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Notes from Endtime Ministries...video.
Speaker: W.B. Howard...Editor of Despatch
...UPDATE 1997...PART 2..
Notes from Endtime Ministries...video.
Speaker: W.B. Howard...Editor of Despatch
The Background of the New Age Movement.
The New Age Movement is not just a glorified cult group,
huge and influential.

The Age of Aquarious, we call it THE TRIBULATION...Insert Graphic ...

It is the present day manifestation of the "MYSTERY OF INIQUITY" spoken of by God in II Thessalonians 2:7. It is in reality a direct fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. It is a take-over of the entire globe by a relatively small group of people, who claim to have evolved into GODS. So evil is this New Age that it seems to be too far fetched to be real, yet it is real, it is just like the Tower of Babel in Scripture. Mankind rising up to take the power from God, and establish total rule in union. ONE WORLD.

The New Age New World Order is so religious that it is obviously a supernatural happening. New Age leaders are firmly convinced that the new politics must be more involved with getting in touch with our "Higher Selves", more involved with mysticism than violence. It is a consciousness revolution. They truly believe that if mankind can awaken to brotherhood, in a pagan religious sense, then prosperity, peace, progress, godhood of all men, and paradise on earth will result. This is not new, this has always been the dream of Godless men and women, who will not repent before the Almighty, and want to run the entire universe without God. It cannot be done.

The New Age is philosophy, it is magic, witchcraft, satanism, it is communistic, capitalistic as well, and scientific. It is feminism, it is radical warriors groups for the male, and has captured the minds and imaginations of the rich and famous, right down to the simplest person in the street. Back in time we see the start of the New Age Movement in the Garden of Eden, then after the flood of Noah when forbidden knowledge of the occult was revived and made a formal religion for the people, it became a religious/political/economic system. This was brought about Imagesly by the ancient global leader, Nimrod and his wife Semiramis. This forbidden knowledge began the KINGDOM OF BABYLON....Hidden Gnosticism....insert Graphic

The religion of Babylon spread throughout the world, as the rebels against God were scattered at the Tower of Babel, and now every culture on the earth is infected with the evils of Babylon's religion. The Egyptians, the Persians, the Hindis, the Greeks, the Romans, and the American Indians, the Australian Aboriginals, the Incas, Asian religions - all the earth religions have been able to be tranced back to Babylon. Excepting the God of the Bible, the One God and His Son Jesus Christ. THIS then is the New Age Movement - it is Babylon revived, in these modern days Babylon has become the dominant culture of the planet. God stopped global government by the occultists at the Tower of Babel, by scattering the rebels. Prophecy indicates He will NOT stop it this time. God will give them their headstrong way, and then bring tremendous judgement down on the wicked. This judgement period is called the Tribulation. How close are we?

There are many fake prophecies ~ Nostradamus, Mary Visions(Lourdes, Fatima, Gaudaloupe, Medjugoge)
insert cover background to the new age new world order


The New Order of the Ages, or Novus Ordo Seclorum (as seen on the reverse side of the Great Seal of USA), is declaring more than the right for mankind to rebel against God. It also declares the authority of hidden spiritual agencies, Satan and his fallen angels. There is not a shadow of a doubt that these entities have great power in the politics of men, and the setting up of nations in this fallen world. As the new world emerges in full power we will see a NEW code of ethics, this has already been prepared called the GLOBAL ETHIC. We will see also a reform of all religious doctrines and concepts, the diverse creeds of today will be forced to give way to unifying concepts and doctrines.

The new epoch has already started, there will be no announcement like, "let's begin the New Age now!" The reality of the hidden wicked forces which hold sway over this fallen world will be much more apparent as time goes by. The "Illumined Minds" of the global masters of the New Age, powerful world leaders with unbelievable wealth, has led them to accept that a super-human order will soon evolve. This belief is not new. In fact, in history there have always been such leaders, who commune with the wicked unseen world. A strange story appeared in America back in 19933, for an example, it was the story of GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE.

Conditions in the world in 1933 were chaotic, people were afraid, then the story of Gabriel captured the imaginations of people everywhere. It was NOT fiction, however. The President and his staff became aware of the Great Ones who control nations on the fallen earth. This was not the true Gabriel, but a counterfeit spirit. Gabriel was said to hover over the White House and protect it, to give guidance to the White House staff. There was even a film made about this in the 1930s.

