing ever happens to their messages, written or spoken, that I have ever heard of. Are we supposed to believe that only Pawson has upset the devil, by his telling of Revelation 20:2 ? "The devil hates to hear what I am telling you right now" he says. Surely Satan is no more upset by Pawson reading that Bible passage and teaching it than he is about any other Christian doing so. Why do I get the sense all the time that Pawson sees himself as someone uniquely important in the scheme of things?

Pawson: Well now there is a real crisis because now the world is without a government, there is a political vacuum. The unholy trinity that will control the world at the end is gone. Who is going to running the world now? And the answer is "YOU ARE". WE ARE GOING TO REIGN

ON THE EARTH WITH JESUS. Jesus is coming back to reign for a thousand years, but he won't do it himself.He is going to need help and we are going to reign with him on the earth.

The promises that we are going to reign in the future are all on the earth. The angels sing in Revelation 5 "Worthy is the Lamb to receive honour, power and glory because he as redeemed with his own blood out of every kindred and tribe and tongue and people, men for God and they shall reign on the earth." And Jesus said "The meek shall inherit the earth - not heaven - THE EARTH." But they are not inheriting it at the moment. It is the rich and the powerful and the aggressive who inherit the earth now.But one day the meek will, one day there will be a Christian government over the whole world. One day Australia will have a Christian government.

It already has a King - a Jewish King, and doesn't know it, but one day Australia will know it. And there will be a Christian government in Canberra. Do you believe this? Are you getting ready for this awesome responsibility?

Despatch: No, I am getting ready, watching and waiting for the Blessed Hope, i.e. the coming of Christ Jesus for His Bride, the glorious Rapture of the Church. We are told to do this by God, not to get ready for a "ministry" way ahead yet.

Pawson: You know I could look forward to a day when Christians reign on the earth, if I thought we were capable of it. We can't even run the church properly yet. That's serious and we are going to run the world, Jesus is coming back to reign and the first thing he has got to do is to get rid of the devil.

Despatch: He seems so caught up in this concept, that "we" are going to be on EARTH, to "run the world." He sees himself running the world most likely, he is an "important" man of God now, so naturally he sees himself as a big man of God in the millennium reign. All the saints will have been through the Rapture by then, they would have glorified bodies, they will never pass through death, they have been through the Judgement Seat of Christ, they will then totally share the Life of Christ! Pawson sees the Church ruling on earth without having been through anything like those things, just moving on after the Trubulation period, into this "ministry" of glory. He has no thoughts about Heaven, sees only the earth. Why is this?

Pawson: And then it says, I saw thrones on which was seated those who had been given authority to judge, and I even saw, he adds, those who had been beheaded by english rulers, sorry - by earth rulers, and now, they are on the seat of authority. Now they are reigning, complete reversal.

You know I go to some of the worse prisoners in England and teach them the Bible, lifers and drug barrons and men in for 25 years and they are so hungry. And there is one prison in England, we now have an entire wing that is Christian. (amen). And the governor has put them on self-discipline and there are only knobs on the inside of the cell doors and the guards now have to knock on the door. And the prisoners say 'come in'. (chatter and laughter). Isn't that amazing? (clapping).

And I was telling these prisoners - "One day some of you will be in charge of the courts of law and you will be the magistrates, you will be the judges." Their eyes popped out of their heads. (laughter). I said "You had better learn what justice and mercy is now so that you can be ready."

Our bank manager is converted, and he converted all the bank. All the staff, and they were held up by bandits with guns and made to lie on the floor and the headquarters of the bank sent counsellors down to the bank to counsel them. The bandits ran off with 1/2 a million pounds. You probably know about this, do you? And it is where your dad lives.

There they were, and the counsellors came and found themselves being counselled. (laughter), because the bank staff were singing praises to God - it was Lloyds and I talked to that bank manager and I tell him "You know, Jesus said, if you have been faithful in looking after others people money, I will give you a lot of your own to look after." And that man is preparing for the millennium, as all the banks will be in Christian hands.

