**This material has been transcribed into a booklet for Despatch Magazine
from a five hour video...
by W. B. Howard, Editor of Despatch.
The style is a verbal one, not a strictly written style.**
Bibliography will accompany the finished work.
by W. B. Howard
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There are signs and lying wonders of a Satanic nature mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:9.
Of this I am absolutely certain, these are supernatural, spectatcular happenings,  designed  to lead mankind into an acceptance of Satan’s evil spirits and his plans for world domination.
The Crop Circles which are appearing world wide are real, not a hoax, almost certainly a part of what is mentioned in II Thessalonians 2:9!  They are not just circles, by the way, they are complicated  patterns called pictograms.  These can seriously affect yourself or your family in an adverse manner, if you  accept  them as being from God, or regard  their messages  as being communications of a holy or worthwhile kind.

Thousands  of  Australians today, as well as many other earth citizens, are imagining Crop Circles to be the answer to the riddle of  creation, the very opening of the riddles of the Ages.

 These Crop Circles are believed to be created by the E.Ts who are seen as the saviours of the planet.

But, remember, these are not just circles, they are  pictures, pictograms. It is utterly impossible for these pictures to have been made by man, as the media sometimes depicts. They are surely lying  signs, lying  wonders of the Latter Days upon  the earth. Crop Circles and Pictograms have appeared around the world in grain crops mostly, but sometimes they appear in rice paddies,  snow fields, pine forests and even in the clouds above us.

Many have been seen here in Australia. They are often  radio-active and a few in grain crops have been as deep as ten layers, each layer is so dense that people have not been able to pull the layers apart. So that you might have a layer like a basket weave,

one way, then the next one is going the other way, and so on - an intricate pattern, incredibly complex, is formed. I have seen pictures of these astonishing things that actually appear in crops overnight. NO WAY could they be manufactered by human hoaxers.

Crop  Circles mythology has to do with sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury in England, as well as occult centres in other parts of the world. I have viewed videos filmed of actual space craft (UFO) leaving the pictograms and they looked authentic enough! Certainly the people who presented the videos felt that they were authentic shots.

One area in England has occult images in the hills surrounding a beautiful valley, these carved images have been there many, many years. Amazingly there is a white horse and rider, of course the book of Revelation shows Antichrist’s emerging as a White Horse and Rider (Rev. 6:2). I cannot recall the name of the hill area. Crop Circles are intensified in this heavily Satanic, New Age valley. Also UFOs appear there.

New Age videos abound with references to Crop Circles, New Age magazines and pagan centres push this phenomena. We have a video that we are going to show you  now, you  will  note  the presenter, Colin Andrews, believes that the Aquarian Age is almost here. I met Colin Andrews some years ago,in Brisbane, and I felt grieved for him as he was such a sincere man, but terribly deceived.
The Crop Circle watchers have been waiting for a sign of significance from the E.Ts who  they  believe, of course, are miraculously creating the Crop Circles and Pictograms. The “believers” have been waiting for what they call a Mandelbrot Set to appear in pictogram form and it has come! This was the confirmation they had been waiting for in England. What is the Mandelbrot Set? It is a complex sort of scientific pattern which deals with Chaos and Order.

We will show a Mandelbrot Set video which will explain this complexity. We do ask that you bear with us as we all try to understand what is happening to these people in the horrifying New Age nightmare.

VIDEO CLIP showing the Mandelbrot Set which relates to Pictograms. Curious spirals which go deep into an infinity of design.

Transcript from Mandelbrot video: “As we watch this circle distort into ever new curious shapes it is hard to believe that they are all, even the original circle computer representations of that innocuous equation X squared plus C, the equation that gave us video feed-back. Simple rules, it seems can produce fiendishly complicated results.

There is complexity here that was implied but never realised by Newton, glimpsed, but never resolved ...  But this is only part of a much greater object, the icon of Chaos, it is a mascot perhaps, this strange mathematical creature which has been derived from the simplest of equations and yet it has turned out to be the most complicated creation in the mathematic universe.

Using the computer as our microscope to travel into the valleys and peaks of this extraordinary object, known as the Mandelbrot Set, we see infinite complexity, however deeply we probe and that turns out to be one of the hallmarks of both Chaos and nature.

This unique and paradoxical mathematical marvel is a single image,a single image comprising an infinite universe of numbers - every shimmering speck of colour in each spiral entails is itself a coded key to every unseen mathematic creatures, other new galaxies of colour and form. This is the Mandelbrot Set. It lives on the frontier of a new geometry.

This has a very special property that as you get closer and closer to it you see much the same thing.  Now let me ...to this straight line ... as  you  come closer and closer and closer it becomes a straight line ...as you come closer and closer you see more and  more ...very much the same as you look at it from a great distance or from a very small distance....

This computer-generated coastline ...by giving a computer a set  of formulae and codes that copy the shape of the coastline....

I will continue to feel compelled to know much more about what is going and I am also as sure now, as I was then, that it is something of the greatest importance.

The Crop Circle is an area of compressed and spiralled vegetation usually in cereal crops, we know not the reason for that. Primarily cereal crops and the circular motion, the patterning of the grain is precise, it is symmetrically precise, extraordinarily pretty and the cut off points around the perimeter,  the circumference of these circles are very well defined.

It is as if a cookie cutter has been used from above and cut a circle into butter, it is that precise. It is not a random event, it is as though the edges may possibly, conceivably be associated with a whirl wind of a kind, a natural logical phenomenon. It is not like that, and as many hundreds now and many thousands  of people are seeing these markings all around the world, but particularly here in Southern England, most of them would agree, this is purposeful because it is so symbolic. It must have meaning.

Conformations have been discovered in many parts of the world.  From  Australia, U.S.S.R., Canada, U.S.A., Italy, Germany, Afghanistan, Turkey, Norway and Japan, 80% of the global total have occurred in the United Kingdom. Some 75% of these arrive in a small area of central-southern England forming a perfect equilateral triangle between the towns of Woldwich(?), Winchester and Woolminster(?). Over the years we have been mapping the locations of the crop markings to build up a picture of the densities of distribution and it is astonishing to see the relationship between the crop formations and the wealth of archaeological sites within this same area. Including Avery, Stonehenge and Silvery Hills(?).

A strange feeling came over me when I looked down out of our aircraft and saw that Cross. I could see the complexity of that construction and nobody could doubt the authenticity of that arrival.

I wanted a ...Cross ...formation because I could see structurally that it was an evolutionary step, a progressive step from the simple crosses we had already seen and in addition to that,it has such powerful meaning, the sites themselves reveal that something has happened to the consciousness of man around that period. And we see around that period involved the carving, the drawing, the paintings ...

Including spiralling, within those circles which structured the Cross  - a strata of chalk and surface limey soil, which when wet will leave, positively leave footprints. When dry they will leave nodules of dried soil which will crumble to powder by the lightest touch. In both conditions, human presence will be detected and not far in the Crop Circles.

Of course shortly after it was made, it was a bar connecting the two circles and in the centre of the bar where that jointed the circle, there was five different layers of crop in the circle, where the circle being formed the same time as the bar and they were all there - none of those layers were in the same direction, so they were all at slightly different angles. All layers like a weave  pattern and at least five different layers we could see in there.

Let us see what happens to the rods (divining rods). We take the two inserts out of these fountain pens to demonstrate you don’t need physical contact with the rods to achieve the same reaction. I am approaching the circle now and on the edge of it - you see that reaction. (rods move). These energies are right here. This plant has been compressed to the ground for over a week.

What has happened to give it such vitality, comparing it with this neighbour nearby looking set in every respect. Undeniable evidence - something important is happening.

