Wendy Howard was a delegate to the World Council on Religion and Peace. She was shocked to find herself witnessing planning for the One World Religion prophesied in the Bible. Wendy is our guest today on 'Politics and Religion'.


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I'm Irvin Baxter and I think its time we talk about it.

Hello once again, Irvan Baxter from the studios of Politics and Religion and ***--------*** our co-host is with me again today and we have a wonderful guest for our programme today. I first met Wendy Howard when I read an article called "One World Church Is Here". It was such an outstanding article that I contacted Wendy and found out she lived in Australia, was the head of Endtime Ministries in Australia - that was shocking by itself because the name of our ministry is 'Endtime' and received permission to reproduce her article in 'Endtime Magazine'. We are so happy to have Wendy Howard on our broadcast today with you. Wendy, welcome to Politics and Religion.

Hi Wendy.

W.H. - Hi, lovely to speak to you.

I.B.: Well, it is so nice to have you today and let us just make sure people understand what you do, Wendy. You are from , Australia.

W.H.: Yes, that's right, yes.

I.B.: And you have a ministry called 'Endtime Ministries'. Would you mind telling our listeners what that is about and what you do.

W.H.: Well, we prepare and distribute the Magazine called "Despatch" and of course I am the Editor of Despatch. Our magazine exposes the New Age/New World Order. Mostly, it's infiltration of the churches and we present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and expose the end time apostasy in Christendom. And we also put out a correspondence Bible Diploma Course and I write various books and leaflets on many subjects. And we have a website on Internet and I work full time with my co-worker Wendy Beuster and other people from different denominations from the independent churches help support us.

I.B.: Do I dare tell what people call you and the other Wendy?

W.H.: Yes, if you like.

I.B.: Wendy told me when we first met by way of the internet that since it is Wendy Beuster and Wendy Howard that some people call them the 'two Wendies' because they have so much to say. But anyway, all I can tell you is all I found in that article was very worthwhile material and I think you have a lot to say and it is absolutely vital to the people right now.

You know Wendy, in this time when Jesus said "Many shall come in my name and shall deceive many", there is a lot of confusion out there because Satan is actually infiltrating the churches, is that right?

W.H.: He certainly is and I would say that Christianity as we have known it is almost on the complete decline at this point, which is a horrifying thing to say, but there is so much counterfeit going on within the churches that is brought about by the new age that we are seeing a complete change right across the globe. And the Bible prophesied of course that this would happen.

I.B.: And that is what Jesus meant when He said "Beware lest any man deceive you". This is happening to good people, they are being deceived by the infiltration and by the major Images-line denominations actually changing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Is that true?

W.H.: Indeed they are and there are many strange and false gospels that are not the true Gospel and I believe that many people that are encountering what they call "Christianity" in these last days have never really come across what is 'real' Christianity. This is horrifying and I do urge people to pray for the lost in these days.

I.B.: In your article, "The One World Church Is Here", that's quite a statement, when you say boldly that the one world church is here, now. What happened that convinced you of that?

W.H.: Well, the investigative work of many of the remnant church, which is the true Body of Christ across the world is now confirming that the one world church of Revelation and chapter 17 in particular in the Scriptures is almost completed. Now this information is overwhelming. Yet we must bear in mind that the Lord God Almighty is Sovereign and His plan will come to fruition through the puny efforts of a rebellious planet through unsaved men and women. The antichrist religious system is ready to go, it is rearing to go but Satan will find himself simply fulfilling God's plan in the end.

I.B.: Now you actually wrote this article "The One World Church Is Here" after attending a meeting called The World Council on Religion and Peace. First of all, what religions were actually represented at this World Council?

W.H.: Well I like to point out here that it is not only 'religions' that were at the Melbourne Conference. Something really strange was happening there, the W.C.R.P. Conference was entitled "Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference" and it was sort of presented as a multi-cultural dialogue with migrants. So that many who came simply saw it as a way to make migrants happy in a new country and give them dignity. And this pattern emerged, to my way of thinking - that immigration leads to multiculturalism, multiculturalism leads to inter-faith mergers and inter-faith leads to a syncretism of all religions, a sort of a syncretism into a one world religion.

