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by W. B. Howard
Christians have been taught in these astonishing days to depend on the Word of Faith, which is not the Word of God per se, but a mystical "Force Word." The Faith Movement cults major on this teaching. Through the use of this "Faith Word" or "Force Word" the unwary are being programmed into drawing on the power of the Force, just as the New Agers do.

An extract from my book "Faith Movement Heresies", pp54 55 (not yet online), follows:

This Force or Source is a complicated evil, mystical belief which can be summed up only in brief it is more than a belief, it is Satanic, demonic power.

The Force is an impersonal, pantheistic 'god' not the Heavenly Father who has Personality. "Everywhere", "in everything" not the transcendent Creator, as the Bible teaches (Genesis 1). So too is the "Faith Word" 'god' of the Faith Movement teachers.

(Although the personal God of the Bible is also given lip service the Faith movement draws on the 'Faith Word' 'god' and trusts in it!)

Not God, the Heavenly Father, who sovereignly reigns will save, transform and heal but the FORCE OF FAITH. Impersonal forces are being brought into play!

The FAITH WORD is a way of tapping into what the Faith Movement sees as the Faith Word Force which rules the universe. They believe the 'word' (not the Bible, remember, not the Personal Christ Jesus) holds all creation together, and keeps the universe running. "...faith filled words brought the universe into being, and faith filled words are ruling the universe today." Kenyon.


The 'Force of Faith' is nothing less than 'Faith in the Force'. The same twisted belief of Luke Skywalker in the film Star Wars. The same as the New Age 'Source'. It is a sub Christian mind manipulation of "the good side of the Force", which the Faith Movement teaches when it shows people how to manipulate the 'faith god' with positive confession. Friends, evil supernatural happenings are occurring on our planet.


Here I will depart from the video transcript and add information which I did not have when I made the video. From Global Gathering Home Page, http://www.nwlink.com/~globalig , (not operating at present) the following information has been gleaned:


The strange "Innernet" of energy and consciousness being established by the occultists on the planet, in order to create a "new paradigm of Heaven on Earth philosophy" is ancient, not new. Not only is the Internet of computer technology creating a unified world, but the Innernet of the Earth Grid is being formed just as rapidly as Internet. This Innernet is both physical and spiritual, real energy, real supernatural Force, real Power of an amazing kind. From the book "Secrets of the Lost Races" by Rene Noorbergen, researched by Joey R. Jochmans, New English Library, we discovered astounding material on Prehistoric Cult Geography. Without a shadow of a doubt the New Age Globalists at the end of this millennium are re establishing the ley lines of ancient days. The power, spiritual wickedness and almost unbelievable potential for world dominance found in the re establishment of the Earth Grid (Innernet?) can be gauged in the following quotes on the mystical ley lines, from "Secrets of the Lost Races".

When we compare the intentions of the present day New Age Cult Geomancers with the ancients, it is very obvious that the Secrets of pre flood and the Tower of Babel civilizations have been re discovered and are bringing raw Satanic, unified power back to the planet. Did the establishment of the Ley line Grid cause the terrible judgement of God to fall in ancient days? Certainly it could well have been one of the reasons. In Global Internet Gathering material we find: Back to the "Secrets of the Lost Races" data: Some of the objectives of the 1990s New Age Global Gathering on Innernet and Internet are: "Secrets of the Lost Races" by Noorbergen makes very interesting reading in regard to present happenings globally. p112: The New Age is filled with the mysterious Force or Source. Fungi Shui of the Asians, the flow of Lung mei or dragon currents, belief in the force throughout the human body, acupuncture practices, these and many other pagan 'energy' or 'force' beliefs from many lands have swamped the West with the pantheistic "Force" doctrines. Noorbergen comments on p112: Noorbergen wrote in 1977, twenty years ago. He was not a Christian. How far the world has gone now, and the concept that the force field is merely "scientific principles" is widely accepted in our day.



These days we are seeing "Save the Earth" hysteria as never before. The "health" of the Living Entity, Gaia Mother Earth, is paramount in most people's minds. Connecting the Sacred Hoop in the Global Gathering is about giving "health" to the Earth by interconnecting the ancient sacred power sites. Also creating One Earth and One People under the old Power grid Structure, and facilitating the "flow of information" in this time of the Third Wave, the Information Era. From the Global Gathering material again:

The material of GG 97, 98 and 99 shows graphics of sacred sites, Tribal Elders, Countries, Shamans, Wisdom Keepers and Spiritual Leaders being formed into a network "The Human Web is Forming into a Network" "ANCIENT FOOT STEPS TO THE FUTURE".