Jean Houston and the spirit callup with Hilary Clinton from Eleanor Roosevelt

George Washington, a Illumined one of the early New World Order, was aware of Great Ones standing near and of there being directing agencies who led his various endeavours. The New Agers of the 1990s are also very aware of the hidden forces which control them, for an example, from a New Age book on the New World Order, we read:

BABYLON began at the Tower of Babel. The name Babel means "mingle" or "mix" and by extension "confusion". From the Hebrew word "balal". Read Genesis 10-11 for the record. Babylon has been a confusion and a mix in matters of race, language and religion ever since. The Babylonian pantheon of gods and goddesses is almost endless. Babylonianism always involves astrology and the emblems of the zodiac, idol worship, and the channelling of spirits or mediumship. The spirits were identified with the FORCES of nature itself.

The Bible says in Revelation 17:5 that Babylon is the "mother of harlots and abominations of the earth". That it is the original source of the world's non-Christian religions should be warning enough to Christians that they must not merge with these pagan religions, but rather evangelise them. There was an original conspiracy back at the Tower of Babel, just as there is today in the New Age Movement. Nimrod set up a military dictatorship, and established a priestly order, with himself as chief priest and the chief object to be worshipped! Nimrod's wife, Semiramis, was a leader in that early conspiracy!

Babylon, through the centuries, has always been associated with a merger of Church and State. This is an unequal yoke with political Babylon. Babylonism is a religious promotion of man. Mankind is always inclined towards a humanistic worship of man, not God. It is a political system which promotes and idolises prominent figures. This present day revival of Babylonianism will end with the worship of the Antichrist, as the ultimate man of power, who will be adored as the one and only GOD! He is the "hidden one" for now, hidden in the mystery of iniquity. Satan will empower him and indwell him, Satan who is the Hidden One of hell. Evil always hides, is always a hidden conspiracy. Adam hid himself in the bushes after he sinned, Nimrod was hid in the secrecy of the Babylonian mysteries.

Semiramis, his wife, had the name applied to her "Rhea", which Hislop tells us was the primeval goddess, the "mother of gods and men." today we have the New Age goddess worship of the Earth, and the worship of the so-called "Queen of Heaven" the "Mother of God", and the idol worship of Mary.

Before the Tower of Babel, in the Garden of Eden, the first man and woman wanted to be "as gods". This is why they disobeyed God and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Today the New Age Movement is just the same, mankind wants still to be gods.


Madam Helena Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society last century, is a major teacher in the New Age. In the Secret Doctrine, p. 320 she writes about a higher level of symbology using the symbols of geometry:

There are lower levels of New Age symbology and higher levels. In the lower, a tree would stand for eternal life, a serpent would stand for knowledge, to be accurate, Luciferic knowledge.

In the CHART we can see a number of these symbols, which are being used more and more in advertisements, in businesses, on television, and so on, and of course in New Age publications and religious meetings. These are fifteen basic symbols, as pointed out by David Harris. They can be used alone or in many variations. Let us look closely at some of them, they will be very familiar to you.


Figure two. The point within the circle, can be seen as a circle within a circle, or a number of circles within a circle, like a target. This is the symbol of Lucifer. It came right from Babylon. Egyptologist and symbols expert Albert Churchward writes: Figure 5. Is the circle divided into four.
The swastika is from this symbol....and develops as it progresses to figure 7.

Figure 8. Is the Egyptian ankh, a sign of eternal life. Figure 9. Is the symbol for Venus, the star associated with Satan. Figure 10. Is the five pointed star, it is the symbol for the person who is initiated into the black arts, and the symbol for sorcery. Figure 15. Is the circle within the triangle, and is seen as the "all-seeing eye" in the Great Seal of the USA. The "all-seeing eye" is seen in many places now, in various depictions. It is the Eye of Horus, taking us back to Babylon again. Many New Agers believe that Horus will become the New Age Saviour in the coming Aquarian Age. Horus was the son of Isis, the Mother Goddess of Egypt.

The Third Eye,insert book graphic between the eyes in the center of the forehead, is believed to be opened by occult illumination. The New Ager imagines that the opening of this "eye" will connect him with the Source or Force, the great impersonal super intelligence. They believe the New Ager leaders of this age all live in this realm of super intelligence, with the angelic beings and the Masters. This point between the eyes is called the Ajna Chakra point.

There are many more symbols, some of them will not be explained due to time. The so-called Star of David ,
by the way is NOT the Star of David, insert book graphic, it is the star of Solomon and is an occult sign, the New Age double triangle. It is a sign of 666. If you count clock wise from the top you will find six, then six again on the outside. Inside is six yet again. The real sign of the Jewish nation is the SEVEN pronged Candle Stick, the Menora.

The most horrible of the New Age symbols could well be the 666 as seen on the cover of "The Aquarian Conspiracy". (get stuff on this) from Texe Marrs. show marilyn ferguson's book cover


An Aquarian Age is expected by the New Agers for the next thousand years! This is nothing but Babylon revived. The New Age beliefs that come from ancient Babylon are too numerous to list here. Just a few must suffice. Astrology started in babylon, so did every type of divination and magical vision and pagan prophecy.