This is a very advanced German process, through one laboratory, the only laboratory in this country, at the moment capable of undertaking that particular analytical examination. What has been discovered there is again undeniable evidence that the plants are going through a change in their crystalline structure.

In  a laboratory ...in Gloucestershire where we evaluate samples from patients from various practitioners and from the energy patterns seen in these samples, you can tell the condition of various organs in the body. We have got eight interested in the Crop Circles and because you can do this process with plants and herbs as well, ...different energies and structures.

We decided we would go out and get a few samples from the Crop Circles and put them through the process. When we did this, we really were not expecting to see this, it was just idle curiosity, really. We came back and we put these samples through,

we found to our amazement that anything that came out of the pictogram or the circle had a different energy to that of the control sample. It can be confirmed by examining a slide by the energy pattern of the unaffected corn taken from a control sample outside the Crop Circle. All our control samples show this same uniform pattern. However, when we take a sample of corn from within the circle, you can see that there is a dramatic difference in the energy pattern of the crop, as if the crop has been affected by a very high level of energy, something that is impossible to fake.

A third sample taken from within the same Crop Circle six weeks after its formation, shows that the original energy pattern of the corn is starting to re-appear as the energy which created the circle, gradually subsides.

I found as many as 30 in 10 acres of fields compared with 5 or so in a square mile just 4 years ago. The  dimensions too, have increased, ranging to 60 feet diameter circles in the early 1980’s to formations over 400 feet long in the last two years, appearing on the landscape.

The full phenomenon I do believe when encompassed all the reports we are receiving now, the grand finale, will be a manifestation of a kind that no man will doubt what is coming out of the noise, the golden star and the ground markings, will be a manifestation of a physical kind that will, I hope will, unite all mankind in knowing and  accepting  that  he has  indeed,  been  put  into his  place effectively in the pecking order, in the universal and natural pecking order. At that point, we really and truly will have reached the New Age - the turning of the key will have been accomplished.”


(Wendy Howard continues). Surely any Christian can see that the Crop Circles are not man-made, they are not natural, they are New Age “miracles”, and they are supernatural phenomenon! We have been warned by God about these lying miracles in the Last Days. Ignore God’s warnings at your peril.

Now let us get back to an investigation of the Theosophical Society, just briefly.

I would like to make the observation that Madam Helena Blavatsky,

who was a Russian gentlewoman, was actually the founder of this Theosophical Society - her teachings are the religious doctrines which are behind so much of what is going on in the world today. In the United Nations, World Goodwill, the U.F.O. Groups, the Crop Circle groups and Lucis Trust - her doctrines dominate everywhere in this New Age.

We find that the Theosophical Society is a branch of Hinduism, really. This woman, I found by reading “Earth’s Earliest Ages” by Pember, devoted herself to occult purposes for about 30 years and she went to a Himalayan retreat where she spent 7 years under the immediate direction  of the “Brothers”, and she was initiated and instructed for her mission by them.

We Christians would conceive of the “Brothers” as being the Nephilim - or the fallen angels! Blavatsky was eventually dismissed by the “Brothers” and went out to the world again, and soon went to America where she attracted a number of sympathetic minds. She organised the Theosophical Society in New York, under the presidency of Colonel Alcott, that was in the year 1875.

Their joint idea then was to form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, and to bring in a race of perfect beings,just as Hitler wanted. This of course is the aim of the New Age today as well.

Madam Blavatsky was an “adept”, that means that she had voided her body! She was almost in a state, I guess, of hovering outside of her body in a sense, she was completely taken over by the “Masters.” One can  see the influence of these beings, the evil, fallen angels, right across the world today as we approach the culmination of the “Plan.” The next millennium is planned to be the New Age Aquarian Age, we are very close now to what the Bible calls the “Beast” kingdom, the fake kingdom of God! (Rev.13).

Names on this video should include Benjamin Creme, who visited Brisbane  in  February  of 1994  in  Lennons  Hotel. Creme, the internationally-known P.R. man for the Lord Maitreya, the  false “Christ” of the New Age, spoke there. My friend J.Swan and I attended that meeting and encountered the “over-shadowing” from the Maitreya occurring.

Perhaps you might remember Creme’s world-wide announcement  in February’s newspapers in 1982 - later again in 1986, “The Christ is here, ready to take over the government of the world”.  Creme ...also writes extensively in the same vein that the U.F.Os are from  the “Masters.”  Master Maitreya and Master Jesus are just two of these counterfeit, evil spirits which are controlling Creme.

The next short video clip shows the Solo Logos - the Crystal Sun God of the New Age, an artists representation of the Babylonian Lotus-crowned God with the images of the New Age, clasping  his hands around the world. This is the Satanic “god” of the New World Order. The Antichrist’s advance spiritual storm troopers, the E.Ts, are even now in our world.

(DON STANTON VIDEO SHOWN) “Here we have the world in between the two hands, on top of the figure is the Lotus, the symbol of Buddhism. Behind is a blue pyramid representing the mysteries of Babylon, and above is a red sun. Now here again is another imitation.

Two of the titles of the Lord Jesus - one is the Word, the Logos, as we read in John chapter 1.  In the beginning was the Word (the Logos) and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God.

The Logos or the Word is a title of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is also called the Sun of Righteousness in the book of Malachi - the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings.

Now the red sun of Maitreya the Solar Logos, the title given to the Lord Maitreya - the Solar representing the sun and the Logos, the Word.

So a rough translation would be “The Word of the Sun”.   Again a very close counterfeit, and there it is represented by this red sun.

Now the whole figure of this Maitreya is bathed in multi colours.

Actually the title given here is the Crystal Angel. You know crystal, how in crystal you can see the prisms of light, you can see the colours of the rainbow within the cut glass, beautiful, isn’t  it?  And here it is, the multi colours of the rainbow, representing the Crystal Angel.

In  other words, Maitreya, the New Age “god”, is bathed in a rainbow of light, and what does the Bible say? It says Satan comes as an angel of light and there it is, deceiving multitudes.

Christianity has never yet had the world under her  power, and never will until the Lord Jesus Christ comes again with His saints. The beginnings of Christianity, was small and contemptible and she was not assisted by organised lodges or members who included almost all the educated and respectable men and nearly every town and empire. But Christianity has always had cruel persecutions ... the Lord has seen fit to have us as lights in the darkness and one day Jesus will come and establish His Kingdom and we will be part of that.” (End of Video clip by Stanton).

Over 100 years ago Pember fore-saw the New Age horror that we are passing through and he said in his book, “Seeing that the people who have had the Word of God are largely refusing to walk in the light that Word sheds forth, they are easily deluded by Theosophy, Spiritism, Christian Science and of the like philosophies, the essential teachings of which are identical with

the pantheistic views of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as what the Grecian and Egyptian systems have brought, which once flourished but are now  outlived by their more Eastern relatives.”

Yes, indeed we are certainly seeing this NEW AGE today. Pember wrote a lot about angels materialising, and while it is perfectly Biblical to believe angels can materialise, people tend to think

that these spirits cannot come with bodies and have relations with human beings, and yet right in the Biblical texts we have seen this abominable happening.

Just one instance of this is in Genesis 18:8. We see angels materialising themselves in bodies to eat the food of men and to draw Lot by their hands, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and so we have no difficulty in believing that they are able to perform other bodily functions if they so wish. So much more is written here (Pember’s book) which I won’t go into, but it is very sure that as it is in Jude 6 -7, that “angels that kept not their own principality but left their proper habitation” could certainly have  had relations with human beings. The Bible says they went after “strange  flesh” and they  went after other bodies, which were not their own alien bodies.

This  is the meaning which is firmly established by the statement of the Holy Spirit to Jude - that there were at an earlier period angels who kept not their own principality - their assigned region of  the universe - that they left their proper habitation and the word  is only used in II Corinthians 5:2 which  means to be clothed upon with our habitation, which is from heaven.

