APPENDIX V....EARTH GRIDS....by W.B. Howard....Editor of Despatch magazine
By Kathleen R. Hayes - Copyright 1992.

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The major Marian apparitions have occurred on or near the 40th Parallel, including the Cabrini Shrine.

The most significant Marian apparitions have occurred on or near the 40th parallel.
The four major sites of purported Marian visions are ... Three are in Europe, while the least known one is in Asia.

Other Marian apparitions have been reporteed in other parts of the world that do not fall within the 40th. parallel. However, the most significant ones, those producing lasting shrine attracting millions have that latitude in common.

Flavio Vettorel, a 41 year old researcher from Milan, Italy refers to this latitude connecting the major sites as "the highway to heaven." Vettorel has traveled to Medjugorje where he has experienced strange physical and emotional sensations. he also believes Mary spoke directly to him there.

NRI has repeated Vettorel's study with regard to the four visions that have become stellar shrines. Lourdes and Medjugorje are roughly on the 40th parallel. Vettorel discovered that,


Vettorel was convinced that these shrines are horizontally linked because they are spiritual "hot spots."
He says he was convinced when he tracked the apparition in Akita.

The vision in Akita has been dwarfed by the European apparitions. It was at a Catholic convent that a nun,
Sister Agnes Sasagawa saw the Madonna in 1973 and 1981. She also witnessed bizarre manifestations. The statue came to life. It laughed, spoke, gave off light and smelled of perfume. She presented herself to the nun
as the "lady of the people." When Sister Agnes received a wound on her hand, the statue of the Madonna acquired a similar one.

Vettorel believes he has discovered a spiritual line of hot spots that God is using to get across Mary's messages. We agree --- in part.


Vettorel has indeed discovered a spiritual highway of hot spots, but they are not emanating from God. They are byways of occult magnetic force. Two groups that deliberately achieved contact with the spirit world to harness supernatural energy along certain leys -- invisible lines or tracts on the earth's landscape -- were the Rosicrucian Brotherhood of the 15th century and the Druids. Rosicrucians claim that their Order and secrets date back to ancient Egypt. Also the Druids, the magician-priests of the Celtic civilization in pre-Roman Britain, utilized these ancient spiritual tracks.

Alfred Watkins, an antiquarian, first suggested the existence of ley lines in the 1920s. He made a strong case for the existence of mysterious alignments between certain ancient pagan lanmarks in the British landscape. Watkins found prehistoric stones and camps, symnmits of hills and mountains, sites of ancient temples, formed long continuous straight lines for hundreds of miles. In his mind the type and number of these lines seemed to defy laws of probability. He concluded that they had some unknown significance.

John Mitchell, a British scholar of ancient wisdom, believed ley lines coincided with Stone Age roads and that they primary purpose was magical. He reasoned that travelers along these paths could make use of the energies become charged with spiritual energy.

Another who theorized about energy lines was Wilhelm Reich, the unorthodox scientist, from Germany. He claimed to have discovered what he termed orgone energy. He believed that certain places contained more of it than others and that it could be accumulated for various purposes. Some purposes included levitations of stones and humans.

A famous story is that of a Druid named Bladud who lived in Bath, a British village known for its hot healing spring. He was a magician who had been initiated into ancient mysteries. He founded a Druidic school which contained a temple to Minerva. On its premises was a lamp burned with an eternal flame fueled by energy since the temple was on a ley line. Bladud erected a flying machine which he believed would propel him along a ley line. It did. Eventually it crashed on a hill that is now the site of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The hill where he crashed marked the end of that ley line. Simply put, Bladud ran out of psychic energy.


Since the sites of the major Marian apparitions which became shrines contain numerous stories of miracles, paranormal experiences, levitations, strange sensory phenomena (oscillations and falls), rosaries turning into gold, manifestation of angelic beings and strange atmospheric marvels (luminous flashes of light), we conclude that the 40th parallel is a highly charged ley line of enormous psychic energy. Psychic energy is demonic in origin. Satan is the god of this world. He is capable of producing impressive achievements that masquerade as miracles of God. Why? He wants to deceive God's people in any way he can. He will even promote healing if it will hook the believer and move him unwarily into the world of the occult. Those pilgrims who have traveled to these shrines seeking experiences that are other worldly are doing so at their own jeopardy. The deeper into occult delusion they become, the less likely they will see or accept truth.


Satan is the most clever angelic being of all. He knows that he cannot attract those who are basically decent if he comes on as an evil monster. But he can capture the wills and hearts of the naive and turn them away from Christ with phoney Marian apparitions, some curiosity, a little superstition and a lethal dose of magic. Satan loves theatrical enterprises - even ones that speak of Jesus but turn people to Mary instead.

Likewise, Satan has always had his magicians. When Pharaoh summoned his magicians, Jannes and Jambres, they could reproduce God's miracles that Moses worked. When Aaron's rod became a snake at Pharaoh's court, Pharaoh called for "the wise men and sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments," (Exodus 7:11). Enchantments means secret arts or black magic.

Paul warned that in the end time magic would enslave the curious who sought knowledge that was not truth.
He also warned that God's people should have nothing to do with them. Paul called them,

We have reported before that Pope John Paul II has studied magic. He is therefore capable of working counterfeit miracles. Be warned! Get ready, for Paul also warned, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution," but he also said, "the holy scriptures are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus," (2 Timothy 3:12,15). It is not knowledge only we should seek; it is truth.

The energy force emanating along the 40th parallel is powered by the God of forces of which the prophet Daniel speaks in Chapter 11:38. Daniel also speaks of demonic princes over nations. As we continue into the end times, the demonic power of these angelic beings will overcome many,

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