Despatch:This is all very worldly indeed. The Millennial Reign is not like our world today, the whole earth will be changed. Pawson seems to have a kind of Dominionist's view, power and wealth for Christian leaders, after Christ has come and put down Satan. The Bible teaches something quite different. The Bride (the Church, made up of all those redeemed in the Church Age), glorified, having already put on immortality and completely conformed to the image of Christ. They see Christ Jesus in His glorious reign, not themselves in power. No one can "prepare for the millennium, to get themselves ready for the power that lies ahead." GOD will transform us before then, and we will be Perfect, because we will have been through something stupendous - and that will happen in heaven with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We would have been with myriads of angels in glory, before we ever come back to the earth. To come and serve here will be a sacrifice of love, for we are citizens of heaven, and earth will be m
inor in comparison. Pawson has no spiritual outlook in all this, he sees only himself and others sharing the power and wealth. Of course spiritual Christians can only see the blessed Lord, and being with Him, and seeing Him face to face in glory, and worshipping around the very Throne of God. But Pawson has a view that sees only the earth, and things going on like they are now, but with himself and others holding the power strings over finances, and political affairs.

Pawson: And all the courts will be in Christian hands, and in fact, Paul writing to the Corinthians says - "I hear that some of you Christians in Corinth are sueing other Christians in courts before an unbelieving judge. How dare you, when you are going to judge the nations."

Listen, we ought to be learning how to settle the differences in the Church now, because we are going to settle them for the world later. Wonder if you believe what I am telling you now?

A man came up to me recently after I had been preaching about the millennium. He said "David, for the first time I can relate my faith to my job." I said, "Why, what's your  job?" He said, "I am in charge to depolluting the rivers of England. We have even got salmon coming up the Thames again." And he said "I never thought Jesus would be interested in that job." But he said "I have read in Revelation that all the rivers and seas are going to be polluted at the end. When Jesus gets back He will need a man to depollute the rivers - and I want that job!" (laughter), and he said "I am going to learn as much as I can about it!"

Despatch:WHAT! Are we to     expect that mere man will be needed to set in motion the prefect conditions of the Millennium Reign? This is too much. The whole topography of the planet will be transformed by the CREATOR of the planet, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Pawson has no notion of the grandeur of the Millennial conditions.

Pawson: You see, all this is bringing the future down to earth. Andyet I find most Christians are up in heaven in the future and really, they haven't the foggiest idea of what they are going to be doing. In fact, most Christians I talk to think that heaven is going to be an everlasting Sunday-morning service, with every chorus sung 17 million times. (laughter).

Is that what we are looking forward to? I'll be very frank, I think I would be bored. I am like the little boy who turned to his mother in church in the middle of the sermon and said "Mummy, is it still Sunday?" (laughter). Have you ever had that feeling? You know maybe you are feeling it right now. This preacher is giving us a foretaste of eternity. (laughter).

Despatch: Pawson is worldly, a worldly Christian (if he is really saved at all). The saints will worship at the Throne of God, and this will be the most glorious, thrilling, delightful, loving, breathe-taking experience of all time! Yet, Pawson sees only political things, banking, running the show with Jesus.

Pawson: But listen, I am looking forward to us reigning on earth with Christ. And showing the world what it can be like when all the media is in Christian hands, when all the television is in Christian hands. There is nothing on your T.V. screen that Christ could not look at. It's coming - when He comes!

Some people think the church is going to achieve all this - NO!    Because we cannot get rid of the devil. But when Jesus comes, it WILL HAPPEN. There are promises of all through the Bible of what will happen to this earth. Most of the promises of the future are     concerned with the earth in the  Bible. Did you know that? And here are some of those wonderful promises.

Promises that one day children will play safely in the streets and old people will go out at night and walk the streets of the city in safety. And there are areas in London that are now being designated "No Go Areas" to the police because we haven't got enough police to look after them. And I dread to think what will happen to pensioners in those "No Go Areas" - already     ladies in their 80s are being raped by teenagers.

And one day the streets will be safe, and one day it says the wolf will lie down with the lamb and the lion will eat straw like the ox and that children will play with snakes. I saw a BBC programme recently of 10 deadliest snakes in the world, and they were all Australian. (laughter). Brownies, Blackies, the lot. (laughter). And it says, one day a child will put his hand into the nest of a viper and nothing will harm in all my holy mountain says the Lord. A little child shall lead the wild animals and play with them.