Hence  these angels left that form,  that spiritual body in which they  were created and took a house or a bodily form  which  did not belong to them by God’s will. Jude describes it  - comparing  it with the unnatural, inter-mixtures of the Sodomites as they went after strange flesh, that is they mingled with  hetero-genus  beings,  creatures  of a  different  nature by constitution.

Such  violations  of God’s divisions and limitations  against his creatures,  God  suffered not in any sphere of life and we see in Revelation 20:9-19 that punishment was commanded.   We see this in Exodus 22:19.   Similarly,  these particular angels were cast down into  the pit of darkness and there they were in  chains, pending the  final  judgement of the universe in Jude 6 and 7 and  in II Peter 2:4, we read more about this.

One  of the great secrets of lawlessness has already been offered by Satan to mankind, and the sinful and unrepentant have accepted this secret. That secret is the “spell” by which spirits may  be summoned from the unseen. These unearthly forms which in  past times projected themselves from “the void” only in labyrinths, caverns, subterranean  chambers  of the heavily occult  initiated, are now manifesting  themselves in ordinary  homes  as millions of New Agers  across  the  earth indulge themselves  in  neo-paganism, mediumship, tarot cards, ‘channelling’ and witchcraft.

Men have become enamoured of demons and before very long they will receive the prince of demons as their god.

What is our  part, as Christians and children of the Most High, in this angelic conflict before Jesus Christ  comes?   Daniel 11:32  says “that the people who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”

Some false leaders of God’s people have fallen in the doctrinal battle against the foe. We are seeing the doctrines of the Nephilim flooding society on a global level yes, but the flood has also inundated the churches of Christendom.

Let  us have a look at II Thessalonians 2:3 to find out more about this terrible attack of the Nephilim coming against the Church.  “Let no man  deceive you by any means for that day shall not  come except there  come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the  son  of  perdition.”  Also 1 Timothy 4:1  “Now  the  Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the  faith,  giving  heed  to seducing spirits  and  doctrines of devils.”

Daniel  11:35 says “And some of them of understanding shall fall, to  test them and to purge,  and to make them white,  even to the time of the end:  because it is yet for a time appointed.”

The Bible tells us that some who are teachers of the  things of  God will fall, even they will  fall! And this “falling” will test them, it will purge them and make them white as snow.

Let us read of Christendom and its final stage of  apostasy.  This is written in Revelation 3:14-19.

(14) “And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen,  the faithful and true  witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

(15) I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

(16) So then because thou art lukewarm,  and neither cold nor hot, I will sprue thee out of my mouth.

(17) Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing;  and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

(18) I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich;  and white raiment,  that thou mayest be clothed, and  that  the shame of thy nakedness do not  appear;  and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see.

(19) As  many  as  I  love,  I  rebuke  and  chasten:  be zealous therefore, and repent.

(20) Behold,  I stand at the door,  and knock:  if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with me.”

But  rejoice, there is a Remnant of true  believers  of  the underground  church of spiritual love,  which is called “brotherly love” - that remnant has work to do as we read in Revelation 3:7-15.

This New Age will be destroyed without hand, wonderful  things are written in the book of Daniel chapter 4:35, Daniel 7:13-14 and Daniel 2:31-35.  Yes, mighty is the Lord God, and Jesus Christ will come  again and establish His Kingdom.   We read wonderful things about the Lord and what is going to happen in the last days.

Let  us  remember then,  people,  about who is the  one  and only Potentate,  the Lord Jesus Christ who will come and establish His kingdom.  What are we to do then?

“Thou   O  man  of  God,   flee  these  things  and  follow  after righteousness,  Godliness,  faith,  love,  patience and meekness.  Fight the good fight of faith.  Lay hold on eternal life whereunto thou  art also called and hast professed a good profession before many  witnesses.   I  give thee charge in the sight  of  God, who quickeneth all things,  and before Christ Jesus who before Pontius Pilate  witnessed  a  good  confession.    That  thou  keep  this commandment without spot, unrebukeable, until the appearing of our Lord  Jesus Christ:  Which in his times he shall show who  is the blessed and only Potentate,  the King of kings and Lord of lords: Who only hath immortality,  dwelling in the light which no man can approach  unto;  whom no man hath seen,  nor can see:  to whom be honour and power everlasting.  Amen.”

And  let  us  remember,   the  Cross  of  the  Lord  Jesus Christ overshadows all of the things that are happening on the earth   - our God reigns!

NEW AGE CROP CIRCLE “MIRACLES”? The whole scene of the Crop Circle “religion” develops a grotesque appearance as we delve into the reports of the New Agers themselves, those who have experienced at first-hand the Crop Circle manifestation. These people are very like the UFO victims which I have spoken to, they are both intrigued and terrified by the manifestations of the “aliens” they perceive to be Extra Terrestials from other planets. NOTE that the reports are sometimes “positive,” at other times they are very “negative” and confused. In all instances the “believers” are occult people, just as are the UFO “believers.” NO Christians who are redeemed people of God report on these happenings. But be warned, the evil spirits of Satan can surely seek to deceive the Christians, if they allow these delusions positive space in their minds and hearts, if they allow themselves to imagine that Crop Circles are sent from God or “good” spirits. The reports are taken from Internet Websites, I will leave them anonymous,
 and will comment throughout.

REPORT MATERIAL FOLLOWS - BEWARE, NEW AGE! “Since the summer of 1990, I have been investigating the effects suffered by people whilst inside a formation or shortly after leaving it.

How did it all start and how did I get involved?

It all began one hot summer’s day in July 1990. An aeroplane trip, flying over the fields had been planned and I was very excited at the prospect. The evening before I had been playing a ferocious game of mixed doubles and had damaged my right shoulder so badly, that later that evening I could not raise my right arm up to clean my teeth. The following morning dawned bright, warm and clear and I drove to Thruxton, nursing an extremely painful shoulder. We took off over the fields and the pain was soon forgotten as we flew over the first gigantic pictogram ever to appear, situated in East Field, Alton Barnes. Formation after formation swept beneath us in a seemingly never ending succession of beauty. Like some sea of ever changing shapes in the fluid corn, each more wondrous than the last. Alas, all good things have to come to an end and we started our drive home. We had not gone far when my shoulder started to trouble me so badly we had to stop, and as luck would have it we pulled in to a lane beside the Mor
estead formation. As usual on entering, I dowsed for the Yin and Yang properties, (Chinese doctrine identifying the polarities in nature, in ourselves and everything around us) in order to assess the best place to sit.

ENDTIME MINISTRIES’ COMMENT: Note here that the occult Chinese Yin and Yang are cited, these are of the “energies” and “powers” of the Force, New Age pantheistic ‘god.’

“After a few minutes, I felt a tingle run through my shoulders, and yes, my shoulder was completely cured. Margaret Randall who, with my sister made up the party, also experienced remarkable healing in the formation and was able to lie flat for the first time in fifteen years. (The Crop Circle Enigma. Edited by Ralph Noyes. Gateway Books 1990)”

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: These “healings” which occur in or around Crop Circles are satanic in nature. Just as witches and warlocks can heal, so can the evil spirits involved in C.C. cause healings to occur - but the victims will eventually pay a high price indeed!

“The research to date can be divided into several categories, namely; physical, psychological (emotional), animal and bird behaviour, remote effects, luminosities (internal viewing), mechanical failures, audio effects.