I was called a migrant on a number of occasions at that conference although our family has been in Australia for perhaps 8 generations. These people were saying that we are all migrants except the aboriginals and their religion of the Rainbow Serpent and the Dream Time was the indigenous religion of our land, not Christianity. And there were no denominations represented at that conference which I would regard as really 'Christian'. Although the Salvation Army, the Uniting Church, the Anglican Church, Methodists, the Catholic Church, the Quakers were there - Greek Orthodox - and they would certainly call themselves 'Christian'. And here I am not speaking against individuals listening to this programme or the groups - only the ones I encountered at the conference.

Now there was a heavy contingent of Roman Catholics, also Buddhists, Baha'i, Hindus, Moslems, Jews, World Vision was there, Lifeline International, Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Officers, Conflict Resolution Network, Unity-In-Diversity Council members. There were members of parliament, various governors of state, the Governor-General of Australia, Sir William Deane was there. The National Bank of Australia was represented, Human Rights commissioners, top-level representative of hospitals and universities, many academics.

There was the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force, the shadow Attorney General, Aboriginal representatives, Jewish Rabbis, there were state police and psychiatrists there. And the whole sheebang was sponsored by our own Prime Minister, John Howard.

So it was not just religions that met in Melbourne, certainly not.

I.B.: This was a very high-level conference then.

W.H.: Indeed.

I.B.: And this conference, was what the real goal of this conference? Can you tell us that? What made all this happen, what was the purpose - the driving purpose behind it?
W.H.: Of course it was not presented to the people that this was the driving force, but I could see as an investigative of the New World Order that this was the New World Order bringing in the New Age/New World Order into our country and overthrowing virtually our government to bring in Global Governance. Can I share a few details of the emerging World Order's Religious Unity across the planet at this juncture?

I.B.: Sure, go right ahead.

W.H.: Well people might have heard about the "Millennial Institute" with Gerald Barney, the Director. He is associated with the Parliament of World Religions and he is the former director of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund. He has submitted a proposal to the Government of Iceland for a meeting of heads of state and spiritual leaders to be held on January 1st. at Thene Vella (sic) in Iceland. And they are to meet in a natural amphitheatre that was the original meeting place of the Icelandic Parliament. I guess you know a bit about this already, do you?

I.B.: I don't think I have heard of that meeting coming up, no.

W.H.: Well of course, this is all to do with what happened in Melbourne because we are not talking about an isolated incident here. Thene Vella is a beautiful national park where the Parliament of Iceland still meets on important occasions. Virtually no meetings are permitted there except meetings of the Icelandic Parliament. Now for the New World Order and the New Religion there will be a tent surrounding an altar at Thene Vella and the religious leaders of all countries and the heads of state will gather from all over the world to present hand-written covenants pledging loyalty to Gaia, the Earth Goddess in A.d. 2000.

I.B.: Hold it right there. Are you telling me that there is this meeting planned, they are going to have a stone altar and those people attending are going to bring covenants pledging allegiance to Gaia who is the earth goddess? Is that what you are saying?

W.H.: Indeed! And this is what all of this religious unity is bringing us to a place where people will be forced to worship Gaia. So actually the one world religion - and this is really the critical point here where I want to make sure our listeners get this - this one world religion is really driving toward earth worship, whether we talk about Mikhael Gorbachev and his Green Cross International, and he talks a lot about 'don't offend mother earth', we are hearing this from Vaclav Harvel (sic) the head of the Czech. Republic and from just all kinds of directions. We are hearing this - 'that we must regard the earth' - now this is fulfilling the Scripture, as you say, that people will worship the creature more than the Creator.