NOORBERGEN knew that the ancients realized that One Earth and Unity as One People was essential to setting up the weird Force Field around the planet. He knew that unless there was unity again in our day, the countries could not join up the ley line system again, and the full potential of the "magic" energy from sacred site to sacred site, as it was before the Great Flood, would never be operational once more. Fascinating details emerge in his book, p 115:


In his book The View Over Atlantis, p 69, John Michell writes: "A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe. At some period perhaps it was 4,000 years ago almost every corner of the world was visited by a group of men who came with a particular task to accomplish. With the help of some remarkable power, by which they could cut and raise enormous blocks of stone, these men erected vast astronomical instruments, circles of erect pillars, pyramids, underground tunnels, cyclopean alignments, whose course from horizon to horizon was marked by stones, mounds, and earthworks."

A SINGLE WORLD AUTHORITY is imperative before the occult world can set up the amazing EARTH GRID of dynamic supernatural and esoteric technology. Everyone who would seek to find benefit from the world ley line system would have to serve the Masters of the Grid. The ancients had such a system in operation at the Tower of Babel, it would seem. "Secrets of the Lost Races" p 118 119:

Michell writes about this loss of the unified system essential to the running of the Earth Grid in The View Over Atlantis, p 129: "All we can suppose is that some overwhelming disaster, whether or not of natural origin, destroyed a system whose maintenance depended upon its control of certain natural forces across the entire earth."


As we approach the new millennium the Earth Grid is again being brought back to its full power around the planet! Early civilizations seemed to have been highly equipped with technology even beyond modern capabilities, according to many ancient historians. That the ancient power grid, (which surely made the raising of the gigantic stones which comprise the Pyramid of Giza possible), could be re activated in 2000 AD is of enormous interest to the citizens of the planet. That this energy field is magical, esoteric, also physical, and powered by strange supernatural forces which the occultists and Tribal peoples pray to is horrifyingly alarming. That this odd phenomenon is coming together even as I write is prophetically highly significant. This is surely Mystery Babylon, the AntiChrist system.

Noorbergen writes, p119: "The city of Babel represented a 'United Nations', or a political center for world government. The Tower of Babel, on the other hand, intended to be a great structure reaching to the skies, may have represented something even more significant. As noted earlier, there very likely has been a world center where the surface energies of the globe were eventually gathered from the global ley line system. We know that the place where the currents were accumulated was usually characterized by a mound or tower. The Tower of Babel may have been the receiving station for the ley line currents of the earth. By their possession of such a center of the world's energies, the ruling authorities at Babel literally controlled the world, for everyone who desired to benefit from the ley line system would have had to serve the rulers of Babel.

We know from all accounts that the lines were used for occult purpose, so there were spiritual as well as material energies involved. The post Flood ley line system was very probably a reconstruction of a system used before the Flood. The antediluvians had developed a sophisticated form of technology that incorporated the use of both material and occult energies as its power base, and the ley line system was simply a further extension of this occult technology." (End of quote).


The book of the above title by David Hatcher Childress is a best seller amongst the New Age groups. It contains the modern knowledge of the ancient ley line, geomancy mysteries which are being utilized in our day. The back page tells it clearly:

The book by Childress is in the "Lost Science Series"!


Amongst many startling statements in the Childress book, one which appears on p.191 shows that the New Agers are well aware that the Earth Grid is very old occult science:

It is entirely possible, as G.H. Pember, in his book "Earth's Earliest Ages", has so ably pointed out, that the Nephilim, fallen angels, were actually the mythical 'gods' of by-gone days, 'gods' such as Hermes, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus et al. Are the occultists of this New Age in contact with the very same Nephilim who showed the ancients the secrets of the Force fields? Very likely! What do the neo-pagans see this "Force" as being?: What is "Kundalini"?
It is the SNAKE power, and Christians are well aware of the identity of the old Serpent, the Snake, the Dragon. It is the devil, Satan himself. (Genesis 3; 11 Cor.11:3 Rev.12; 13:2-4.) The "chakras" are the energy points either in the spine of the human body, or dotted around the world, such as sacred site areas, mounds, hills and stones.


The Earth Grid is described on p.131 in the Childress book thus: "The earth is simply a huge magnet wound with magnetic lines of force. The coils are 1.725 cm2 in one direction and 1.850 cm2 in the other. These lines of force form a grid pattern due to the spin of our planet. At any given point there are a trillion lines of force crossing and creating small vortices. Each vortex manifests as an atomic structure and creates within itself a gravitational field." (End of quote).