The physical effects have been diverse. They include reports of nausea, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and tingling, as well as cases of short or long term healing. “The pain seeped out of my toes.” “Severe migraine disappeared, then reappeared on leaving formation.” “Whilst I was in the circle, the chronic pain in my left shoulder and wrist became intense and gradually my whole left arm, hand and left part of my chest became very hot. Leaving the formation and for a couple of hours later, my left arm felt slightly `paralysed`. Later in the evening the symptoms totally receded and from the next morning till several days afterwards the chronic pain disappeared.” “I could lie down for the first time in fifteen years.” “Extreme fatigue, head and stomach - yuk!” “Felt as though I am being pulled apart by a magnet.” “Felt so sick I had to make a dash for it.”

ENDTIME MINISTRIES’ COMMENT: Here we see the adverse symptoms happening, the things of God are never like this, for God is good, He is Love. The C.C. are not just natural phenomenon, they are supernatural, it is plain to see, then if they are not of God, what spirit is causing them?

“The psychological and emotional effects are no less numerous and unlike the physical section which is currently running at 60.5% unpleasant, the emotional effects are largely beneficial, 64%. These include feelings of euphoria, calmness, joy, and heightened awareness. With these time losses and mind suspension are often experienced. I have lost over an hour on occasion in crop formations and most people unless they have had an unpleasant experience will usually lose all sense of time during a visit.

ENDTIME MINISTRIES’ COMMENT: This is altered consciousness of the New Age, trance states, drug-like experiences which are occultic.

“On the darker side there have been several unpleasant experiences such as fear, uneasiness and sadness; “ I felt bowled over, brain-washed, disturbed, irritable but elated.” “ All three of us found ourselves `addictively gripped. We were `enchanted` or `englamoured` in a manner which seems to resemble the experiences reported from folklore in which mortal man makes the mistake of engaging with the faery folk!” “The unease became worse, changing to foreboding, through panic to almost terror.” “The feeling got worse and I felt I had to get out of the formation. It felt really claustrophobic and was quite terrifying at the time.”

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: These experiences are exactly like the old folklore experiences, for they are all of the devil! “Faeries” are merely demonic presences, interaction with evil spirits.

“Not all reports come from direct exposure to the circles; these are classified as remote experiences. The most notable of these was sent to me by Barbara Berge, who after eating grain she had collected from inside a formation, suffered increasingly uncomfortable effects, “The first effects were like having ingested speed, ie; high energy, sleeplessness, nervousness and loss of appetite. I felt I was flying.” She did not associate these effects with the grain until she returned to the States now fully recovered, when she found some left over grains and ate them. “Within fifteen minutes the same symptoms had reappeared” and when she arrived at her workshop where she makes jewellery, the electrical equipment in the room shorted as she approached it.(The Circular. Vol 4 No 1. June 1993)”

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: These people are delving into things that are extremely dangerous! We are right now in the last of the Last Days of the Church Age, the spiritual blackness is very thick on the earth, avoid all contact with C.C. phenomena, it is perilous to investigate or to view these pictograms or circles.

Back to transcipt: Birds and animals have also reacted in strange ways, many dogs, even the most normally placid creatures, becoming frantic the night a formation appeared. “He had almost scraped and bitten a hole right through the thick wooden door in the kitchen.” Others will not enter a formation, whilst others even a year later will not walk on the spot where a formation was located the previous year. What strange energy are they sensing?

A sinister happening occurred at Wanborough in July 1994. I was called out to a simple ringed event as “it looks as though something had exploded” in the centre of the circle. I hurried over and when I got there we found an area measuring 13\14 feet radius from the centre, covered in blood, tiny feathers and minute bits of flesh, not just on the surface but penetrating every layer right to ground level. There were no bones or any distinguishable parts of the bird and the `mess` was totally different in appearance to the pile of feathers in the outer ring, clearly once belonging to a pigeon and clearly killed by a fox. Whatever had been in the centre of the circle had disintegrated with the `force` when the circle was formed. I believe the birds were already dead when it happened. There is shooting in the area and birds unlike the unfortunate Canadian porcupine which freeze when danger is about, believing their quills will protect them, (there have been several casualties, that were dragged into formations a
nd microwaved) sense when danger is approaching and make their escape.(The Circular Vol 4:3 Issue 15 December 1993).

Lights or luminosities are often associated with crop formations and are seen either hovering, moving or stationary over a fields where the following morning a crop formation is found. Many people see little balls of light dancing inside the formation. When people report luminosities not seen by other people, it must be questioned, are they describing visual hallucinations or physical sightings? This is another area where rigid conclusions cannot be drawn. One report tells of a woman who saw “small glistening vortices, whirling around the flattened corn towards the perimeter.” Could these little balls of light be ionised plasma, as suggested by Dr Levengood in his recent research?

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: It is clear to see that these C.Cs are nothing more than lying signs and wonders, just as the Bible has predicted would occur in the Last Days. A reading some of the warnings would be good at this point:

“For there shall arise false Christs, and fasle prophets, ahd shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, is it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matt.24:24.

“For false Christs, and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders...” Mark 13:22.

“And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” Luke 21:11.

“Even him, whose coming is after the workings of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.” II Thess.2:9.

Transcript: Another account “ A mass of pulsing tiny lights, shaped like a doughnut or a blood cell. It was about 3 ft across and just 1 ft high. It didn’t come up to me particularly so I was surprised that no-one else seemed to notice it. As I watched I could see red streaks like tiny lightning flashes in the sky above the crop. The shaped light was orangy\white. Then it drifted off and speeded up and zoomed off over the hill. Later that day in Bristol I could see big bouncing orange balls of light following us, bouncing into people and being `absorbed` or dissipating into them!”

Noises. Just as our vision is extremely limited, so too is our hearing. However there are several sounds associated with the crop circles that fall within our range...humming, buzzing, clicking and trilling. These have been well documented and written up over the years. The most curious one I experienced was whilst we were having a meditation at the Healing Centre in Shere, where I had been giving a talk. I had put the famous Dancing Man (Michaeldever Station 1991) slide up and we were meditating on the chakras of the body, when I was disturbed by a clicking sound. Eventually I managed to ignore the noise but during the discussion session afterwards, one of the audience mentioned how difficult they had found the meditation due to the clicking! It turned out that more than 30 people had heard it. Was it a clock? No, there was no clock in the room or vicinity of the room. Was it the heating pipes! No, the heating was not in use, it was the height of summer!

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: Note here that the contactees were indulging in occult, New Age meditation, note the occult belief in ‘the chakras of the body’ etc.

Transcript: Mechanical failures are frequent and include camera, video and mobile telephone malfunctions. In one case a mobile telephone failed to work whilst inside a formation, yet when held over the standing crop outside, immediately came to life. This test was repeated several times with identical results.

Model aircraft have also gone into glitches over certain formations. Again these tests have been repeated.

So what is happening in the fields? My thanks to the many people who kindly sent me reports (they are confidential unless permission to use them is given), but as yet no rigid conclusions can necessarily be drawn from the resulting figures. However certain areas clearly need further research and due to the number of instances in which people have gone into altered states of consciousness whilst visiting a formation indicated this particular area warranted further investigation. To that end over the past two years Peter Staples and Isobel Maxwell-Cade (Max Cade was a pioneer in the biofeedback technique and wrote “The Awakened Mind”) have kindly lent their time, equipment and expertise and have performed E.E.G.(monitoring brain rhythms via Electro-encephalograph) and E.S.R (Electrical Skin Resistance, measuring peripheral skin resistivity) tests on volunteers, by first testing them inside a house (control tests), followed by identical tests in a crop circle. The reports have shown dramatic differences in cer
tain people and in all cases have shown heightened right brain activity. We will be continuing with the tests this year. (The Circular. Vol 4:4 March 1994 and Vol 5:4 May 1995)

I have long believed that certain formations could have homeopathic qualities, so another area of research has been to bury 20 ml brown, glass bottles of water, (all taken from the same source) inside formations and control samples outside the formation to see if, when analyzed, there was any change in the structure of the water. At each event the bottles are all buried at the same time and collected at a later date and all removed simultaneously at that later date, depending on opportunity. As they have been buried, this test also developed into a wonderful dowsing experiment and the many people who have accompanied me and assisted me, have found to their surprise that they can dowse too! We have found over 90% of the bottles.