W.H.: That's right and Revelation 17:3 I think the verse is, talks about the Whore, and they said it has many, many names and of course this goddess figure has thousands of names across the earth. And Gaia is only another name for the goddess that the Bible speaks about - she may be called 'Queen of Heaven' or Mary or - I can't think of any at the moment, but many, many names - Diana.

I.B.: When I first came to hear about Gaia, I didn't even know what it was all about but I read it in Robert Muller's books, I began to read it from Vaclav Havel, from Michael Gorbachev and all of a sudden I had to investigate because Gaia actually is the name of the earth goddess that all these people are moving us toward. Listen Wendy, just hold it right there, we need to go to a break. We will continue this as soon as we get back.

Commentator: This information is really startling, if you are just joining us, we are speaking with Wendy Howard, she is the Director of Endtime Ministries of Australia and we are discussing the One World Church Conference that she attended. If you want to really understand what is actually going on behind the scenes in the formation of the prophesied one world religion, then stick around for the rest of this programme.

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. We are going to try to slip some calls into this programme, the number toll free is 1877 Endtime, we are speaking with Wendy Howard from Endtime Ministries of Australia about the One World Church conference that she attended.

Wendy, in your article you said that the conference saw the one cardinal sin of any religion as being 'absolutism'. What did they mean when they said absolutism?

W.H.: Well, I think this is where the rubber really meets the road because absolutism is the cardinal sin in this one world religion and every person who has been born again by trust in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot help but be confirmed in absolutism. Absolutism is to believe that your religion has the only answer, that your faith has the only Saviour, that your sacred book is the one and only truth and is infallible. And that no other religion can show the way to God, but by your faith. Now as a Christian, I know that Jesus Christ alone can save. He said I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life and no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. Of course, the Bible alone shows the true Creator in God, it is infallible and it can never be made to adapt to other religions. Never!

Now the consensus at the Melbourne conference was that these absolutist religions should be made to dialogue. Now dialogue does not merely to speak to others in order to find common ground. This was brought out very strongly at the conference. Our own Anglican Archbishop of Queensland, who is a follower of Matthew Fox, the new-ager, Peter Hollingworth said "I'll make those fundamentalists come here and dialogue." So I think it is important what 'dialogue' means and a Reverend from Ballarat, an Anglican, David Silk really spelt it out, what dialogue means. So should I tell you about dialogue now?

I.B.: Before we do that Wendy, lets us talk a bit more about absolutism because I read Michael Gorbachev's book "Peristroika", in that book he has listed out 19 things that must happen in order to install a system of peace and security upon the earth. One of the things stopped me dead in my tracks - I think it is related to what you are calling absolutism. He said we must extirpate all genocide, apathied and religious exclusiveness. I think religious exclusiveness is exactly what you are referring to as absolutism and Michael Gorbachev said "We must extirpate it" which word means 'to kill off, eliminate'. So there are people who believe so strong that the answer to the new world order and a one world religion that some of them actually say we are going to have to exclude these people from society or else they are going to continue to poison society and not allow us to get to the new world order.

E.S.: I think one of the biggest deceptions that is coming at us just last week we interviewed on our programme Bishop Swing who is the point man for the formation of the United Religions Organisation and we asked him what exactly did Michael Gorbachev mean when he said we must eliminate all religious exclusiveness - he said "Oh he is just a politician, he is just trying to please everybody. He says things but this is the guy who could be" - and he is speaking for a lot of people, the people who are in charge of this movement, it is a very scary thing that you pointed out.

I.B.: You know when we really think about the fact that the Bible prophesies the Great Tribulation, a time of horrible religious persecution for the near future, then what Wendy is talking to us about how absolutism must be abolished. Gorbachev says religious exclusiveness must be stamped out, then it gest much more sinister when you realise what is actually happening here. So Wendy, let's pick it up there, you have some more things to say on that, that's fine.

W.H.: I would like to go perhaps to what you are saying about Gorbachev and I don't think people realise how strong and powerful gorbachev is in this United Religions. Now you are talking about Bishop Swing, now Swing's major partners in setting up the U.R. - the United Religions are the Gorbachev Foundation and the syncretic World Conference on Religion and Peace which held their conference in Melbourne.