What do you do with promises like this? Listen to them as though they are poetry? As if they are not real. What do you do with them? And then it says that people will live so much longer, under Jesus reign, that anyone dying at 100 will be regarded as tragically premature. Well you have read about the ages before the flood, haven't you? Methuselah - 969. That's coming back, and somebody dying at 100, poor soul! (laughter). Health will so improve.

Despatch: But, the saints of the Millennial Reign will be immortal already, glorious new creations, heirs with Christ, sons of God. Our rule will be more like the angelic beings coming and going to the earth to oversee, we will not be glad of living a long time on earth, etc.

Pawson: But one of the glorious things I love to look forward to is this - there will be multi-lateral disarmament. And all the money we are spending on guns and tanks and bnombs and land mines will be spent on food and clothes. (shouting and clapping) Isn't that going to be wonderful!
Despatch: All this still sounds so worldly, there is hardly any excitement on Pawson's part about the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ over the entire planet, and the glory that will be. Pawson is so earthly-minded, his heart seems so cold toward the Lord.

Pawson: Tell you where it comes, I went to New York City to visit the United Nations headquarters. There were two things I wanted to see, outside on a block of granite is half a verse from the Bible - oh if people would only quote the full verse - and the context better still! Half the verse on this block of granite says:

"And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks, nation will not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war any more."

That's only half the verse. The first half says:

When the Lord reigns in Zion, He will settle the disputes among the nations and they will beat their swords into ploughshares.

Well I saw that, and then a girl in uniform took us around this        impressive building on the banks of the Brooklyn River and she said "This is the general assembly room, this is the Security Council, these are the committee rooms, this is the works of art that have been donated to the building." And then after two hours she said "Well, that concludes our tour, Ladies and Gentlemen, have a nice day."

And I said, "You haven't shown us one room." And she said "What room is that?" And I told her. She said "Oh no, that's not open to the public, you cannot go, its locked up." I said "But I want to see it." She said "Well I am sorry, you can't". I said, "But I have come a very long way to see it." And she said, "I am sorry, its locked up." So I tried my last card, and I said "I have come all the way from little old England."

That really gets the Americans right here, ... you know. (laughter). And she began to soften and she said "Well, go and ask one of the guards in the foyer. So I went to the foyer and here is a big American with pistols in his belt and he said "What doyou want?" And I said "I want to see this particular room." "No," he said "You can't it locked up, its not open." I said "I have come a long way to see it." "Well," he said, "No, its not available." I said "But I have come all the way from little Old England."

And he began to melt a bit and he said "How long would you be in there?" I said "Two minutes, that's all I want." And he said "Well, alright if its only two minutes." And he took the key and he took me across and he opened the door and took me in and I saw the "god of the United Nations. I had heard about this, but I couldn't believe what I had heard.

Its a dark room - no windows, just a bit of light around the edge of the ceiling and there are prayer mats and prayer stools all in a circle and in the middle is the god they pray to for world peace. Its a block of cast iron, the size and shape of a coffin on a pedestal painted matt black. And that is what they pray to for world peace.

I had heard about this, and I thought - no, surely 20th century top politicians don't bow before a block of cast iron. But they do - if they go in to pray at all! And I thought - you have built this building in the wrong city, it should be in Jerusalem, in Zion.You've got 1/2 a verse of the Bible outside, you have ignored the other half and you are praying to a block of cast iron for world peace. And you think you can do it? Never! Never!

That is not to belittle that they have achieved some things with super-human effort - but the idea that they can bring multi-lateral disarmament to the world is a complete illusion.

Despatch:No, the UN is a tool of the international elitists. The war, mayhem, famine, displacement of millions etc which has been wrought by the global powers-that-be is horrific. It is simply not so that these power barons are really seeking "multi-lateral disarmament to the world" at all. They are seeking right now to reduce the world's population by at least 3 billion, and will use wars, disease and famine to do so. Pawson is deceived.

Pawson: But when Jesus reigns it will happen. Are you looking forward to the millennium? THE millennium? Not the year 2000, THE millennium? A thousand years of peace and happiness and prosperity and then comes the big shock of all.

At the very end of this, Satan is allowed back in. If that was not in my Bible, I couldn't believe it.  But why should God allow the devil back in and how is he able to gather an even bigger army than Armageddon. Armageddon is not the last battle of history, it is the second-last. This is the last one, it is called Gog and Magog and if you want to know what that means, read Ezekiel chapter 37, and Satan will gather an enormous army like the sand on the sea shore to march on Jerusalem and kill this Christian Government.

