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Unit 5...
"Understanding Political Agendas Prophetically"...
by W.B. Howard...Editor of Despatch


.... by Mrs. Dorothy Dart  Independent Researcher...

In 1991, Gro Harlan Brundtland had this to say.

For those of you who are not sure who this woman is, she has been the President of Norway for the past fifteen years, and who has recently resigned in face of rumours that she wants the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations in place of Boutros Boutros Ghali. Her candidature is said to be backed by the United States of America who want Boutros Ghali out, as they say that he has failed in the job. For many years now she has been a very important cog in the New Age wheel in the march towards a New World Order. I deliberately quoted Brundtland's statement, because she emphasised that we are the first generation which has the ABILITY to really change the course of world development.

In that she is absolutely correct, because we now have the most mind-boggling technology in place that is able to alter weather patterns, cause earth-quakes, monitor every minute detail of our lives, and even cause outbreaks of disease by means of electrical impulses. The New World Order is being ushered in in every conceivable way; nothing has been forgotten - control of the media, shaping the way we think, control of the economic life of every country on earth, moving us around like pieces on a giant chessboard, and the vast majority of the population are unaware that they are being manipulated.

It is not possible to cover everything in just one day, so I will touch briefly on the most prominent organizations shaping global policy, comment on the changes already felt as the impact of economic agreements being to bite, say a little bit about the global police force, and the plans already in place in America to control a dissident population, and try to cover as much as possible about the new technology and what its impact will be.

I would like to state that you should bear in mind that the application of much of this technology will not be experienced by those of use here who are born-again believers on The Lord Jesus Christ. I am a firm believer in the pre-tribulation rapture of all born-again believers, but that is not to say that we should not have the knowledge; we need to be able to impart this knowledge to the unsaved as we witness to them of the gospel of the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ, and not the least, to warn lukewarm Christians.

Hosea chapter 4 and verse 6 says,

God's word tells us that He always warns his people before retribution falls. He warned Noah before the flood. He warned Lot before he destroyed Sodom, and Jesus Himself warned His disciples of the signs that would occur prior to His return, and the apostle Paul warned of the apostasy that we are seeing today.Amos Chapter 3 and verse 4 says, "Surely the Lord will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants, the prophets".

That technology will have a stunning effect on all our lives can be gauged by just this one article which appeared in The Australian newspaper on Tuesday, 12th November, 1996, entitled, "Computer War on Year 2000", and it is worth while taking a few minutes to read portions of it. Here it is -

This could very likely cause an economic crisis. Many of the smaller firms could be bankrupted and only the multi-nationals survive. If you think that it is a bit far fetched that this computer hitch has not been deliberately organized, then consider this -

In September of this year (1996), at the "State Of The World Forum" organized by ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, where plans for world government and world religion were discussed as well as the environment, one of the men who attended was Bill Gates, the millionaire founder of Microsoft, the corporation that will furnish the capability for "Project Lucid" about which I will be speaking later on.

This overhead transparency is showing the illustration on the cover of "Time" magazine; notice the caption - "Master Of The Universe". None, only the inventors of the system know that thee acronym "LUCID" really means. After a lot of probing investigators were told that it stood for LOGICAL UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION INTERACTIVE DATA BANK.

Think about that for a moment. If that doesn't send chills down your spine, how about this for an explanation? "LUCIFER'S UNIVERSAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM", or LUCIFER'S I.D. SYSTEM for short. You don't find that credible?

How about this? Optus the telephone company making inroads into Australia, is partly owned by the Bell Telephone Group of the United States, How much I am not sure. Now let me read this from Texe Marrs "Flashpoint" newsletter:

Could it possibly stand for "LUCIFER'S ENTERPRISES", and could Satan and his willing slaves be laughing at a sleeping world? Why choose a name that is so close to the LUCID PROJECT? Perhaps they will be working together. To make it even more intriguing, their new logo is a red circle about which the company had this to say, quote, `A.T.&T. hopes the name and the logo will ILLUMINATE awareness.' end of quote. Who do they think they are fooling? To occultists the circle represents their satanic deity, the great and fearsome solar serpent. The fiery red sun orb or circle is his image.

Scriptures reveal him as "The Great Red Dragon" and his global system as THE SCARLET BEAST, Rev. 12:3 & 4 says:

And Rev. 17 verse 3: (Transparencies of logos to be shown here)

To show that the red circle has been deliberately chosen, take a look at these transparencies. Top right is the Lucent logo, Middle left is the red coloured symbol on this new age book called "The Tau of Leadership", and you can see it is strikingly similar to Lucent's new corporate logo. The next symbol on the right is the OROBOROS or serpent biting its own tail and is an occultic symbol of reincarnation and Lucifer's eternal reign. The last symbol on the left, a symbol remarkably similar to the Lucent logo, is found in a recent edition of "Gnosis", an occult magazine. If this is not enough to convince you that this apparent similarity is nothing more than coincidence, I will quote once more from "Flashpoint", October,1996:

Isn't that a perfect picture of our present world, in an attitude of sleep while satan prepares to wage war on us all. Just remember that Optus is a part of the Bell Group, and they are spending millions on T.V. advertising with that ordinary looking aussie who appears to be a bit dumb, finding all the answers from that oh so nice affable bloke from Optus. Make no mistake about it, we are part of it, not in a leading position, we are just useful.

England and the so-called black nobility of Europe are the driving force, America is the means by which dominion will be accomplished, Australia is just a useful tool.

This afternoon I will also try to briefly cover the present situation in the United States of America where preparation for th incarceration in concentration camps of dissident citizens has already been completed, the presence of foreign troops on U.S. soil, and plans to deploy foreign troops elsewhere.

If possible, I also wish to speak about the H.A.A.R.P. Project. No it's not the kind of harp that David played, it is a project known as HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAMME, which is being conducted in Alaska but has nothing whatsoever to do with the aurora or northern lights phenomenon, but is an ongoing highly sophisticated operation using patents of discoveries by Nikola Tesla, the Yugoslav born scientist responsible for the Tesla Coil which gives us our alternating current electricity, who harnessed the Niagara Falls, and patented many other scientific discoveries which up until now have been suppressed. Here is a quote by Dr. Patrick and Dr. Gael Flanagan in the foreword to a book published in late 1995, entitled "Angels Don't Play This Harp", and subtitled "Advances in Tesla Technology":

Researchers have learned that H.A.A.R.P.represents a technology which could lead to a new class of weapons that could change our world profoundly,an all purpose military tool which if misused, could mess up the weather.