(New Age New World Order)

Time is extremely short now, all of us must come to grips with the fact that sinister, wickedly religious internationalists are now in the process of completely taking over the government of this earth. The occult Plan has been coming in strength since late last century. The intention is to secretly take power by globalization, that is to bring all details of every nation on earth under the United Nation's dictatorship. This is NOT a good thing, as many naively imagine. The global masters of the New World Order are wicked beyond any who have attempted world conquest before, more evil and bloody minded than any Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot. This time the war is being waged using promised "peace" as a narcotic to make the foolish masses submit voluntarily.

Only a small amount of information can be given here, as the whole globe is in a state of change, with New Age mentality affecting the majority of the population of earth. This chart shows your just how vast the New Age New World Order is. At the top you will see Freemasonry. Freemasonry is worship of Lucifer or Satan, although some in the lower degrees may not realise this. here is a quote from Albert Pike, infamous Freemasonry leader, who wrote on 14th July 1889 to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world:

The New World Order is NEW AGE, under a general teaching of Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical doctrines, which has spread across the globe in various forms. The Illuminati is top-level Freemasonry, which is predominantly Theosophical. But the religious beliefs of this amazing global kingdom which is emerging now, coming into full power, are a giant syncretism of all the pagan, occult, Lucerifian beliefs of the entire earth!
ONE WORLD, ONE MIND. ALL is really worship of Satan himself....chart

The Freemason's talk of their god as the Grand Architect of the Universe" but the secret name of their god is revealed in the Royal Arch degree. The name is Jahbulon, also Jaobulon. Jah is the Greek word for Jehovah, Bul is a rendering of the name Baal, an ancient demon god, and On is for Osiris a Babylonian mystery name, an ancient Egyptian deity. This name symbolises the mystery of Lucifer having authority over the true Creator the God of the Bible.

(Chart on page 94 of Global Occupation book...Gary Kah??).

What about all the Illuminati stuff in the original...


There is no intention to bring peace with globalization. A One World under the Satanists will be a horror of torture and death - just as the Bible shows us in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. The world in the 1990s is in a state of cult explosion, neo-paganism, that is frightening to see! Strange beliefs, weird practices are accepted as reasonable, and true Christians are hated and blatantly discriminated against.
A conglomeration of all the ancient mysteries have made a huge come-back, on every continent. The Bible tells us of MYSTERIES - the evil hidden mysteries are what we are encountering today, in preparation for the rise of the ultimate mystery - Antichrist. Who will be Satan himself, incarnate in a man. Never in history as there been such a person, yet our day shows all the signs that there will soon be a world leader of this monstrous calibre. The world already has a World Government set and ready to go, it only needs a world parliament head - and Antichrist will be in power!


There are Godly mysteries in the Bible, such as the mystery of the Translation ...THE RAPTURE..of the saints, we will not deal here with these. In 11 Thess 2:1:12 Paul speaks of the "man of Sin", the Antichrist, and claims that this "Mystery of Iniquity" is SATAN manifest in the flesh, and that the Mystery of Iniquity was already at work in Paul's day. READ 1 Thess 2:3-12


There is a mystery which is also the explanation in the Bible of this New Age New World Order nightmare. It is the Mystery of "Babylon the Great" as found in the seventeenth chapter of Revelation. READ Rev.17:1-7. Here we see that the paganism of Babylon, ancient as the Tower of Babel, is always present in our world - the New Age is Babylon revisited! A unspeakable union of the cults, paganism, occultism, Satanism, humanism and antichrist beliefs which have spread into every continent since the dispersion at Babylon, the Tower of Babel.

The New Age New World Order is an eclectic mixture of many practices and doctrines, merging into One,
a list is as follows, many others could be added:

The New Age is...


human potential
crystal Powers
Psychic Powers
sun god worship
Man is God  
a fake Jesus
a fake Holy spirit
Signs and  
Lucifer worship
Nature worship
Holistic Health
tarot Cards
UFO cults
Colour Therapy
Aroma Therapy
Trance States  
Lord Maitreya
merging of cults like  
Mormons &  
Jehovah's Witnesses
Earth Mother
Saving Mother Earth
the environmental  
movement &  
the greenies
& hundreds of 

The New Age New World Order is the Mystery of Iniquity, Satan in operation, in great power in these Last Days. The New Age is not just tarot cards and crystals, it is academics, scientists, the medical profession, top heads of state, powerful world leaders, some of the greatest brains of this age, Nobel Prize Laureates, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches - in fact, the whole globe, all those who are not born-again, are massing into what we are calling "New Age". The Godless are being formed into union, by the enemy of men's souls, Satan. God is allowing this, as judgement against those who have rejected the Saviour.