Subsequently great difficulties arose and the samples were not tested due to equipment failure and other problems. Was it all to be in vain? “What are the results?” was the question constantly put me by many people who had witnessed the burials and yet others for whom this experiment had a particular meaning? After all water is the blood of the planet and our bodies are comprised of 60% ? water, thus water carries great emotive meaning to the very essence of our being. Success at last; Dr Cyril Smith (Electromagnetic Man. Health and Hazard in the Environment. W. Cyril Smith. Simon Best. Pub: Dent. 1989) kindly agreed to blind test samples using his radiesthesia technique. The preliminary results, recently received, are exciting and show a measurable difference between the control and formation samples. (The Circular Vol 5:4 May 1995). Clearly what is needed is a team of scientists who, using different methods, will test identical samples. If they all show anomalies it will be a break through. I am simply de
lighted and very honoured to have enlisted the help, in addition to Cyril Smith, of Dr Jacques Benveniste, the pioneer of the water memory hypothesis, also Dr Roger Talyor who is keenly interested and has done much valuable research in the field of vibrational medicine and Joan Davis. The latter will be testing the samples for bacteria in her laboratory in Switzerland.

There is a third area that given the opportunity I would like to investigate...taste. I have personally experienced a most curious taste and the closest I can come to describing it is ‘metallic‘. It is cloying and invasive and no matter how hard I try to get rid of it, I cannot. I experience it only in the crop formations or their vicinity. Since I have mentioned this, other people have also come forward, having experienced the same sensation. In fact one experienced ‘croppie‘ uses this as a litmus test to determine whether a formation is genuine or not.

                                 Conclusion ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: Right through the transcripts you will see occult activity, demonic presence is clear enough, strange and unpleasant affects on the bodies of the victims, foolish interaction with demonic, devilish phenomena, which is just as unpleasant and Satanic as any “The Exorcist” movie, as similar. This is not make-believe however, it is real, horrifying inaction with evil angels and demons!

As yet there is no ready solution to what is happening in the fields. This is an area of research where it may never be possible to prove that any of the effects are as a result of visiting a crop formation. Maybe the beneficial ones are due to spending a relaxing day in the country, in good weather and often with agreeable companions? Maybe the adverse ones are due to tension, fear, trepidation or possibly tiredness after a long journey? It could be argued that all the results are because, the majority, even the hoaxed circles, are placed on energy lines. Research conducted in many countries, is revealing the beneficial or adverse effects of positive and negative energy lines on people and animals, even insects and trees.

Personally I do not believe that we can dismiss these results for the above reasons. Three hundred independent reports is possibly only 5% of the actual number, that for diverse reasons never reach me. This may be because many people are not members of the CCCS, nor do they read the Circular or the Cerealogist and therefore do not know where to send their reports. Others may feel embarrassed at what has happened to them, or alternatively feel it is unimportant. I would like to reassure everyone that nothing is too small or insignificant...all happenings however trivial they may seem to you, are part of this phenomenon and as such vital to this research. So please, keep sending them to me.

I would however like to issue a word of warning...if you do not feel well whilst inside an event, don’t hesitate, come out. If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, I would advise you not to visit a circle. This is not meant to be scary, but the fact remains that as yet we do not know what is happening and it is not worth taking risks. I would also advise any ‘croppies‘ who make regular visits to the circles, to have a yearly check-up with their doctor, including a blood test. Finally a word of advice to dowsers...it is strongly advisable to protect yourself when working. I have recently had several examples of dowsers getting into trouble for not making a conscious observance of this. Use whatever method you find comfortable and in which you have confidence.

I have been into well over 100 formations over the past 5 years and 90% of the time I feel extremely well, but on the occasions when I don’t, I have to leave very quickly. That there an energy present is not contested, (as demonstrated by ‘exploded birds‘ at Wanborough) but what exactly the energy is, its strength and duration, clearly varies from formation to formation.

ENDTIME MINISTRIES: Curiosity killed the cat! These “croppies” are insane to continue on with this monstrous investigation. We warn all those who read this to give Crop Circles and Pictograms a very wide berth indeed. If you have been involved and have the sense to have withdrawn, but still are suffering the effects of the Crop Circle delusions, please read the “Epilogue” which concludes the expose of Crop Circles and UFOs. It will help you to understand how to be delivered by Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.

Another transcript from the New Age follows, you may have had enough of the heavy material, and could prefer to go on to the “Epilogue” instead. This New Age material is presented here only to show how DEMONIC these practices really are! They are not here to give you “itching ears!” If you are now convinced that Crop Circles are Satanic, move on to the Epilogue.

Transcript:                              STRING OF PEARLS. Our first pearl of discussion is the wondrous Double Helix. The season had started later than usual due to a long cold winter followed by a long cold spring. One of the first events to appear was an appropriately embryonic formation at Girton, Cambridgeshire depicting the birth of the new season to come. In June we were all holding our breath when, much to the delight of its hosts, Tim and Polly Carson, a formation of wondrous beauty appeared in the now famous East Field, Alton Barnes on the night of the 17 June between the hours of midnight and 4.30 in the morning when a farm worker passed by and saw the shape imprinted in the field of barley.

I visited the formation 2 days later to bury my bottles of water (a report on the scientific research will follow in the next issue). As I approached the field the anticipation grew with every moment; what was it going to be like? How big was it? How complex? Was it going to be pleasing to the eye? All these questions and more race through ones mind as the glorious anticipation grows...then the big moment when the formation appears within ones sight...what a vision! It measured 648 feet and the precision of the finely graded circles, all separated by standing crop was....it took my breath away and left me speechless for several moments. This had no human hallmarks, this was the work of an unknown force or energy, guided by some external consciousness\intelligence.

It was not as many people have remarked, the DNA symbol, for the spacing of the oscillations is 90 degrees not 180 degrees. The circles along the centre line normally taken to be zero, were quite large suggesting that there could be a lot of energy at zero point! Also the three dimensional aspect of the two waves was cunningly brought out by the increasing and decreasing constituent circles.

I met Francine Blake and together we marvelled. But time could not be forgotten for ever and I had my bottles to bury. Out of 89 circles how should I select which ones to use? Francine suggested I use my pendulum and dowse for the correct locations selecting the centre circles as possible hosts. This I did, but on trying to determine which ones my pendulum had chosen, found I was unable to count correctly beyond 5. Time and time again to the amusement of those present, I got to 5 but then jumped forwards or backwards out of sequence.

At last I realised what was happening; the ‘Inability to Count‘ syndrome that afflicts so many people when trying to count the stones within stone circles. There have been many reports of people being similarly affected as was I on that summer’s day in Alton Barnes. Eventually I did manage to complete my research, but the pull to the right brain was strong and it was difficult to perform complicated tasks that required logical, methodical precision, taking compass readings (often the compass oscillates wildly from side to side) and other relevant measurements.

Who rang the Church bells in the middle of the night? Shortly afterwards I interviewed 3 people who had had independent experiences of ‘luminosities‘ on the night the Double Helix formed. The first one came from a man who had been a total sceptic until that night when he had seen extraordinarily bright lights shining through his window about 11 o’ clock on the evening of the 15 June. They behaved in such an unusual manner that he called his wife and together they watched them hypnotised. “I have not stopped shaking since, I am not the same man I was”!