It could be used against humanity in a way that would change what people think, believe and feel. It could be used for good or evil, just as a harp can produce the music of Mozart, or the melody of the death march. Many technological notes could be played by H.A.A.R.P. type military experiments. They can manipulate global weather, hurt eco-systems, knock out electronic communications, or change our moods or mental states".

Does this sound sound a little bit like Daniel 7:25? -

He will seek to change times and laws; does this mean the laws of the universe with which man is now experimenting? I want to close this overview by quoting from a pamphlet issued by the management of The Australian Christian Academy, regarding the importance of Mathematics to its "home-schoolers": Most people who are interested in the near return of The Lord Jesus Christ are familiar by now with the names of the leading global organizations that are being used to usher in the new world order, so I am not going to waste much time on them as I want to speak more about the technology to be used not only to bring it about, but to ultimately control the masses. The United Kingdom or more specifically, England, is the driving force behind the establishment of most of these organisations.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs which in turn spawned The Council on Foreign Relations, commonly called the C.F.R., the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, The Fabian Society (which is a real force here in Australia), the very secretive Bilderbergers, The Heritage Foundation, The London School of Economics of which the notorious Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones fame is a graduate, The World-Wide Fund For Animals which is a fanatical environmental group headed up by Prince Phillip, (animals are equal and in some cases, superior in value to humans). The United World Colleges set up by the late Lord Louis Mountbatten and now headed up by Prince Charles, institutions where bright young people are chosen to be educated in the one- world mindset.

The Round Table set up by the late Cecil Rhodes has been and is a long time funder of Rhodes Scholarships to train world leaders. President Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. The late Cecil Rhodes has recently had his life dramatised on the A.B.C. on Sunday nights and I have been surprised at the ugly truths that have been presented about this thoroughly nasty man.

Incidentally, Rhodes has been quoted as saying back in 1890 that world government would take place in about 100 years from then; that of course, is the decade that we are now in. I must say that some of you royalists may be surprised at my linking Prince Charles and Prince Phillip with leading new age organizations, although after the sordid revelations about members of the royal family in recent days, you should be able to find it credible.

One very important organisation that I forgot to mention is The Tavistock Institute for Human Studies. This is where brainwashing techniques have long been investigated and put into practice. This Tavistock Institute was commissioned by the Committee of 300, or The Olympians, as they like to call themselves, which is headed up by that pillar of virtue, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Anyone who is interested in James Bond movies might be interested to know that M.I.6 is the personal spy service of the Queen, and that the author of the Bond Series, Ian Fleming was himself at one time an agent of M.I.6. Anyone who is interested and has any questions, may see me after the seminar is finished as I am not going into this any further, as I covered this on a previous video available from Endtime Ministries.

One other organization that I have not previously dealt with is The World Constitution and Parliament Association of which many prominent political figures of all persuasions are members, including former U.K. cabinet minister, Antony Wedgwood Benn, and former Australian Labor Party cabinet minister from the Keating Government, Gordon Bryant from South Australia, and Ramsay Clark former attorney-general of the United States.

In a letter dated February, 1991, signed by the Secretary General of that organization, (a man by the name of Phillip Isely), to Gary Kaj, the author of a book entitled "Enroute to Global Occupation", Isely had this to say - "We are ready for the peace conference. In fact we have already called the comprehensive peace conference, it is the World Constituent Assembly. The purposes are summarised: Mid-East peace, and global energy network to replace fossil fuel and oil". End of quote.

We know that the anti-Christ will confirm a seven year peace treaty in the Middle East, but what do they propose to use in place of oil and fossil fuels? Is this part of the Tesla technology now being seriously investigated in the H.A.A.R.P. project? Tesla is said to have discovered a way to have cheap electricity by tapping into the earth's magnetic resonance.

In a letter dated December 12, 1990, signed on behalf of this World Constitution and Parliament Organization by Dr. Kalman Abraham of Hungary and Tony Benn of the U.K. and sent to Presidents, Prime Ministers, King, Queens and other heads of governments and national parliaments, they made this statement:

To touch again briefly on the Council on Foreign Relations, most people now know that every President of the United States in recent memory, whether Democrat or Republican, has chosen or had chosen for him, members or former members of the C.F.R. to occupy key positions in government, but did you know that although you can have a guided tour of the entire U.N. building in New York, unless you have an appointment on official business, you are denied access to the building housing the C.F.R., and even the press are not allowed to take photographs there. Incidentally, the logo of the C.F.R.is a rider on a white horse, who appears to be giving the sign of allegiance to satan.

See the transparency now appearing on the overhead projector.


I will just touch very briefly on our economic situation as I also covered this subject in more depth on the video just mentioned. In order to more easily facilitate the gathering together of all nations under a global government, and to more easily control the production and distribution of food, the plotters decided to group nations together in economic blocks. We are already familiar with the European Union, formerly known as The Common Market, then we have the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA as it is known.

Then our region has APEC, or Asia Pacific Economic Commission. The most recent of the Apec meetings has just been held in Manila. This regional grouping of nations to create completely free trade between member nations with no tariff barriers, is set to completely alter our way of life.

Under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade or GATT, as it is known, the 127 nations which signed this agreement on the weekend of 16-17th April, 1994, in Marrakesh, Morocco after 7 years of intense negotiations, will agree to gradually phase out all barriers which prevent open and free trade. The signing of this agreement will directly affect you and in fact, it has already affected many people adversely, most primary producers, and factory workers whose jobs have disappeared to low wage Asian countries.

The law of price being governed by supply and demand no longer exists. Australian cattle producers are being paid the lowest prices for twenty years, but there is no corresponding drop in the retail price to you, the consumer.

Here is a quote from a recent Queensland Country Life newspaper, and there is no need for me to comment. Quote:

These big cartel companies, though mainly based in the United States of America, have their origins in British, Dutch and Swiss oligarchical families. The word oligarchical means to be governed by a few, and the so-called black nobility of Europe of which Queen Elizabeth is the head, believe that not only were they born to rule, but the god they worship is Lucifer. They believe that he is the true god of the universe, that he put them on the earth and the resources of the earth belong to them. These resources are being consumed at too rapid a rate by too many of what they describe as "useless eaters" and will eventually be depleted unless populations are drastically reduced. It is easy to see how food supplies can and will be controlled when most of the production and all of its distribution is in the hands of a few ruthless people.

If you are in any doubt that what I am about to say is in the realm of fantasy, I will begin this section regarding concentration camps and foreign troops in the U.S.A. by quoting from the "Last Trumpet" newsletter dated June, 1996, entitled "Another First For America". This newsletter is a publication written by David J. Meyer, a former practitioner of occult sciences, and now a born-again believer on the Lord Jesus Christ. Quote "On May 1st, which is the highest day on the witch's calendar called Beltaine, something happened in this country which has never happened before. We know that Beltaine or May 1st is also the birthday of the Illuminati and of the communist revolution in Russia.