The Gorbachev Foundation is a Russian Intelligence Operation based at the Presidio, a former military base in San Francisco and it seems to be co-ordinating the leadership of the world governance system in all fields, including religion. and W.C.R.P. is U.N. non-governmental organisation headquartered at the U.N. Plaza in New York.

I.B.: Now wait right there Wendy, you are saying that the W.C.R.P. is a U.N. organisation?

W.H.: Yes, Yes. It is a non-governmental organisation and its headquarters is in U.N. Plaza. Gorbachev's Foundation - they had the State of the World Forum - at that World Forum which was held in October 1996 Gorbachev proposed a Global Brain Trust, an elite leadership to guide humanity as it developed the first Global Civilization. Now the State of the World Forum strives to use a sort of synogy arising from a gathering of many different perspectives those that formulate and to publicise policy recommendations. According to the forum's literature, it has 19 distinguished co-chairmen. Now we must understand that if the uniting of religions happens that Gorbachev and his Presidio - the Gorbachev Foundation and the State of the World Forum is behind everything that has happened in Melbourne and across the world.

The co-chairman of the State of the World Forum - Frederico Mayer (sic) Director of U.N.E.S.C.O., three Nobel Prize Winners, Desmond Tutu - I will tell you some of the names, I have them written here and your listeners will understand that these are powerful people. Mrs. Sadat or Egypt Mrs. Rabin of Israel, the Queen of Jordan, James Bakker, the former Secretary of State and Ted. Turner of CNN fame. There is the former president of the infamous New Age Center, the Esalen Institute, Jim Garrison the President of the State of the World Forum, George Mitchell who is the former Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate. Futurist New Ager John Naisbitt, Hazel Henderson and Robert Muller.

Now Robert Muller is calling himself now 'The Father of the World Religion' he has called himself before 'The Father of the World Core Curriculum for all Children' and Alan Jones, the Dean of San Francisco's Grace Episcopal Cathedral, and he forms a sort of San Francisco co-ordinating council and many, many more of very powerful and important people behind the U.N. and the united religion.

I.B.: You know Wendy, when I first started learning about all of these things, I didn't realise how far-reaching the network really is. I know I had copied the guest list off of Gorbachev's "State of the World Forum" and it just bowled me over. I found out that every Secretary of State in the last 50 years nearly, that are still living, they all found a reason to make their way to San Francisco for this very prestigious meeting. I am talking about Kissinger, Secretary of State George Schulz, James Bakker, they all went there and then I saw that Nelson Mandela was there, Shimon Perez, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, and I am looking at this network and saying to myself - what great magnetic force does Michael Gorbachev have that influences these kind of powerful people to take time out of their busy schedule to go, dialogue with him - and I am sure in your studies that you are very well studied on this, you are finding this network that just goes on and on and on---

W.H.: And remember that Bishop Swing of the United Religions, his major partners are setting this up with the Gorbachev Foundation and W.C.R.P. And these people intend us to dialogue. I will get back to that. Now when we hear the word 'dialogue', we Christians sort of think that we just sort of meet in conversation, discussion, ta-ta-tate, but that is not what W.C.R.P. means by this term.

This is what Bishop Silk told us about 'dialogue' at the Melbourne conference - he said dialogue is the place where relations between faith traditions begin. Dialogue begins when people, not ideologies meet each other. Above all, dialogue must include - now listen to this - sharing in the worship and prayer of the other in all faiths, dogma and worship are closely bound together, and woven into disciplines which form a religion, a pattern, a rule of living, a sign of respect accorded to sacred books in the worship of many faiths.