The culmination will be the evil leader of a unified globe, a false messiah figure. We have seen fore-runners of this false messiah, some were: Adolf Hitler, Napoleon. Attila the Hun, Joseph Stalin, and Ghengis Khan.


There is a high level of expectancy amongst New Agers that THE CHRIST will soon appear, to take over the government of the world. These New Agers are in control of key positions of power politically across the planet, be not deceived by those who would tell you otherwise. The Lord Maitreya is a mystical figure who is said to be living in London at the present time. He was born in February 1962, the great, great-grandson of Ghulum Ahmad and thus the 5th Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya movement. Could his hour be rapidly approaching? Or is he a smoke screen to hide the real identity of the Antichrist?

Babylon of Mystery is now the major power on the globe.

It is clear that when the Antichrist arises, he will be accepted by the Hindus as Krishna, the Muslims as Imam Mahdi, the Buddhists as the fifth Buddha, the Jews as the Messiah, and to the foolish, naive Christians as the returning Christ! Christians in name only, they have depended upon their church attendance and good works to gain favour with God, and have never really been saved by trusting in the Blood of Christ alone.(is any more need to be said here, I think you had an extra sheet)



Part 2...Update 1997



Earth worship is as ancient as Babylon. The New Age is strongly earth-worshipping. I will give you a few quotes from some of the world leaders today, in case you imagine that this is all fanciful: GLOBALISATION, the ORGANIZATIONS AND AIMS. EDUCATION. GLOBAL POLICE. SURVEILLANCE. POPULATION REDUCTION. AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT HAS A SHADOW INTERNATIONAL POWER ALREADY CONTROLLING IT.


The facts are alarming! The New World government intends to educate every person on the earth into their One World, One Mind doctrines and aims. This education will be for a lifetime, and involve all sections of our lives. Already many of these plans are in operation right here in Australia!

Charts...Babylon Revived is now in conatrol of the Planet

"Education For All"/Goals 2000 enterprise is to be the means whereby the United nation's population control agenda, which was decided upon in Cairo, and the NWO social reconstruction designs, which were set forth in Copenhagen, will be implemented.

Book on UNESCO


The global forces of the United Nations are intruding into all countries now. These are more enforcing armies, whose job is to do the NWO's bidding. Young men and women are to be the cannon-fodder of the UN, and will be forced to become part of the international labor camp program of UNESCO and its comrades. In 1948 UNESCO convened an international work camp conference of the "World Federation of Democratic Youth" (WFDY), which is a communist organisation which helped coordinate, and I quote:

Work camps are beginning here in Australia, under John Howard's government. Already the deliberately created unemployed youth are being forced into community service, making walk paths, doing council chores etc. This is not an isolated initiative, it is a New World Order global agenda. Hitler had his youth camps, the NWO has its youth camps, history repeats itself! According to the prospectus of the United nations' 1995 Social Development Summit held in Copenhagen, one proposal dealing with the topic "mobilisation of human resources" being, it claims, in the interest of creating global "solidarity" is a service program for youth, here is a quote: "A Youth Voluntary Service to the community at the world level should be considered to instil in young people a sense of service to the community...and to create a sense of solidarity at the world level."
(Draft Declaration and Draft programme of
Action of the World Summit Action for
Social Development Preparatory Committee." executive summary, page 7.)

Manual labor, and global military service, for the world government, will become a responsibility for global citizens, also indoctrination into the global, horrendous, One Mind. Remember, a decent day's work should gain a decent day's wage! Slave labour to an occult New World is NOT a Christian ethic, we serve God, not the UN. To bring the youth of any country into a jobless state, then force them into slave labour for a mere pittance, and draft them for the global "peace keeping" forces, is NOT a good way to discipline them! It is wicked manipulation and denial of basic human rights.

Australia has thousands of foreign troops on here shores right now, the UN Peace Keeping forces are pawns of the NWO, and will bring our people into abject bondage.


Here I will quote from a co-worker's notes, on global and Australian surveillance.
From ..Dorothy Dart....Nov 1996... Seminar


"That everything is in readiness for the total control of the U.S. population can be further affirmed by the presence of "Rainbow" Highway Code Markers now appearing on certain U.S. highways, where it is believed that inactivated army bases are to be used as concentration camps. In January 1995 it was reported by residents in Montana, that the area had been quietly invaded by U.N. Troops. A local blacksmith reported that he had just returned from the north western part of the state, and said the area was crawling with Belgian troops and some Austrian troops.