We know also about United Nations biospheres. We also know about the presence of foreign military detatchments on American soil, all of which furthers the cause of COM - UN - ISM. Now we have May 1st, 1996, as a day that will live in infamy.

On this day, Hollowman Air Force Base in New Mexico was completely given over to Germany. This base in New Mexico is now a commissioned Luftwaffe base in the heart of America". End of quote. I want to continue this quote, but I want to refer back to the reference to biospheres to explain just what is meant by that term.

U.N. Biospheres are national parks and wildlife reserves in America that have been taken over by the U.N. As recently as April, 1996, President Clinton announced a plan to designate five million acres in seventeen national parks as wilderness areas, a move that would put those lands off limits even to tourists. All this is part of the United Nation's bigger plan "Agenda 21", a blueprint for global environment dictatorship that calls for a "rewilding" of at least half of the continental America.

The premise of this agenda is that human society is a cancer on the planet, and that radical surgery is required to bring it under control. Are we also in danger of losing sovereignty over our heritage listed places such as the Daintree Rain Forest, the Great Barrier Reef, and most of the Tasmanian wilderness areas? The answer is a resounding `yes'. Continuing the quote from the "Last Trumpet" newsletter: quote "How long will it be until the unstable and erratic President Clinton imposes his presidential executive order, I said order singular, because on June 3rd, 1994, Bill Clinton signed executive order number 12919, which encompasses all previous executive orders. The previous executive orders that are now all rolled into one are as follows:

I haven't finished the quote yet and will return to it, but I would like to comment here that executive order 11004, sounds mighty like what the Khmer Rouge under the murderous Pol Pot did when he emptied Phnom Penh and murdered millions of innocent Cambodians. Was this a trial run for the one world plotters?

Is this why Pol Pot has never been hunted down and tried for his crimes, and is treated with kid gloves by the nations? Why they are even accepting his murderous former soldiers into the regular Cambodian Army saying all is forgiven.

But to continue the quote from "The Last Trumpet". Quote:

All of these executive orders can now be imposed with only one order from the President". End of quote.

Executive orders do not have the approval of the American Congress, it is the prerogative of the President alone. It is no wonder that an aging and ailing and ineffective Bob Dole was put up as the opposition during the recent election, ensuring that Bill Clinton was re-elected in order to deliver the `death blow' to American independence.

Incidentally, I have a picture at home of Bill Clinton waving to the crowds and giving the sign of allegiance to satan with his right hand, and should by some mischance or miscalculation, Bill Clinton be dismissed from office, if the many scandals he has been involved in should catch up with him, Al Gore, the Vice-President is waiting in the wings.

Gore is a devoted environmentalist and a worshipper of the earth goddess, Gaia. Now that I have established the fact that executive orders do exist for the destabilisation and control of American citizens, I will proceed to show you, that places of detention already exist, and the means to implement them.

This is a quote from a newsletter from a keen researcher in the United States, Fritz Springmeier, a man who is a firm believer on the Lord Jesus, and before I quote what he has learned in his research, I want to say that this information has been confirmed by many others including Serge Monest of The International Free Press Agency, Quebec, Canada, South West Radio Church, Texe Marrs and others.

Here is the quote

Continuing the quote: If you think well, that's America, it has nothing to do with me, you have to remember that America is the most powerful nation on earth today, and her people must be brought under control before a new world order can proceed: but we already have American marines stationed permanently in Australia.

Just after the election last March, 1996, Prime Minister Howard had a visit from the now out-going Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, and America's highest ranking army general, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John M. Shalikashvili, a man of Polish extraction, and whose father was a Nazi who served in Hitler's forces.

Channel 7 news had a brief item on the visit, where Warren Christopher stated, that because of the very cordial relationship between the two countries, in future, 6,000 marines would be stationed permanently in Australia, with up to 30,000 coming and going at regular intervals to take part in execises with the Australian forces. That was the only mention that I saw, as it did not appear in any of the newspapers that I read, including The Australian.

Now we have an agreement with Singapore where 300 Singaporean soldiers, along with their wives and families, will be stationed and trained at the local Army Aviation base at Oakey, outside of Toowoomba, with permanent housing to be built for them in Toowoomba, and I have no doubt Australian taxpayers will fund the building. I will include here an update on foreign forces in Australia, taken from "South East Christian Witness" in the January 1997 newsletter and entitled - "Invasion of Foreign Troops". Here is the quote:

Here is the article as it appeared in `The Adelaide Advertiser' : We don't see our forces being invited to take part in exercises in Singapore or Indonesia or any other country, why here? I would not be surprised if the U.S. marines in Australia were under the command of The United Nations becuase the U.S. Army's new field manual outlines the command structure of what it calls "Peace Operations" and shows that while national forces would have communications with the leaders of their respective countries, they would be directly responsible to the political leader heading the U.N. operation.

In May 1992, an intensive training course called Police 2000 was taught at the First International Crime Conference at Fairbanks, Alaska, and was attended by law enforcement officials and government agents from America, Canada and Russia. One of the "Police 2000" goals is for the creation of a transnational police organization for the coming global village. There is growing cooperation between international police organizations such as the CIA, KGB, Interpol etc.

The New World Army Police Force will soon reach 100,000 and could grow to 250,000 by five years from then which would be 1997. An undisclosed number of U.N. Troops are now training on U.S. soil and could be used in America in some future state of national emergency, civil unrest such as the Los Angeles riots or other upheaval.

In a compilation of documented facts under the title "Metro Force" American Police State, Serge Monast of The International Free Press Agency, Quebec, Canada, quotes a caller from Oklahoma who stated that on April 27th, 1992, there was a lot of activity on military basis and that a guillotine was seen being brought in under "Hush-Hush" conditions." Close of quote.

On March 26th 1991, a joint resolution by the U.S. Senate and Congress was signed into law recognising the seven Noahide Laws. The reason I mention these laws is because the penalty for breaking one of these laws is execution by decapitation. I will proceed to quote the whole report.


A Brief Account of Biblical and Rabbinical Jurisprudence With a special note on -
Jewish Law and the State of Israel.
by George Horowitz, M.A. L.L.B. Member of the New York Bar.

Laws Binding on All Mankind, the "NOACHIAN LAWS."

* (Despatch has an expose of these Laws & International Law..
on Line, "Which Law - What Law" ) *

There were certain basic laws, seven in number, which the Rabbis considered binding upon all the descendants of Noah, i.e. upon all mankind. According to their interpretation of Genesis 2, 16, Adam, the first man was given six commandments:

1. Not to worship idols
2. Not to blaspheme
3. To establish courts of justice
4. Not to kill
5. Not to commit adultery
6. Not to rob.