Pawson: How could he do that after 1,000 years of peace and happiness? Well I will tell you why,I think he will be able to persuade most Australians to join him. Because you see there will have been censorship. Jesus and His people will rule the nations with a rod of iron. That does not mean cruelty, it means no democracy. No debates, no political parties, no protest movements, no votes.

And people will hate that. And since nothing will appear on television Jesus can't watch, people will say "Why can't we have those 'X' rated films back?" And newspapers and magazines will be fit for Jesus to read. And Western Australia won't be able to have abortion on demand. And there will be deep resentment, in spite of all the blessing that government will bring.

Despatch: Pawson cannot be saying all this! Remember, reader, this is happening one thousand years after the Reign of Christ began. How do we know what will be on the earth then, why television and X-rated movies will seem like rubbing sticks together to get fire seems to us in 1998! What Pawson does not understand is that THE LORD will have changed the entire planet immensely for one thousand years, not for a day or two. Pawson is so worldly minded that it is unbelievable.

Pawson: And Satan will do at the end what he did at the very beginning - oh God is now reminded isn't He? Doesn't want you to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil - you eat it!you decide for yourself what is good and evil - don't let Him tell you!

And so that last fling of Satan will reveal that there are only two sorts of people in the whole world - only two. Those who welcome life      under God's kingdom and those who hate it. And when that is revealed at last that there is nothing more to do but to have the day of judgement and to divide the human race into two parts, and decide their eternal destiny.

And the evidence that that last judgement will be books - I have the feeling they will probably have a red cover with gold lettering - "This is your life" (laughter). And it won't be half an hour of the nice bits. It will be everything, because everything you have ever done or said or felt or even thought has been recorded in books in heaven.

It has also been recorded in your memory. You never forget anything in your whole life.You may have difficulty in remembering it, and as you get older you have greater difficulty. In fact, there are two signs of old age, one is a bad memory and the other---- (laughter). Well,you never actually forget a thing and sometimes it only takes a smell that you have not smelt since you were a little child and suddenly a whole file draw in your memory opens and a flood of things that you haven't thought of for 50 years comes flooding back. Right?

Actually, everything is recorded in here -- your whole life, it is all there and there is a copy of all that up there. And I can tell you now, if a book is opened "This is your life David Pawson" everything in my life, everything I have done is in that book - I'm done! And I wouldn't even argue with God.

I would say - "Yes, I deserve hell. I have so rebelled against your ways, so disobeyed you, so done the things that grieve you and hurt other people, even the things I have said are enough to damn me." Jesus said "For every careless word you will brought into judgement. Things that have been whispered in the bedroom will be shouted from the housetops."

Not a very comforting thought is it?

Ah, but there is another book going to be opened - it is called "The Book of Life" and that is the book of Jesus' life and that's the one book that can be examined from cover to cover and passes judgement. The glory of it is that it won't be just His name that is in the book, it could be your name too. In that book will be the name of every over-coming believer. Not every believer, every over-coming believer. Because, he who overcomes I won't rub out his name from the Book of Life.

Despatch:Here I would say without a shadow of a doubt that Pawson does not understand Salvation in Christ Jesus. In fact, his message is so like the Jehovah's Witnesses that it is remarkable. Says Pawson, only the overcomers  are  saved,  if they stay faithful in the Trib., and under persecution in general (JW doctrine). All the blessing of the Christian are on earth, not in heaven (JW doctrine). It is the LAMB's book of Life, why because Christ was the sacrifice which won our place in that book, by His own Blood, not by our works in any shape or form. A Blood-bought, redeemed child of God can NEVER by blotted our of the Lamb's Book of Life, praise God, for it is covered in His Blood, so to speak. Pawson has no notion of the doctrines about the "books." For those who do not know about these, write for a full study of the subject.

Pawson: If your life's name is in that Book of Life when the books are opened, the other book on your life will be kept shut. I pray that on that day my name will still be in the Book of Life.

Despatch: So, he thinks he can lose salvation by not being faithful or something, does he? This is sheer and utter apostasy. This sort of message shows quite clearly that we are indeed in the period of the Great Falling Away, and Pawson is a major player in this.

Pawson: And now we come to the final vision:
"And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the old earth and the old heaven had passed away. And there was no more sea."