The second report comes from Yuzuru and Akiko Kase, a musician and artist respectively, living at Winterbourne Monkton, who on the same night of the 15 June at about 11 o’ cock in the evening felt a strange vibration and also heard a strange sort of buzzing noise. They thought that it was the central heating boiler that was the cause, but soon realised that the noise was coming from outside, the boiler being totally silent minding its own business. At the same time the dog next door started to bark and the sheep in the field also started to baa. Yuzuru and Akiko opened the window and looked out and saw luminous lights in the sky. It was a very dark night, the night of the new moon. They observed a strange luminous flying object, “it had white, blue and red lights and was spinning very fast. It went up and down and sometimes kept its angled position in the sky. Then it started to send a white beam onto the ground a few times, although we couldn’t see the ground because of trees. And every time it sent a beam
, we saw a yellow or possible golden reflection in the area.” They watched until they became tired due to such fierce concentration. Shortly before midnight they heard Church bells ringing from the direction of Avebury. They made enquiries and were told the bells were not ring on Sundays and certainly not at mid-night. They met an old woman in Avebury who had also heard them ringing that night. The bells are not electronically operated, they are worked mechanically. We know that the electro magnetic field caused by UFO’s can cause electrical disturbances but how were the bells mechanically activated on that night of the new moon in June?

There were 3 healing experiences reported to me by people visiting this formation “I felt pleasantly light-headed the whole time, my sinuses cleared. I mentioned this to my companion and a young man overheard me and said his sinuses had dried up too. I thought I would take a picture from this formation looking up at the hill we had just sat on, but when I tried the camera which has an electronic wind-on, I found there was no life in it at all, which was strange because it had been functioning perfectly prior to this moment. It did not come back to life until I was back in the car.”

Another man suffering from hayfever, found that whereas he had been “streaming on entering the formation” he dried up during his visit.

Two weeks later I collected all my bottles except for one that had been dug up. The formation was visited by thousands of people by the courtesy of Tim and Polly.

“I thought I was going to be killed”.

This elysian setting was marred by the constant overflying of military helicopters who even two weeks after it had formed were still flying regularly. What were they monitoring and why? A sinister event occurred one day as a woman researcher who had parked her car just below Adam’s Grave, was videoing the formation. An army helicopter flew over her and as it flew back she videoed it. It flew over a second time very much lower, this alarmed her and again she videoed it as it passed overhead; the third time it returned, this time there could be no possible mistaking its intention, it flew so low she though she was going to be killed and fell off the roof of her car into the road; as she fell her video camera dropped through the open sun roof of the car onto the back seat pointing upwards, thereby getting a close up of the helicopter for a few frames before the camera fell over onto the seat. The helicopter was “bristling with equipment”. This is not the first time military helicopters have been engaged in thi
s sort of intimidation, Colin Andrews has a video recording of people being chased away from a formation right to the edge of the field. I would like to put in a plea to the military, “Please review your low flying practises before there is a serious accident;(I believe there was a court case earlier this year when a young man was killed by trying to avoid a low flying plane; the jury decided it was not intentional behaviour by the pilot) clearly what happened at Alton Barnes was no accident, it was quite deliberately intentional.

ENDTIME MINISTRIES COMMENT: I meet with Colin Andrews personally when he came to Brisbane a while ago. He was the typical New Ager, overwhelmed by delusion and lying signs and wonders, desperately in need of prayer.

Transcript: It was not there 30 minutes before.

Our next visit takes us to Stonehenge, where on the 7 July between the hours of 1730-1815 hours, the incredible ‘Julia Set‘ mysteriously appeared. To mathematicians this formation represents a complex computer generated fractal image, to musicians, a base clef, (Jim Lyons tells me that it contains five fold geometry and that the relative size of the adjoining circles equals a semi-tone. I am convinced that these vibrations affect and activate our own energies, even when viewed remotely:) to marine biologists, a cross section of a nautilus and to the medical fraternity, a perfect example of a mammalian skeleton. Is this not one of the intentions of the phenomenon that it is a means of communication to all people no matter who or what our origins, creeds or disciplines? For indeed this phenomenon belongs to no one person alone, to no one group of people alone but to everyone and each and everyone of us have our own pearl of wisdom to donate thereby filling yet another piece of the jig-saw puzzle.

This event is especially noteworthy for other reasons; a pilot flying a light aircraft from Exeter to Thruxton flew over the field opposite Stonehenge at 1750 hours, at which time the field was unmarked. A second pilot flying over the same field some 30 minutes later observed the enormous formation measuring 915.5' X 508' imprinted in the wheat below. A gamekeeper who said it was not there in the morning but was there in the evening confirms this story as did a guard at Stonehenge. There is also evidence I understand from the police that it formed in less that 15 minutes. I am following up this story.

On the 9 July I took 2 friends to visit the formation. They both entered but for some reason I was reluctant to follow. After about 10 minutes I decided I was being wimpish and made my way into the field, but had only walked about half way down the tramlines before I turned and walked back to my car. I have never done this before. Shortly afterwards my two friends returned to the car, both pea green with nausea. We were on our way to a flying assignation...would they ever make it? Within a few moments, as with previous cases of crop circle nausea, they to their amazement were completely back to normal and we all enjoyed a splendid flight over the formation later in the day.

That week-end Chad and Gwen Deetkin, Chad’s sister, Gisela and nephew Andre came to stay. They had all been into the Julia Set on Friday 12 together with a young Irishman. They had each suffered varying degrees of physical and psychological discomfort. “Nausea and severe fatigue after 10 minutes(in the formation) until 8 pm that evening. I had to lie down and slept for 2 hours.” “Felt mentally flat,unable to think or remember what I had done minutes before. Felt like I was being radiated.” The most extreme report came from the young Irishman Calum, who as this was his first visit to a formation, had entered with an open mind , having no expectations whatsoever. “Felt very similar to feeling of intense ultraviolet radiation or gamma radiation both of which I am familiar with as a molecular biologist working in that field. Experienced initial nausea. (The effect lasted) all day until I went to sleep. Several hours later experienced intense physical well being and mental clarity.” Negative rather than benefici
al effects are more easily recognised, so it is of particular interest that he remarked on his increased physical and mental well-being, clearly it was of such a marked degree it could not be ignored. He came to lunch with me the following Monday and related his experience in detail. Later that same day we all returned to the formation; Chad and Gwen Deetkin, Gisela Calabria, Andre, the Irishman Calum and myself. We were all fearful of suffering ill effects and entered with trepidation. To our amazement not one of us experienced anything untoward; we felt perfectly well both mentally and physically. How could the energies have dissipated within such a short time? I believe this can be explained by the amount of people who visited the formation in between the Friday and Monday when we returned; thousands of people entered; Is it not possible that they were acting as blotting paper soaking up the energy? One other interesting point; 3 independent dowsing tests, one in Yorkshire, one in the East Midlands and o
ne with a group of Canadians in Wiltshire had extraordinary results. The results from Yorkshire and East Midlands showed an energy field of 43 and 46 yards around the seeds from inside the formation, whereas my Canadian group found them immeasurable! None of the three groups were aware that other tests were being conducted; this is the greatest detected aura of energy to date and occurred after the first week had passed by which time no negative physical reports were received. It would indicate the seeds retained the initial energy or memory of that energy for much longer.

A harkback to ancient fertility rites?