A seventh command was given to Noah after the flood, that one must not eat flesh cut from a living animal
(cf. Genesis 9, 4). Hence the Talmud speaks of "the seven laws of the sons of Noah", what might be described as "Natural law" the contrast to the "national law" of Torah and Talmud, binding only upon Israel
(c.f. T.`Avodah Zarah IX, 4; Sanhedrin 56a; et seq.)

Although some of the tannaim added a number of other laws and the Talmud actually only mentions as many as thirty,
the decided halakah was that only the seven mentioned are universal law binding on all mankind.

Jew Talmudic Laws Noahide Laws for Goyim Now U.S. Public Policy Decapitation for Christians

The Jews are, by their own law bound to follow the religious teachings of their Talmud (See Talmud in Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition, 1990, it says "A work which embodies the civil and canonical law of the Jewish people.")

Notice this definition does not say it is the law of part of or a sect of the Jewish people,it says "Jewish people". In faithfully following their Talmudic Law, the Jews have succeeded in getting Congress to covertly pass Public Law 102-14, (H.J. Res.104) March 20th, 1991, this diabolical Public Law and Proclamation was done without the knowledge and consent of the American people in general.

This public law now places Americans under the Jewish seven Noahide Laws.Please be advised that the Jews have written in their Encyclopaedia Judaica: ... "Violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation", (Encyclopaedia Judaica page 1192). The Noahide Laws are for the Goyim (Gentile cattle) and have at law, replaced the Ten Commandments. The Noahide Laws are now covertly blending into the Supreme Law of the Land. Christians would be considered guilty of violating law number two "Thou shalt not blaspheme God", because Christians believe that Jesus The Christ is God manifest in the flesh, and this Christian belief is "blasphemy" to the religion and tradition of the Jews. The Noahide Laws developed by the Jews provide for their execution of every Christian on the face of the earth by means of decapitation.

In an American information newsletter "The Spotlight" which is issued from a Washington address, there appeared an article quoting from a copy of an army manual known as FM-41-10 which outlines army contingency operations designed to round up American civilians and detain them in concentration camps. This manual has a distribution restriction to government agency only and contains instructions to destroy it to prevent disclosure of contents. Reprinted in "The Spotlight" is a plan of a concentration camp complete with wire fence and tower lights, with barracks for families, unescorted children, unattached males and unattached females. The manual is designed to be used in conjunction with national emergencies when units of the army will be used to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency orders.

This organization is commonly known as FEMA and was in charge of the murderous assault on David Koresh and his followers. Incidentally, during the recent scare about the crash of the Russian Mars space vehicle was the first time that I had heard mention of our own Emergency Management Agency. How much more don't we know and need to find out?

But to continue the "Spotlight" article.

Here again we have a parallel with Australia with the recent amalgamation of local councils into larger onees. Our former Premier, Wayne Goss was correct, I believe, in assuming that this was a prelude to the phasing out of State Governments and the Federal Government dealing directly with local councils who are much closer to the people.

But to continue. "The manual includes details on the methods of rounding up civilians and placing them in detention centres. The newspaper also outlines the officials in the Pentagon charged with facilitating "Civil Affairs" operations. Handling the operation is Assistant Secretary of Defence, Henry A. Holmes who heads something called "Special Operations Command" with General Wayne A. Downing under him.

In addition to civil affairs planning, Holmes and Downing handle special operations for all services, as well as "Psychological Operations" and "Special Aviation" units. Included in the Special Aviation Units are uniquely equipped fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, some of which are for low-flying ground surveillance.

The use of unmarked black military helicopters flying low over civilian areas recently has raised rumours and fears that surveillance is now being conducted against the civilian population."

Now if you are sitting there thinking to yourself that this is pure speculation and a load of rubbish, just remember that the German people under Hitler saw what was happening and closed their eyes, but it was all too real anyway.

I often wonder if the now accepted practice in Australia of emptying our mental hospitals and institutions and forcing mentally incompetent people to fend for themselves in the community is so arranged that those facilities might be used to house our dissident population. Three or four years ago, the local mental hospital in my home town of Toowoomba was extended at the same time that patients were being sent out into the community. Seems odd to me.


"That everything is in readiness for the total control of the U.S. population can be further affirmed by the presence of "Rainbow" Highway Code Markers now appearing on certain U.S. highways, where it is believed that inactivated army bases are to be used as concentration camps. In January 1995 it was reported by residents in Montana, that the area had been quietly invaded by U.N. Troops. A local blacksmith reported that he had just returned from the north western part of the state, and said the area was crawling with Belgian troops and some Austrian troops.

Also he counted no less than 114 barges loaded with U.N. equipment coming in from Canada. Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin and a few states below them are to be policed by belgian troops. This man was told that at the town of Kalisfel in Montana, the government had bought a ranch and fenced it, the fence going inwards at the top to keep people in - not out!

A massive new crematorium has recently been completed in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the now disused Amtrak railroad terminal, and an investigator has reported that he has received information from some of those who helped to build the facility that guillotines have been installed for those who arrive alive instead of dead. Others say new gas lines have been installed - and not for heating purposes. Pictures of this facility bear this out.

Three other such crematoriums are known to exist. They are Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Kansas City. Missouri; and Bay City, Michigan. The Blue Highway Markers on the back of the highway signs lead to them. The Indianapolis Crematorium is a blue arrival point. As blue is the colour indicating in hospitals that the subject has died, we believe that this is a destination for those who are already dead, that is those shot by the police and military forces of the New World Order.

On the same grounds is a Red Zone arrival point. As red signifies death, we believe that this is a destination point for those yet living who are destined for either the gas chambers or the guillotine. An aerial picture was taken of the gas chambers being constructed at the same Amtrak facility. Newly installed gas pipes lead to every chamber. There are revolving steel gates by which admissions are made of the living, who arrive in the Red Zone. The symbols of the New World Order appear above the entrance gates; this is the all-seeing-eye of Satan atop the Pyramid as appears on the back of the U.S. 1 dollar bill.

Parked at the facility is a locomotive decked out in blue which patrols the old Amtrak railway station. It has U.S. Air Force on its side. Blue Highway Code Markers are as I said before, representative of death. Green represents life, and it is speculated that these signs lead to detention facilities where people will be sorted out for commitment to concentration camps, to work camps, either death or release. Perhaps these will be sites for micro-chipping all those brought to the facility.

The micro-chip is a means of keeping track of and controlling you wherever you may be. Orange Highway Markers lead to confiscation targets such as factories, smaller airports, gravel pits and private lands. (Maybe the gravel pits are to be mass graves, as gravel pits also have the blue markers.)