When did you last hear a sermon about the new earth? I preach on it regularly, but every time somebody comes to me and says "Are you a Jehovah's Witness?" (laughter).

Despatch: I can understand why people ask that, for his doctrine is very like JWs in many ways. What is he doing in the evangelical churches? Why doesn't anyone challenge him, seriously? Obviously there are others who have seen this similarity? I wrote the above about his JW doctrines  BEFORE I read that others have seen he is a JW clone in some regards. Sadly, the JWs are a New Age-style religious body, waiting for the Antichrist and blessings on the earth only - for the faithful. Do away with the Rapture, the Bema Seat, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the heavenlies and what you end up with is a "CHRIST" who just steps onto the world-stage after a skirmish or two. THIS is precisely what the Antichrist deception is, and Pawson is basically teaching it.

Pawson: Because they talk about the new earth - and they are right to do so, it's in our Bible and their Bible. There are other ways in which they are terribly wrong, and they have changed our Bible to fit their strange views, but on this they are right.

Despatch: Now he is admitting that the JWs' doctrine on the new earth is his OWN. But, the Bible does NOT teach what Pawson says it does about the new earth, it is a different message all together. Who does teach this as well as Pawson and the JWs? The New Age New World Order! I am very alarmed now by Pawson, he is a very deluded man.

Pawson: But they are the only people talking about the new earth. The average church never hears about the new earth. I was in Sydney preaching about the new earth and I said "In the new earth there will be no sun, no sea and no sex. And there wasn't a single 'hallelujah'! (laughter). And the people's faces dropped and they looked as though they wanted to get out of the meeting and get down to Bondi Beach as soon as possible. I understand you can get all three in good measure down there. (laughter).

And I said, "You won't even miss any of those three things, the new earth will be the most wonderful place." And there is a new city being built up there and it is going to come down here. The Americans want to build a city in space, so do the Russians, but Jesus is already at it. He has gone back to carpentry. (laughter).

Despatch:WHAT! Jesus Christ is now returned to the Eternal state which was always His, He needs no carpentry. He is the Creator who "spoke" and the world was formed. No wonder people want to leave Pawson's meetings.

Pawson: He said, "I am going to prepare a place for you." And that city whose builder and maker is what Abraham was looking for, when at the age of 80 he left a brick-built house to live in a tent for the rest of his old age, and had he not done so, you would not be here now. And that old man lived in a tent in the winter as well as in the summer as an old man because he was looking for a city whose builder and maker was God.

While everbody here is planning their retirement home on the Sunshine Coast, Abraham looked for the city whose builder and maker is God. There was an old hymn that used to say - a tent or a cottage, what do I care, He's building a mansion for me up there." Which to you think most about - your ideal home on earth, or the place He is preparing for you in Heaven?

And it is coming down out of heaven - like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband and I am going to show you now something that you won't see again until you get to the New Jerusalem and live in it. I must give you a little bit of science for two minutes - precious stones are rare on this earth, though Australia has a lot of them. My wife's favourite stone is an Opal. So she has got one from here, though it was our Ruby Wedding in October, so I gave her a little lovely brooch which had an opal surrounded by rubies. And I thought that was appropriate.

But anyway, you have some precious stones here - many. But they are rare and they are beautiful, aren't they? Really beautiful, colours glinting in the light. But you know, there are two kinds of        precious stone. And we have only discovered this since we have been able to produce pure light. Like polarized light and laser light.

And if you take a precious stone and you cut a very thin slice and shine pure light through it, one of two things will happen. It will lose all of its colour and look like a piece of coal or, it will change from its present colour, red, blue or green, into all the colours of the rainbow and the most fabulous patterns you have every seen. The scientific term for those that lose everything is 'isotropic' and the scientific that gave ALL the colours and wonderful patterns is 'anisotropic'.

There are 12 stones which will be used as the material for the New Jerusalem and everyone of them is anistropic. Now some of you ladies are going to be disappointed here - diamonds are isotropic. Don't take them with you to glory - they have no colour, no brilliance. Rubies - my wife will have to leave her ruby brooch behind because it has no colour in pure light. Garnets - no colour, but look at these.