And he actually said that we should drink from a single water table. Now we know that this is absolutely forbidden by the God of the Christians. The Bible forbids any dialogue, for there is one God and the pagan religions are not in any way drawing from the water of life which is Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I.B.: You know Wendy, bearing out what you are saying you know, President Clinton recently was given communion in a Catholic Mass and there was quite a furore over that. He was in South Africa or in Africa and it was big headlines here in the United States, as many of the Catholic people objected to a non-Catholic being given communion. But you were talking about drinking from the same water table or the same cup, I just thought I had to throw that in there because what you are saying is exactly where they are headed.

W.H.: Exactly. Now of course a planned mass eucharist for the year A.D.200 and talking about including 5 billion people, how they would do that, I don't know and that would be a Catholic eucharist mass.

I.B.: So, the plan is really on to try to bring about this unity. I tell you what, let's pause right here Wendy, because we have the prayer that you had in your article. I want Eddy to read this prayer because it will convey to our readers some of the feeling behind what you encountered when you went there to the World Council on Religion and Peace.

Eddy: Actually, before I read this, I would just like to give Wendy an opportunity to let everybody know what her website address is, Wendy, do you have that handy?

W.H.: Yes, it is http://www.cth.com.au./corp/despatch/

I.B.: We will do it one more time later before we go off as well.

Eddy: That was a mouthful! Our Web site is www.endtime.com that's - we apparently snatched that before you were able to, sorry about that. By the way, people who are just joining us, we are speaking with Wendy Howard who is the Director of Endtime Ministries, in Australia and she is giving us some incredible insights here on the up and coming one world church, that is here. Now this is the prayer that they said at this particular conference, which will give people an idea of where these people are coming from.

 Let us focus on the candle, the small quivering fire, the  light in the darkness, the call to evening prayer. The call  to thanksgiving to our togetherness, for our unity as sons  and daughters of the earth, this vast and ancient land, this  sacred soil of dreamtime. In the presence of the ineffable  other, the holy being of infinity, the luminous beyond, the  one and the ultimate, the Alpha and the Omega, the unknown  and the unknowable, the Lord of the cosmos, centre of  creation god, god of power and righteousness, we pray to you  in the immensity and grandeur of the world.

I.B.: Wendy, how did you enjoy that prayer?

W.H.: Well, it was very occult. I would like to describe the scene for you, when that so-called 'prayer' was delivered. There were about 250 people gathered in the function room before, we had a beautiful gourmet meal and the lights were dimmed right down. And then on each little small table which seated about eight people, was a candle. And we were directed to stand around the tables and instructed to gaze long into that flickering flame. It was rather like an altered consciousness technique. Of course I sat down and did not enter into it because it was bizarre. A fair bit of alcohol had been consumed before hand by the priests, archbishops and cardinals, I might add, so some of them were well into altered consciousness before that even began. It was very new age and the ambience in the room at the time of the prayer was very seductive, a sort of sickly kind of love and beauty, a unity, you could almost touch and feel the unity.

And of course the conference ended on the note that we must all learn from the new age, the conference was dominated by new age organizations so it was not so surprising that the prayer was new age and pluralistic. And you know, the whole conference agreed in Melbourne that God was unknown and unknowable. Can you imagine that? And not one voice was raised in protest over this astonishing conclusion! That God was unknown and unknowable! And you would note that that so-called prayer stresses that concept. Note that it give pre-eminence to the dream time, the sacred soil of the aboriginals' dream time. Now this pagan religion is dominated by the belief that the rainbow serpent created all things. Now we know that the rainbow serpent is really only Satan. They are heavily into 'force' beliefs and these 'force' beliefs are to do with the earth grid phenomena of the new age, and I have done a lot of study on that. It is very fascinating.

Eddy: Wendy, how did you slip into this conference? You were not like them.

W.H.: Our organisation has been writing for many months, before the conference asking for materials. They wrote back, eventually, and said 'you really should join this organisation before we can send you any material'. So we just sent off the money, I had actually forgotten that I joined the thing, and so they invited me as the head of Endtime Ministries and I think there were only 300 people in Australia invited to it. So they thought that we were very interested people and that we should be there.

Eddy: And you were!

W.H.: We snuck in, you know.

Eddy: Very good.