Red markers are death and lead to crematoriums. Brown markers lead to materials to be seized and used; brown markers have been noted to lead to building materials companies, seed companies, pig farms and butchering facilities. Yellow markers are areas to be secured or confiscated. White markers are areas used for holding seized material like firearms; these white markers lead to military bases, National Guard Armories, and certain warehouses.

These highway markers are ominous and can be found in the U.S., Canada, Russia and other countries. They are obviously U.N. ordained. U.N. troops who are stationed in a foreign country and who do not speak the language of the country they are in can be guided to destinations by these markers.

On 13th January 1994, traffic at a railroad crossing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was held up by an extremely long train of over 100 cars that were south west bound from that location. The next major city on that route was Oklahoma City. The train however, could continue on to Arizona and California.

The train was described as consisting of brand new totally black boxcars, all probably empty due to the fact that a single engine pulled the number of cars involved. There were no markings on the cars other than a bar code and a serial number. When interviewed, a railway security officer said he knew of such train cars being stored "up north" in either Minnesota or Michigan or Wisconsin.

He was told they were boxcars that preceded the "white" trains. He was then asked `What do you guys do with those boxcars that have shackles and handcuffs bolted to the inside walls?' Without hesitation he stated "Oh those must be the "white" trains. We supposedly use those to precede any transportation of nuclear weapons or material. When we move a nuc. train we don't stop for anyone. If there are any demonstrators on the tracks, a security force in the lead train rounds them up and sticks them in the boxcars until they can be dealt with later.

The more reasonable explanation, I think, is that these cars, especially in this quantity, are not being built and maintained for simply preceding nuclear shipments". These boxcars are obviously being readied for future civilian detainee transportation. You may be asking yourself, why aren't we seeing this here? My theory is this. We have a vastly smaller opopulation, and America has a much greater proportion of Christians who are likely to resist, whereas Australia has few strong, born-again Christians in comparison, in fact, seveeral years ago, the U.N. itself designated Australia as a pagan country. I pondered whether to include the seven rainbow classification of the New World Order prisoners, due to their horrific nature, but have decided to do so, as I believe we need to know.

(1). Classification of Christian children to be used as human sacrifices where, within the Black Mass Ceremonies, they will participate in any kind of sexual orgies, some to be kept as sexual slaves.

(2). Classification of the prisoners to be used in medical experiments where drugs and new technology will be tested on humans.

(3). Classification of healthy prisoners for the International Human Organs Centre where their vital organs will be removed one by one while they will be maintained in life with special life support systems.

(4). Classification of all healthy workers to be used as cheap slave labour.

(5) Classification of Space Technology prisoners where all different new Technology Space and Time travel will be tested on humans.

(6). Classification of Occult Experiments where demonic techniques will be used on prisoners.

(7). The International Execution Centre where any kind of human resistance experiments will be tested on prisoners. Then the International Re-education Centre where uncertain prisoners will be re-educated with new Behavioural Methods in order for them to repent in front of world wide T.V. and where they will have to glorify the virtues of the New World Order for Humanity. This centre will be nearby the International Maternity Centre used to create a new superior race.

(Underwater Facilities - located North and South of the United States used for Time Travel experiments, as well as Space Travel using Electromagnetic Technology.)

Confirmation of this whole concentration camp, rounding up of dissidents, is given by Texe Marrs in his recent book "Project Lucid" where on page 25 we read -

"Individuals that have been arrested and their property seized and sold at auction will then be transported by truck, bus and air to a FEMA managed regional Federal Prison Transfer Centre for proper "categorisation" and "disposition". Entire families are to be disposed of in this manner. Neighbours and local communities will be given the excuse that the surviving spouses and children of those arrested are being assisted by the government.

Final disposition when deemed appropriate, will be made at a "Regional Processing and Detention Centre." The Nazis called such centres concentration camps; in the Soviet Union they were known as Gulags.

At these centre, methods and techniques of interrogation, torture, and final disposition honed and developed by the CIA and Special Forces Green Berets through their Operation Phoenix programme, are to be used on victimised citizens. During the Vietnam war, the government's top secret Operation Phoenix programme was responsible for the arrest, incarceration, torture, and murder of oveer 50,000 innocent civilians.

The CIA and U.S. Army Special Forces acclaimed it a success and a model and prototype for future `human pacification' programmes." End of quote. Could our own Emergency Management Agency be used for the same purpose? It has been said that the Special Forces Green Berets are all Satanists as were Hitler's Elite S.S.

There will be no such thing as free will when the one world government under the anti-christ is finally put in place midway through the 7 year period spoken of by Daniel, so there has to be a way to control every facet of life. Quoting from the publication "Metro Force" we have the following statement:

Before I come back to this quote, it is essential that I say something about the National Security Agency or the NSA as it is called. A great many people have heard about the large computer in Brussels, Belgium, which many commentators are convinced will be the one that will monitor all the people of the world.

That could be so, but right now that task is being done by the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland in the United States of America, and known to the American people as The Puzzle Palace. (Photograph on the O.H.P.) Now to quote from page 20 of "Project Lucid", it says

This diagram now showing on the overhead shows the linkage of Australia's Deakin Centre in Canberra with the NSA. Remember this Deakin Centre is the one that our government first of all said didn't exist, and then when it couldn't be denied any longer, proclaimed it had no sinister meaning. But to continue from "Project Lucid". "This hulking monstrosity (i.e.) the NSA is currently the fount of global evil for the New World Order, which some are now calling, euphemistically, The New Civilization. This is all part of the Global 2000 plan, and before you write it off in your minds as pure speculation and fancy, I have just recently found out that citizens of Rwanda were all required to carry identification cards on which were plainly shown their racial identity, either Hutu or Tutsi, so it was very easy to identify those you considered were your enemies and slaughter them. I understand new identity cards are now being issued without racial identity being shown. Sort of close the gate when the horse has galloped out of sight.

Dr. Anthony Sutton, an expert on advanced and futuristic technology-systems says that LUCID may hone in on certain individuals whom the government feels are undesirables, but everyone will come under its authority and be subject to its high- tech. sensors. Sutton, a highly respected and astute researcher who wrote the book "The Secret Establishment" and other books unmasking secret societies and exposing the aims of the globalists, is one of a tiny handful of men who have so far, exposed the dangers of LUCID. This is what he had to say:

Tracking of whom you might ask; not criminals, but according to the designers of LUCID's own words, it is for what they call "non- criminal justice background checks" and "alias criminals". I for one have no idea what an "alias criminal" is.