Also he counted no less than 114 barges loaded with U.N. equipment coming in from Canada. Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin and a few states below them are to be policed by belgian troops. This man was told that at the town of Kalisfel in Montana, the government had bought a ranch and fenced it, the fence going inwards at the top to keep people in - not out!

A massive new crematorium has recently been completed in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the now disused Amtrak railroad terminal, and an investigator has reported that he has received information from some of those who helped to build the facility that guillotines have been installed for those who arrive alive instead of dead. Others say new gas lines have been installed - and not for heating purposes. Pictures of this facility bear this out.

Three other such crematoriums are known to exist. They are Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Kansas City. Missouri; and Bay City, Michigan. The Blue Highway Markers on the back of the highway signs lead to them. The Indianapolis Crematorium is a blue arrival point. As blue is the colour indicating in hospitals that the subject has died, we believe that this is a destination for those who are already dead, that is those shot by the police and military forces of the New World Order.

On the same grounds is a Red Zone arrival point. As red signifies death, we believe that this is a destination point for those yet living who are destined for either the gas chambers or the guillotine. An aerial picture was taken of the gas chambers being constructed at the same Amtrak facility. Newly installed gas pipes lead to every chamber. There are revolving steel gates by which admissions are made of the living, who arrive in the Red Zone. The symbols of the New World Order appear above the entrance gates; this is the all-seeing-eye of Satan atop the Pyramid as appears on the back of the U.S. 1 dollar bill.

Parked at the facility is a locomotive decked out in blue which patrols the old Amtrak railway station. It has U.S. Air Force on its side. Blue Highway Code Markers are as I said before, representative of death. Green represents life, and it is speculated that these signs lead to detention facilities where people will be sorted out for commitment to concentration camps, to work camps, either death or release. Perhaps these will be sites for micro-chipping all those brought to the facility.

The micro-chip is a means of keeping track of and controlling you wherever you may be. Orange Highway Markers lead to confiscation targets such as factories, smaller airports, gravel pits and private lands. (Maybe the gravel pits are to be mass graves, as gravel pits also have the blue markers.)

Red markers are death and lead to crematoriums. Brown markers lead to materials to be seized and used; brown markers have been noted to lead to building materials companies, seed companies, pig farms and butchering facilities. Yellow markers are areas to be secured or confiscated. White markers are areas used for holding seized material like firearms; these white markers lead to military bases, National Guard Armories, and certain warehouses.

These highway markers are ominous and can be found in the U.S., Canada, Russia and other countries. They are obviously U.N. ordained. U.N. troops who are stationed in a foreign country and who do not speak the language of the country they are in can be guided to destinations by these markers.

On 13th January 1994, traffic at a railroad crossing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was held up by an extremely long train of over 100 cars that were south west bound from that location. The next major city on that route was Oklahoma City. The train however, could continue on to Arizona and California.

The train was described as consisting of brand new totally black boxcars, all probably empty due to the fact that a single engine pulled the number of cars involved. There were no markings on the cars other than a bar code and a serial number. When interviewed, a railway security officer said he knew of such train cars being stored "up north" in either Minnesota or Michigan or Wisconsin.

He was told they were boxcars that preceded the "white" trains. He was then asked `What do you guys do with those boxcars that have shackles and handcuffs bolted to the inside walls?' Without hesitation he stated "Oh those must be the "white" trains. We supposedly use those to precede any transportation of nuclear weapons or material. When we move a nuc. train we don't stop for anyone. If there are any demonstrators on the tracks, a security force in the lead train rounds them up and sticks them in the boxcars until they can be dealt with later.

The more reasonable explanation, I think, is that these cars, especially in this quantity, are not being built and Imagestained for simply preceding nuclear shipments". These boxcars are obviously being readied for future civilian detainee transportation. You may be asking yourself, why aren't we seeing this here in Australia ? My theory is this. We have a vastly smaller opopulation, and America has a much greater proportion of Christians who are likely to resist, whereas Australia has few strong, born-again Christians in comparison, in fact, seveeral years ago, the U.N. itself designated Australia as a pagan country. I pondered whether to include the seven rainbow classification of the New World Order prisoners, due to their horrific nature, but have decided to do so, as I believe we need to know.

(1). Classification of Christian children to be used as human sacrifices where, within the Black Mass Ceremonies, they will participate in any kind of sexual orgies, some to be kept as sexual slaves.

(2). Classification of the prisoners to be used in medical experiments where drugs and new technology will be tested on humans.

(3). Classification of healthy prisoners for the International Human Organs Centre where their vital organs will be removed one by one while they will be Imagestained in life with special life support systems.