I.B.: Wendy, this whole thing is so absolutely pinpointed to what people need to realising because Satan does come in as an angel of light. You talked about the fact that they are pushing that God cannot be known, that He is unknowable and it is in direct contradiction to the Word of Jesus when He said "You shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free". Jesus continually taught us, you can know, you will know. I want to talk about another person, I believe he was at the conference, if he was not, please correct me. Cardinal Frances Arinze, ....

W.H.: He was at the conference - yes.

I.B.: He is rumoured to be a leading candidate to replace the present Pope. His name has turned up in a lot of things I am reading. Can you tell us what you learned about Cardinal Arinze -what does he believe, what is he promoting?

W.H. Well, Cardinal Arinze, perhaps stands out more in my mind and my memory than anybody else. In the natural, he charisma was so great that he almost 'bowled me over'. I could describe him as having a face like an angel, very deceptive. He is about 65 years old, but only looks 45, he has a boyish appearance, very appealing dark face with a flash of sparkling white teeth and a huge smile. He was dressed in a scarlet robe and round gold glasses and a scarlet cap on his head. And I sat next to him in one workshop and there were only about 20 people in the room and next to Arians was the present Moderator of W.C.R.P. USA, Dr. Adamou Nadam Nagoya (sic) I think his name was. And Arinze actually defended me from the microphone, he was so gallant and sweet because I was complaining about the battering they were giving the so-called Christian Fundamentalists. I had to keep looking to the Lord to keep aware that he was a counterfeit, possibly the next Pope of the false Church of Rome. The Bible of course says that the false prophet would be like a lamb and Arians is sure lamb-like.

He was born in Eziowell (sic) in Nigeria and he is a black Nigerian. And they say that Arinze is the direct descendant of St. Peter the Apostle who they say, was the Holy Father of the Church and Bishop of Rome. Arinze is a prime mover and shaker of the New World Order Religious Global-wide unity because he is actually the President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue at Vatican City. And that council works directly for interfaith and syncretism.

At the conference he reflected on the inescapable fact of religious plurality in today's world and the social and political questions posed by it. And he stressed that to create harmony in the world, we could not just ignore the differences of religion but we must create social coherence by active interaction and cooperation. It was Arians who spoke these chilling words to the whole conference - this is what he said:

 What will we do with those in the world who are willing to  die for their faith?

He presented 6 key elements for global social coherence and we should remember that Cardinal Frances Arinze is a personal advised and confidant to Pope John Paul II and our own Courier Mail Newspaper in Queensland presented Arinze as the possible next pope in its issue of April 18th this year (1998). So he is quite a figure to be reckoned with.

I.B.: Now you said that there were several things he presented, 6 things or something?

W.H.: Yes, 6 key elements, I haven't got them in front of me here, but they were all to do with global social coherence which is meaning that they want the whole global social pattern to come together into agreement so that, they say, there is no wars. But it really is so that they can have the one world-one mind.

I.B.: Now there is something we don't want to miss. You mentioned earlier about inter-faith activity and a lot of people out in our listening audience are probably experiencing this right now and have no idea what they are experiencing. When the Vatican II Council was held in the early 1960's they set in motion what Cardinal Arinze is now over - he is over the Council for Interfaith Dialogue, in the Vatican he is promoting the merging of the world's religions and so when we talk about inter-faith, Bishop Swing when he was on, he is the head of the United Religions, as you know, he talked about the necessity for interfaith action in order to bring understanding. So we want to make sure all of our listeners out there realise that a lot of this dialogue that the different churches are being asked to participate in, first of all, we will start with other Christian movements and then we are going to start talking about well maybe, we should have interfaith dialogue with the Muslims and perhaps we should have it with Judaism and then, well you know the Buddhists should be included as well, somehow we have got to bring about this union under one god - is that what you are finding, Wendy?