The New Age is seeking to set up again the astonishing power source of the ancient world, that which caused the Creator to scatter the inhabitants of a Unified world at the Tower of Babel. The Tower was being used as a repository of the Force? That the New Age understands that the Grid was understood and used thousands of years ago is obvious from their geomancy writings, such as the following, p.5. "Anti-gravity and the World Grid.":


When Christians use the Force of the Word of Faith they are actually doing the same as the New Agers are doing, drawing on the pantheistic Force of the Earth Grid. An "earth chakra", such as the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, or Glastonbury Tor in England, is a huge energy vortex several miles in diameter, extending much further in area of influence, like a two-way swinging grid door this is what the New Agers believe. The vortexes are pictured as being like flowers spaced out all over the earth, some form larger flowers, and some of these form even bigger flowers. Chakras are said to be energy flowing from one form into another, like flowers opening as parts of another flower, each independent, yet interdependent. Similar, yet dissimilar. Alternately, we can visualize a mighty wheel with many spokes, and every spoke is a point of light.

I have come to believe that these are quite real, and supernatural, and that Satan is bringing his chakra and lattice-grid power structures into full operation in our day. The number 666 features again and again in the geomancy material. One example, p.190. Childress book: "The 144 elements, themselves represent the dramatic interplay....of the Father 666 and the Mother 1080. Their combined electrical impulse 1746...is the spark within the form of Life, for Adam and Earth."


The geomancy material is highly "biblical", although, being Satanic, the concepts are opposite to the true Biblical Truths. Note in the next quote from "Anti-gravity and the World Grid", p.169, the "Logos", which is really the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the anagram of "Satan" in the use of the title "Sanat Kumara." Note that the message given by Satan to the deluded is still the same as the lie in the Garden of Eden, "ye shall be as gods",(Genesis 3:5), "one comes to know one's true divine identity". Note the mention of receiving the Mark in the forehead! That the geomancy doctrines are the AntiChrist doctrines of the Last Days is clear from this quote:


Weird witchcraft is again being enacted on this planet Earth! Never since the early times have the esoteric shamans been so powerful in their black arts as are the neo-pagans of the 1990s. The New Age beliefs about the sacred sites of the planet are not just ugly nonsense. This is a time of revival of Mystery Babylon, and the horrors of the might of the Force. (Daniel 11: 38-39). In the book by Vincent Selleck, "The Rise of the Morning Star", the rituals of "Earth-healing" through sacred site activation is outlined:


An excellent video clip was made in the mid-1980s by Christians in the UK. It was made in order to alert the Christians, and help them to see the urgent need of true spiritual warfare. Names are not given here, you may like to contact us about this? Although the maps on the video are not included here, one could possibly trace the lines on a map with a little effort? This could be of especial interest to the UK believers.

The mapping gives a good example of the Earth Grid and the bizarre lattice patterns of Satan.

UK VIDEO CLIP, commentary, follows:

There are powers involved in it and there are others powers too, powers that are...civilization. I believe it is our duty as born again Christians to do that which God has called us to do. To go to these high places to go to the fields and areas that look down upon our villages and towns and cities and start to claim them for the Lord Jesus, to move in and to break those powers to break their holds that seek to hold us and influence our lives. This video has been made to show you the reality of what is going on.

I come to you and ask you to have an open heart and an open spirit to what God is saying to you and to your area. We have found many things in this area which I will be sharing with you I will be showing you the areas around this east part of Kent and of what God has shown us here.

I will be telling you and showing you the effects that prayer warfare has had on this area. God has done some tremendous things as we have opened up the human spirit to His Spirit to show us what to do, what to break, what to hold .... God has revealed to us by His Spirit the reality of the warfare that is on.

There are many influences abounding in our schools, in our hospitals where we are affected by these powers. We need to know what they are, we need to know where they are. I ask you to seek the Lord as to what he is saying to you about it.

MAP SHOWN. Here we are...traveling through to Canterbury. You will know that Canterbury Cathedral was built on a site that was dedicated to Isis. We are moving up through Canterbury and from Canterbury through the country. You will know that around Canterbury there are witchcraft covens. We can see through these country lines here there are churches that I have circled that are on these lines.

As we come through Maidstone we note that there is quite a bit of activity through Maidstone. There is a church to the south that is connected. You will notice that there are many places of antiquity along these lines too and different places like crossroads that hold quite a activity of Satanic influences. You can see too as we travel across a place called Godstone the `stones' are quite relevant to the situation too. One with `god' on it, obviously.

And again we know that areas with the name of "Ley" or "Lie" have influence too. They obvious come from things that are (Ley-lines).