I want to go back to Dr. Sutton's statement that the Universal Biometrics Card is being funded and developed by the Dept. of Defence. Well, since the 1970's a branch of The Department of Defence known as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of DARPA for short, has been funded with billions of dollars for the development of laser death rays, weather weapons, electro-magnetic field systems, reconnaissance satellites etc.

Under the Reagan presidency, it was known as Star Wars, and was supposed to be a system to combat incoming hostile missiles. Funding was supposedly stopped for the Star Wars Project but instead it emerged under another name, the HAARP Project, all with the same experimental projects - with more added. And now we hear that it is The Department of Defence who are developing the Biometrics Card, the two are very much linked together, LUCID the identification, and HAARP the means of tracking it.

We know there have been several abortive attempts to conquer and rule the world, Hitler being the most recent. That he did not succeed was maybe firstly, it was not God's time to allow it, but also he did not have the micro-chips, surveillance cameras, lasers, computers, satellites, electro-magnetic wave mind-control weapons, wiretap circuits and communications gadgetry of today's police state.

Cast you mind back to what I quoted Gro Harlem Brundtland said at the beginning of this session, that - quote - "We are the first generation which has the ability to change the course of world development." She could just as easily have said - "We are the first generation which has the ability to control every person on earth."

I notice in the plan recently released for the new 8 lane highway to the Gold Coast, provision has been made for tracking systems in the roadway and high-tech. surveillance cameras supposedly to monitor and facilitate the flow of traffic.

That we are also in the forefront of adapting the latest technology is shown by this item which appeared in my local newspaper, "The Toowoomba Chronicle" on Friday 22nd November, 1996 which was captioned "Technology to Replace Meter Reader". It said:

The chief executive went on to say Whatever that statement means! Now I don't know about you, but a great deal of that information was new to me, that I did not know how far we had gone in adopting and using this new technology.

Here is an interesting article on this same theme, taken from "Rise of the Tempest" Underground Magazine, June 1996, entitled "Spying on your Computer".

Is this scenario making you take stock of what appears on your computer screen? When it comes to information flitting across our computer screens, there are no secrets, thanks to a relatively new, obscure form of surveillance. It's no secret that the U.S. Government refuses to even release its real name. Privacy advocates have filled the void by nicknaming this technology "Tempest" which stands for "Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Surveillance Technology".

What it does is allow a simple scanning device to read the output from your monitor from up to one kilometre away. No one ever need enter your house to plant a bug or copy your floppies; it's non- evasive and virtually undetectable.

Here's how it works:there is an electron gun in the back of your monitor which repeatedly fires electrons at your screen, causing different pixels to illuminate and form the text or graphics that you see. The gun sweeps rapidly up and down sending an eletromagnetic signal which constantly refreshes the information displayed on the screen. This signal doesn't stop at the perimeter of your computer; it continues expanding outwards, seeping through the ether much like a radio wave.

Consider a test conducted by security professionals at the Technical Assistance Group at http:/www.thecoidex.com who actually built their own Tempest scanning device and took it for a test drive in downtown Manhattan in the United States. As described in an essay by CEO Frank Jones, their `DataScan' device (four years in the making) enabled them to `view' CRT screens at ATMs, banks, the local state lottery machine in a neighbourhood, candy store, a doctor's office, the local high school, the fire department doing a DMV licence plate check, a branch office of a securities trader making a stock trade and the local gas station (owner) tallying up his day's receipts .... The U.S. Customs building (in NYC) leaks information as well as the Federal Reserve. Wall Street itself was a wealth of information for anyone interested.

The World Trade Centre was fertile. It afforded open parking areas nearby with millions of glass windows to snoop.
We headed east toward the New York Post newspaper offices, and read the latest news off their monitors (which was printed the next day)....

I know that that little bit of information hd nothing whatsoever to do with Project LUCID or the H.A.A.R.P. programme, but I deliberately mentioned it because of this application of technology was unknown to me, how much more is being done without our knowledge or consent? It makes what I am speaking about, more believable.

The beast nature of the LUCID system is confirmed by a statement by the inventors of LUCID, Dr. Anthony Halaris, and Dr. Jean Paul Creusat. Dr. Halaris is a computer science professor at Iona College in New York State, and Dr. Creusat is a medical doctor who officially holds the position of LUCID system designer; he is also on the staff of Interpol as a "Medical Officer Investigator on Narcotics Control" and is an "International Narcotics Enforcement Officer's Association" representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Committee.

That's quite a mouthful, but it means that Dr. Creusat is an official representative of a foreign police agency working with a non-governmental organization of the United Nations. Being a medical doctor, he was the ideal person to come up with a system of using a Biometrics card for absolute identification, and coupled with Dr. Halaris who could perfect the computer element of the tracking system.

I will again quote from Texe Marrs book "Project Lucid" from page 50:

The centre and very essence of the LUCID control project is the Universal Biometrics Card. It is through this card at first, and the implantable chip that Satan's Beast 666 Universal Human Control system is to achieve ultimate power and authority over the world's populations.

Reading from page 52 of the book "Project Lucid" we learn that "according to LUCID'S designers, all of the system's computer technology, hardware and software capability are being prepared to fit into the framework of the future Universal Biometrics Card Model. The Lucid card will be a `Smart Card'; a credit-sized I.D. made of plastic with a translucent microchip computer embedded in it. The card itself will be self contained, with a built-in computer chip being reprogrammable.

In other words, at hundreds of thousands of scanner centres and sites across America and the globe, Big Brother's agents can insert your UBC Smart Card, linking it up with the Master Computer at headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland or wherever. Then new or revised information can be downloaded into your card, instantly updating your `computer onboard' I.D. Card with all the spy and intelligence information they have more recently dug up on you.

Meanwhile, police and other government agents anywhere in the world are able to request and receive an instantaneous readout of individualised updated data. The computer I.D. Card, the designers boast,

To make sure they've got you identified and targetted, and can constantly keep track of your whereabouts and activities, the LUCID system will employ a comprehensive array of `Bio-meetrics'. But what do they mean by Biometrics? Essentially Biometrics means the measurement of biological factors. Science has for years been tremendously busy researching means of identifying a person by measuring and recording his or her physical characteristics.

Sophisticated sensors are now capable of identifying you by the shape of your hand, foot or head. They can measure and identify the iris of your eye, and the topography of your fingerprint. There is also your blood type and your unique DNA code. Machines have also been invented that can identify your distinctive voice. According to the creators of LUCID, the following identification techniques will be secured in the memory of the LUCID system Universal Biometrics Card as Digitalised templates. The words and explanations are theirs as follows:

Satellite technology is very important in this technical world. When the Cold War ended in 1990, a naive public thought America's military surveillance satellites would be made non-operatonal; not so! The plotters have big plans for satellites. Satellite cameras are so advanced that from space, they can take recognisable pictures of golf balls on earth below. They can tell whether a man has long hair or is bald. Nowhere on earth is there any privacy because of these spy-in-the-sky invaders. Orbitting satellites are also linked with earth-based microchip sensors and transmitters.