W.H.: Yes, here in Australia we are finding that this interfaith training is well under way. And it the whole business of unifying the religions on the planet, you see. Many things are unifying. We might imagine that indoctrination might be going on and different Images-line denominations, perhaps letter would be coming or people would be visiting, it is much more subtle than that. The Jesus Marches - I don't know if you have those over in America.

Eddy: Wendy, hold that thought, because we are coming up to a break. If you are just joining us, we are speaking with Wendy Howard, she is the Director of Endtime Ministries of Australia, we are discussing the one world church conference that she attended, If you really want to understand what is really going on behind the scenes and the formation of the prophesied one world religion, stick around for the last segment of this programme.

The Coming One World Religion is the title to one of the lessons in Irvin Baxter's ten lesson prophecy series called "Understanding The End Times" - you can get that through Endtime Magazine and by calling 1800 Endtime. We are going to go to the phones after the break. You are listening to Politics and Religion programme presented by the Endtime Magazine, dedicated to explaining the prophecies of the Bible and their modern-day fulfilments. We will be right back.

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Eddy: Welcome back to Politics and Religion, we are speaking with Wendy Howard from Endtime Ministries of Australia about the one world church conference that she attended and we are going to go to the phones right now. Caesar, you are on the air, hi there.

Caesar: I was listening to your show today and basically I *---*
I think some of the facts that came up recently, and I guess that have been here for a long time - the words are Marxism and Socialism and basically from what I am beginning to understand, you know it seems like there are people who have been carefully placed in Government and these people are highly educated and I think they might also have been placed in also religious positions also, you know, around the world and stuff and it seems like all these people - things are starting to fall into place and it seems we are going in one direction toward, i guess a new world order. I think I also wanted to say, basically to the Christians and stuff and everything, as a Christian, I think we should be praying a lot more and we should also be speaking the Gospel so that some people will be saved and they won't get caught up in all this - the world religion and stuff, because if that does happen, you are going to have people who are inside the church turning on one another. I mean it is sort of scary if you think about it. I don't know - what are your thoughts about it?

I.B.: Do you want to answer that Wendy?

W.H.: Well, I certainly know that our God is in control and that His wrath is going to come on the earth very soon in the Tribulation period. So that we should be praying for the souls of the lost, knowing that these people are being manipulated by an unseen force and the Bible certainly said that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, rulers in high places that are spiritual entities. But as far as Christians go, we know that in all things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. We know that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, power, nor things present or anything to come can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. If God is for us, who can be against us? So we should praise His precious name and enter deeply into prayer for the lost around us.

I.B.: You know, Wendy, when you get talking about all these things, we have been putting out a tremendous amount of information on politics and religion. There can build up a frustration like - give me a gun, I want to go blow somebody's head off, I want to join the militia, I want to do something drastic here, and we have to make sure we keep focused, like you say, prayer does tear down spiritual wickedness in high places. But there is another thing that we need to realise and that is this - the Devil thrives in darkness, he's like bacteria, he grows good in the dark. But when you put the light on him, that's our job and that's what we are attempting to do here with this programme today and all the programs we have been having with politics and religion. We want to help people understand the end times because you can't do anything about what you don't understand.

Once you realise where it is happening, then we know how to attack it. The more light we can spread, the more people that we can really open their eyes, the less effective these deceptive forces can be against us. So, it is so vital that we really spread the light, which is I know what you are trying to do in Australia, and what we are trying to do in the US.

W.H.: Exactly. And certainly, I believe that each one of us, we might feel small and insignificant, but each one of us is being foreordained for our place on earth at this strategic time in the history of the world. This is a thrilling and challenging time for us. We are like little lights shining in the darkness. We have our place, we are not out of place, we are standing for the living Almighty Creator of the world in the last of the last days of the Church age. It is an astonishing thing.

I.B.: There was a favourite participant at the conference you attended, his name is Dr. John Bodycomb?

W.H.: Yes.