In addition I have had six independent reports of abnormal or post menopausal menstrual bleeding in women all aged between 48 - 55 after visiting this formation. In a report in 1984 by Ruth Bethall (1) Commissioner for the International Commission of Health Professionals for Human Rights, an independent body based in Geneva, Switzerland, found that in a survey of women peace activists at the U.S.A.F. base in Greenham Common, England, there were several “unusual patterns of illness ranging from severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at normal times or post menopausal, to bouts of temporary paralysis and faulty speech coordination. These were exposures to microwave irradiation.” This report cannot be regarded as strict scientific evidence that people visiting crop formations are experiencing similar microwave exposure, however I have received reports of all these effects and do not believe they can be dismissed out of hand and indeed I would strongly advise all women who have suffered any abnormal o
r post menstrual bleeding to go to their doctor and discuss the possibility of a cervical smear and hormone assay. This is a precautionary measure as these effects could possibly indicate some underlying problem. I must also repeat my previous warnings that IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL WHILST IN A CROP FORMATION, COME OUT AND IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR THINKING OF BECOMING PREGNANT DO NOT GO IN. We do not as yet have all the required information, but I am grateful for the medical and scientific help I have received and am particularly indebted to Jim Lyons and Dr Anne Arnold Silk. Much more help is needed in analyzing the reports and whereas I am aware that the reports are clearly subjective, subjective evidence is now becoming part of science to-day. Dr Anne Arnold Silk suggests that there may be several factors involved that relate to the production of the sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. She tells us that these are normally formed by the gonads and production is governed by other hormones f
rom the pituitary gland, deep within the brain. As we know the cortex of our brain is affected by and is sensitive to microwave radiation; the pituitary gland can thus be affected by exposure to these MW and radio frequency (RF) fields whose origin may be man made or seismic. Anne goes on to suggest that the reason for using certain sacred areas such as Cerne Abbas Giant, Wilmington Long Man, Uffington White Horse etc, for fertility rites in the olden days could be explained by the “seismic and (natural) static energy that under certain conditions could assist conception”. In the Mayan Prophecy (Morris Cotterell) we are told that <GTABS
$>the sun was worshipped as the god of fertility, suggesting that solar radiation played an intrinsic role in human fertility. This affected the master gland, the pituitary, which as previously discussed, governs the release of hormones. That the sun not the moon, is the ruling factor in determining the production of male and female hormones in the fertility cycle, may come as a surprise. However when we consider that the moon is but a reflection of the sun the picture becomes clearer. However much more work is needed in this area.

This theory could be borne out by a report received from Oregon, USA.

“I have noted in every experience of a crop circle formation, a recurring pattern concerning women and their “monthly cycles”. Those who have been present in a formation, and even those who have not actually been in the site but have been effected vicariously via telepathy or some other phenomena, are affected in their menses. Our cycles become synchronised, or magnetised to the time frame of exposure to the glyph. Of course this causes some to be “early” and some to be “late”. It also reeks a little female havoc by causing an abnormal variance, ie. their cycle begins very abruptly and is often much more intense than usual....I have never had this happen to such an extreme degree as this time. My cycle began while IN the formation and it was “earlier” than I had ever experienced in all my years. This was not normal for me.

I will leave the scientific reasons why these variances should occur to the experts in those fields. The dialogue I have maintained with the circles and their makers has been on the symbolic, esoteric level. I can only go by my intuitive sense of what was going on when I experienced my cycle abnormalities. It was as if something were reverberating on a very primal level. I recall verbalising this at the time; that there is something in our genetic or cellular level as women that remembers the ancient ritual in those times when we offered our monthly blood to Mother Earth, I remember feeling as if “she” was drawing something from me, requiring something of me, for what purpose I have no intellectual reference. But it was felt very strongly and it felt like an entirely normal process. Being that this is such a private area of our daily life, and our society is not yet comfortable in open discussion of such, I am sure there are yet many tales to be told of similar experiences.”

“In no other way were they like human beings”.

A curious story was related to me by Mike Rogers from Hertfordshire. A West Midlands researcher was visiting one of the formations at Nettleden just outside Berkhamstead when he fell into conversation about Roswell with a grey haired woman sitting in the circle. She told him that her husband, an RAF officer, had been attached to Roswell at the time of the UFO incident in 1947. One night he and others were alerted by the security officer, instructed to get into the back of a vehicle and told “don’t look when we get there”. This he found impossible and when they arrived at the site, observed a craft dug into the ground out of which were taken 3 dead bodies. The bodies were bald, had large eyes,nostril spaces and slit mouths, “apart from that in no other way were they like human beings”.

He was sworn to secrecy and told that in exchange for his silence, a Swiss bank account would be opened in his name if he kept his mouth shut.

This he did apart from telling his wife, who said he was a man who never told a lie. When he died in 1987, his wife telephoned the Swiss bank; there was no account in his name; she believes it was closed the day he died.

Just below the Ridgeway.

There were two formations in the field below Liddington Castle, near Swindon, that deserve mention, the Caterpillar Fractal and the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol. The latter was totally symmetrical and most visitors experienced balanced and harmonious energies, apart from two children and a cat. The children and their parents had never been into a formation before and when they met Paul Vigay in the Caterpillar Fractal, were having a wonderful time and besieged Paul with enthusiastic questions. They left before Paul to visit the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol. As Paul was making his way to the Solar\Lunar Eternity symbol a short time afterwards, he met the two children hurtling out of the formation both looking very nauseous. One had actually been sick. Had they eaten too much corn or were the energies too powerful?

Luke the Burmese cat often goes for jaunts with his owner in the country side. However on the day I met him, it was his first visit to a crop formation. He was unusually ill at ease and disturbed; his owner in contrast was contented and relaxed.

Another animal report reached regarding a dog who with its owner visited the Silbury Hill flower. “My dog appeared to be affected by the atmosphere and acted strangely. He was pouncing around very excitedly and kept jumping up at me all the while. When I sat down he laid his head and paws across me -he has never done this before. Then he sat back to back with me. He didn’t seem to want to leave me to explore by himself”.

My final animal story relates to my excellent grey cat Hero, found for me in Prestigne, Wales by John and Raphael Martineau in 1994. During the summer of 1995, I collected several samples from formations I had visited. Amongst them were samples taken from the Avebury Trusloe spiral in which Keith Wakelam and I, together with many other people suffered such adverse effects. Before going to America in the autumn I placed these samples under my dining room table (my dining room has long since ceased to function as such); the door is kept shut; when I returned home, I was busy looking through and sorting out my postcards when I noticed Hero sitting over the barley samples, sucking them avidly. I had to physically remove him. Each time I opened the dining room door he made a bee-line for the samples resuming his sucking. I then noticed that he regularly started to take up position outside the door as though he had some compulsion to enter.

At the same time he became very vicious, actually savaging me on several occasions. This was alarming, quite contrary to his normal behaviour and totally out of character. I asked friends if they were having similar problems with their cats? “No”, came the answer. I seriously considered asking the vet if the had had any recent reports of cats turning savage. By March 1996 I suddenly realised that Hero was back to his normal sweet self and that when I opened the dining room door he no longer hurtled in as though the hounds of hell were after him...The samples of barley were still there, slightly the worse for wear. He ignored them.

This summer I gathered more samples for Hero; he has shown not the slightest interest in them, but then none of them were barley.

We know that cats are drawn to high energies, especially high negative energies. I would suggest you that you never sit or lie on the your cat’s favourite sleeping spot.

Was Hero affected by the Avebury Trusloe samples and was he receiving a regular ‘fix‘ until the energy wore off?

Where the Michael and Mary lines meet.

The final masterpiece of the year must go the Triple Spiral that adorned the landscape in late July; it appeared just below Windmill Hill, the sacred mound where the Michael and Mary energy lines meet and cross. This area stretching from Windmill Hill to the main road has seen at least 6 formations in the past 7 years. This one was gigantic, measuring over 1000 feet in diameter and consisting of 194 finely graded circles spiralling symmetrically from the centre in three arms or legs. Jim Lyons reports that this contains 6 fold geometry and the relative size of the adjoining circles consists of one tone on the major musical scale. I have had no negative reports from people visiting this formation to date, however there is another report of ‘luminosities‘ told me by Sam Blake, son of John and Francine Blake. Two of his school friends live near the field and one night they were awakened by a light of intense brightness shining through their bedroom window. They got up to investigate and saw an amazing display
of objects moving in a strange manner in the sky. Within a few nights the Triple Spiral had appeared.