(4). Classification of all healthy workers to be used as cheap slave labour.

(5) Classification of Space Technology prisoners where all different new Technology Space and Time travel will be tested on humans.

(6). Classification of Occult Experiments where demonic techniques will be used on prisoners.

(7). The International Execution Centre where any kind of human resistance experiments will be tested on prisoners. Then the International Re-education Centre where uncertain prisoners will be re-educated with new Behavioural Methods in order for them to repent in front of world wide T.V. and where they will have to glorify the virtues of the New World Order for Humanity. This centre will be nearby the International Maternity Centre used to create a new superior race.

(Underwater Facilities - located North and South of the United States used for Time Travel experiments,
as well as Space Travel using Electromagnetic Technology.)

Confirmation of this whole concentration camp, rounding up of dissidents, is given by Texe Marrs in his recent book "Project Lucid" where on page 25 we read -

"Individuals that have been arrested and their property seized and sold at auction will then be transported by truck, bus and air to a FEMA managed regional Federal Prison Transfer Centre for proper "categorisation" and "disposition". Entire families are to be disposed of in this manner. Neighbours and local communities will be given the excuse that the surviving spouses and children of those arrested are being assisted by the government.
(Texe Marrs has videos on this).

Final disposition when deemed appropriate, will be made at a "Regional Processing and Detention Centre." The Nazis called such centres concentration camps; in the Soviet Union they were known as Gulags.

At these centre, methods and techniques of interrogation, torture, and final disposition honed and developed by the CIA and Special Forces Green Berets through their Operation Phoenix programme, are to be used on victimised citizens. During the Vietnam war, the government's top secret Operation Phoenix programme was responsible for the arrest, incarceration, torture, and murder of oveer 50,000 innocent civilians.

The CIA and U.S. Army Special Forces acclaimed it a success and a model and prototype for future `human pacification' programmes." End of quote. Could our own Emergency Management Agency be used for the same purpose? It has been said that the Special Forces Green Berets are all Satanists as were Hitler's Elite S.S.

There will be no such thing as free will when the one world government under the anti-christ is finally put in place midway through the 7 year period spoken of by Daniel, so there has to be a way to control every facet of life. Quoting from the publication "Metro Force" we have the following statement:

End of quote fromDorothy Dart's notes


On Internet WORLD PEACE 2000 has a Home site, from the United Nations, featuring Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor of the University for Peace, father of global education. (Ex Sec. Gen. of the U.N.) This home site is one of the many Internet groups which are co-opting the children of the globe into implementing the NWO Master Plan. START A WORLD PEACE CLUB - ONE DAY OF PEACE - COUNT Up to the Year 2000 - BUILDING A BETTER WORLD TOGETHER, 1 DAY AT A TIME - 1000 IDEAS FOR PEACE and many more initiatives. Here is some of this material, these are being used in schools to band the children together to bring about the Union of the New Age New World Order.

Access the material show here, from Despatch Magazine vol. 9:2 files.


The listener must realise that the facts given in this video are NOT sensationalism, exaggeration or ear-tickling material which is unrelated to real life! The facts are that the massive structure of global government intends in the immediate future to reduce the population of the earth by billions! This is a plan which makes the extermination of the Jews by Hitler look like child's play in comparison. The Jews were exterminated to the level of 6 million murdered human beings, precious in the sight of the Lord. The New World Order intends to shrink the population by at least 5 billion !!!! The concentration camps, the gas ovens, the furnaces to consume the bodies - we have all seen the horrors of Belsen and Auswitch. To bring about the reduction of 5 billion will require facilities to incarcerate the masses. Concentration camps are being prepared in the USA, also very suspicious gas pipes are appearing at these centres. There is no concrete evidence of these camps being prepared in Australia, is there is any doubt that this is happening in our country as well.

Some quotes right from the internationalists should convince the sceptical that this is REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Remember, I am not saying this, the globalists are saying this, it is a covenant with death. From the book "Freedom on the Altar" by William Norman Grigg:

Ted Turner, NWO globalist whose wife is Jane Fonda, has declared that 98% of the world's population does not deserve to live and pollute the earth.

What is the word "demographics" in the above quote mean? It means mass murder! William Norman Griggs comments:

Sharon Camp of Population Action International: "The world's governments and multilateral agencies need to commit themselves to DEMOGRAPHIC TARGETS against which progress toward early population stabilisation can be measured....Governments have the right to be concerned about the DEMOGRAPHIC GOALS through public education campaigns, expanded access to safe and reliable birth control, and other development interventions known to influence fertility directly...Can voluntary family planning programs by themselves reduce fertility fast enough to achieve population stabilisation....Not by themselves....