I wonder if somebody would just come and operate that - that little white bit at the left. That switch and you will have to move that around a bit because there is a mask on that over-head projector which only shows a little bit at a time. So it is the white thing at this side - come around this side - you will see it - left hand side. Alright? Great? That's it.

Now you are looking here at the 12 precious stones from which the

New Jerusalem will be made. Look at the colours, look at the patterns and these fragments are one thousandth of an inch in size - just a speck of dust - that's the dust of the New Jerusalem. Can you imagine what it would be like?

Just gradually work down and you come to diamonds, rubies, garnets and look at them! You wouldn't even pay anything for them - they have lost everything.

Now here is the final proof that the Bible is the Word of God. This has only been discovered recently. When John wrote the Book of Revelation there was no way that he could have picked an isotropic stone, because nobody knew, except one person knew, that was God. And God chose those stones and told them to John. Now you know that God and Jesus and the Spirit inspired the Book of Revelation because nobody else could possibly have guessed which stones are like that in pure light. Thank you, you can switch it off.

And here is the last thing I want to say before we hear the angels sing - which you will hear in heaven. Thank you.

The most amazing thing at the end of the Book of Revelation is this - God is changing His address. God is moving house. He is now in highest heaven and we pray to Him there - "Our Father who art in Heaven". But at the end of the Bible when the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven to earth, He comes down with it.

And the New Jerusalem will not only be your home forever, it will

be His home forever. And the angel is so astonished, the angel says "Behold," - whenever you read that word in Scripture don't just read it behold - it means LOOK! LOOK! BEHOLD! THE DWELLING PLACE OF GOD IS WITH MEN! Not the dwelling place of men is now with God! He has come to live with people! And He will be with them and He will be their God and they will be His people.

That is the most astonishing thing. We are not going to heaven to

live with God, He is coming to the New Earth to live with us forever. And of course, Christ, the Lamb of God will come too for the Spirit will be with us - HERE on a new planet earth.

That is most amazing, because you see God the Father hasn't been down to earth for a very long time - His Son came down here, the Spirit is now down here, but God the Father was only here at the very beginning, and Adam at the end of a hard day's work heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden of Eden.

God was taking a stroll in the garden with Adam and Eve. But then when sin came in, the Holy Father could not stay. And He withdrew, yes, He sent His Son to die that we might become holy, sent His Holy Spirit to help us to be Holy and at the last, that new city of God into which nothing impure will enter will come down out of heaven.

It is so big that it would just fit inside the moon, if the moon were hollow. 15 hundred square miles. I do architecture as a hobby - I have 3 or 4 church buildings going up at the moment, and I have studied the architecture of new cities, I have studied Canberra and Brazilia, both of them dammed up a stream to have water in the middle of the city. They got that from the New Jerusalem and the architect of Brazilia was called Nehemiah, a German Jew. And the New Jerusalem I can't wait to see - how do you have a city that big that feels like home.

Well, the architect is God, the builder is God and He knows how. It is made of these precious stones, but He will be there and it says "We shall see His face." Nobody has seen God all through the centuries, nobody has seen it, but we are going to see His face. I wonder what it will be like?

I have a feeling it might be like His Son, He that hath seen me hath seen the Father." But you are going to be privileged to see His face, but it is only the pure in heart who shall see God. Without holiness no-one will see the Lord. But He is coming to live with us and He will live on the earth for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.
Despatch: True there will a new earth, but unlike the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Christian Church has always known that Scripture speaks too of "the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels." (Hebrews 12:22). The Bible rings with the news of the city of God in heaven, not just the new earth. Phil.3:20; II Cor.5:1; Ephesians 1:10; 3:15 etc. Read these verses carefully, there are scores of them in the Word. These ideas of Pawson are more that show how worldly, of the earth, he is, and how much his doctrine is like the JWs. Revelation 3:21; Rev.3:12; Rev.2:7; I Peter 1:4,5; Hebrews 11:10,16; John 14:2,3 etc. This "overcoming" of which the Bible speaks is a very part of the Life of Christ in the believer, it is not self-works, for none shall "boast" in the presence of God (Ephesians 2:8,9). The definition and method of overcoming is given in I John 5:4,5. Note that "faith"; being born-again; believing in Jesus Christ, is "overcoming", not self-works or self-faithfuln
ess of some sort.