And here we can see a whole bank where this is a high point and ...there as well. It is amazing as we move across the country. As you can see there are quite a bit of open spaces there is another church there an area of high point. And again as we come across the...there are different things that are just far above coincidence, far more than we can guess.

You can see places with the name of `stone' on them and we know that this place here at Stonehenge is... all these burial grounds that are there . You can see a place coming up now Stoneleigh and you will see there is quite a bit of influence around that too. There is a church there that is again on a line.

As we come now to Glastonbury Tor there is a huge mound with a monument on the top of it and it has got many significant things. Apparently it was surrounded by water at one time and is now stuck out of the ground and they say the first Christian circles were set up here.

There is a big cathedral there, I visited Glastonbury and it is one of the most oppressive places going.

We go back to Kent there and as we go south we see this line right from Canterbury Cathedral right through now, you can see as we come up to the cross there right in the middle of Stonehenge.

That angle there is a right angle a 90 degree angle there and as we come through to Glastonbury Tor we swing round now to the north and as we go from Glastonbury Tor this main line that we are looking at the right hand one is the one that cuts across the country from Landsend right across the country to Glastonbury Tor... and goes right across and comes out above Lowestock (?). That has got many, many churches on it also.

Make a special note of Milton Keynes this is a line that comes from Milton Keynes right across the country and goes down to Glastonbury Tor. Very significantly, we look more at Milton Keynes later. There is Swindon and many, many churches and different sites along the lines as we come down to Glastonbury Tor again we see this other line as it cuts right across the country from Landsend to Lowston and it is 80 miles long. I have not calculated how many churches are on that line, but there are many.

I will go back up and show you the two of them together. There is quite a significance in these things as they are close together and to show you really how many lines there are. This is only just one area of a section we have chosen to show you, but there are more than just these lines. These are the main ones that we have shown you.

The left hand one now goes to Milton Keynes and the right hand one goes across to Lowestock and comes out at the most easterly point in Great Britain, quite significant.

Now there is Stonehenge, Stonehenge is quite a powerful Druid centre obviously to catch the sun. These two lines here are the two lines that go from Stonehenge to London and you will see in a moment, we will be coming in and you see my finger here, which will be on Checkers, Checkers is the residence of the Prime Minister. Many decisions are made in there. It is significant that a line should run through there.

That place there that I have my finger coming up to you see it Heathrow Airport. Heathrow Airport, you can see the hexagram of Heathrow Airport and I will be speaking to you later about that as well. But take note of that, that hexagram there. That line runs right through London, through many churches. The line comes up to St. Paul's Cathedral in London and continues right across the country and goes out through Europe. This one has 39 churches written there... again we go through Canterbury Cathedral which has many churches around it, and as you can see there is quite an intersection of lines there along the churches.

We go across the country following the darker line and go right the way across and we are heading up towards St. Paul's in London and we have 39 churches on one line. It is far above anything which is coincidence. As we have already established, it has not been planned by man, but by spiritual beings. We have established that it is not of God.

We are coming across the top now of Crayford, heading towards the River Thames and you can see the churches on the lines there, We cut across the river on three places and water, I believe has many occult connections. We zoom in on here on to the Cathedral, you can see all the churches around that area. Many of them are not marked but the dots with the towers on are churches and we continue out now from the Cathedral heading out towards the north west, ...heading towards High Wickham.

We know that in High Wickham there are many things that have happened there that are beyond coincidence. We know from that place there are many high places that surround High Wickham that have created quite a bondage and that line continues way off.

There is a line there that crosses the major one, 380 miles long and we are coming up to the line that goes to Milton Keynes. There is quite an area there too that has quite an influence.

This is a line that goes through Milton Keynes and I want you to take special notice because you can see that it goes dead through the centre through that street called The Summer Boulevard that high point right across as far as we can get it on the maps we end up going through that little church there.

Again, that will continue across the country and out through other places.

Let us drop down to the south now and this is the main line that has come up from the Brittany Coast this is the one that has gone through Mt. St. Michaels at Salisbury there and again comes through Stonehenge a perfect triangle made with Stonehenge, Astbury and Glastonbury Tor. A perfect triangle. There goes the line again and continues up to Astbury where they have two stone circles in one big circle. Again quite an oppressive area and creates a lot of problems around that area and many, many folks we saw there were obviously Satanists and we saw how they had all their pentagrams around their necks whilst we were there and that applies to the things they were saying and doing there.

And that continues right up through Keswick and we have seen already how through to Glastonbury through Salisbury,

Stonehenge and then through Maidstone through to Canterbury with these ley lines, these power lines and wherever they are, are affecting these areas.