Josef Stalin, in his cruel regime, systematically depopulated the Ukraine through an artificially induced famine during the 1930s; it is estimated that 20 to 30 million "kulaks" or peasant farmers were murdered in order to bring in a new order of communism. It was directed against an indigenous population by a government of the same nationality, and in time of so-called peace. The reduction of the world's population is planned, will be attempted, and is already begun. The ways to do this, democide, are as follows: Abortion, so-called mercy killing,(Euthansia) registration for parenthood, only approved people may get a license to have children, forced birth control, planned famine, planned plagues such as AIDS hepatitis and virulent forms of flue and golden staph, concentration camps for political dissidents, planned wars in various areas. Many other ways may be in the pipe line.


At the NWO conference in Cairo, 1994, Dr Kajid Katme, a Muslim pro-life activist, declared "God is the only population controller." The New Age New World Order does not believe this however, and the world is expected to follow China's lead in a one-child policy. This Chinese policy has been generously underwritten by the UN Population Fund, the World Bank, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, UN Population Fund, the Ford Foundation and various Rockefeller foundations. In China if a child is born which should have been aborted, the doctors will drown the healthy infant in a bucket of water, to the anguished cries of the mother. Foetuses are eaten in China as a delicacy, as reported by Reader's Digest.

In Cairo, the United Nations went further than it ever had before, in open declaration of some of its policies. Not only did it endorse, and I quote here, "provision of universal access to family planning and reproductive services," which really means abortion, it stated that there were "various concepts" of family, all of them being equal, and valuable. Critics saw this as an open endorsement of homosexual "marriages" and also promiscuity.

One of the leading population controllers of the New Age was in Brisbane last year, 1996. I personally heard his address, and spoke to him. Norman Myers is his name, and he was leaving Brisbane to go to Canberra to speak with senior government members of parliament. Myers said to me that it could come to 90% of the population having to be disposed of, in order to sustain the planet's ecology! This is REAL friends, right on our own doorsteps, not just over there in Ethiopia or Asia.


A fallen world, which is increasingly pagan and Satanistic. There will be an attempt to wipe out billions of humans from the planet, but GOD will bring His judgement on this evil Plan, prophecy in the Bible makes that plain. Be much in prayer for the lost, time is very short. The Tribulation, judgement of God, is close.


You may imagine that the Aussie Prime Minister and his government knows little about what is going on globally. This is far from being the case! The Australia government has a shadow international government already dictating to it. The visit of Clinton in 1996, Clinton is a NWO clone, was disturbing. John Howard went to China to meet with Newt Gingrich closely following Clinton's visit. All indications are that Howard was receiving his instructions on the region, bio-region four. Every head of state of every nation has been issued with the announcement of the convening of the 4th World Constitution Assembly, this was in 1991. Garey H.Kah, a high ranking government liaison exposed the secret agenda for world unification in 1991. I will quote from Gary, a Christian: In his book "En Route to Global Occupation",


It is not unreasonable to say that the Heads of State are also well aware of what is occurring, and are a part of the whole monstrous plan. There is every reason to believe that no one these days can qualify for national Head of State unless he/she is in total agreement with the New World Order. This applies to Australia's head of State.


The goals for mankind are being set, at this present period of history, by the Club of Rome and other NWO organizations, many of them networking together. The Club of Rome is not the Vatican, by the way. I have a copy of the book "Goals for Mankind", which the then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, once said didn't exist! In it the authors, Ervin Laszlo et al, outline a report to the Club of Rome on the New Horizons of Global Community. These globalists set National and Regional goals; International and Transnational goals. Even goals for the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. The chapter headings tell it all! Chapter eight sets the goals in Australia, dear friends. We are totally at the mercy now of the New World Order, or as the Bible calls it, the Antichrist System.

Remember always, as we go through this video, that ultimate control is in the hands of our Heavenly Father, but evil forces are having a season of power on this rebellious earth. Let us look at the goals for Australia then, as outlined by the Illuminati, Club of Rome: I will read from page 199 to 200..( this was read on the video)
Written 1977 - Times have changed us!

The United Nations, under the domination of the Theosophists and many secret workers of iniquity, intends to DISARM all who are not armies of the New World Order. This is why the guns are being taken in our country. Tony Blair, the new Prime Minister of Britain, has already announced his policy in regard to disarming the British population. The US has similar initiatives coming their way. This will make the individual weaponless in the face of the global masters' cruel regime!