Whey you carry your brand new Universal Biometrics Card in your wallet or purse, a satellite can be tracking your movements. They can do so thanks to a system of 24 global positioning satellites orbitting the earth at all times. Yes, you could rebel and refuse to carry the card, but wouldn't be able to buy or sell without it. You wouldn't be able to drive a car or get a job or obtain medical care.

That sounds bad enough, but if in a few more years Big Brother is successful, those who remain on earth after the rapture, will have those translucent biochips embedded under the skin. The UB card will be an alien part of their bodies, and they really won't be able to leave home without it. To cap off a list of what some might like to call `coincidences', the actual chip that will go into the I.D. Cards is being called The Capstone. This use of the term Capstone suggests two related objectives of the plan to control us with computerised I.D. chips.

First, the computerised system will serve as the capstone of The New World Order. Second, the separation now illustrated on the American one dollar bill between the New world Order pyramid and the capstone above it, picturing the all-seeing eye of Lucifer, the `sun god of light' will be ended. The separation between the capstone and the pyramid will be ended as Lucifer will play his trump card by taking over the entire world. The capstone is descending and will be jointed to the pyramid by the Illuminati's Masonic Builders. The Illuminati's conspiracy of the ages will be culminated with the LUCID I.D. net providing the logical, ultimate means of shackling the peoples of the world." End of quote.

Now I want to spend a few minutes to say a little about the H.A.A.R.P. Project. To begin, I want to quote Drs. Patrick and Gael Flanagan:

The first portion of that statement is only partly correct, and should read: The second statement where the Flanagans say "Scientists are experimenting in areas that project our knowledge and civilization into the future or it could bring us back to the stone age," is also I believe to be true. You see, I am only one of a growing number of people who believe that our civilization is only now approaching the scientific knowledge of the world prior to the Flood. Only a handful of people were saved out of the Flood, the earth's infrastructure was destroyed, and for a long period afterwards, men would have been forced to live in caves until the earth renewed itself.

The knowledge would also have been lost. Jesus Christ said "As it was in the days of Noah", man believed he did not need God then, and he does not believe he needs Him now.

Ten years ago, a retired U.S. Army Colonel T.E. Beardon wrote a book which he called "Fer-De-Lance" and was sub-titled "A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electro-magnetic Weapons"; this book was published by The Tesla Book Company. Interesting because this book went on to explore the extent that the then Sovieet Union had been able to take the discoveries of Nikola Tesla and put them into practice. In this the Soviets were very successful, and one wonders how much of this knowledge and weaponry has been retained by the Russian government under Boris Yeltsin.

Beardon, along with other researchers stated that beginning in the early 1970's, the Soviet Union was mysteriously experimenting with radio frequency signals, beaming them towards North America. Beginning in late 1976, ham radio operators had begun picking up the 10 hertz frequencies on radio receivers. These ham radio operators called these signals the "Soviet's Woodpecker" because of the sharp tapping they heard from the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves.

Some researchers speculated that the woodpecker signal was a Tesla-type weapon for mind control because the ELF was a frequency which could resonate in the human brain, and the transmission could be a carrier wave that was modulated (That is varied in amplitude, frequency or phase) to carry a hidden effect.

Just remember that the sound emitted by the "Shoo Roo" device which is now fitted to nearly every long distance tourist coach, can't be heard by the human ear, but is very effective in those coaches avoiding collisions with kangaroos.

In a symposium in Colorado Springs (the place where Tesla did so many of his experiments) a Dr. Marc Seifer gave a paper which he called "Nikola Tesla, The History of Lasers and Particle Beam Weapons." In it he had this to say. Quote-

"For an example of Tesla research, two brothers, both scientists travelled to the Tesla Museum in Yugoslavia and read material not available to North America. They suggested that Tesla's particle beam work evolved from Tesla's pioneering experiments with X-Rays as well as from his idea of lighting up the skies with his "magnifying transmitter" by beaming up electrical energy to the stratosphere (i.e. a level of atmosphere above the clouds - above seven to thirty miles above the ground.)" End of quote. That would be some light-up display. Could they be planning to use this to introduce the anti-christ?

That Russia was far advanced in this technology is undisputed, but since the break-up of the Soviet Union, America has become the front runner in the field. We hear very little about nuclear weapons since the signing of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, Mark 2. Is it because the super-powers don't need them any more as they have been superceded by these electromagnetic weapons of fearful capacity? Mind control appears to be one of them.

Cast your mind back to the Gulf War. Do you remember how hundreds of Iraqi soldiers simply surrendered even to non-military personnel like newspaper correspondents, and they were reported to be in a very disorientated state. Could this have been a mind control experiment, and was this war a trial run for other weapons? I believe it was. At the beginning of the book "Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P." there are a couple of pages in chronological order listing the way experimental technology has advanced since 1886-8 when Tesla was in his prime, and I believe they bear looking at.

Tesla invents the system of Alternating Current Power Source and Transmission Systems.

Tesla applies for a patent on a device to transmit electrical energy through natural mediums. (Tapping into the earth's magnetic energy.)

Confirmation that radio waves bounce off the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the electrically charged layer starting at an altitude of 50 kilometers.

Scientists propose to light up the night sky by electron gyrotron heating from a powerful transmitter.

Tesla announces Death Ray Invention. (The Laser).

Atomic Bomb Tests begin.

Van Allen radiation belts discovered. (The Van Allen belts are zones of charged particles trapped in earth's magnetic field, 2000 miles up. It was violently disrupted that very same year because something very stupid occurred. In that same year, 1958, Project Argus occurred. The U.S. Navy exploded 3 nuclear bombs in the Van Allen Belt. Can you believe the stupidity of doing that? Then we are told that we are causing the `hole in the ozone layer' with refrigerant gases etc. Sir Edward Teller, known as the father of the atom bomb admitted they did not know what would be the result when the bombs exploded. How can we trust them to be any more careful with the infinitely more dangerous "H.A.A.R.P." project?