Pawson: We shall be living with the saints and with the angels, with all the people of God - Jew and Gentile, one fellowship. And on that Holy City will be 24 names - 12 apostles and 12 tribes of Israel.

One of the original 12 apostles will be missing, Judas and one of the original 12 tribes will be missing - Dan - both betrayed God.

But others replaced them and there will be 24 names and 24 elders governing that city and we shall live with God for ever and ever and ever.

I would like you to hear the angels sing now, and I need to explain how this recording came to be.

In a church in Canada, a large auditorium like this, 4 young people gathered on a week-night evening to prepare the songs for Sunday. They were the worship leaders. And they wanted to sing the chorus - Hallelujah (repeated many times) (very poorly sung). Do you know that song? (audience said Yes).
And the boy said "I have written a verse to go with the chorus". And he said "What I am suggesting, (one boy and three girls), you sing the chorus, then I'll sing the verse I have written and you sing the chorus again. And they tried it out, and his verse was all about the angels singing about Christians coming through to Glory.

Despatch: I have great trouble with the "angels" of Pawson. He is not a man of the Word, or spiritually minded, yet he has these "beings" in his message. I do not believe these are God's angels, I will not comment further here, but let the reader think before God on this.

Pawson: And then he said, "Let's record it so we can hear how we sound". And they put a tape recorder on and they sang it all again. But this time when they played it back, there were thousands of people singing with them. And furthermore these voices were so unusual they were singing much higher than the young people, and they weren't singing the same tune and yet it perfectly blended in with what they were singing.

It was an unearthly kind of music - I took that recording to a professor of music in Southampton University in England and he listened to it, and I didn't tell him what it was.

And he came back and said "That is an astonishing recording". He said "Everyone of those voices in the background is opera quality. What a backing group!" (laughter). And then he said this, but he said "They are actually reaching top `B'". And he said "I have never known a choir that could reach top 'B' comfortably."

And then I told him that he was listening to voices from another world - joining in with a group of young people singing. Well now

I am afraid the recording has been so used, so copied that it is in pretty bad condition.But you will hear them, and I would like you to hear them now.

Let's listen to that - you will hear the boy singing his solo with thousands of voices behind him, you will hear the girl singing "Hallelujah" with thousands of voices    behind her. Let's just listen to that right now.

Music is then played.

Despatch: In the solo our typist distinctly picked up the words "Of Jesus and His Children as they are coming through." (Pawson himself sings this with the voice on the tape) Totally unscriptural! Jesus does not have children - He is the Head, we are His Body, His Bride and after the Rapture, the Bema Seat and Marriage Supper - we are His Wife. There is no mention ever in Scripture of "Jesus' children" - proof that these "voices" cannot have come from God.

Recording concludes.

Pawson: Well, did you hear the four young people singing? Could you sing as high as those angels? What is it going to be like when we see His face? Let us pray.

Our heavenly Father, we thank you for telling us the truth. Lord Jesus, thank you for your honesty, we    realize there is big trouble coming and that we need to be ready. Thank you for showing us beyond all that such a vision of this world transformed by your presence and of a new earth beyond that which will last forever.

Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what God has prepared for those who love Him. Thank you, Thank you.

And Lord Jesus, a cry from our heart, as we look out on this sad, sick and sorry world is "Even so, come Lord Jesus, come soon, come quickly". The world needs you desperately, you are our only hope.

You are our blessed hope. You are the Saviour of the World, and the Lord of all. For your name's sake, Amen.

Despatch:The world needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now, for when the Tribulation comes, the world will receive fearful judgement from God. And the "world" does not need the Second Advent either, for all those who are unsaved, and this is what the "world" is, will be destroyed by His coming. The "Blessed Hope" is the RAPTURE, not the Second Advent. See Titus 2:11-15. NOTE: that the verses tell us that we should be denying ungodliness, and worldly lusts, and so on, living in this present world, looking for the blessed hope, and the glorious appearing, etc. Obviously this is the RAPTURE, not the Second Coming, for if this was the Second Advent, we would be glorified in heaven, not in a still imperfect state waiting in a sinful world! Again, Pawson has confused and botched prophecy interpretation.

Back to the Pawson tape:
CLAPPING. Concluding address by unknown - with a prayer for David as he heads off tomorrow. David was surrounded by the two men introduced at the beginning and pastors and elders of the Gateway church.

NO. 1410.
Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch

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