We have seen too that from Canterbury up to St. Paul's in London to High Wickham right the way through across the country there is a line there that has many, many churches on it. This ley line right here that goes from Landsend goes right the way through about 380 miles and comes out into the North Sea here.

One of the places I want to draw your attention to is the area of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is a new city, a new city that has been built by man, presumably, it has all the ...that the powers of darkness had on man and shows that the powers of darkness have not only got England coupled up on these lines, but Europe as well. You can see by this line here Stonehenge here and you can see that on a straight line we have Paris,...,

Rome, then through to the Pyramids, and goes through to Mecca and we can see on the larger map here, where it continues.

We have Salisbury, Stonehenge, Paris, Rome, through the Pyramids to Mecca and continues right through and across the world. There are many, many lines all over the world and in China they call them Dragon Paths. They call them Dragon Paths because they say that when a dragon moves across the mountain tops and along the valleys, they form their philosophy of the Yin and Yang situation the positive and negative that they use in their acupuncture.

So we know that they have some sort of area there that they reason that is definitely Satanic and opposing the Lord Jesus.

We want to return to the area of Milton Keynes. When we come across to this map here, we see quite a large map blown up quite big so we can see it. Now what I want to draw your attention to is this here called the High Street here and look at this the Midsummer Boulevard. That has the sun's rays on the summer equinox coming straight down through the centre of this street. It may be a coincidence that right next to here is another circle and which is another circle and it seems to run parallel with it.

In the centre of this here they have a garden area.... At the end of the Boulevard here, we have these gardens and very high viewing points here that overlooks all the way around. Whoever has control of that in a spiritual way has control of this whole area and this is where the majority of people meet to do their shopping. This is just full of all the major shops.

It continues down and goes through the station and right the way off into the country to other churches and believe it or not, this line here that is a dead straight line goes straight to Glastonbury Tor. Absolutely amazing.

It continues on and goes across the country and goes through other churches. The reality came to me that when the position the lines where the churches were, we have (names of churches) there is a site there for a church in the shopping centre and another church is further out and coming up through here is a concrete cow are and goes across the medieval village.

You have other churches on the line too, see the marker I have drawn in line with the churches I began to see that it is a standard exercise and you can see the lines match up on this hexagram. We know that the hexagon centre is dead centre where the stones are.

So we know there is more to these lines by the fact that the hexagram is a Satanic symbol, we know that the hexagram is used in witchcraft and satanism and we know that whoever has control of this centre here has control of the area. And we know that the influences that are coming into Milton Keynes is coming through this hexagram it is coming into this area and that is where the majority of the people are.

I want to draw your attention as to what we have shown on the church alignments map earlier that one of the major hexagrams was the country where the idolatry comes into and it is the Heathrow Airport. As you can see, we have an area here, it is almost a complete hexagram, we can see it here and we can see it here. This is an infra red photograph taken at night to show the different airplanes that touch down on the different runways at night. So we see this black area, almost as if that is the centre of the hexagram. Who knows that right in the middle of Heathrow here there was a pagan temple and we know that that pagan temple has not been broken and destroyed in the name of Jesus, that piece of ground still is held by Satan's demonic power.


Not Many people of God in Australia have been engaged in much work in exposing the rainbow serpent powers or the power centres of the occult not that we are aware of. Therefore we have few pictures or data, but the joining together of the earth grid, reactivation of the force and the empowering of sacred sites is happening here in Australia as rapidly as anywhere else in the world.

For example, this video clip on the occult centre of power in Canberra.

VIDEO CLIP (secular, from mainstream television),commentary, follows.

I am at a site in the Stromlo Forrest, 15 kilometres from Canberra and if you look back down the hill, the entrance way is marked by two rows of rocks that goes back for about 100 metres. They lead up to this knob of the hill to three circles of rocks and in the centre, in the inner circle, there is this flat one that is known as the ritual rock.

It is surrounded by rocks that point out the north, the south, the east and the west. This is one of three ritual sites placed in a triangle around Canberra, as the crows flies, they are about 9 kilometres apart.

In the approximate centre of the triangle is the new Parliament House. It is not illegal to practice Satanism or any other form of witchcraft in Australia except in the states of Western Australia and Queensland.

But when those ritual practices turn to murder by human sacrifice, cannibalism, drugs and sexual abuse, then those ritual practices take on a whole new meaning.


"How long halt ye between two opinions? If the LORD be God, follow him:
but if HIGHER POWER, then follow him.
And the people answered him -- NOT A WORD. -- 1 Kings 18 : 21"
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