White House Adviser on weather modification says the Defence Department is studying ways to manipulate changes of earth and sky and so affect the weather.
Series of weather disasters begins.
Copper needles dumped into the ionosphere as a tele- communictions shield.
Soviets and the U.S.A. blast many electromagnetic pulses into the atmosphere; 300 megatons of nuclear devices deplete the ozone layer by about four per cent.
Launch of Canadian satellites and the start of stimulating plasms resonances by antennas with the space plasma.
Moscos scientists tell the West that the Soviets have pinpointed which pulsed magnetic field frequencies help mental and psychological functions and which do harm.
First reports on ionospheric heater experiments with high frequency radio waves at Arecibo, Puerta Rico. A 100 megawatt heater in Norway built later in the decade; this can change the conductivity of the auroral ionosphere.
Documentation that the launch of Skylab halved the total electron content of the ionosphere for 3 hours. This was caused by rocket exhaust gases.
The United Nations General Assembly bans environmental warfare.
(This is an interesting one.) High frequency experiments were conducted in Plattesville, Colorado; Arecibo, Puerta Rico; and Armidale, New South Wales to head the bottom side of the ionosphere.
Stanford Professor Robert Helliwell reports that very low frequency from power lines is altering the ionosphere.
U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson forces the navy to release research showing that ELF transmissions can alter blood chemistry.
Pell Senator Sub-committee urges that weather and climate modification work be overseen by a civilian committee answerable to the U.S. Congress. This did not happen as the Department of Defence is still in charge of the H.A.A.R.P. Project. Incidentally, it was reported in the Brisbane Courier Mail when the Hawke Labor Government came to power, Bill Hayden was the then Minister for Foreign Affairs, and his first act in that position was to sign a U.N. directive not to use the weather as a weapon of war. You see that right has been reserved for the United Nations.

Intel Report dated October 10, 1994.

Location and Description of GWEN tower site at Canton (Blaine County), Oklahoma.
Actual on-site inspection with photographs.
Extremely Reliable.

On the above subject date, an experienced operative made an on- site investigation of the Canton, Oklahoma, GWEN site.

This GWEN site is, at this time, believed to be the only one located in Oklahoma. It is located on government owned land just north of Canton on the south side of the Canton Lake Dam. The top of the tower is 306 feet above ground level, with GL being 1580' ASL. Its EXACT Lat/Long coordinates were obtained using a GPS (Global Positioning System) received ---- 5 satellites were used. Its position is:

Lat. 36 degrees 04' 25" (i.e. 36 04.422') Long. 98 degress 35' 36" (i.e. 98 35.595') Present government cover-up story is that the GWEN sites are now being "shut-down" due to "budgetary cut-backs". And, that they were strictly a system developed by the Air Force to serve as back-up communications system in case of a nuclear attack --- it being designed (or hardened) to withstand an Electromagnetic Pulse (i.e. EMP) event.

In reality, intelligence sources believe that is is an ON-GOING part of PROJECT WOODPECKER that is being used to alter the earth's magnetic field, in order to (among other things) modify the weather by creating low and high weather pressure cells that are used to steer the jet stream. It is also believed that it is being used to fine tune earth damaging earthquakes by transmitting controlled resonant r.f. beams into the earth's crust. It is also capable of being used for "mind control" and break-down of the body's "immune system" experiments. Each GWEN tower is reported to be effective over an approximate range of 150-200 miles from its location.


****** 1st picture at bottom of page showing tower and anciliary buildings;2nd picture taken from a distance allows you to gauge the height of the tower in relation to surrounding topography****

Soviets begin pulsing "Woodpecker" extra low frequency waves at key brainwave rhythms. Eugene, Oregon,was one of the locations where people were particularly affected.
Dr. Susan Bawin and W. Ross Adey show that nerve cells are affected by extra low frequency fields.
Here is wherewe begin to see the HAARP project really begin to take shape. Bernard J. Eastlund applies for a patent called "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere and/or Magnetosphere". This is the first of three patents assigned to Arco Power Technologies who are now developing HAARP.
In the latter part of the 1980's, the U.S. begins to build what they call Groundwave Emergency Network Towers called Gwen Towers for short, each to supposedly generate very low frequency waves for defence purposes, when in fact, the ELF relay towers are to be used in mind manipulation and other experiments aimed at their own people and not for defence purposes at all.
Military Contractors called E Systems who hold the Eastlund-Tesla patents contract to build the biggest ionospheric heater in the world near Fairbanks, Alaska.
Congress budgets $10,000,000 for 1996 under "nuclear counter prolification" efforts for the HAARP project.
HAARP planners to test earth-penetrating tomography applications by modulating the electrojet at extremely low frequencies.
(What they are saying here is that it is no use for gun owners to hide guns by burying them. HAARP beams can penetrate and see where they are hidden. HAARP planners in a report to the military in 1990 said this, `To better understand this use of HAARP earth penetrating tomography, lets look again at the section dealing with the generation of extremely low frequency and very low frequency waves. These waves are set up from the antenna array in such a way it produces a virtual antenna in the ionosphere for rediation of radio waves back to earth. The antenna created in the ionosphere then radiates or sends back the pulsed frequency It then moves through the earth, giving the military the ability to locate the underground anomalies such as shelters, nuclear facilities, oil fields, tunnels and other natural and man-made formations. In the National Defense Authorisation Act for the fiscal year 1995, the U.S. Senate stops additional spending on the project until the military outlines a plan which includes a full earth penetrating tomography programme.The report specifies "This transmitter in Alaska, besides providing a world class research facility for ionospheric physics, could allow earth penetrating tomography over most of the northern hemisphere. Such capability would permit the detection and precise location of tunnels, shelters and other underground shelters.)


1998 Is the projected date for HAARP to be fully operational. Incidentally my husband and daughter have just returned last week from a brief visit to Hong Kong flying with Cathay Pacific Airways, and on that flight they watched an American documentary much like our own "Beyond 2000" where questions were being asked about this very subject, the HAARP project and according to them, the questions being asked were not answered very satisfactorily. Just like politicians evade the truth with half-truths and direct lies.

There must be a few Australians who are aware of this project and its potentially damaging effects, because in 1994, Bernard Eastlund who held the original patents before they were taken over by the Department of Defence, wrote to an Australian by the name of David White and I quote from that letter:

Well we know quite well that the project has certainly proved they can do it, with the whole project expected to be completed in under two years time, in 1998. That control of the masses via mind control is the prime concern of HAARP is evident.

Just hear what Dr. Patrick Flanagan has to say:

Dr. Flanagan goes on to say: Weather control is a vital part of the HAARP research. Control of the food supply is vital, and it is now possible to cause droughts, floods, or earthquakes in specifically targetted areas. Frederick Jueneman is a columnist for "Industrial Research" magazine, and in an article he wrote for that publication he said: Brezezinski predicted: What a chilling statement, but his words have summed up all I have been saying, and this comes from one of the inner circle.

My answer to this evil is to quote Psalm 2 verses 1-4:

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