To those of you who have waited with such patience, my book “The Sky is not the Limit` should be out in September. Blue Dragon Press Limited, 2 Holly House, Rose Hill, Dorking RH4 2EQ. (Tel:01306 877246 or Fax 01306 887219)

PHOTOGRAPHS. 6X4 prints œ1.00. 6X8 œ3.00. UK p&p 50p. Overseas œ1.00. Set of 28 6x4 1996 prints œ25.00 UK p&p œ2.00. Overseas œ3.00.

BRILLIANT LASER PHOTOCOPIES of all major events.It seems from our observations over the last three years that these people benefit from being in crop circles. They experience tranquillity- which can often lead to a healing boost to the immune system.”

That these results are always beneficial unlike the many adverse reports that reach me each year, has I believe a bearing on the fact that I dowse the formation carefully before using it for our tests. I do this primarily because Margaret Randall suffers not only from Reynauds disease (circulatory condition) as indeed do I, but she also has a secondary condition for which she is a guinea pig at a London teaching hospital.5 I would not knowingly place her in a position that could worsen her existing condition. As it happens her chronic condition seems to be in a state of remission, her doctors unable to give an explanation for this improvement. Margaret however connects it directly to her yearly visits to the circles, but is hesitant to give this reasoning to her doctors! It might be interesting to test people in an ‘unfriendly‘ formation one year! Any volunteers?


Could there be any other reason why people are suffering from headaches, ranging from slight to severe? Could there be other reasons why there are many reports of nausea?

Let us explore headaches first. It would seen likely that some form of strong electrical force or field is present when a formation appears. We also know that this is likely to be a plasma, a gas containing a high density of electrons and positive ions. When in a gas they stops behaving like individuals and start behaving like an integrated whole, such as a swarm of bees, a shoal of fish etc, that can move simultaneously with tremendous force and speed. When this condition occurs nitric oxide, not to be confused with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can result. It is a by product of combustion and can be formed from air by lightening. It was this situation that encouraged Jim Lyons to suggest to ADAS that there might be residual traces of Nitrogen in the soil that could be detected and measured and indeed this was proved to be the case in several of the formations tested. What is nitric oxide and what are its effects? Nitric oxide has a bad reputation and has been given a bad press, being linked to acid rain an
d smog and is also thought to be carcinogenic. It gives us sore throats, sore and running noses and eyes and coughs. It can also lead to light headiness and intoxication. It is a poison, but in small doses is a necessary one, it occurs quite naturally within our bodies, acting as a messenger and is responsible for regulating our blood pressure and plays a large part in controlling our digestive system; it is also thought to enhance our long term memory potential. In men, it plays an essential role, acting as a messenger relaying sexual excitement to the penis, dilating the blood vessels, causing an erection.

In the 1995 Avebury Trusloe Spiral in which Keith Wakelam and I when standing in the centre,6 both suffered instant and severe migraine headaches, the nitrogen level in the centre was found to be 90 % higher than in the rest of the formation.

A woman sent in a report after visiting the Crewkerne Wheel formation in Dorset, saying that she had developed a severe sore throat whilst in the formation that lasted for two days, but at the same time, felt as though she was bubbling like champagne!

One of the most common complaints is sore throats and one I have experienced on a number of occasions during crop circle visits. Are we wrong to place these ills on the shoulders of possible nitric oxide alone or should we be looking at the effects of some of the sprays used in farming to control pests and stimulate growth. Many of these sprays come in brand names such as insecticides Pirimicarb and Denigton S Methyl, not immediately recognised as containing Organo Phosphate chemicals that are heavily discouraged if not already banned due to the risk and danger to human life. Some particular chemicals like Organic Phosphates when married with other substances could have alarming consequences. One chemist when asked what might happen if organic phosphate substances were exposed to electromagnetic radiation such as microwaves, looked alarmed and said he would flee the kitchen!

What effects might be experienced by people if they went into a newly formed event that was on land that had recently been sprayed with organo phosphates?

Organo phosphates have been given much media publicity recently and the implications of their use are disturbing.

A programme produced on BBC’s Southern Eye recently discussed their dangers. They were developed during the war by the Germans as a nerve gas and many people lived distressing lives as a direct result of exposure to this terrible wartime chemical.

Much research is being conducted into O.P’s as more and more stories of suicide and ill health suffered by farmers come to light, particularly sheep farmers who are compulsorily ordered to dip their animals in a solution containing organo phosphates. The list of symptoms is so long and potentially alarming that one wonders why nothing has been done before now to tackle this problem.

Sixty per cent of farmers having medical problems, when examined have been found to be suffering from depression and asthma, whereas others complain of fatigue, headaches, lack of co-ordination, panic attacks, anger, rage and severe mood swings.

It would appear that the level of the neurochemical Serotonin in our brains is also affected, giving a possible explanation for some of these effects. “ Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which has been implicated in a wide range of mental phenomena from sleep cycles to psychosis and psychedelics”.7

Organo phosphates are still available to gardeners and are widely used in public places such as parks and gardens. Breakspeare Hospital continues to conduct a much needed research programme into the problems and symptoms of o.p’s; it is hoped that positive action may soon be taken to safeguard farmers and the general public; however until such time, however slight the risk, we need to bear this unsettling scenario and its possible effects in mind when visiting the crop circles.


Results take a long time to come through and much as I long for immediate news, this is not possible especially as in several cases, we are breaking new ground in testing these samples. As mentioned in ‘Three Lines of Research ‘8, Dr Cyril Smith using his well tried and tested Resonance technique found substantial and measurable differences between the water samples placed inside the formation as compared with the control samples. These were preliminary results but gave me sufficient encouragement to continue this line of research. Dr Jacques Benveniste, the pioneer of Water having a Memory hypothesis, also kindly agreed to test samples, using a technique by which he notes the change in the way the atoms spin; he will send the same samples on to Dr Joan Davis, an immunologist working from a laboratory in Switzerland who will test the water for bacteria levels. She will then send the water to Dr Cyril Smith for his evaluation; he will be the final link in the chain. If all these tests using the different tec
hniques show measurable anomalies on the same samples, this will be of great significance and hopefully will encourage sponsorship. All the scientists involved, have contributed their time and expertise for love alone and I am greatly indebted to them, but there must come a time when they simply cannot continue to do research on this basis.

In addition to Drs Benveniste, Smith and Davis, Dr Levengood approached me last summer, having read about my water research and the method I was using. He also kindly asked to test samples for me and the preliminary results were so exciting he telephoned me from his home in Michigan to say that the results showed such a substantial increase in the level of bacteria in the water samples buried inside the Nested Crescents at East Meon as compared to the samples buried outside, that he felt this was of enormous significance. He has done me the very great honour of calling it the Pringle effect and has encouraged me to continue my efforts in this area. Clearly a great deal more work needs to be done, methods constantly need updating and restructuring, sometimes requiring a total rethink back at the drawing board. This all takes time and so the results inevitably take longer than expected to come through. I will be continuing my research into these and possible other areas as they arise this summer; please keep
sending in reports, everything no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, is important and could be one of the illusive and vital links that go to completing the jig-saw puzzle. Your help is essential.

“Whatever you may read or hear, I am continuing my research into human\animal\electrical anomalies, that have physiological and\or psychological effects derived from entering or being in the vicinity of crop formations.... (End of transcript. Name withheld, as the material reveals the state of the writer’s spiritual life, which is heavily demonized).

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