*the Mark of the Beast (there was a sheet here..and charts)


Right now, Australia could be taken over by International Law, because of conditions deemed a denial of human rights by the UN. We have had much unrest in recent times as the citizens who are coming awake at last have reacted against the explosion of NWO initiatives in Australia. Pauline Hanson has attracted these people, the majority seem still blind and ignorant. It would seem obvious that the NWO controlled media has given Pauline great coverage, and this makes alarm bells go off! It would seem that a deliberate attempt to stir up racial unrest is occurring in Australia, using a sincere woman as a dupe.If things get worse, could UN forces intervene in our affairs? To cause racial unrest to cease? On the 31 January, 1992, Secretary General of the UN. Boutros Boutros-Ghali openly proclaimed in his "Agenda for Peace":

Here in Australia, the Prime Minister of any party, is already committed to expanding UN power at the expense of Australian nationhood. In Time magazine, Strobe Talbott wrote, under the headline, "The Birth of the Global Nation," "Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete" and "all states will recognize a single, global authority."

Global 2000 is almost upon us.

The Federation of Earth's Constitution reads like a New Age/occult manual. The World Constitution and Parliament Association makes it clear that it expects the lead role for establishing World Government. Details of this shocking documents are given by high ranking government liaison and Christian, Gary H.Kah, and I quote: "The Constitution states that we are on the threshold of a NEW WORLD ORDER, a NEW AGE of peace and unity, where interdependence of all life and the oneness of humanity will finally be achieved. In closing, it submits that 'the greatest hope for the survival of life on earth is the establishment of a democratic world government."

NO CHRISTIAN could possible mistake the true nature of the emerging global government. It is clearly the Antichrist system of Revelation. Already in total power, we must be prepared in prayer, witnessing to the lost, and awaiting the Rapture of the Church! I will ask the reader to be patient as we examine the following constitutional articles. It is imperative that all of us understand fully, and that no ignorant denial of the facts can turn away any Christians from grasping the full implications of the NWO. THIS IS FACT, friends, not fiction. Let no man deceive you.

We will briefly examine the articles of the WORLD GOVERNMETN constitutions provisions: Article 1, point 4 reveals that the world government would regulate virtually every aspect of life. This is a NEW AGE, occult control, keep this in mind.

Article 11, point 1.
The world government would be all-encompassing. The information provided resembles the Biblical prophecy of the Beast's authority as given in Revelation 13:7-8, s Gary Kah points out.

Article 11, points 4-7,
reveal the political and administrative structure of the government. The world is divided into twenty World Electoral and Administrative Regions and ten Magna Regions.

Point 8.
The new political boundaries will not necessarily conform to existing boundaries of nations. This means that nations can merge into each other, or be split.

Article 111, point 2,
shows the seizure of ALL PERSONAL WEAPONS that may be required for self-defence. Can you see now why our guns were taken? How convenient that we had a massacre right on schedule? What kind of tyrants are we facing, who will use the massacre of innocent children to gain their objectives?

Point 14&17.
The world government would control all aspects of international trade, banking and finance.

Point 21
relates to plan for controlling population growth and solving problems of population distribution. This means overcrowded areas, such as China, may be relocated to areas with fewer people.

Point 37
relates to the designation of a world language. This is just like an attempt to overthrow the results of the Tower of Babel.

Article V, sec.A, point 3
permits the World Parliament to "reject teh international laws developed prior to the advent of world Government. This means that once in, there is no one to oppose them and laws can be changed at will of the tyrants.

Article V111, sec.G
pertains to the establishment and operation of a Planetary Accounting Office, Planetary Banking System, and Planetary Monetary and Credit System.

Article 1X.
The World Judiciary branch of the world government would interpret the rights of world citizens (including Christians) and would issue rulings regarding the sentencing of those who refuse to agree to the demands of teh world system. Christians can never agree, but God has promised to remove His Church before the Antichrist system is fully established.

Article X.
The Enforcement System branch of the world government would enforce the decisions of the World Judiciary and other governing bodies. One means of enforcement will include the denial of financial credit to those who fail to comply with world law. (Sec.D., point 2).

Article XV, sec.A.
A total of twenty World Federal Zones will be established for the purpose of the location of various organs of the world government. Sec.B. Five World Capitals will be established. with the World Presidium proposing the locations for teh same. One of these capitals will be designated as the Primary World Capital. The other four will be secondary World Capitals.

Article XV11, sec.A.
The World Constitution will be transmitted to the UN General Assembly and to each of the national governments for approval, with a final ratification vote held in a popular referendum...(points 1&3). If a national government fails to submit the Constitution for ratification within six months, then the agency of the Provisional World Government, which is responsible for the worldwide ratification campaign could override the national government.

Chart God's plan here...??


When we pray,

we are looking forward to the global One World of our God, under Christ Jesus' magnificent rule.
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