I.B.: I think he is the one that made the speech that brought you out of your seat and on to your feet. And when he was making this speech, he made a very interesting statement. He said "I cannot allow that religious freedom is an absolute rite." He said "I am a most passionate supporter of religious freedom but boundaries are drawn where what is believed and/or practiced has seen demonstrably adverse affects on the well-being of individuals or on the good order of society. What he actually saying is "I believe in religious freedom with limits, but when it contradicts the common good (I suppose as he defines it), then he thinks some limits have to be put on religious freedom.

After that is when you came to your feet and you objected publicly there at the World Council on Religion and Peace, can you tell us about that exchange?
W.H.: Well, it was an astonishing thing. There were 20 of us, all either the heads of state of the heads of great huge organizations, Arians was there, and the doors were closed and then they began to attack the fundamental Christians, not realising of course that there was a fundamental Christian within their midst. They actually referred to - John Bodycomb actually referred to us as 'anacondas' - snakes, with our little floppy bibles under our arms. It was really offensive and we were made out to be violent and militant.

So eventually I stood and charged them with vilification against Christian people and of vilifying their sacred books. There had been a lot of talk about how wonderful the sacred books of religions really were and here they were denouncing the Bible and the creation as taught in the Bible, so that it was --- I spoke for quite a while and one thing I noticed that everybody hung their head as I spoke. Nobody looked me in the eye, I don't know if they were very angry or whether they felt guilty. I would think they were very angry. But John Bodycomb himself, after that exchange, in the break I went up to him and spoke to him about the Lord Jesus Christ and it was a very moving time. He actually responded quite well to what I was saying.

The Global Ethic was there as well, should I speak about that now and tell you about that?

Eddy: Let me answer your question about that very quickly. When we had Bishop Swing on the programme he had said that the Global Ethic and the United Religions Organisation will not be a new religion, just a form for dialogue. Can you answer the question that you are about to say on the Global Ethic and that at the same time. Do you believe that?

W.H.: No. No, we are going to be forced into a one world one mind - it is unity and diversity, but it still means that eventually, it will be worship of goddess earth. But the Global Ethic took centre stage at the conference in Melbourne, as I knew it would. Before they had even mentioned the Global Ethic I was speaking to other delegates and waiting for this Ethic to appear. When it was finally trotted out, some of the delegates looked across at me and raised their eyebrows. During the time when they read the Global Ethic out, they said that as though it had just occurred to them - "We must have an Australian Ethic". So I stood up and commented that there was no mention of God at all in that Ethic and a few delegates became a little unco-operative after that. Some of them thanked me afterwards for drawing their attention to this and a gaggle of them followed we around at the end of the conference asking me who these internationalists were that I had been telling them about. They had become a bit bemused and a bit confused.

A Buddhist monk came up to me in his saffron robes in one of the breaks with his big round Tibetan face beaming, and he said a very strange thing to me. He said "Everyone at this conference views things one way except you, and you see things differently from anyone else". And then he said suddenly "I know what it is -you're a REAL Christian, I've never met one before", he said "I have met those priests and those arch-bishops but they are nothing like you" and he said "You must read the King James Bible, is that true?" And then he said "Why do these priests say they are Christians and their believe so differently to you?"

I.B.: Wendy, we are out of time. What a way to end the programme. I think you were a fly in the ointment, there Wendy!

W.H.: Yes, yes!

I.B.: I am glad you were there, it is such a pleasure to have you on Politics and Religion, we are out of time.

Eddy: Wendy, Thank you so much for being on Politics and Religion.

The coming One World Religion is probably one of the most dangerous, deceptions coming our way in these end times. It is subtle and I hope after listening to Wendy Howard from Australia who are more sensitised as to what is going on behind the scenes. If you want more background on the Scriptures behind the prophecies we see being fulfilled in our lifetime, subscribe to Endtime Magazine or get the "Understanding the Endtime Prophecies" series by Irvin Baxter Jnr. You can get that through Endtime Magazine at 1800 Endtime.

You have been listening to Politics and Religion, a programme presented by Endtime Magazine, dedicated to explaining the prophecies of the Bible.

See you next time.


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